They will both make themselves look like walking jokes.

Hopefully Sargon will get btfo based simply on his horrible debating skills and continue his meltdown which began after the Spencer debate. Hilarious

Yawn, call me when Z vs Kermit is on

That's like October

It's a youtube debate, the people in these things are always walking jokes. The question is which one will be less autistic.

Honestly Soygon will lose

Sargon and Roo are both arrogant dipshits who know nothing about the philosophies they claim to adhere to.

I mean, do you honestly believe Mao would take the economistic views of Roo seriously?

All you have to do to beat Sargon in a debate is to quote Common Sense as a demonstration that Capitalism is not that much functionally different than Monarchism.

Unruhe has heard idiot liberals' opinions his whole life but there's no way Sargon is familiar with third worldism. Unruhe will absolutely spank him.

Mostly just because Sargon is not likely to be familiar with any MTW talking points and so won’t know how to respond. It’s like going into a fight thinking you will be boxing and the other guy starts doing judo on you.

Sargon will agree with unruhe on third worldism. This will make him more insufferable. They will probably whinge about low hanging fruit like es jay dubyas in vidya games

Sargon knows shit about communism in general, but he is arrogant enough to bullshit his way through it.

ooga booga

sargon will "win", because he is a disingenous sophist and has an army of shitposters with multiple accounts everywhere who going to claim that he's right even when he just got proven wrong.

this tbh

This. No debate with these people will do any good. They're intellectually dishonest scammers whose sophistry trickles down to their brain-dead followers. They're like memetic plague-carriers. Even taking the time to engage them in good faith means they win.

i wouldn't say sophists like sargon are "winning" debates. they are only "winning" in the minds of their followers, even when they got proven wrong. the problem with debates in the internet is the sheer amount of dim-witted followers, shitposters and bots the likes of sargon can count on. these people actually don't give a fuck WHAT is actually discussed, they only care about taking part at an event and the opportunity to insult their opponents and throw propaganda infront of a larger audience than usual.
in a pure scientific setting, infront of a neutral audience, sargon's sophistry would get him nowhere.

regarding roo: i don't agree with his third-worldism, but i do think that he is quite capable to debate sargon on other topics. he should definitely get rid of the mohawk though, because Holla Forums will use his edgy appearence to attack and insult him.

Somewhat unrelated question, but I assume the debate will be streamed, yes? If so, on who's channel? Sargon's or Roo's?

Maybe both, like the debate with muke and gang

That's pretty much exactly what I was talking about. These "debates" are a farce, they're just opportunities for these sophists and apologists for a failing status quo to engage in rhetorical posturing that earns them social currency among their drooling followers. I mean look at Ben Shapiro: every "OMG Ben Shapiro OWNZ a LIBTURD" is just him dunking on some naive college freshman who hasn't learned how to argue. All these people can do is punch down and selectively pick on the worst of the opposition. If these people were to face a real intellectual on the left, like a Chomsky, a Parenti, a Shaikh, etc, they'd get utterly smashed. But even then, their braindead followers wouldn't care, because at the end of the day, contrary to all their hollering about "logic and reason" they don't give a fuck about either: they mistake the crude dopamine kick they get from having their prejudices reaffirmed for anything resembling rational discourse. They're the walking embodiment of feels > reals, but their entire sense of ego rests on denying it due to the sheer prevalence of "I'm-smart-and-you're-not" posturing that informs internet culture and that therefore by extension, has informed their pathologically shaky sense of self. It would be funny if it weren't such a widespread pathology within our political culture.

As people pointed out dragon is a sophist and his brain dead fans will shill him either way so whoever wins doenst matter

All I care about in this is hearing the retarded shit these idiots will be spewing out of their mouths so I can laugh at it

Someone told me that liberalisticistism was a retarded ideology.. I scoffed at them and replied, "To be fair it takes an altitudinal Autism Level to comprehend, nein, fathom Liberalisticistism. The humour is extrêmement subtile, and without a doctorate degree covering Bell inequalities, micro-lattice structures, and Schrödingerian quasi-contradictory quandaries et cetera (basically common knowledge among the top 10.3% among the world's best theoretical physicists) most of the jokes will evanesce or float away like Kantian noumena vis-a-vis Kantian phenomena, in other semantic units AKA words to plebes, as they say in some ethno-linguistic communities, but I digress: ありがとうございました. Furtherthus, to neologize a neologism henceforth, Sargon’s existential-ideological naysaying, which is ITSELF located within/via Althusserian/Foucauldian poststructuralism along the subversive-critical lines of various neo-Marxist-Leninist-Maoist analyses - his tacit (cf. Polanyi) schemata appropriates affective resonances from Narodnaya Volya literature, AKA 네 엄마는 너무 뚱뚱해. The fans understand this 陰毛, as colloquially known (excepting for Gettier cases), to quote the Chinese media scholar Jean-Claude Baudrillard: "Un jugement négatif vous donne plus de satisfaction que d'éloges, à condition que cela ressemble à de la jalousie" ; they have the Intelligenz/くそ to truly (BUT WHAT IS TRUTH, cf. Sura 2:140, John 18:38) appreciate the Aristotelian-Thomistic-Hegelian synthetic a priori interpenetrative dialogic concealed within and without these tokens of jokes, to realise that they’re not just totalitarian HAHAHAs in a post-postmodern world of hegemonic HUHUHUs - light-hearted Chopin to your heavy-handed Brahms, if I may, no pun intended - they betoken something deep about Heidegerrian Dasein (cf. Mahabharata 5.39.58) through which we can, in the words of the poet William Wordsworth, 一个巫师从来没有迟到,他总是一个有力量的人 (Nǐ shìgè báich for those who aren’t fluent in Korean). m_nkind (note: "Mankind" is a sexist term, see Judith Butler's Gender Trouble published by Routledge, London:London March 1990) or should I say, specimens of m_nkind who manifest disaffection (i.e. βοηθήστε με, παραkαλώ να με βοηθήσει kανείς) contingent upon “their” finite liminal qualia vis-a-vis the Liberalisticistism's transcendental apperception via meme-ification truly (but again, WHAT IS TRUTH? お前はもう死んでいる) ARE idiotos (masculine of idiota in German, contra p_triarchal discourse)- of course, necessarily they wouldn’t appreciate vis-a-vis their unity-of-consciousnesses, for instance, the linguistico-Bayesian formal articulation in Sargons’s slogan existentiel “Muh liberalisticistism,” which itself is a Derridian poly/hypertextual para-dactyllic reference to Turgenev’s Lacanian epic oтцы и изюм (reminiscent of Turgenev's earlier вы иcпoльзyeтe пepeвoдчикa, нe тaк ли, cyкa?) I’m smirking right now in several languages just envisioning in my corpus callosoom one of those cisgendered, capitalist-fascist, hyper-Puritanical, anti-anti-anti-omnicorporatistic biguts scratching their 陰茎 (EXCUSE MY FRENCH PUNS) in anti-jouissance as polyglot, Renaissance Zen m_n Dan Harmon’s Minervian owl unfolds itself (Note: あなたは実際にこれを翻訳していたのですか?あなたはあなたの時間を無駄にしています ) at the break of dawn/don/DUNE (semantic balderdash!) on their Lovecraftian-boob-tubes, to subtly reference the semantic units of the Scottish philosopher David Hume who would also say: “あなたのママはとても太っている.” What 아 름 다 운 영 혼 을 가 진 바 보 들 .. je suis tout seul

Faith in humanity restored.

It's actually happening?

Not that user, but Ziz said that he wasn't aware of the debate challenge, but he'd be up for it when he's around in October.