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Reminder that cops are the eternal enemy of the working class and deserve no mercy in the event of a proletarian uprising. All "buh buh but we need them on our side to win!" fags are traitorous class cucks and/or cops themselves. The only good cop is a dead cop, amen.–Felts_Detective_Agency#Matewan_Massacre–14'_strike_of_1894

Hang every judge with the entrails of every cop. Both are scum whose only purpose is to imprison and harass the working class. The only thing Micah Johnson did wrong was not kill more cops.

Bootlickers get out, this is an anti-cop board.

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Cops are nothing but proles with a heavy amount of false Consciousness in a uniform.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Sounds more like a thinly-veiled excuse to act out your impotent rage on a class of individuals you’ve prejudicially, collectively deemed as worthy of your hatred. So boring.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

bootlicking scum, go back to whatever shitsucking liberal fuckhole you dripped out of

Thank you for your service officer!




Wrong, that would be soldiers. Soldiers on some level believe in ideals like honor and sacrificing for the greater good. The common infantry instinct is to jump on a live grenades to save their comrades in arms and during WWII soldiers even went on missions they knew were suicidal. Police on other hand are just armed thugs that have higher ideals because police departments don't want to bother instilling high ideals and corrupting them like armies do.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I meant to say police don't have higher ideals.

I’m the guy who posted this. Sad that the mods here are so sensitive they have to ban everyone they disagree with like power-tripping children. Suck my cock.(lol fuck off)

Why was he banned for this? It's true, and has been true since ancient times,

You mean the class which acts in the interest of the bourgeoise instead of the people? I guess the fact that they enforce laws that have people kicked out of their homes or utilise their abilities to crush strikes and arrest people to fill out a pay cheque means sweet fuck all.

The common infantry instinct today is to posrt memes about how you spend too much time mopping and not enough time shooting 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧military aged males🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Being a copcuck is the norm and not at all a different or radical idea

That is beside the point, look at the solders of WWI including those that supported both Russian revolutions. In general soldiers simply fit the idea of being proles with false consciousness far better then police that have never in history supported a revolution.

Imma agree with the Tank on this one



It has literally been the doctrine of Marxists and Anarchists alike. Your lack of knowledge on theory as to why cops serve as an extension of bourgeoise interest and the fact that you unironically defend these class cucks is the only thing that's cringey here.
Mein Gott, what trash can did you crawl out of?

Neither have you. What's your point?

I let the air out of their tires when they're together eating donuts but I wish there was more I could do to actually toss a wrench in the infrastructure of policing. It's good to keep close tabs on them, because for damn sure they're getting their hooves into the surveillance state. Getting caught by warrentless FISA taps and predictive policing is gonna be all the rage.

Stop right there, bourgeois scum!

We were born of the people,
the power belongs to the people.
United in battle and sworn together
with everyone who builds and creates.

Thus forward and the rows closed,
then we are united and free.
We are your brothers and sisters,
we fighters of the People's Police.

We ourself stood in factories,
in the shaft, on the plow, in the office.
We protect the work of your hands,
that no more an enemy threatens it.


We are not mercenaries and servants,
not servant of the exploiter.
To secure the construction of the country
is our honor and duty.

r.ed fascist
t. Utopian 'narcho

I'm standing on the traffic island, there's cars driving,
I do not dare to go over there, neither back nor forth!
The People's Policeman, who means well with us,
He leads me over, he is our friend!

The cars are driving, the train is ringing!
Do not jump on the car and do not cling!
The People's Policeman, who means well with us,
He shows us the way, because he is our friend!

I got lost, the city is so big
Mum will wait, how do I find her?
The People's Policeman, who means well with us,
He brings me home, he is our friend!

And when I grow up, so you know,
Then I will become such a people's policeman.
We'll help the people, I'm there with them,
Protecting the children as a people's police!

There should definitely be a worker's run "police the police" program where people data mine where they live/hangout andkeep track of their movements. The org can also set up things like DUI checkpoints so that way fellow workers are alerted to stay away and authorities have less arrests. A local Democrat Cops of America chapter has been changing breaklights for free so people avoid interactions with police.
Shit like that.The only thing that comes close to mind is

Hello Pasolini

Idk why you're posting this stuff ITT. Socialist police are good, capitalist police are the enemy.

in celebration of a peoples police force to put it in contrast with the state organized criminal network of bourgeois paid thugs running the streets in capitalism

man I'd love to be part of a communist intelligence squad to help hunt down porkies and give them mandatory labor

Do you have translations for this?
Any other cool songs celebrating the actual state aspect of the DOTP?

+also socialist
on the basis that the kind of people who strive to become police officers probably shouldn't allowed into police forces

Were the police who arrested Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer being bastards?


Cops by definition cannot be class traitors in a DotP, hence socialist cops are good

Except it's quite obvious that E-Germany and the Soviet Union (At least in its latter stages) were not DotP

Seriously who was that retard that said Communism was the real movement that abolished the present state of things? Some fag named after like macaroni or something?

So are you arguing that the Beuracratic Nomenculture that arose in the Soviet Union and most of the other Warsaw states was DotP? Is an unelected bureaucracy class overseeing the working class actually existing socialism?
If so then I'm sorry but I'd like to aim to goals an it better then that

I just saw that you were a tech fag and an anarchist and immediately made the logical conclusion that you were a perfectionist faggot. That was my logic exactly.
I also want to point out that during the DOTP, a socialist cop could 100% be a class traitor.
Anyways, the Soviet Union was a real steel attempt at Communism that was almost objectively positive for the development of Russia and the people within it. It has helped the working class and fought against Capitalism more than any "real socialist" country today or ever. It created a real revolutionary culture and is real proof of revolutionary viability. Sure, things could have been better and it was not 100% perfect Communism, but it was THE real movement to abolish the present state of things, and was objectively socialist in that regard.
But none of this matters because apparently the government was actually just Capitalists that didn't represent the working class, and in that they are completely and utterly not Socialist. You've convinced me user; now we shall rally with Elon Musk and create our Not-A-State, complete with democracy.

No, no friend. Communism is the abolition of work. There will be no trials, sentencing, or forced work. Just exclusion. "Go find a commune that accepts you because we don't".

I know I'll be banned for this, but fuck it if I get banned for being materialist and leninist again. Stop basing your arguments on some kind of warped moralist rightous indignation and start basing them on strict revolutionary necessity, not infantial things like "justice". Like in the case of any apparatus of the bourgeoisie state or even a bourgeoisie themselves, you base actions on strict necessity and pragmatism. To state this as clearly as I can:
If a cop/bourg/military member resists the revolution, you shoot them/imprison them
If a cop/bourg/military member capitulates immediately or even aids the revolution, you don't shoot them. Imprisonment/work camp will naturally depend on necessity and case.

This is as marxist as I can be. When the bolsheviks took people into the revolution, they took in current non-conscripted military members and even some police as long as they capitulated to the revolution and aided in the conflict, then executed or imprisoned those who did not. Even the execution of the Romanovs was based on revolutionary necessity because of their role a royalty and the the reality succession, not out of petty moralism.

I swear to god, the fact that we have "justice" or "deserve" based arguments now being defended by bans shows the state of where we are now.

Good post.

Fixed, fuck my grammer sometimes.


Why are there so many cop shills on this board?

Hopefully they're only theorylets and not actual LE

The sentiments expressed in this thread are not based on moralism at all. To view every cop or soldier as an enemy to be killed is immoral. Presumption of innocence until proven guilty and giving people a chance to join you before attacking them is the moral and just attitude to have.



I agree with your post in general, but
As far as I can tell the bans are for suggesting that police aren't class enemies.

When I talk about moralism, I'm talking about the use of arguments and actions which are based on personal moral sentiments (i.e. Bad, Good, Scum, Nice, Justice, Mercy, etc.) rather then revolutionary necessity (e.x. Are these people a threat to the revolution? Is it necessary to remove them? Can we use them in any way? Can they be put to useful work? Do they have skills which they can use to aid the revolution? Are they willing to join the revolution? Etc.). When you start a revolution, you are starting a conflict against an already organized and armed establishment. To completely disregard those who offer assistance out of petty and infantile pre-revolution grievances or enmity is to turn away (at a bare minimum) a material resource for purely non-pragmatic and non-material reason.

Let's get this out of the way now for people who might have some glorious fantasy of what a revolution will be like, some pre-concieved notion of a noble shining proletariat trampling over a bunch of faceless crooked mouthed suits. You will end up having to fight with people you do not like and did not like pre-revolution. You will in all likelihood have to fight beside people you view as the absolute worst fucking scumbags you have ever met in your life, people who will be fighting for selfish, self-concieted reasons and expose non-economic opinions which you find revolting and commited things pre-revolt which would make you want to kill them, and have to call them "comrade". You will in all likelihood have to kill or execute individuals fighting against you who you might find "nice" or has "good intentions", someone who is honestly misguided or is simply fighting to protect his family or who you knew pre-revolt as a friend. You don't get to choose who's on what side. You don't get a say in what bodies offer themselves to fight with you and which don't. You do whatever is necessary to succeed, even if it breaks every personal moral principle and quandary you have because the established borgeoisie sure as hell won't have them. The borgeoisie, the establishment, are going to do whatever it takes to hold on to power because they have everything to lose and if that means resorting to allying with or using individuals that personally digust them, your damn sure they'll use them. They always have and always will. So if I find someone offering himself who I might find the most vile, unpleasent, loathsome, personally repulsive individual I ever met, someone who crosses every standard I hold myself to, but also find he has some useful skills which could bring me closer to winning, your damn fucking sure I'm taking him in because the alternative is being "the guy who kept on principle" sleeping face-down in a ditch with the back mouth shot through.

Marx never said that.

Literally all socialist societies (and even three-year anarchist wonders) had all of these things.

That's basically what the GULAG program was.


also contain your 'tism

Sorry if it that became autistic, part way through it became more directed at BO and this user being banned then anything else. I'm tired of this kind of moralist sentiment surrounding recruitment from military groups and even other "unsavory" places out of stubborness.

It's not about recruiting or propagandizing to the enemy, it's about not promoting them or writing apologia for them.



At worst that user was saying certain values align revolution wise, not that the army should be promoted. And we have had multiple anons here banned for even mentioning recruitment. Also, explaining how people might come to be soldiers through the conditions they exist in isn't apologia for imperialist military action. People have been banned for that as well.

Fuck the cobs nibba.

i've been waiting for this. posting some infographs i've got saved.

Based Micah


FTC, mate, FTC! Film the Cops, boys.

That's sounds like Jehovah Witnesse's shunning practice, lul


God fucking dammit. This just makes me want to bomb a police station.

Well that was my intention, and probably the intention behind the maker of this video, too.



get the fertiliser

So was the Red Army the enemy? Because the Red Army came about because of the soldiers of the Imperial Russian Army accepting they were wage slaves and deciding to join the second revolution. Yet if soldiers are not proletariat how did they go right into being a revolutionary army once they gained class consciousness? Same with the other militant soldiers of WWI that proclaimed themselves workers and turned their guns on their commanding officers, where they wrong and didn't under their class?

>Presumption of innocence until proven guilty and giving people a chance to join you before attacking them is the moral and just attitude to have.
wew lad

All of them lived