Modern day western imperialism in africa?

Hey Holla Forums i have to write an assignment for school and i know that you guys know a lot about imperialism so im basically just looking for articles or pointers about western imperialism particularly in africa

Anything from monitary explotation to more old school actual militarization

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Yep, watch Empire of Dust


damn that's a good joke.

It isn't old fashioned colonialism surely. The motus operandi is far more liberal. The fact you think everything is cheeky and fine in Africa in regards to Europe, America, and Canada, that's naive. That's liberal. The answer is children still don't get an education and have to mine for diamonds with their bare hands en masse because their parents think it would be better for them in the long run because they don't see a future worth investing in.

Because everything is hell and the West is still overdeveloped on the entire continent. China certainly isn't helping. But to say Western corporations aren't maintaining a colonial presence in Africa? That's absurd liberal feel good bullshit

Also check this out, OP.

Read up on francafrique


What France has done in in Francophone Africa is utterly disgusting.
Yep, on a similar note Rwanda stopped speaking French and switched to English because of Frances role in the Rwandan genocide.
Oddly enough Rwanda is prospering

Mainly from the pillage they’ve gained off the massive genocide that Kagame has committed in the DRC

Watch Poverty, Inc. by Michael Matheson Miller. It's about how companies and NGOs proffit off of foreign aid and how it stops African economies from growing. Though that's not exactly imperialism since they proffit from Africa only in how they stop economic competition from forming.

Rwanda had the biggest increase in living standards out of all nation in the last 25 years.
Fair enough that you criticize Kagames shady past bus its objective truth he has done genuinely good things for the Rwandan people

Nestlé used child slaves in Africa

He has done "good things" by colonizing another nation. He's no better than the gang running Imperial Japan back in the day.

France still controls that money; colonialism is alive and well.

Imagine how powerful these countries would be if they unified and nationalized all oil and gas industries in their respective countries.

The West would literally collapse.

Possibly. But Africa’s actual economic output is rather low. If the Naxalites succeeded in coming to power in India it would probably be more of a threat imo

Do not forget the Chinese imperialism. Compare and contrast it with what the True, Only, and Best Koreans are doing.

Chinese imperialism doesn't exist.

The West would just start using Shale.

Damn, that Palgrave encyclopedia seems like a goldmine. Would like to read the whole thing sometime. Thanks for sharing user

China is capitalist and is exploiting natural resources in Africa for there own gain.

It does. They go in, extract resources, belittle the natives, and leave wealthy. Compare it to North Korean ventures, where they go in, build these African communities up some, and return with funds for Korea's segregated economy. There are people out there that think that the Real Korea is morally reprobate because of this.

I like that pic's message but I suspect the person who made it had literal dyslexia, holy shit

Imperialism isn't buying resources you idiots.

Former right-wing president Jacques Chirac once said: "Without Africa, France would be reduced to a third-world status."

How reliable is shale though?
And if given the circumstances. Africa became a united continent in a years time. You can't tell me that wouldn't effect the West in some manner.

Depends. If Africa was united under a Socialist government a lot would change. If it was united under Capitalism jack shit would change, except South Africa would become shitier.