/r9k/ thread, i dont care

Is having a qt trans commie gf really worth it guys?

It's worth it. Trust me.


Dont do it you fucking retard

This is the "progressive", enlightened future communists want, unlike evil bigoted fashies.

Also i forgot to mention this because its not really relevant, just kinda funny, but she is also JEWISH

Bad idea fam, she sounds fucked up ex addict who was abused was a prostitute and is in a relationship with two people. If she truly loved you she wouldn't have two guys on the side. Take away the dick and would you really think it's good idea to date a ex prostitute ex drug addict ex abuse victim who already has two guys?

Not even joking but this is the only other girl who asked me out on a date since I started looking.

I turned her down.

"At least I'm not OP." – Anthony Burch
You can post shit like that in /leftytrash/ or alternatively just kys.


Well, I'll just say she passes as a 6/10 girl. Didn't even suspect it was a >she til I read that line.

I was pondering whether or not this is b8 but Holla Forums aren't creative enough to write something like that.

Based comrade, traditional sexual norms are reactionary. Go for it. Getting hiv is a revolutionary act.


you're too obvious Holla Forums

I mean I'm not a cuck if I just fuck her and she isn't my girlfriend right? And she isn't a prostitute…. anymore. And her trans bf is the pornstar.

I turned down the Nazi doesn't that count for anything?


also you should fuck the transman, pussy is pussy even if clouded by male aesthetic

Well if its a fwb thing I dont think theres anything wrong with it, but you said

Polyamory is a thing people do. However if you feel like you won't be able to do it don't do it. Some people work that way and some people dont.

didn't mean to sage

also yeah what the fuck OP why would you have sex with a prostitute porn star you retard, getting AIDs won't bring the revolution. Leave the STDs to Milo Takescockuphisass and other conservatives.
Also stop being spooked and get over your loneliness somehow without entering a relationship with that closterfuck, who gives a shit if you shown her to your parents and friends.


utter bourgeois decadence

Monogamy is reactionary. Monogamists go to the gulags. No exceptions.



Get your dick wet if you want just wear a rubber and don't get attached.

Poly never turns out OP.
I would break up and stay friends.