I can't stand Leninism and I don't believe the collapse of capitalism is inevitable. What flag should I post under?

I can't stand Leninism and I don't believe the collapse of capitalism is inevitable. What flag should I post under?


Anarcho crapitalism

Not a flag meme expert but that sounds like Anarkiddie flag to me.

so theres no form of anti capitalism that doesn't adhere to marxist telelogical determinism? why put all your eggs in one basket?

Anarkiddie will be probably do you fine.

This one

Well, you could always post under the book or Marx head, since one needn't suggest that the whole of Marxism relies on a telos

If you like LARPing and knocking over trashcans to """resist""" capitalism -> Anarchocuck

If you don't like that either and basically want to just complain about everything on the left -> Bordigist (Armchair)

If you're not a communist at all and think we should just "temper" capitalism somehow -> SuccDem (Rose)

S y n d i c a l i s m

Well being the only Anarchist in the thread, the best you can do is embrace anarcho-nihilism/ individualism.

An-nihls/ individualists such as the Cells of Fire in greece think class struggle means sweet fuck all, and only participate in attacking state institutions as an expression of one's self, as they believe the state is a means of curbing individuality.

Either that or Egoism.

t. former Egoist.

And how that topples capitalism? If anything it's just giving more power to it

Stupid shitty idiot

It doesn't. But OP doesn't seem to give a damn about the class struggle nor does he believe in its inevitable class, which is why I suggested it to him.

No shit. Look no further than the illegalists in Paris and the effect that it had on other libertarian socialist organisations as a result.


But Bordiga thinks capitalism is guaranteed to collapse. Retarded.

flags are bourgeois redditor decadence

Angry Cat then?

Angry cats are anarcho-syndicalists. Even they believe in waging class war-fare.

i agree with that pic 100%

you the ball

you drop the ball 90.7%

Retarded flag

If only we had a post left flag eh?

why even live

Why don't you like Leninism?

flags are fucking stupid

Why? Just because you identify with everything associated with a flag doesn't mean you have to split you fucking TROT.

ur fucking stupid

Start drinking Rum and posting under a pirate flag, our party is pretty much dead anyway.

This one

this unironically

The liberal flag

Consider suicide instead.

It depends. What are the reasons why you reject Leninism? For example: if you see it critical because you viev authority critical than it could be that you are, libertarian soc, demo soc (not to be confused with succdem), or council communist. If you havet picked a side yet, make sure to read theory, and get an understanding of economics and the capitalist machiene in general. A good flag for people who havent decidet yet, is propably the good old socialism flag. If you arenĀ“t a socialist, but just anticapitalist, or mutualist you could just use a shitposting-flag or LARP for example as anfem, nazbol, technocrat etc. If you are not even anicapitalist: Its time to leave.

try actually reading Marx

Literally all of left communism except Bordigism is militantly anti Leninist. Check out Otto Ruhle (pic related) and Paul Mattick.

There's only one basket, no need for more

Throwing bricks at windows will stop Capitalism

OP, congrats (You)
are leftcom gang
< get ready for lenin hat poster to hop on your dick every time you make a post tho

I don't know for myself either.

try this one, faggot

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China went back to capitalism and USSR tried to reform communism and outright collapsed. I may not like capitalism but I don't see socialism/communism as the answer. Now if we were to reach a certain level of robotics and automation then meatbags could be finally released from existance.

what happened ?

Nihilist Anarchist.


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UBI, 15 min wage, free healthcare, free dentistry and free college is a major achievement that requires no blood spilled just voting?

So how are you planning on getting to socialism without democracy?


Okay soldier, remember stupid games earn stupid prizes.