Are neets heros...

Are neets heros? I mean they refuse to take part in a capitalistic society and if everyone were a neet that would lead to capitalisms downfall. So are neets heros?

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no. they're just utopians

tankies are the only utopians on leftypol

That's an insult to utopians.

They're the new age left-coms and an-nihls my dude.

Shut the fuck up

can neets really go on with their "heroic" lifestyle beyond the age of 25-30 without becoming an hero?
They eventually grow up, die or become homeless.

Alienated masses that have nothing to lose are good for revolution though.

Unless you have a really wealthy benefactor I don't think neetdom can continue for long.

I do have a rather rose-coloured view of NEETs, and I do view the abolition of work as the end goal of an actual socialist utopia. I'm also very well aware that a lot of NEETs don't refuse to take part in capitalism, so much as persistent unemployment, mental illness or physical disability prevents them from participating.

But on the whole,
If you work, you lose.

No, at least not the chan variety. In fact, when they do put their minds towards politics, a lot of them come across as very reactionary. This is mostly misguided though and has more to do with the social hegemony Holla Forums enjoys on the majority of chans.
I don't think NEETs are a lost cause. Most young people when faced with the grim prospects of the post-college job market, and that's if they're lucky and can go to school in the first place, plus the mounting expenses and pressures that neoliberalism has gifted us tend to soldier through anyway. Albeit, with a higher rate of depression and anxiety.
NEETs are just the ones who react with despair, and for good reason, so I have some sympathy for them. But we have to draw a distinction between being rightfully averse to alienating and exploitative labor and just workshy faggotry. While the elimination or extensive reduction of labor is a communist goal it's a long-term one. The work we have to do immediately is going to be just that.
I have a fear that instead of being interested in revolutionary activity they'll be mostly assuaged by technocrat solutions like UBI and public housing. So they can continue seeking their nihilist pleasure oblivion unmolested. Lumpens basically.

Neets deserve to perish in revolutionary flame, they can afford to survive quite comfortably without working unlike millions of the homeless. They are also formed by the better off proletarians as many of them have to access to video games the internet anime&manga and many figurines.

The world will not need neets in the upsprings and revolutions of the coming years, they do not contribute to class consciousness and if anything they harm it more since people will get angry at their taxes and valuable resources going towards neets and they would not wish for a dramatic shakeup of society since they're getting every thing they need. They also get mental illnesses which more then often develops into Holla Forums tier thinking.

Do not work
Do not eat

They are somewhere between the lumpen proletariat and the bourgeoisie, not at all revolutionary.

Hm, id like to see you try that

Just so you guys all know, pic related is the kind of mentality the bourgeoisie are going to start pushing once automation really kicks in and millions lose work. I suggest preparing for that future political development now.

Needs are ahead of their time. The endgoal of communism is to abolish having to work and make work one of lifes prime wants.

Anyone who doesn’t want to work gets the wall.

That worship of the concept of work is absolutely disgusting. And by defending it, you're just doing porky a favour. In the context of socialism, all this talk about workshy people is obsolete.
Most of the things people do for a living in modern society is useless bullshit (when it's not nefarious) artificially creating to keep them busy. In a society where this madness has come to an end, most people would work just a few hours a week on average.

they give porky a lot of someone elses money

They are nothing, just a symptom. Because NEETs cannot exist autonomously (and I know most of them dread the day their parasitic life ends) you can't say they're really "doing" anything in their behavior. For example their so-called "refusal" is simply predicated on getting fed by their parents, or those rare, mythical cases where you actually make enough money from Autismbux to survive.

I know most NEETs aren't happy with their life, at least those that know their state isn't permanent. However I also know that most NEETs that turn wageslaves never get any better and their life is, according to their descriptions, a living hell (perhaps worse than before).
Of course, this is because the only work life they can get is the absolute worst kind of wageslavery imaginable, and on top of that they lack purpose, coupled with things like social anxiety, generally exhausts them to the point where they can't even enjoy their freetime.

Holla Forums often says NEETs would get shot after the revolution because they refuse to work, but regardless of whether this is true, I don't think NEETs would exist in the first place in a communist society. The refusal to work isn't some kind of ideological stance (as OP implies), it is simply the result of "work" being soul-crushing wageslavery that literally represents the end of your entire life and existence as you know it, so of course you would want to avoid it (and the only difference about NEETs is that circumstances allow them to do so).


explain yourself.

excellent analysis, particulrly the last part.

really thinkies your pinkies

How can a Tanky be a utopian, if their ideal society has already existed?

Prepare for neet genocide in the future

Second paragraph reminds me strongly of my own experience coming out of NEETdom, albeit involuntarily.
Thankfully I'm way better off now but sheesh that was fucking rough for a few months. The absolute hopelessness and despair that surrounds the realization of just how much exists between you and a bearable material life, not even resolving the angst that torments you every moment otherwise, that was a hell of a ride.

NEET here. Honestly, I wish I could get a job, but the bigger the gap on my resume grows the harder it is for me to be hired, and the more my depression and anxiety grows and makes me less attractive to employers. The only time I ever enjoyed my work was volunteering at a community garden. It paid nothing but it was the only place I ever felt like I was accepted instead of having some petty booj boss breathing down my neck and screaming at me for being incompetent when nobody has given me training.

Hi chaps, long time lurker of Leftypol and unfortunately a NEET of around two years now. Had a mental breakdown, got diagnosed with chronic depression and prescribed citalopram. The citalopram made me feel worse, increased suicidal tendencies yada yada.
After upping the dose a few times, I was finally prescribed vensir xl or effexor as it's known in the states. After a number of dosage increases, I'm finally on 225mg and that seems to have done the trick.

I wish so much to return to a place of normalcy, I hate the NEET life so much, have been applying for multiple jobs, get interviews, but of course am turned down. I don't really derive any joy from anything anymore, most of my days consist of walking the dog and trying to while away the hours as much as possible.

Thankfully I do receive Employment Support Allowance, so I am able to subsist, but god am I ever bored, to be honest I just wish I had the gumption to kill myself, but with no sufficient painless means and the thought of tearing apart my family keeps me here.

TL:DR Would not recommend

If I could get a fucking gf then I could probably muster the willpower to work. However until then I just can't do it. Gaming at my parents place for the rest of my life sounds much better.

No, 13 year old boys with 0 life experience get gfs. It's clearly not a serious thing women care about.



Typical commie behavior

So you're a ☭TANKIE☭/og socialist then.

Why do you fags not realize the contradiction here?

I participate in the job market but all I really do is just come to my job and sleep/read a book for 3 hours, have lunch and then just sit idly for several hours more.

or in a format you understand

Funny how instead of denying you confirm what I was saying. You are just a kid who's afraid of working.

Obviously, any idiot who can put one and two together would realize that the interest of a worker and the interest of someone who needs to leech from productivity are complete opposites. The less people work, the less productivity there is, yet you want productivity without work.

Your analogy is just horrendously bad. People who don't want to be slaves want to be free workers. Your position is essentially the one of a slave who wants to stop being a slave so he can get the benefits of the slave economy for himself.

I have a job.
Yes. Thats what automation is for. Productivity without work. Its an undeniable positive for humanity
Socialists in a workers movement dont want the benefits of capitalism for themselves, they want the benefits of socialism for themselves.

woah, mind blown!

Hard to believe considering people here are bellow 17 and lie about everything.

Automation is work you dunce. The amount of investment that it would take to make all enterprises workless and make all human beings capable of surviving with only shares profit would be astronomical, it would take multiple lifetimes. Who is going to work through multiple lifetimes to invest?

You are mentally retarded. The thing here is that there's obviously no productivity without work. Your little computer doesn't just spawn out of thin air. When a factory is well lubed and has almost no workers, it means people worked and reinvested in society for a century.

You prove that wrong. What you want is essentially a society where everyone can survive out of capital investments. You might go into a semantics maze and talk about how automation is not capital and you don't own it, but it is capital and if you have the right to extract resources you do own it.

My analogy was absolutely perfect; you are a slave who wants to stop being a slave so you can benefit from the slave economy. Your dream is for everyone to be the ultimate capitalist, for humanity to reach a point where just the capital profits being shared would cover every basic need.

Except that's not what they said. Why the desperate strawman? Why did you not include the part where they don't just want a "different" society, they specifically don't want to work.

*worms into thread*
yeah let me get uhhhhhh some of those groceries buddy

No one wants to work. If you don't see abolition or minimization of work as desirable you are a misanthrope

they specifically don't want to work - under capitalism
you really are as retarded as pic related implied

Thank you for debunking each other.

And no buddy, they don't want to work anywhere. Not in Venezuela nor in ancapistan.

The interest of someone who doesn't want to work goes against the interest of someone who wants so much reinvestment that everyone can live without working eventually, do you not realize that?

The less people working in current society, or even a socialist society, the longer it will get for people to be able to live just with capital payoff. It's not like the automation will accelerate once 70% of the population is on a payroll to not work.

Yea sure if you just think "my opponents are children who lie when they say they arent" you will always be convinced they are.
It is work that reduces future work. It is work I do.
Everybody, because every hour invested in automation now is multiple hours you dont have to work, and neither do your children, or your childrens children.
Very constructive arguments here
Aye, I know. What is your point exactly? That investing work in automation reduces the amount of future work we have to do as a society? Because that is what we want.
Capitalism is the exploitation of workers. "Capitalism" did not build the machines, workers did. Capitalism is just the social relationship between two classes, that of the owners and that of the non-owners who have to work to survive.
Capital is only capital when it is used in the commodity production process to make more capital. Thats the definition of capital. And even if you were right (which you aren't) it still would not be capitalism because there would be no classes.
Is the slavery abolishion movement about freeing the slaves so they can hold slaves themselves? No. A socialist workers movement is also not a movement to just make this group of people new capitalists.
Oh shit you figured me out, what am I going to do now.
no, thats not what socialism want as an endgoal
things statisfy needs, things are made in factories, factories should be collectivised as do all productive facilities and resources

people want to work fewer hours and for the benefit of their society, as opposed to the benefit of some guy that claims ownership over the factory/land/store/company and pays them a pittance in coal scrip
that's not contradictory

Im not sure if i like that our enemies are this dumb because it makes it easy to shrug off, or if i would actually appreciate them knowing what we believe.

I'm talking about the pics you faggots post, not some imaginary assumption.

Yes, you agreed with me against your own argument, idiot.
So commies that want free shit today have the interest to delay automation. It's not like commies are like "we'll only demand welfare when everything is automated".

That's what's going on here, you are in denial or being evasive about the conflicts of interest. Socialist action will typically only delay and cripple automation for the sake of giving free shit to people who don't want to work.


lol lurk moar noob

Goes against the interest of society.
Goes against fewer hours.

Let's take a look at the real world and see if your assessment is realistic. Which countries are poorer? Countries with a lot of capital investment and lots of capitalist enterprises, or countries where most productive enterprises are operated by the local government?

As it turns out, countries filled with capitalist constantly reinvesting their wealth in capital, have more automation, and thus, a homeless person can become obese with begging money.

So, how will you survive without working and without getting free shit? Photosynthesis? How can you tell me that living off of society without working is not welfare and free shit?

Or maybe you are going to tell me that 50% of the people here who argued against work are not part of Holla Forums and not real socialists?

No idea which ones you mean to be honest.
What did I agree to "against my own argument" exactly?
Eh, what?
It is not welfare if you own it. Is me getting rainwater from my collection barrel that I attached to my drainage "welfare" from the rain or something? What the fuck are you on lad?
Also, there is nothing wrong with choosing you live an enjoyable existance while also working on automating stuff, instead of doing the whole industrial revolution/stalinism style 12 hours a day 6 days a week til you die because "WE NEED TO IMPROVE THE FACTORIES AND MAKE MORE SHIT TO MAKE MORE SHIT"
The question of "time off now vs working and more time off later" also exists in capitalism. And putting my time off off til I sleep for an eternity underground is not exactly the ideal life I want, I can already work with no free time and ability to enjoy life right now for the benefit of people I will never meet. I want to enjoy life too, more than I do now, which is possible, and spend my effort towards making life even more enjoyable and easy instead of making these useless corporate bullshit programs because I have to earn money for bread.
If you are really saying that not wanting to spend all of your living life, for generation after generation, working your butt off to automate more and more in a fever of endless automation for the benefit of some far-off descendent is "lazy" and "wrong", then if anything, it shows that you don't have a job, and that you also have been playing too much factorio.


What is the point is working my ass off making lots of money if I dont have time to spend it or enjoy it? Eternal paradise in 6 feet under wormistan? The regret on my deathbed on not having a single enjoyable moment in life but "at least my kids will be able to" but oh no wait, they also need to do this endless cycle of growth because of arbatrary bullshit standards you set.

That you'll get productivity without work. You agreed that automation is work.

Except if you are just giving free shit instead of working on reinvesting in capital any functional capitalists society will have more automation and productivity than you in half a decade.
Those are fucking contradictory, you fucking idiot. If you want a lot less work than today, then that means you want a lot less reinvestment and automation. You are so fucking dense jesus christ.

No shit sherlock. It's almost as if reality exists independently from your shitty ideology.
Yes, and that means being less productive, that's why you get a lower paycheck. You can do it, but society will not take your costs. And also, you are not contributing to more automation by doing it, you are delaying and going against it.

Maybe I have to draw it for you? Is that what you need to understand what I'm saying?

Yes, but you'll get less stuff and less automation; which goes against the interest of society and others, which want you to work more, not less.

Talking with commies is such a fucking shore. It's like everyone here is mentally retarded and needs to be explained simple concepts at least 6 times before they realize their argument is bust and they need to make a different point.

i'm not talking about automation
or gold prospectin'
read the second half of that sentence again
people want 'socially necessary' work
people want to not work as much
that is all i have said to you

the current material conditions in former second world countries are not indicative of the shortcomings of communal ownership or government oversight, they are a result of active economic suppression conducted during the cold war through sanctions and the actions of western 'intelligence services' such as CIA Special Activities. to claim that market economies are more efficient on that basis is inaccurate

ok brainlet

Weird, I thought it was because of their lower average Autism Level and their respective socialist party's government models that made their governments own entire industries. But I guess sanctions made and removed 50 years ago is what makes them poor.

I learn a lot browsing leftypol.

That goes against reinvestments and automation, as I already explained. You can already work less if you want, what's stopping you? Oh that's right, you want to be both less productive but also getting more productivity from society, which is contradictory.


I'm glad your case of communist free shit got deconstructed to thoroughly you can't even make a constructive reply.

So, restating here, you either work to get more stuff, or you work less to get less stuff. This is a fact of realist that no shitty ideology will circumvent.

Automating is work, automation, IE the state of something being automated, is less work, it is free productivity compared to not having automated.
Listen to mr proffessor over here.
Yes and?
Capitalism is not automating to the extend that socialism will. If you want to know more details, read towards a new socialism, but the crux is:
Under socialism, there would never be an incentive to not automate, because it is focussed on labour time and not money, hence automation is always the better option, because it always saves time in the end.
No. You presume that any work done today is done to improve the productive capabilities of society. SO MUCH WORK is done doing stuff that isnt automating, while that same work could be used to automate and save time later. Abolishing capitalism, as shown above, would incentivise to automate more, always.
You are being a rude idiot who cannot wrap his little head around the realities of the economic system he lives in, instead choosing to live in a fantasyland where all capitalists are spending as much money as possible automating and where automation is always profitable. Wake up, automation isnt always profitable, sometimes labour is cheaper than automating, even though automation would save working hours, if labour is cheap, which it is all over the world. Just look at the fucking third world you insulting cunt, masses of jobs that can be automated or even were automated in the west are shipped to manual labour in the third world because it is fucking cheaper to make these people work by hand. Electronic from IBM used to be made automatically in the US, but they closed down the plant because it was cheaper to have chinese do it by hand.
The pot calling the kettle black
By abolishing capitalism I can work less hours for the same paycheck, because a lot of the value i produce is being stolen by my employers. And the same goes for everyone else. Add to that all the bullshit jobs like advertisement and other goon-type jobs that only exist because if one company has it all competitors must too, and you suddenly have a lot of free time left over while producing the same amount of stuff. See pic related.
Maybe you should shut your fucking mouth you 15 year old twat. All you can do is shout "HURRR YYOU ARE DUMB" while you have no fucking idea what you are actually talking about.

Its almost as if we have to come to an agreement together as a society, like setting something like "a standard work week" or "a mandatory amount of hours worked". Hmm, perhaps we could even "pay people per hour" to incentivise people to work more and reward them. Hmmm yes, these are totally strange concepts that socialism totally doesnt have, you truly are making my almonds activate. Maybe I should write a book about this, like TOWARDS A NEW SOCIALISM, which covers ALL OF THIS SHIT INCLUDING THE QUESTION OF AUTOMATION, IMPROVING EFFICIENCY, SHOWING HOW WE COULD WORK WAY LESS FOR THE SAME STANDARD OF LIVING, HOW TO PLAN ECONOMIES, HOW SOCIALISM WOULD INNOVATE MORE THAN CAPITALISM AND MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE

Now watch the guy you're replying to start sperging out and go "lol u triggered leftie olololool"

Should say
>it is now cheaper to not automate


If you remove communist and leftists countries, the relationship of economic growth and Autism Level is a near perfect match.

IQ and communist policy or lack of probably account for the variation of over 80% of the differences between economies, and are even astronomically more important than natural resources.

Koreans always had a high Autism Level. Korea was straight up medieval during colonial times, then got colonized and brutalized by japs, then going through a war less than 50 years ago, and that did not make their post industrial economy less successful. They went from being worst off than blacks in South Africa to being drastically better off thanks to the industrial revolution which increased the relationship of Autism Level and economic success.

Sorry to break your worldview; these little economic sanctions and factoids and IMF bullshit have almost no impact in the success or failure of a population.



Do you realize how retarded you sound by ridiculing somebody for invoking causality


like pottery


wew lad
yeah genesus loves you more cause you're white
that's why you post on chan boards on weekday nights
"genetically different"

Yes, but it's not free productivity compared to instead automating giving free shit to someone.

You are literally mentally retarded. I struggle to believe someone can be this stupid.

You retard. Labour time today is not the same as labour time 3 years from now. Any economics teacher would vomit reading this. You are assuming people would have extreme long term time preferences and they would all have the same time preferences. That is evidentely false. People will vote to drain a country dry, people would bankrupt the government for some food stamps the next week.

Not everyone would commit their entire lives to work more just so their children can get more automation, do you not fucking understand that?

That's fucking retarded. Yeah, ladies making clothes are not working on automation, but they fucking can't. That's why they work making clothes. It's not like you can make a fucking electric engineer out of some mexican lady so she can work her entire life automating you fucking dunce. So she works, makes clothes, and signals the market so engineers go automate areas that are more needed and where labor is more scarce. That's why capitalism fucking works and your wacky shit you make up on the spot doesn't.

The employers are the biggest reinvestors in the entire economy. They have a reinvestment into automation that in times often reaches 100%. When you look at bill gates billionaire networth, it's not billions in money in the bank, it's billions in money reinvested into capital that makes work more efficient.

So you think that abolishing the biggest pile of investments on the fucking world will somehow make you weather, which is retarded. You are economically illiterate.

Of course, that's why countries are rich, they all got IMF loans to become rich.

Do you realize that the sources are actually ivy league university studies? If I directly copy and past all the sources here for you will you read them and reach an agreement? Or did a youtube link trigger you so much you'll stay in denial?

duh oh dey twiggerd

And by the way, things like IMF and world bank were created precisely to funnel first world country to the third world.

Keep that in mind when you read Chomsky and his little factoids about the IMF.

That doesn't change the fact that you're relying on an amateur youtuber to give you an accurate presentation of what the sources say. I'd rather trust an actual academic to give me the gist of it rather than some nasal-voiced incel


much good faith

Boons are usually NEETs by and large who sell drugs to buy air Jordans. But /leftycuck/ loves boons.

I'm not relying on an amateur youtuber. Let's ignore the youtuber and go straight to the studies, why are you so desperate to not look at the studies?

Let's do it like this, you watch the video, you don't believe in anything he says, only on sourced claims by prestigious organizations, Does that sound alright?

First off, you haven't demonstrated that YOU have taken the time to go read them yourself. I'm not obligated to do the work of presenting an argument for you, you lazy cuck.

Your information is not relevant to my worldview, if you cared about good faith you would have understood it.

No country is wealthy because of some little factoid or lack of IMF loans, obviously no country is poor because of the same. Do you agree?


Way to willfully miss the point. You're the one making these claims, you're the one that carries the burden of proof. So excuse me if I feel skeptical when the best you can do is link to some random youtuber.

Way to prove my point.


Oh, I'm so sorry. Apparently socialists can't watch a 10 minute video in good faith to advance the discussion, but I'm supposed to read an entire book by Paul Cockshot to know why socialism is totally real.

How did that prove your point?


Good point. They wouldn't. You would be scrambling in the dirt begging for food in an actual socialist society.

Cockshott isn't scholarly. It's sci Fi.

Nobody said anything about giving free shit to people.
more ok
Read the fucking book, I have better things to do than spoonfeed little cunts like you at midnight. Its litterally all in there, I have more to do than trying to rewrite a summary of a book for someone who can only shout insults.
Bruh you are the one advocating that we all do that
No its not
Yes, you litterally can. What do you think a school does? Magic?
Confirmed for not even attempting to understand what I wrote
Gee, thats kinda easy when youre litterally the only person who has money to invest in shit.
Ah yes I remember that time they reinvested so much that the assembly line closed down and made malaysians do it by hand.
Billions invested from the labour of the workers, invested in factories and stuff and firing the workers for it, making stuff with less work for people with no money, who now drive down the price of labour so hard that it is cheaper to hire manual labourers in first world countries than it is to invest in automation than before.

I am going to try and make your tiny brain understand one last time, with the help of childrend drawings. Maybe thats more your level, aye?
Right now, capitalists get all the profits, they reinvest the money. We collectivise all the factories. Now we all collectively get the same amount of money, we invest it ourselves, to reduce work, not to make more money. The bossman also doesnt have to pay for advertising anymore, or corporate or copyright lawyers, because they arent neccecary when we collectivise everything. We now have a lot of money left over and a lot of people who dont have work, who can do a little bit of work. We still make the same amount of stuff, but everyone works less, and we still invest the same amount of effort and time into improving automation as we do now, or even more. No capitalist neccecary. You illiterate, uneducated, braindead piece of shit.

I will be going to bed now. Good night, dont choke on your own thumb in your mouth.

Most of the world says hi

Yes. Litterally, they couldn't do shit. THERE WAS APARTHEID, THEY HAD ALMOST NO RIGHTS UNTIL 1996

now that's some top-tier projecting

Because you're relying on a platform that's notorious for people misrepresenting academic data in their videos. And the fact that you're relying on that instead of linking to the sources themselves and providing the relevant information speaks volumes about your own willingness to actually engage in good faith.



Good thing no one says that

Not him, but it's a well known given that the vast majority people don't look at the descriptions of Youtube videos.

I think I understand why Holla Forumsyps are so obsessed with policing the rules of debate. It's because they're so terrible at it themselves they think they can compensate by being pedants.

Prove it, lol


Point me to a commie that matters that’s said Mexico is communist

You're not even white, so why are you so concerned about what happens to the white race?

Swing and a miss

Do you need help with geography champ?

You literally can't tell the difference between me and the other dude, you utter retard.

In practice, it’s national liberation. You’d proudly cuck the white race out to borgs. Don’t lie

Are you seriously using "lol samefag" as an argument, or is it a foreign concept that two totally different people can post using the same flag?

This is all I'm hearing honestly.
Read Mao, or even Luxemburg on this topic. They both realize the cultural tensions that are created by bourgeois forces.

But you would gladly keep those forces intact because "muh purity", despite the fact your concept of whiteness has been watered down so much through the years as you've moved the goal post, that you have literal jew like weev helping manage stormfront.

Wow you really blew us the fuck out.

NEETs are not heroes

Here is some stuff about exchanging the products of free activity in the future, from "Introduction to the Science of Publicity" by J. Voyeur, some very Hegelian shit where Publicite is the third term in a dialectical triad of work and leisure (travail supprime), of individual and social group

Your whole post is gibberish tbh. Access to white people isn't a human right.


Lol who the fuck let this retard in?

The idea that the contemporary Neolithic man can live at the stage of the individual search for food or that of isolated family provision is tantamount to assuming that one is dealing with a reformist, asocial and coldly calculating being, and also that man is only capable of a jouissance circumscribed to the things themselves. Such a conception ignores the deep sense of publicity that drives people to display what they have, to share, to give. Apart from any consideration as to whether exchanges are necessary or even useful, exchange for the sake of exchange is one of the essential characteristics revealed by ethnography and whose universal and fundamental nature makes it possible to claim that it is a trait common to all archaic societies.

A last fallacy, according to which the archaic savage would preserve all that he needs for himself and would never leave his will for the benefit of others, like the modern savage, must be rejected without reserve. This does not mean that archaic savages are not strongly inclined to keep what they have. To imagine that they are different in this respect from other men would be to fall into the opposite error and consist in believing in a sort of primitive communism, an idea dear to Marx but now out of date. On the contrary, it is precisely because they attach so much importance to giving, that the distinction between yours and mine is strengthened rather than effaced. The opinion that archaic humanity did not know individual property is an old prejudice, shared by many modern writers, which serves especially to support communist theories and the so-called materialistic conceptions of history. This conception is that in many primitive communities, the actual search for food, as well as the activities that derive directly from it, occupy by far most of the energy and time of the population, leaving little opportunity to satisfy any other less imperious need, whereas in a primitive society everything is subject to publicity, all is good as a pretext for publicity. This conception is clearly the postulate of all the naively evolutionist theories which tend to reconstitute the successive phases of an economic development conceived in the reformist mode

The bad criticisms of the thought of Hegel, Marx, or Debord do the same to the Spirit as the others. A good appreciation of these works is preferable to these works themselves. Criticism must attack the form, never the substance of these ideas. Arrange. Under the pretext that the Hegelian conception of history presupposes an abstract or absolute mind that develops in such a way that humanity is only a mass that is impregnated with it more or less consciously, which would pretend to pretend to be materialism has made the human mass an absolute or abstract materialdeprived of spirit, which nevertheless develops in the manner of the Hegelian Spirit. The history of mankind becomes the history of the abstract material of humanity, foreign to the real man. This is the cybernetic version of history, as imagined in Moscow, Beijing or Rand Corporation. This materialism did not put the Hegelian dialectic on its feet ; but on his ass. From now on, this dialectic is helmeted and booted, ready for any eventuality. The essential element of the concrete is abstraction insofar as it is itself a concrete production. The Spirit is of this world, because abstraction is not only the concrete thought, but the essential moment of the concrete.

The history of publicity is the history of the generalization of exchange. Exchange must be made general, this report eliminating the independence of work. Exchange is the proper element of publicity, but immediately the exchange has its foundation out of itself, in a totality, and it remains something inessential in the face of something essential. The exchange is the publicity itself, but the publicity in a certain determination so as to be only its moment. The determinations that distinguish the exchange of publicity are the determinations of publicity itself. Immediately, the exchange is the opposite of publicity and the individual is the opposite of the genre. Men produce their publicity as something foreign and external to themselves and the story of publicity is the story of his absence

tl;dr I believe in anti-work, that is productivism or wage work, but free work is a good thing and makes us human (like daddy Marx said) but only when we exchange and find our common humanity with the exchange partner. NEETs are a post-industrial residue that we should allow to integrate into society, because as of now they have no publicity. FYI I found this text online and simply used Google to translate it (note, Publicite also renders to 'advertising') Recommended reading in this vein includes Mauss' Essay on the Gift or Tiqquns' Economy as Black Magic

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Really joggins the noggins. I'll take the most communist place over the most capitalist place any day.
Point to another reason. Capitaliism what the country is built around. Good luck passing the buck to socialism.
Show the causal correlation, because I doubt you can.
I'm being as real with you as possible friendo
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Cucking the white race to the bourgeoisie isn't a human right.

Are they organizing organs of worker's power?
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Cucking the white race to the bourgeoisie isn't a human right.

Cucking the white race to the bourgeoisie isn't a human right.

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Cucking the white race to the bourgeoisie is not a human right

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Cucking the white race to the bourgeoisie is not a human right

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Despite the awkward translation I can agree with the general notion elaborated here even if the details aren't clear to me. Seems on the right track.

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The text is fortunately written in very straightforward language despite its dialectical content and I am trying to make a cleaned up English translation. I hadn't gotten to working on those last passages before posting, though.
What do you think of/how do we deal with the problem of Spirit?

Thats exactly why its utopian. We have firsthand knowledge of why a ☭TANKIE☭ society doesn't work yet the still pursue one denying all of the problems it caused.


What is the problem of Spirit?

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well basically we are living in the 'cybernetic version of history' now, and that Spirit seems to be absent. Will it come back of its own accord? Is it 'not really' gone? But then how do we rediscover it? Is it even real? sorry if these are loony questions

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