What would /leftykike/ do differently to break the stigmatized failure of...

What would /leftykike/ do differently to break the stigmatized failure of 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧socialism🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧? Or has it abated itself to nothing more than a LARP?

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combat bourgeois lies and defend socialism's many successes.

they'll slander and claim failure regardless of our actual achievements

more miscegenation and more trans bathrooms

1) kill all sparrows
2) make videogames have black women in them
3) socialize toothbrushes

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By making sure you never get laid.

Well first we will start by killing 100 million and 1 people in the name of communism.

good post but you forgot to sage

That's cute; but how about an actual argument… The only """good""" socialism has provided is the high literacy rate, so the citizens can read the pamphlet responsible for their nation's failure.

Trans kids and public orgies

Don't forget reusing medical equipment.

not an argument

like pottery

Still looking for one from you retards

Nice try, rabbi, but history is my argument LOL; where's yours?

And the job security, the healthcare, the housing, the education, the scientific progress, et cetera.
>engaging with a bad-faith Holla Forumsyp

dominating more than half the globe with less than half the resources is a good argument for the effectiveness of socialism.

t. not an argument

Eh, it's fun to watch them melt down and sperg out with "LOL U TRIGGERED LIBCUCKZ" when you back them into a corner


What would Holla Forums do differently then let Nazi Germany last as short as it did

oh no, a bunch of trust fund kids are making a fuss while conditions for the poor in venezuela are rapidly improving


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Hoochie was literally the only competent mod, everybody else is asleep at the wheel

But user, we need to downboat this thread :^(

Lest they be sent to Rabbi Stalin's labor camp; not to mention they had to "dedicate" 3 years to the state before considering an actual profession
About 5 families had to live in each apartment; at least beaners could adjust to socialism (then again, considering Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Argentina, I kind of doubt it).
"Read the glorious Talmudic teachings of Stalin and Marx, goyim."
Thank the Nazis for that one.

Low-iq Commies strike again…

Holla Forums you have a child's understanding of what lead us here


See, it's your obsession with superimposing this madcap idea of a massive Jewish conspiracy over absolutely fucking everything that suffocates your ability to understand anything outside your very specific circle of thought.


This is your brain on conspiracy theory, kids.

In comparison with the US, where four of those families would be on the street?

Holla Forumsyps can't think in the abstract. They need the world's problems to be due to the agency of a specific group aiming to do them harm.

Careful now, your insecurities are showing.

Feels Jewish man


What happened to "not an argument," user?

What did he mean by this?

Neither are your unsourced ramblings about TEH EBIL JUICE. Either get some intellectual honesty about you or piss off back to your circlejerk.


I know it's a big ask to put your autism about Jews aside for a single post, but if you could, that'd be great.

He can't, his entire ideology is based around autism about jewish people

I still want to believe Holla Forumsyps are just baiting and aren't actually such brainlets
Am I too innocent?

If Maduro holodomor'd all of the petite-bourgeois faggots who keep setting streets and food on fire, then nationalized the toilet paper industry, liberals wouldn't have a single criticism of Venezuela left.
Holla Forumsfags see Jews and crisis actors everywhere but they're not at all suspicious of people who propose elections as a solution to dictatorship. The absolute fucking state of edomites ctfu

i mean on some level yes. but on the other hand, the actual function of fascism is to be so absurd that it cannot be debated. it exists to muddy the waters and thwart socialist revolution.

Leftyberg retards have such a hard time acquiescing the failure of their doctrine, that they have to ad hom the least important part of the argument LOL.

Fascism is the only way of the future, kike; literally by the Hegelian method as well LOL

Forgot pic

…that was from the last page, you abject mongoloid.


what point were you even making beyond tinfoil tier flailing about a conspiracy theories mixed with ad hominems.

This is just sad, honestly. Your inane shitposting was funny at first but now it kinda feels like I've kicked a retarded puppy.

Never seen a single Holla Forums thread that didn't eventually devolve into brainless circle jerking about racism and antisemitsm.

Fucking lol. The longest lasting fascist regime was Franco's Spain, and even that went to shit in the end.
Germany went to shit
Italy went to shit
The iron guard went to shit
The falangists went to shit
And most recently, UKIP flopped.
You claim fascism is the strongest form of government, so then why has it proven to be so very fucking weak?

ukip isn't fascist you brainlet

A mike pence isn't a homophobe. Let's not kid ourselves.

You could argue they have a tonne of fascist supporters, but to claim the party is directly fascist just isn't quite accurate. They're certainly reactionary though

UKIP is fascist and so are the Conservatives and Labour.



Is hoochie not a mod any more?