Post your PolitiScales! What do you think of mine, comrades?

Post your PolitiScales! What do you think of mine, comrades?

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very interesting, to say the least. are you interested in having a monarch as the central power or as a figurehead?

Tbh I consider revolutionism from the aspect of only "breaking windows" to be rather dumb. There needs to be an actual purpose to such actions, such as providing pressure on more conservative elements of government to give into the demands of socialist 'politicians'. Hell, even peaceful protest works when done correctly.

When will you ever learn anarchkiddies…


we have actual nazi posters on this board, i don't think theres anything wrong with giving them the benefit of the doubt


This is a good test



Fucking garbage

I think you mis-read sir, it's communism at 100%, not capitilism.

Red means it’s 100% Communism. Capitalism is a yellow bar.


Thoughts on mine?

Gulag'd, not communist enough.

I see re-education in your future, comrade.



What I kinda take from the ambivalence is just that my thoughts on the topic are balanced? Anything wrong with that? I mean, I'd say in the most important categories (communismvcapitalism, regulation vs laissez faire) you can easiy tell I'm a socialist


Agree absolutely, BUT I DISAGREE with the idea of identity in the first place, and openly wish to demonize history for being capitalist and culture for being capitalist and unnecessary.

This is why this test is no better than the political toilet one, it still doesn't specify.

Anywho get on my level nerds. To explain some things, I have no fucking idea what the hell the first one is about, it's only 40% punitive justice because I envisioned right wingers in gulags for some questions and undoubtedly they deserve to be tortured until they go brain dead from pain, the others speak for themselves.

The "reasonable middle" position is just as ideologically as the extremes and normally I'd call you out for pussyfooting. However, this test asks a lot of imprecise questions where this is indeed tons of room for nuance. Like this guy ran into the exact same problem as me and I just thought it best to answer grey. So I can understand having a lot of white in your bars.

I see what you mean

I pity the ignorant, brainwashed fool whom'st've been described as anything but a complotist.

I guess I'm still an anarkiddy at heart. At least this test doesn't give me anti-authoritarian points for not having problem with gays and weed.

Get on my level nerds.


Read more.

a lot of the questions are bullshit and only serve to beat around the bush. I'm willing to bet this test was designed by neoliberal sargonites who synonymize capitalism and libertarianism

With a fucking trash outcome like that, no shit you'd blame another party for your position being less communist than you would think you are

correct, because only I know that I'm the most communist person there is

hello my fellow leftists



I see why you call yourself an onanist.

I felt very smug when it happened, was pretty neat.

well we can't all have anarcho-dragonkin meme ideologies


i have no idea, was going with the current status on the questions and working with it rather than answering as if a socialist rule was established
and i don't particularly care for some of the details
i'm not into argiculture so i left quite a bit of it neutral since it's not a matter of class, leave it to the peasant deputees to decide and bring in their knowledge
and yet all i get is the fucking sickle


who are they user



Because you're Christcom.

In all seriousness, I haven't got a clue of specifics. Whether capitalist or jew, there's just an overall feeling that a human element has taken hold of everything and is shaking the life out of it for whatever purpose.

Too many questions with little to no context (eg. country A, within concept T, etc.) outside of my own personal feelings makes it very difficult to answer with positivity or negativity. I need to know what to be able to answer how, sadly.

Then you're Nazbol?

I actually lean towards rehabilitative justice so idk why I scored so high on punitive justice.

Well I mean if you say so…

Your images won't load.
Also do you believe in hell.

Fucked if I know, I just want to go to space god damnit.

There is nothing wrong with spilling a little blood though… or rather splattering it against a wall.

Memes aside, I can at least understand the essentialism, but your lack of progressiveness is triggering me. Please tell me you side more with the early 1800 Luddites and not "lol gmos are bad/Gregory XIII din do nuthin".

Christcucks get out.
this is Satanic-Pagan territory.

Tell me how war profiteering doesn't put you in a gulag.

You can believe in hell and still believe in rehabilitative justice for people on Earth.

I'm ok with GMOs and modern technology. I think the reason I scored so high on conservatism is because I'm conservative towards certain social issues.


i'm more a nazbol/strasserist
i believe in big beautiful cities and five year plans


Good bait

Leave us my friendo :)

Surprised that I didn't score higher on progressism

also posting meme compass because why the fuck not


It never gets old tbh

more compasses

Now this is what I call a RADICAL CENTRIST

Took it this morning.

😭😭So sorry😭😭

Oh my god

Also I wanted to see what the AnCap flag looked like, so here it is.

fucking lmao
even this test knows the inevitable result

I'm a liberal that likes ancom punk music


You know, everything else could point to communism, but if you don't see anything wrong with a royal family that embraces socialism, the test lists you as a monarchist. Why?

anarkiddies unite!







pretty much what I expected.

pretty much

I just wanted to be an agendered AI compatible xenohuman who cosplays as Rosa Luxemburg on May Day but "I know you heard what happened last night but please don't ask in front of the elders" agrarian communes are cool too I guess.

i wonder what that small group of people's religious beliefs might be?

But yea some of the scorings for this are pretty loaded / vaguely worded

what's wrong with essentialism?

Pure ideology

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Why are some of you so retarded

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Anybody else with similar results?

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Holla Forumstard checking in, am i cool yet lefties?

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this doesn't look like the result of a right winger at all…

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this is the superior chart.

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Anyone up for some revolution and chill?

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Some of these questions were stupid.
Some of these questions might have used weasel-words subject to any interpretation someone might damn well please, asking things which are true for some values of those words but not for others.
I know what you meant by "Some differences between men and women are biological/hormanl" or however exactly it was, test. That is technically correct, but the sense in which its correct isnt what you meant, you were looking for Holla Forumsacks. Or, "humans are biologically designed for heterosexuality." Thats true in some kind of sense too, depending on how you interpret 'designed', though it doesnt imply anything is wrong with it, but you weren't looking for that, you were looking for "FUCKING FAGGOTS ARE MENTALLY ILL THAT SHIT IS UN-NATURAL".

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I am a ☭TANKIE☭ and I always score "anarchism" when I take any political test.

Looking through the test results of everyone i have a question.
What is the purpose of punitive justice as opposed to rehabilitative justice? To me it just doesn't make sense.

A ☭TANKIE☭ is just an anarchist that realizes capitalists will never let him be free.

I'm strongly against punitive justice, but from what I understand, opponents of rehabilitation largely believe either or both that
1. Certain people "deserve" punishment i.e. Making people who do bad things suffer is an intrinsic good
2. Punishment is as or more effective at preventing future harm than rehabilitation
But mostly it's the first one. There are a lot of cruel people who take pleasure in the suffering of people they don't like. Heck, even I do sometimes, but I recognize it's morally abominable remnant of obsolete tribal instinct.

easy, we want freedom but acknowledge that it only comes through struggle and not wishful thinking
the image of ☭TANKIE☭s as "authoritarian" comes from delusional liberals that only preach freedom but effectively cover for the reactionaries rights

so you're telling me torturing a torture advocate wouldn't change their mind?
it'd be an adequate educative and rehabilitational measure to take imo

this is definitely the stupidest shit i've read all day

You and me,

We're pretty similar. We don't quite fit in on any board. You need to abandon any private property beliefs and embrace true socialism, but even without that condition being met we seem very similar. Do you say you browse Holla Forums, or do you just get called a Holla Forumslack a lot?

Goddamn Nazbol

Hello fellow leftists

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Eh, i dont really fit in with either crowd, they just make me want to jump off a building less than libbys do, i feel dirty when i associate with your lot

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Yeah a very narrow scale. Better then nothing.

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Help me guys, I want to support the DPRK but i dont like re education camps. Is the re education camp meme a liberal exaggeration?

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You won't go in the re education camp if you already support DPRK.


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Monarcho Communism ftw

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'ello Comrades

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Does anyone have any links to any better tests? I seem to recall there at least being one or two.

needs more green

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thank you


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we /stra.sser/ now

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Astrology for atheists

Not quite as baseless or deterministic as astrology, but they do seem to often be used in the same sort of way.


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hello friends

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Rate me my dudes. I think this is one of the better tests out there.

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Why you so undecided on everything?

So is Fem-Com Gang a thing yet?

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Get off my board, skeptic capitalists.

Ptolemy pls go

you guys have never actually live under socialism ?
pinochet did nothing wrong

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Nothing new there.

Bruddah do I have news for you

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I wouldn't really call myself nationalistic per say. More of someone who thinks their government shouldn't interfere outside of their own country. A country that more keeps to themselves and are a lot more self-sufficient.
Maybe nationalist a tainted word in my past experiences?

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I just want to know who's designing all these ideology flags so I can fucking shoot him

I think they're just generated
they do look like shit though

Nationalism is the economic precursor to autarky, so yes self-sufficiency and nationalism go hand in hand. Keeping to yourself is more of a social isolationist policy.

How do we make this happen?


Make shitpost images and add a "FemCom Gang" watermark to them?

roughly centrist is the only correct constructivism-essentialism score.

who here /treehugger/

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I love the little masonic compass tbh, it's a shame I'll never get the results for it to be on my flag.

also the way they made pragmatism the big-brain-wojak pin is nice.

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It'll be interesting to compare this in five years

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most interesting results in the thread.

Literally Sun Yat Sen

what does the hibiscus mean?

This test is way too vague. I had no idea what half the questions were even supposed to mean.

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