So what exactly is wrong with liberalism, lads...

So what exactly is wrong with liberalism, lads?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

bourgeois democracy

it is radically pro toothbrush

but the people love bourgie culture


Nothing is wrong with liberalism. Go back to sleep.

liberalism is the ideology of the capitalist status quo

it's completely useless and inept while also disgusting, contemptuous and cynical.

social democracy at least has tenuous mental links to long dead mass labour movements, American liberalism has never had to go through that experience and as a result is completely detached from any form of reality, even a severely outdated and naive vision.

It has overrun its use.

Liberalism comes from secular "enlightenment humanism", which is not theocentric but anthrocentric. It has given up the search for actual truth and actual meaning and has decided to simply "construct" them instead. Man is assumed to be the only measure of right and wrong, good and evil, just and unjust. All truth becomes relative, and absolute truths become dubious and unjustifiable. Practical reason becomes man's main guide along with science ("science"), no room for revelation, nor intuition, nor what seems to be natural law. I put science in quotes because its models and data lose objectivity when they come in conflict with pre-established liberal assumptions or ad-hoc 'facts'.

Phenomena lose their teleology and everything is instrumental to man and his whims, or the whims of the democratic mob. The main moral injunction is "do what you will as long as it doesn't interfere with other people doing what they will…" and from here we get hedonism and various expressions of moral relativism.

Liberalism which has existed ever since the greek democratic state are doomed to fail because they want to destroy natural laws.

Men aren't equal, trying to make them equal will breed resentment on all people.

No room for spooks then. Great.

It's spooks are still self-generated since man gets to create his meaning, create his truths, kind of like how transexuals create their genders. Only a modicum of pseudo-objectivity needs to be present, enough to confuse or entice the masses.

The only bad thing about liberalism is that most liberals don't know difference between personal and private property.

Many liberals are communists who have been brainwashed into hating communism.

Liberals are communists greatest fellow travelers.

Hi liberal.

Why should I be conservative?

All of the communists from Bakunin to Lenin were liberals.

Did you know that Lenin's Soviet Union was first nation to allow gay marriage and introduced affirmative action?

it depends on the material conditions. in some situations your Cart & Horse can qualify as private property and be confiscated by 'the people' for 'the people' along with anything else you think is personal.

i don't know what liberalism is: the post

Because you respect tradition, culture and your people?

Which aren't good things, you know? Stalin actually fixes that.

What kind of historical revisionism is that?

Yes they are.

do you know where you are?

How is gay marriage and affermative action even good?

Enough of this brainlet-tier thinking. Secular humanism is the foundation for all modern Western society. If you have such a problem with it, you're free to convert to Islam at any time.

Yes, I know, but no place in the world can hold back the truth.

What fucking nonsense, secularism might have been a cornerstone of western society, but western society arises with religion, both pagan and christianity.

There's a point when even Stalin got back to religion.

Read between the lines. Soviets gave Russians and minorities freedom to self determination from written conservative tsarists dogmas.

True, but this is not the case.

Spooks. Also because I respect my people, I want them to have basic rights, rather than maintain pre defined roles.

You can literally find proofs on wikipedia.

Secular humanism is a decaying ~300 year old experiment. Prior to that it was Christianity for 1700 years and then the pagans who were big into slavery and religion and social hierarchies, aristocracy and monarchy and definitely not "secular humanists" socially or economically.

Without tradition and cultures, your people are nothing.

Just mindless cogs to serve the state.

Oh fucking please, look at what happen to the cossack and tartars.

Soviet shipping their ethnic into oblast is not doing them any favor.

never said that

Lenin never legalized gay marriage, it wasn't even a concept back then. He did legalize sodomy and Soviet Russia before Stalin was very liberal in that regard. But still.

Also Jesus, this thread reeks of Holla Forums. Dumb reactionary ☭TANKIE☭s will be put in the same ditch as the nazis. Marxist-Degenerate gang represent.

Tradition is spook. Culture constantly changes. I doubt you life in a building of same style as romans did. I live in a commieblock, but prefer more modern lofts and suburb style housing. I also prefer to modern rock and rap to old slavic music.

I would say that language keeps people together.

Feudal elements of cossacks were destroyed and rightfully so. Tatar culture was revived by the Soviets. There were Cossack and soviet soldiers,scientists, cosmonauts etc.

Yes, change for the worse. Even your goddamn picture shows a clingy to tradition since even Stalin knows tradition makes the soldiers look good.
Considering I live in a brickhouse, yeah, I do think so.
Rock maybe but rap? You are a degenerate m8.
These feudal elements are exactly cossack cultures, without them, cossack aren't cossack, but as you say, just another citizen.
In what fucking way? The mongols at least can say they preserve the tradition, but the Soviet did jack but force the tatar to move into another place.

Because Stalin was such a bastion of progressive, emancipatory thought, right? Everyone praises Stalin for his advancement of Soviet society through religion and gulags.

Why do you even use that flag if you're some kind of Catholig monarchist? I don't seem to remember Hitler using Divine Right to justify annexing the Sudetenland.

without Stalin, I doubt there is a Soviet Union.

Or you expect Lenin's jews to carry on and win the war for him?