What is nazbol and what is nazbols goal?

Long time Holla Forumstard here with a growing interest in the likes of socialism and anything that pisses off the jewish capitalist system. I am anti gay, anti fun, anti cuckholdry, anti capitalist, and anti zionist.

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Also pic related to emphasise more on nazbols thoughts on fun for those wondering about the picture.

all flavors of communism are like this, nazbol is not a real ideology and in 2018 it is just used as a vehicle to genocide ukranians


What do you mean?

You should first realize that Capitalism isn't "wealthy jews doing stuff" If you don't change the socioeconomic system and only remove the people you don't like, others will simply take their place. The nature of capital will always creates exploiters and exploited.

nice spooks nerd

internet NazBol is nothing like actual IRL NazBol

Nazbol is a fake joke party that the Russian government thought was real and banned.

Nazbols were German communists who sought the opportunity to side with some nationalist forces in the afterwar against the Versailles treaty and push the idea of a continental alliance with the Soviet Union. They were shutdown by the III Internationale at that time lead by globalists traitors.

Limonov's Nazbols got arrested for holding a a demonstration celebrating the October revolution centenary tho.


Nazbol is a meme, nothing more, nothing less

Oh, yeah I forgot, memes are self-sustaining truth, while actual historical facts needs costant backing 24h/day or they don't exist

They were real, though.

But it's hilarious how broad the meme has become, tho. At this point "Nazbol gang" is the first suggestion on Google when you type Nazbol in.

Nazbols don't exist outside of an obscure Russian party. They're literally a meme. You could read Limonov I guess.

Limonov was arrested for planning a coup in Northern Kazakhstan. At least they tried to do something, most lefties nowadays are just LARPers.

This is most probably bait, but in case you don't know, nazbol is just a meme. People who actually adhere to that ideology (if those exist) aren't socialists in any way.

Nazbol is largely a meme.
Strasserism isn't, though…


Tbh discussion with capitalists can bring up some interesting points, but discussion with literal nazis such as "Nazbols" is always a waste of time.
OP was probably memeing anyway so calm your tits

What about Ernst Niekisch and Otto Asser? Aren't they the inventors of NazBol?



old nazbol anthem is fine tbh