Daily News Thread 3/7

EU leader responds to Trump’s tariff plan: ‘We can also do stupid’

European Union officials are priming their regulatory guns to fire back at U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariff plan.

Possibility of North Korea detente stirs diplomatic angst in Japan

An agreement between North and South Korea to hold a summit and signals about possible talks between North Korea and the United States are stirring concern in Japan about its diplomatic nightmare - being left out in the cold.

U.S. Considers Broad Curbs on Chinese Imports, Takeovers

The Trump administration is considering clamping down on Chinese investments in the U.S. and imposing tariffs on a broad range of its imports to punish Beijing for its alleged theft of intellectual property, according to people familiar with the matter.

Cape Town drought: South African city may avoid 'Day Zero'

Cape Town will not have to turn off water supplies after all if current consumption levels are maintained, the region's governing party has said.

Mexico: Lead Widens for Leftist Presidential Candidate

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador remains confident ahead of the presidential race as his rivals accuse each other of corruption.

Congressmen call for ‘foreign agent’ tag for Al Jazeera as it ‘digs into pro-Israel lobby’

A group of congressmen has called for Al Jazeera to be designated a “foreign agent” for its “anti-American and anti-Semitic broadcasts.” This coincided with reports the TV network was releasing a film on the US pro-Israel lobby.

Nuclear alert? Belgium distributes millions of iodine pills, yet claims ‘no risk’

Belgium has started distributing iodine pills free for all citizens, claiming the measure was not prompted by any “specific risk.”

Opioid crisis: Overdose rates jump 30% in one year

Opioid overdoses were up 30% in the last year across the United States, a study by a federal agency has found.

University strike talks resume after Twitter skirmishes

Talks in the university pension dispute resumed at noon on Tuesday after overnight skirmishes on Twitter.

W.Va., Va. Frontier workers on strike

The Communication Workers of America (CWA) in West Virginia and Virginia representing Frontier Communications employees went on strike, effective Sunday.

New documents reveal FBI paid Geek Squad repair staff as informants

A freedom of information request revealed that the FBI used the Best Buy division's repair staff to flag illegal content.

Pepe the Frog cartoonist sues website Infowars over poster sales

The cartoonist who created Pepe the Frog has sued conspiracy-promoting website Infowars for selling a poster copying the character, which became hijacked by racist internet trolls and far-right extremists.

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Trump is definitely doing the trade war now

Infowars just can't win can they


Is Trump the New Clinton?

A president can be reelected despite corruption, foreign meddling, and sex scandals

Wall Street Journal Hyping Amazon Banking: “Ridiculous, Ridiculous, Ridiculous”

The Wall Street Journal gets itself duped into publishing some particularly flaky, um, nebulous, um, aspirational Amazon banking ideas.

The teachers united couldn't be defeated


Argentina's last ex-dictator Bignone dies at age 90



Press D to dance on grave

Dow drops 270 points after Trump's top economic adviser Gary Cohn resigns


should I be afraid?

Could it be about that nuclear cloud that came over europe some time around september?

I mean, the EU governments would probably be more vocal about it if that were the case

Sessions defends sanctuary cities lawsuit against California


The GOP are always pro states rights, unless they're blue states.

It's about our aging nuclear reactors. The government announced we would shut them down in a couple of years, but neglected to build any new capacity, so no we will be stuck running reactors with the concrete and steel is wearing out.

This is why greens should never be allowed in government.

what sort of green is against nuclear energy? How fucking dumb is that?

Trump reopens a seemingly settled video-game debate


The absolute state of the Trump administration. In 50 years history will see these people the same way we see slave hunters today.

Video games train people how to kill nazis though.

In my country the greens also contain a strain of romantic luddism. Everything should be small scale and organic and fucking shitty and difficult and then we'll all hug the cow and thank it for its milk or whatever. The way you run a modern economy is to do what feels, I mean can't you simply see how unnatural those power plants are?

I Hope that in a couple decades, after years of compounded alienation from the rest of the United States, the west coast will burst into revolution

It'd just be neoliberal and idpol revolution

Why did I expect anything else.



You're an idiot. You just cited all the reasons why Greens are against nuclear reactors, they age, there's no way to safely dispose of waste, they're ticking timebombs vulnerable to meltdowns, terrorists attacks or just plain old leaks.

Only if we win. Where is our Lincoln?

Build new one scrap old one put the waste in a stable geological layer. It's not rocket science. Unless you want to either just turn off all industry or open up a thousand new oil and gas plants, nuclear will have to do until we have integrated smart grids, more wind and solar in Europa, and solar power from the Sahara.

Holla Forumspol was never going to turn against Daddy Trump. Its always about SJWs & blaming Jews.

Republicans try to save GOP candidate in PA special election, a district Trump won by 20 points


The Democrats have only spent around a million dollars on this election. The GOP are spending 9.1 million dollars.

9.1 million dollars to hold onto a district that won't exist in November.

How Many People Have Left Trump's White House?

Why the huge jump?

The DOW is crashing and brokers are upping the dosage.

It's a lot more than that. His administration is a raging dumpster fire.

I thought everyone moved on?
Why even.

Because poor people are still poor despite their god king being in office.

Because whining about SJWs is the only thing holding them together.

But, like, don't they have new ones to bitch and moan about?

Huh. I guess the hundreds of addiction help line commercials I've been seeing haven't helped much.

Is Alex Jones communist after all?

Not really. SJW power has eroded to a point there really isn't anyone to replace the big ones.

SJW shit today is mostly confined now to Twitter posts, which aren't exactly a threat to anyone.

I did not know you were belgian.

Actually, you can just dump the rods in the ocean. The water keeps them cool enough that they don't catch fire, and as long as they're sealed off they won't contaminate the water. There are ocean dumping sites that we used to use and still monitor today, and they're contamination free.

Some sites are extremely radioactive. Like Карачай and some places on the east coast of Новая Земля.

34 if you count all of the staff

I hope that the crazy people who live in the west-coast woods form anprimistan and show the world what real reactionaries look like.