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Are minorities oppressed in the United States?

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Yeah, sure, of course they are. Mainly because the USA is a fucking shithole.

trick question. all working-class citizens are oppressed in the united states

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A bit mixed on it.

We can talk about how racists have been able to utilise the system of capitalism and/or the state to perpetuate bigotry and influence it, i.e neo-nazis getting into the police force. But the system of capitalism or the """"democracy"""" that the US has, isn't designed to be racist, nor is capitalism in it of itself inherently so.

However, due to the changing nature of capital, we are seeing more liberal idpol being commodified and subjecting us to a spectacle of rainbow capitalism. Gay rights being commodified by Doritos anyone?

So in a sense, yes minorities are being opressed but only due to the system which allows for such opression to take hold, and no, because that system is able to commodify "social justice" for minorities and thus subject the populace to a spectacle which distracts from the system which opresses all: capitalism.

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The majority of the population is female.

minorities are oppressed, but only because capitalism needs an underclass.
That's part of why white people are so up in arms about becoming a minority, because deep down they know what that means.

Americans of Indian origin are the Americans who make the more $ per person.
Then come the Jews.
Then come East Asians.
Then come the Europeans (the current majority).
Then come South Americans.
Then come the Blacks.

But yes, minorities are oppressed.

Forget going to uni if you are Asian of non Jewish white but apply just in case if you are black even if you have low grades.

But yes, minorities are oppressed.

People choose to live with their kind and every racial map show there is a sort of apartheid going on out of the free will of every individual. Houses happen to cost more in white and Asian parts.

It show, once again that there is an oppression of minorities.

One of the minority (2% of the population) happen to have half of the senators and about 25% of the largest companies, but yes, they are discriminated against.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Racism existed before capitalism. Not that capitalism doesn't perpetuate racism with classism because it most certainly does. Its probably just a fundamental issue of human psychology. We can't reconcile otherness without judgement. Here is an interesting study on the subject:

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White minorities are still largely the wealthiest and most influential ethnic groups in South American and African countries where they exist.

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It's stupid idpol to say but certain groups in especially the US have faced more oppression than others due to socioeconomic prospects being much worse.
The generational wealth gap is much larger for blacks than it is for whites. White Americans have been able to accumulate wealth for much longer than most black Americans were able to. A slew of socioeconomic problems plague a great percentage of African Americans. Rather than having a system which gives you say 3 strikes and reformative education through something like a military program to teach discipline and morals if you come from an underprivileged background, you send petty criminals to prison/jail with murderers, rapists and drug dealers. All because they couldn’t afford a lawyer or pay bond/bail. These convicts have children and their children go through the same process, essentially becoming indentured slaves to the state. As the white middle class shrinks it will be more and more white kids ending up in prison for theft and other victimless crimes. See the rising heroin epidemic that plagues rural white communities.
Somehow this is okay to the oblivious morons that make up a good number of whites, rather than sensing the impending danger of a literal slave state and totalitarian dictatorship which imprisons for profit since all jobs are automated, they cheer as a minority group of the civilian population is persecuted by legal and constitutional overreach because that minority is often perceived as being loud and annoying to be around. This is due to lack of quality education and a civilizing process that allows blacks to integrate into white society.
Stealing is normalized for poor people when they grow up because it's a constant equalizing force around them. Others from their demographic steal from them and it perpetuates a vicious eye for an eye cycle, where you would be dumb not to steal since everything you have is constantly being taken from you. There is generational poverty and situational poverty.
Generational poverty is the nigger mindset, the "world is oppressing me, fuck everyone, fuck you looking at, give me yo shit boy" attitude which comes from a deep-seated insecurity about one's own abilities having never been given a chance (outside of an athletic opportunity) to rise scholastically or reach an age where pursuing a trade is viable. Situational poverty is when an otherwise normal person experiences financial hardship. There will always be exceptionally gifted individuals which can rise above it, but this is not the norm.
Study serfdom and European slavery of other Europeans, there was a systemic structure in place to keep people dumb and therefore unable to compete with the various elite clergy and mercantiles which sat at the beck and call of royalty which benefited the most from the system.

No. The majority (working people) are oppressed by a minority (capitalists), not vice versa.

Not just that, but materially they often benefit from that oppression. Keeps them from competing for jobs and housing, puts them in prison where they can be put to work for slave wages, generates profit for their retirement portfolios, and other things which make the white working class embourgeoisified

Yes, but we are moving towards equality:

I'd say that the white working class is marginally better but the average white person is mostly living paycheck to paycheck, hardly "embourgeoisified." I wouldn't go as far as to claim that every white worker is bourgeois or even petty-bourgeois. Whites make up a disproportionate amount of the petty-bourgeois just like a disproportionate amount of blacks are in poverty because of material conditions. However, you do have a point that competition for material resources like land provides an economic incentive to keep segregation in place (specifically housing and gentrification).

It means whether they are MORE or specifically oppressed you autist