Cat thread

post your cat, in all of their glory
cats are clearly the vanguard of the revolution
dogs are okay too, I guess
hamsters need not apply

I really want to get one. Are they high maintenance?

That's a very cute cat btw

I only have a doggo

And people say there's no funposting on Holla Forums anymore.

Post it fam.

My cat and my cousin's cute doggo.

Hi cat FBI

I don't have a cat, but i have this with a dog


Shit taste.

aw yiss

Pics related are the only good cats, and even then they're only good when they rip out bourgeoisie throats.

when the revolution comes, we will need more big cat imagery :^)

My cat died on the 2nd of February this year (anniversary of the victory at Stalingrad). He was really old and one day he went missing for a week and came back skinny and stopped eating. He died a couple of weeks later. I had for him for around 15-17 years.

actual photo of your cat in the afterlife
cats are my comrades and are just as much victimised by capitalist society as us

Thanks, mate. Cats are the worker's animal, they're on the IWW logo and everything.


The freeman catposts when wills it.

There only one cat that matters

My cat dissapeared 6 months ago, she was 16 years old, she had a tyroid problem and became more and more "outdoors" with the time.
I don't know if she leave for dying or if she get lost.

Cats know when death is looming nearby and they generally escape to die alone.


are pics like this an offical le meme? do they have a name? post more, I want to save them.

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do not step

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whoever started this shit
and also everyone who participates in it
posting fucking crying cats
needs 1000 years of fucking gulag

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My very cute little boys

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Remember to strip the EXIF data out of the photos you post on the internet