Converting a significant other to your politics

Femanon here.

I consider myself a Trotskyist and have been for a few years now. Recently, I've been dating a MLM guy who is a member of the local MLM party. Since we've begun dating, he's tried everything in his power to convert me over to his side. He has repeatedly brought up baseless accusations against Trotsky, such as him allegedly working with fascists (wut?), Lenin thinking poorly of him, etc. But also, my BF has made claims about Trotskyism, as a leftist tendency, being "racist", Trots being western chauvinist, even claiming Mao's dialectical method is the "most scientific". He doesn't do any of this in a conversational way, but more like "you're-a-fucking-idiot-for-not-being-a-Maoist".

So my question is, at what point is it acceptable to convert your SO to your political views? I feel hurt sometimes but I really love this guy and want to stay with him. But it's discouraging that he uses our time together to act as a missionary. Why?

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Just dump him brah it's obvious that he doesn't respect your opinions and that's not a good sign for the future.

he sounds like an insecure soyboy

Yep looking for an argument especially in a confrontational way screams insecurity. Sounds like he's more trying to convince himself than anybody else.

I've thought about that, but he treats me wonderfully most of the time. It's only during these little opportunities when he tries to shove his crap down my throat.

He's actually very smart and is a pretty tenacious organizer.

regardless of whatever your ideologies are, a relationship that has hostility in a certain argument is a normal thing, but if he's seriously being disrespectful to you then that's not going to end in a good relationship. try to convince him to drop it I guess

Did Trotsky work with fascists?
I asked about it here recently, but only got ☭TANKIE☭ answers.

Are you his first gf?

I say this because usually guys who enter their first real relationship with a woman become strongly possessive. His urge to dominate your mind indicates this. He sees Trotsky as a rival, if you get what I'm saying, so he wants to flush anything that could potentially drive you away from him out.

Sometimes he's very subtle.

No, but I'm the first person he's been with in a while. He said he's had two previous gfs.

Okay, this explains it. Thank you.

he almost certainly did not, he might have worked with the US state department nthough

Be happy you even have a commie SO. I'm surrounded by so many fucking liberals that I'd settle for an anarkiddie at this point. Sectarianism is one thing on Holla Forums, but burning bridges with someone IRL because they shittalked Trotsky is one of the most autistic things I can fathom.

And Trotsky was a traitor.

Why does your gf *have* to share your politics?

tbf, he didn't exactly reject the support from fascist movements in Ukraine and Italy

I mean I could never date an actual Nazi, you have to be able to draw a line somewhere

You don't but communism is sexy af

Being a racist is a much more extreme thing than benign political disagreement.


This is what is colloquially known as a RED FLAG. I don't know how long you've known him, but getting weird like this tends to indicate general personal problems that will manifest in certain contexts (politics being one of them). If he's brooking no argument when it comes to his political opinions, that probably means he's too insecure to take politics seriously and actually interrogate his beliefs.

It's also fucking disrespectful and if he's going out of his way to do it, then you should at the very least tell him to stop being a cunt about it because you like him for reasons other than his politics and that his insistence is coming between you two. Don't make it an ultimatum, just point out that you don't want him to take advantage of your feelings for him to change you in ways that it's not his place to decide you need to change.

can we not turn this place into fucking r/relationships?

ideal gf is apolitical imo

sure, but that wasn't really the question. other people are going to draw their lines for themselves, and sometimes that's going to land closer or further from their ideology.

as stupid as it may be, i would much rather have someone avoid a relationship if they now they're going to be unhappy within it than dedicate themselves to constant political missionary work.

Have you tried having each other read the books that led you to your current politics?

True but he is very knowledgeable (from what I can tell) so I'm not entirely sure if he's insecure.

Good advice.

now you have to ask yourself why is he trying to get trotsky out, and get mao in

People who buy into certain ideologies can seem very knowledgeable because they get very good at repeating a large number of talking points. The weakness here is that they suck at actual argument so instead of articulating a point and making counterpoints they will spit out as many talking points as possible, the point being to appear knowledgeable. You see this a lot with religious fanatics quoting holy books, and you also see it with political ideologues quoting holy books.

Do you agree with this poster?

I bet the secks is shitty as well

well i was shitposting there tbqh, but if you ask my real opinion it's just a childish hang up, this happens because he thinks of your opinion as an extension of his, and somehow it's not ok when that opinion of his clashed against yours so bad, now i say this is a childish hang up because it is, i've acted like that with people i've liked before, and when i was a kid with my mom (don't dare freud me leftypol), it's mostly just that, however you might want to talk to him about it, and keep that one on a pin on your head, in case the dude is crazy

Yeah sometimes he does that.

And it can happen over anything. I dated a girl who had a hobby of looking at horoscopes and collection energy stones or some other new age shit and even though we weren't perfect together by any means I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to make her stop believing in it. I now regret it because whofuckingcares.jpg. Time spent arguing about some shit that has nothing to do with me.

First, read this:
Trotsky and Trotskyites are universally reviled by actual revolutionaries.
Second, your boyfriend is likely no better than a Trotskyist. Most western MLMs are just a variant of Left Communist, they disavow all presently existing socialist states or struggles, such as Cuba or the DPRK, as "not true socialism." On top of that, they all act like they're in a cult. You and your BF are chauvinist pieces of shit to be honest.

Okay. This didn't answer my concerns at all.

Fuck off.

lol. Begone t*h*(r)ot

The girl I love is a liberal democrat. I am slowly converting her to anarcho-communism. She agrees with eating the rich.


Pretty safe to assume that's bullshit. Trotsky was quite defensive about the USSR unlike certain trot groups.
Who really gives a fuck. Lenin isn't God.
There is truth to this. Some (not all) Trot groups have a boner for every CIA funded imperialist 'revolution' out there (such as the ISO who cheerleads the terrorists in Libya and Syria). Orthodox trotskyists on the other hand, usually have as strong of an anti imperialist position as MLMs.

Why do you have to convert her?

What do you think about the act of converting your partner to your political views? Do you see it as intrusive?

She must see the error of her liberal ways.

Playing missionary is sketchy af.


Doesn't negate the fact that your behavior is fucked.

What do you mean?

Whether you agree with her liberalism or not, attempting to "convert" your partner is controlling.

I want her to see the light.

I think it's autistic for him to care so much, especially when both of you are already radical leftists.

Says the person who can't take Trotsky criticisms. Why can't your vf be a Maoist?

>hiiii guis, im a girl and u can call me the Trot of SPLITTING if u dont like Trotsky ur probs jealous

Gross dude. Lay off.

No. Not until she's ready to guillotine the bourgeois and then consume their flesh.

Not really. Propagating communism to your non communist parent, child, friend, or significant other is no more fucked up than using the proletarian state to propagate it to the masses.

Do you not understand that communists are supposed to do everything in our power to propagate class consciousness?

In practice, missionizing becomes sketchy and leads to ill behaviors, like what my bf is currently doing to me.

Communism will happen by not thinking about it or talking about it.

Your bf is preaching to the converted (since you're already a revolutionary marxist) and trying to get you to join his MLM autismo cult. There's a difference between sectarian cult missionizing (what your bf is doing) and the propagation of class consciousness to those who lack it (what all marxists should do).

The problem is how you're going about it. You don't gaslight your SO into becoming a commie.

See this is what happens if you allow women run around half naked and unattended. The absolute state of European men. Thankfully we are here to help civilize your barbarous lands.

I believe that, even if you're both passionately engaged in leftist thought, your relationship should be above that and the emotional connection should be more important than following the same ideology. or "converting" eachother. Your bf seems to be too obsessive about this which is a bad thing. If everything else is going alright, this doesn't mean you need to immediately break up, but at least have a serious talk with him about it.
Apart from that, I've noticed it's a common thing for some M-Ls to be fanatically opposed to Trotsky's thought. I don't really see why; IMO Maoism is a much bigger disgrace than Trotskyism although I can't really find myself in either of both. About this racist/western chauvinist thing, I have heard this criticism before (I think according to critics Trotskyists say that in the "world revolution" the West or Europe would be supposed to take a leading role), but AFAIK this is a view only held by certain specific movements within Trotskyism and it definitely wasn't endorsed by Trotsky himself. In any case, I don't see how embracing the "permanent revolution" theory would imply that you'd also need to embrace this chauvinist viewpoint. As for "Lenin thinking poorly of him", I don't know much about this, but this seems plausible since Lenin was surely a man who tended to have intense sentiments on everything rather than just slight approval or disapproval. It doesn't say a lot about either Leninism or Trotskyism though.
But again, an ideological debate about different systems of thought is not the primary thing to focus on in the context of your relationship. He should respect your views no matter what, and you need to clear that up.
pic unrelated

My bf is multiracial…

Thanks. Do you see his behavior as a sign of possessiveness?

Cover yourself, return to your husband and beg Allah for his mercy, harlot!

Maybe not necessarily possessive, it seems he just finds it really important that you're behind all the ideals that he's so passionate about, but his behaviour is at the very least unhealthy. I agree with that it's simply autistic of him to care so much.

Oh look, another female collectivist. Who'd a thought?

Half the population is female. If a woman being present is remarkable to you, I guess you don't see much of them.

Woman and female being used interchangeably. Noted.

the irony

That was my thought at first but I wonder if it's some bullshit about trans people and thinking they're smart for "catching" me.

Your guess is as good as mine

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