The absolute power of antifa


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Wtf were they even protesting?

Some Sargon event

shit choice tbh

It was probally staged by sargon.

And yet the alt right is terrified of them. Really makes you think.

literally why

god I hate student radicals

Is this happening in a university?

Yh, some kings college or something stupid

fucking 4D chess


I'll have to agree with Chomsky and Zizek when it comes to this.
It's not an issue of violence but an issue of virtue and direction here.
Also fucking students movements ran this ideology into the ground many times

Is that really true? Seems like nothing helps strengthen group cohesion then (poorly) organized opposition. If all they have to deal with are some poorly thrown punches I think it favors the alt-right in building a sense of identity through conflict. If Antifa was serious they'd take some guns and kill the alt-righters but instead it's just LARPing as usual.

Yh, the minute students movements filled with kids whose brains aren't even fully developed yet get involved, everything turns to shit.

Carl thinks they are terrorist on the level of isis, so yeah. Kind of.

It's larping from both sides. Internet tribalism is cancer outside of the confined space of 4chan. Alt right is not a real thing outside of america and inside of americs they are such a small and insignificant group. The more we reason inside the paradigm of meme war and stop thinking and discussing the more we are just a bunch of fucking idiots that won't achive shit.

I find the fact that youtube e-ecelebs have an event like this, where a large number of people come to listen to them, far more disturbing than anything else.

Well england is america-lite now so we're getting your mind-virus.

I don't think Sargon is alt-right unless you use the most broad classification of the term which really robs it of any use. When I think of the alt-right I'm usually thinking of the very race specific white nationalist portion. In any case I think someone like Sargon would love for a situation like this since it reinforces his narrative that right-wing thought is being suppressed.

Anyone can be alt-light, because it really comes down to rebranding of the right.
Let's be real.

Not to say I wouldn't call Carl by his preferred pronoun, liberalist, for tactical reasons.

Oh boy, antifa being retarded violent kids like always, i'm surprised this hasn't made his patreon come back to life

Wow rewatching it made me realize that someone out there is willing to do violence on Sargon's behalf. How fucking absurd. Apparently before the youtube thing Sargon worked at a call center. Now he has a cult lmfao

The aut right regularly has to cancel events because they know that antifa is going to show up. They are afraid of them even if they do not admit it publicly

afaik you're talking about universities cancelling events because they do not wish to be liable for any injuries.

Speaking of Spencer is having a university talk today soon.

The amount of the right comparing them to ISIS or the "REAAAL FASCIST", is pretty damn high. They're kind of a boogeyman.

Fucking gay, I would've started swinging at least, not get hit and run …

Fucking lol, any proofs?

Their not afraid dude, their just playing the innocent part to make the Antifa look bad and like idiots. Frankly Antifa looks like a bunch of pussies and they need to start learn to stop taking bait.

Someone posted his CV on /cow/ but it's been buried in a lot of threads.

Oh no doubt there are a lot of people on the right crying about confrontation. I think it's not good to tie to the alt-right though. For the white nationalist portion of the alt-right direct confrontation is a good thing. Being able to have a physical enemy is desirable to them since they have no real theory so being able to punch the "enemy" is how they feel achievement. Until antifa starts killing the alt-right they're going to continue to use antifa as a foil to build group identity.

The alt right is not the vanguard of white nationalism in the world. The true enemy is the big capital that is pushing for the opposite. So antifa is just an anachronism. True antifascim is fighting the big capital, not larpers

Imagine if the alt-right held a protest with a few dozen people and no one showed up or cared. The people who came would feel meaningless and unimportant. Now imagine that hundreds of protesters are there and that violence is allowed by virtue of the police not doing their job. Such an experience allows the people who came to feel important and also to establish a relationship with their fellow alt-righters by conflict. I mean antifa is doing the same thing by using conflict with the alt-right to feel important so it's never going to end, but I just feel that at least here we should be capable of identifying what is happening.

Ah my comment was more about how the alt-right is going to thrive through low level conflict. If it becomes at the level where an alt-righter could die from turning up then I imagine that any alt-right event will have only a few people turn up.

If no one showed up to counter protest it would be good optics for them and recruit more people to their cause. Fascism is evil and just be confronted.

Hello FBI
But in all seriousness, going out and shooting what few alt-righters exist (and this wasn't even alt-right, this was Sargon "le centrist" kek politics though tbh that might be worse.) for acting publicly autistic and using memes in serious dialogue isn't going to win points for any kind of socialist movement. Standing in defense and in support of communities and defending gun ownership for the workers, sure, but acts against university speakers does nothing but give the perception of socialists as ineffectual libsoc students who can't handle what most people and workers outside would just scowl, mock, or pass at.
Also, while I keep using the term socialist here, it should be understood that antifa isn't socialist in of itself. Anti-fascism is only that, it does not necessarily equal anti-liberalism or anti-capitalism. It is ripe for opportunism and lifestylist actions done out of liberal-esc rightous indignation and shows why disorganized opposition existing outside of socialist organizational planning and direction is ineffectual. Anti-fascism means nothing without socialist purpose.

The Antifa on my campus are literally a bunch of loud trans furries.
They are doing more harm than good at this point

That's the thing that's stupid.
Carl was on his way irrelevancy on youtube because everyone realized he couldn't debate, and now the drones think "muh internet bloodsports is the true market place of ideas".
This just gave him a boon.

fuck off spook tard
No one is going to make fascism go away by glitter bombing "le liberalist"

Next level radical centrism.

I don't think so, but I'm just going to assume you're the shitposter with that flag so w/e

Its a bunch of homeless people and women getting punched and being obnoxious, plus why would anyone care what sargon has to say he just a run of the mill neo-liberal(ist)

larpers are still tools who're both sincere in their beliefs and would kill their opponents given the opportunity.

I wasn't talking about Sargon. If Antifa truly thought someone like Richard Spencer was the next Hitler then they should kill him instead of throwing a weak punch and then running away. I mean I think this was a problem with the original antifa too. If they had just got some guns and explosives and killed all the original nazis then that wouldn't have been a problem (I know some did but not nearly enough). Non-deadly violence is not going to do anything against fascism. Fascism itself thrives in violence and conflict since that is what fascists fetishize.

Its depressing how long it took for someone to point this out in this thread, we used to make this point all the time. Fascism is an inevitable development of capitalism attempting to revitalize and force itself past its expiration point, you can't very well stop it without abolishing the base which it germinates and emerges from. To not focus on what is the cause and instead counter what is an inevitable occurance is to fight a losing battle against the system established.

I assumed we all knew this, so I didn't point it out tho

That IBS is ironically the best thing to happen for us because it automatically disqualifies the right from any theorizing. It was always the logical endpoint of only right-wing "thought" i.e. getting angry about what other people are doing.

You would hope but with all the bannings I don't even know who's left anymore

I seriously hope you guys ITT don't believe this.

Those are some great optics

Dude capitalism is the root of fascism and capitalism had DESTROYED leftism in the west. We're fucked my man.

Buy a gun and be a hero then


Why did the christcom flag become the equivalent of wearing an "I am a retard" sign on your head? Is there any reason for this?

Are you implying that antifa created Hitler or something?

Man, they gave up pretty easy.

did carlgon himself get whacked or not? can we get a slow-mo?

Why is this thread full of liberals who think facists WANT to get decked everytime they try to organise IRL?

"After Hitler, our turn!"

t. KPD

The brownshirts were formed in response to leftists attacking nazi rallies, guess whomst the entirety of the German media sided with?

Other christ-coms got banned I currently am

antifa didn't think he was a big enough of a problem to kill him.

Their ideology is based on violence. Why would it surprise you that they enjoy it? Kill them if you think they're so big of a deal. Throwing shitty punches isn't going to do much.


Jesus Christ are they seriously that retarded? This is gonna give him material to rag on the left for months, probably the rest of 2018, and in the eyes of the centrist he's going to be completely justified. Like, you wanna do something that matters just grow some balls and drive-by the faggot, not this larpy bullshit.
Fuck I'm fuming, now he's going to present himself as a martyr on his channel and another batch of gullible 15 year olds are gonna get on the conveyor belt to the alt-right. Good job you stupid larpers. Good fucking job.

The Nazi party never would have gained any sympathey or success if it wasn't for violent communists attacking Germans. That isn't even debatable, it's objectively what happened.

jesus man read a fucking book how can you know this little about history

Enjoy the American/English/whatever Reich, you mong.

Well the German civil war didn't help things much.

Their ideology is based on them doing violence to other people numbnuts, they dont want to be on the receiving end. All post ww2 fascist movements have come apart like boiled shit as a direct result of being confronted by antifa and the modern day alt right is imploding as we speak because it was drawn into violent confrontations with antifa.

Soy is good for you and pro-white.

Where is the evidence for this?

Surprise, surprise
This belongs in /leftytrash/ btw

No fascism is entirely self-destructive and has a ton of death worship in it. Anyway we're talking about the American Antifa as well which is even more incapable than their European peers.

It's a pathetic situation. I don't give a shit about Spencer or autright tards but attacking their events only results in:

(a) greater group cohesion see
(b) the mainstream body politic siding with the autright because nobody will ever side with a bully
(c) the left being marked out as terrorists by the police who ultimately have to clean up this shit
(d) the destruction of free speech on college campuses, who see all of this as a liability. See:

On that latter point, it must be said that there is a huge rift between professors and students on free speech. Older ones were part of the original Free Speech Movement and civil rights movements, the latter grew up in the era of Stranger Danger, 9/11 and Columbine. This is regularly seen on NPR's call-in shows about campus free speech, where professors try (badly) to hide their disdain for their students who want to ban free speech entirely. Or to put the problem in a larger context, the decades of zero tolerance/anti-academic freedom policies in K12s is now filtering up into colleges as a majority of students cannot remember a world before zero tolerance. These are students who from day one had all their academic progress recorded and reduced down to a number used to determine their school's funding, such was not the case before 2002.

Neil Postman predicted a lot of this in his 1995 book "The End of Education", because even back then he saw the growing influence of bureaucrats in education and bureaucrats are the ones most willing to eliminate freedom in exchange for better numbers on a spreadsheet.

Fascism will self destruct once it has killed as many communists and union organizers as it needs to in order to defend capital. You don't want to wait it out user.

Then stop punching them and start shooting them.

You didn't stop shit you fucking retard.
Carlgon's whole shtick is that he and right wingers like him are victims of the left that's out to get them to suppress free speech. This is exactly what they want, hell it's so fucking convenient for them it almost looks staged.
You wanna stop him? Kill him, anything short of that is just giving him a megaphone.

Have you been watching the news recently? There was threads about it here jut the other week, they're infighting, getting arrested, getting kicked off social media, they havent had a single successful demonstration or event since last summer and are generally seen as a bunch of terrorists and murderers.

American Antifa are clowns compared to Euro Antifa, but they have been the decisive factor in turning the tide against the American far right.

ITT: butthurt retards pretend that Larpers getting wrecked by a fat liberal is a somehow a good thing.

Richard Spencer is having a university event today. Social media banning the alt-right means nothing either lol.

No, they pretty much disrupted shit and left


For the sake of argument we'll assume it doesn't getshut down. So what, he did one speech, what does that do to refute my point? And ye social media does matter lol how could it not.

Social media banning them only adds to their narrative and will lead to further radicalization. You have no actual evidence that they are falling apart do you? Wishful thinking doesn't win wars.

They still have other websites and channels, getting banned isn't going just make them give up. Are you a complete retard?

Seems antifa isn't doing anywhere near enough if Spencer feels safe enough to keep on doing events. The alt-right have created their own social media sites as well. I know you're probably young but people have been building organizations and networking long before twitter. Lenin was able to do a lot of stuff without facebook.

I honestly would not be surprised in the least if Sargon had the whole thing staged just to look controversial.



==FUCK OFF== with your concern trolling and revisionist history. The Nazis attacked first, as always, and were literally created from bandits that were attacking leftists even before the Nazis formed.

"In Germany likewise there was, immediately after the war, a great flowering of anti-labor leagues composed of demobilized ex-officers, adventurers, and thugs. Such were the "volunteer corps" (Freikorps) which helped crush the Berlin Commune of January, 1919, and the Munich Commune of April, 1919, and which terrorized the agricultural workers of Pomerania in the summer of 1919 and
the workers of the Ruhr in the spring of 1920. They were the ones who, between 1919 and 1923, were guilty of all the assassinations of leftist politicians.The Not Socialist Party, which as we have seen was in its early days only one of the numerous "combat leagues," ended, as fascism did in Italy, by absorbing all the others. Its tactics were inspired by those of Italian fascism. In the summer of 1920, at almost the same time that Mussolini's Black Shirts began attacking the working masses, Hitler formed a little shock troop, which he called "Service For Order" (Ordnertruppe), and which he trained to disrupt the public meetings of his opponents. On January 4, 1921,
he announced to the crowd assembled in the Kindl beer hall: "The Not Socialist movement will in the future
prevent, if need be by force, all meetings or lectures that are likely to exercise a depressing influence ….""


While I'll be the first to agree that the establishment is more then ok with red liberals, your deluded to think that they're ok with actual communists given the U.S. actions in South America, the middle east, ex-soviet and yugo countries, and mutiple American controlled east asian countries.

"If in the beginning, when the Hitler bands were still weak, the workers' parties had answered them blow for blow, there is no doubt their development would have been
hampered. But Not Socialism was not crushed in the egg; it became a force. And to resist that force, the German Socialists could conceive only one tactic: to trust the bougeois state and ask for its aid and protection. Their leitmotiv was: State, intervene! They relied not on themselves and the militancy of the masses but on the Prussian police which
they thought they controlled since there was a Socialist cabinet in power in Prussia-the Reichswehr, and President Hindenburg. They expected the public authorities to dissolve the Storm Troops. In April, 1932, General
Groener, minister in Bruening's cabinet, gave them an ephemeral satisfaction: he forbade the S.A. But he thereby signed his own death warrant, for he had to resign on
May 13, to be followed shortly by the entire Bruening government on May 30. And the new Chancellor, von Papen, hastened to authorize the Storm Troops again and to remove
the entire Socialist government of Prussia, thereby depriving it of control of the police.
It is true the socialists had had an anti-fascist militia since 1924, the Reichsbanner, numerically very important.
They paraded this militia in uniform in impressive displays, but they refused to involve it in action. On every occasion when it could have been tested against the fascist
bands, it was withdrawn from the battlefield. For instance, on January 22, 1933, when the Nazis paraded in front of the Karl Liebknecht House, headquarters of the Communist
Party, the divisions of the Reichsbanner were ordered, as if by coincidence, to make a long training march outside of Berlin.33 Not only did the leaders of the Reichsbanner flee
the fight, but they let themselves be disarmed like sheep by von Papen's police.
Meanwhile, a number of union organizations had themselves formed defense groups, either in the shops where they had members or among the unemployed. But the Labor
Federation considered "the situation not sufficiently grave to justify the workers preparing for a struggle to defend
their rights." Far from "centralizing and generalizing these preventive measures," it considered them "superfluous."
34The Communists likewise had an anti-fascist militia: the "League of Red Front Fighters." From 1929 to 1931 their slogan was: Strike the fascists wherever you find them.
And courageously the Red Front Fighters replied to the Brown militiamen, even attacking on many occasions the latters' headquarters and barracks. But after 1931, the
party abruptly renounced physical struggle against the fascist bands. Torgler confessed later: "For a long time the Communists had ordered their members to renounce all
terror. The formula, strike the fascists, was condemned." The physical struggle was abandoned for the "ideological
struggle." Torgler boasts of having carried on discussions in public meetings with Not Socialists and Storm Troopers without losing his composure.35
When the Storm Troops announced their intention of parading on January 22, 1933, in front of the Karl Liebknecht
House, the party leaders begged the Ministry of the Interior to forbid the Nazi demonstration. "The Communist Party," they stated to the press, "holds the authorities responsible for what will happen in the Buelow Platz …. "
Send letters of protest to the Chief of Police: such was the instruction given the workers.36 Furthermore, combat groups which were ready to counterattack, received formal orders not to intervene and had to obey, rage in their
hearts.Not only did this tactic leave the workers disarmed before the armed bands of fascists, but it demoralized them.

I don't agree with this specific action since Sargon isn't a fascist and is irrelevant, but antifa is necessary.

More balls than any of you pollocks will ever have. Antifa forever.


They right does falsflag as antifa online, but this isn't outside the bounds possibility for them either.


Get off this board

>>>Holla Forums

The only thing I didn't like about this is that they were weak. Weak like the spines and morality of the right wing.

why didn't antifa kill Hitler tho?

Even hitler admitted if they crushed them early, nothing would have happened.

Nothing of value was lost. Only good thing about university is the library to read theory

Sargon's cult were able to beat them up. REAL poor showing. Hope it was a falseflag else incredibly shameful

If you read the second post you'd realize it's because their leaders ordered them to stand down in the face of S.A. aggression and to disarm and trust the police to handle the situation. Fascism didn't rise because of antifa being violent. it rose because antifa wasn't violent enough.

Same as getting beat up helps them?

I listed the examplesof how their movement is falling apart, you just replied "no u"

Here' one article which outlines the state its in, I'm honestly surprised theres many people other than the fash themselves who would disagree with the assesment that the far right is failing in america. How would you argue that the alt right is doing well right now?

Can't you see what a masive step down it is to not be able to organise and broadcast on social media? And yes I know full well there are alternative ways of doing that, but it hasnt been nearly as succesful for them.

Its really poetic to see leftypols totalitarian word filters altering historic quotes.

Back In the old days of the Soviet Union, it took a huge amount of effort to revise history and yet leftypol has automated it to an unmanned process.

Looks like the anarkiddies also protested against Richard Spencer today but there was police so it didn't escalate as far as I can see.

Also the Soygon even was apparently at some kind of libertarian Ayn Rand institute lol

So why aren't you shooting the alt-right?

Did someone really just say "fuck jews"? How can any centrist sympathize with that?

Filtered that for you

Maybe he has a fetish for fucking jews.

Because that's how far right failsons have become in America.

The entire media apparatus is reporting on everything the alt-right does with bated breath like retards so I don't think it's going to be much of a problem if a few profiles are banned.

Meant to say "anglosphere."


the nazi party gained success by attacking communists and leftists in order to prevent them from organizing. Read a fucking book you inbred retard.

It's not reporting eveyting they do by any stretch of the imagination and its all negative coverage.

Yeah if antifa wants to call it victory and stop now I'm not going to argue.

Holla Forums is so quick to denounce antifascist action but I have yet to see Holla Forums do something more effective.

Guess we should give up on communism too then.

I don't live in Amerikkka and I don't live in a country with a history of permissive pro-gun legislation. Furthermore, the alt-right is not an actual fascist threat. Their fucking president is in power and no enabling act has been passed, there's no Dachau where Democrat Cops of America members are being sent, there isn't a paramilitary movement literally assassinating leftists in the streets, bourgeois democracy still exists, etc. I would take up arms only if fascism actually really took root in my country or Christianity was threatened.


antifa should have cut Sargon's throat and raised his fascist head to a crowd of adoring fans. Instead they lost their flag to the chubby conman.

Guess we should thank antifa for raising their profile tremendously from all the violent protests then.


No the MSM and Hillary did that.

I hate using fucking GMIL for this, but this is literally your argument

Funnily enough they apparently set off gas grenades at the latest event which apparently counts as terrorism in the UK.

Holla Forums advocates that we let fascists take over rather than do something and look like "stupid anarkiddies"
I wasn't even suggesting that we beat up people in public for having different points of view. I was pointing out that Holla Forums does nothing but mock people who do anything. Holla Forums is the most impotent of places.



I advocate either ignoring them or killing them. What antifa is doing is neither and instead providing press and adding excitement to the life of alt-righters.

makes sense to me

He's going to milk his new martyr status for years and it's all going to be larpyfa's fault.

All these arguments show is that disarment is stupid and capitulating to the state is a way to get you killed or absorbed. Anti-fascism by itself will always ineffectual to actually remove fascism as the institutions which allow it to tale power will still continue to exist. If the communist groups and the unions actually armed themselves against the government and seized it like every other sucessful communist revolution did they might have been able to fucking do something, but instead they capitulated and focused themselves on writing letters to the governance to take care of the fascists. The fascists can't do shit without the use of the bourgeoisie state, but instead you see it more important to focus on the fascists themselves rather then the state which will eventually take them in. This is infantial and ineffectual.


And killing them wouldn't make 'em into a martyr? Or is this irony?

Everyone needs to start somewhere.

I seriously hope you don't believe this.

Alt-Righters are lemmings. Without the leaders they'd collapse into nothing. This is how fascist groups work. If killing fascists is too hardcore for you then I don't understand what you think throwing a few punches every other month is going to accomplish.

This man has it right.

We should be humiliating them. Put them in degrading situations until people are ashamed to even admit they know them.

if antifa attacks the even then the right "Milks their martyr status"
if antifa doesn't attack then the right is free to organize attacks on immigrants and black people.
I'm genuinely curious what you think antifa should do, because it should be obvious by now that you can't just ignore retards like Spencer and Carlgon since that gives them free space to cultivate an audience and spread their anti-communist and anti-immigrant propaganda.

Stopped taking you seriously right there, I guess religion really does make people stupid.

Why don't you kill them then?

>>>Holla Forums

I like this. Thanks.

You are forgetting where the media and centrists sympathize with them because "those commie radicals are MURDERS". If the media wasn't a problem, we wouldn't have to consider it.



The point isn't making the media pro-communist, it's making the media look like it doesn't have a leg to stand on when attacking us.


Also, you shouldn't discount how useful planting cognitive dissonance in people's minds is.

It was the wrong kind of event and the wrong kind of attack. They weren't marching down the streets with clubs, the fat fuck was just having a talk. They could have showed up with some actual numbers and made him feel threatened until he said something stupid. You know, like he did with Anita. And if they really wanted to shut him down, they should have come in prepared and beat the fuck out of him, not barge in, shove some people around and then leave letting them take their flag for Carlgon to pose triumphantly with.
You see the problem? It was a half-assed attempt all around.

What is so hard about standing still in between the enemy & the target without engaging in the same stereotyping shit flinging? Most of what I've seen from antifa isn't even coherent, just a lot of screeching and a desperation for their "voice to be heard". Y'all need to be more chillax'd when you do your thang.

Are we even seeing the same vidyas posted? Antifa needs moar emotional stability, and the ability to laugh at all your enemy's words is far moar potent than what's been happening.

marx was gay lol

and how is staging violent attacks helping this effort? You either don't do it or go full out.

I don't play chess with chickens son, come back when you can properly compose yourself because right now you just made yourself look like a drooling retard on stage during a debate.

antifa will be gulag'd after the revolution tbqh


I told you motherfuckers I'm not going to have a serious discussion with children, come back in 18 years.


Everyone loses their fuckin minds

You're late, dad.

Where? Did they accidentally trip and crush someone?

You're arguing with the wrong person.
you might have confused me with the other spurdo


t. Me on a vpn.

I didn't say the media was… or ever will be. The media, in case you didn't know, has the ear of common people. If you have the common people turned against you, there isn't much you can do.

Damn I wish I wasn't working so I could see the spectacle for myself.

the problem is that antifa needs to step up and start killing these fascists if they think they're so much of a threat. But as we know antifa is all talk. They let Hitler stay alive after all. Maybe its in their interest to keep fascists around in general….

go after people like atomwaffen as opposed to shithead youtubers and young republicans if you mean it
or at least go for a win. more spencer punches, less "getting bounced out of full auditoriums with my five friends"

spencer is controlled opposition

Idk famalam doing nothing to address any points and just insulting your opponent doesn't make you out to be the mature, composed, rational individual keen to debate others that you so obviously are desperate to larp as.

the florida shooting that just happened.
the alt-right guy also in florida who killed his roommates after he converted to islam.
dylan roof.
saint elliot.
guy who ran over protesters in Charlotesville.
about 100 murders were connected to stormfront.

You are not my brother and I do not support you.

I dont know. I'm a common person. If I heard antifa was killing nazis for real I'd actually respect them. Instead it's just a bunch of bored kids chanting a bit and throwing some weak ass punches. Pathetic and embarrassing tbqh

BO's mentall illness probably made using the nazbol flag for shitposting too dangerous

spurd gäng is one guy

this tbh




Yes and failing the basic functions of an imageboard makes you look even worse than me.

But no matter what you do you can never escape from me.

Pretty sure only 2 of those count.

True communism tbh, we are all one person working for himself.

Is Atomwaffen even worth going after they're hardcore but how many people do they have, if you're going to pick an enemy pick a big one.
I agree though.


It's quite easy, actually. Most of what my ideology used to be was, "I h8 everyone". Many leftybros state this nihilism-level, pseudo-misanthropy at many times, but never do people who say this actually engage in saying each ideology & character within itself on any individual level. Thus, once you become free from bothering with trying to appease each bitch's existence on any personal level, it becomes possible to enact Prejudice Equality.

That goes like this:
Fuck kikeys
Fuck Nazis
Fuck Individualists
Fuck Left Wingdings
Fuck Righty Tighties
Fuck Centrists
Fuck Christfags
Fuck Fedoralords

After a while of refusing to tolerate each of the hordes' mind-numbing stupidity and illegitimate viewpoints, all you really want is to be left the fuck alone.

Of course, the rest of humanity can't sympathize with me, neither can I do it with them. This creates a dichotomy whereas one can feel free from the rest of headaches and idiosyncrasies of so-called "friendship" and not have to worry about offending fee-fees while having known that nothing is more valuable than being away from everyone's insanity in order be comfortable with your own.

I like kittens, th0.

Wait I just looked at Atowaffens pics, ew, go after them and kill them, they're probably an easy kill.

But, what the supreme negoptics authority lad didn't know, was that by replying to the post and pointing that he was annoyed by the use of said negoptics, he actually fullfilled their purpose: to annoy him.
This caused the poster laugh and ridicule him.


I can't tell whether this is narcissism or solipsism - either way, its idiocy

How much is that like 20 people? Are we counting only post 2010 attacks or 2000 attacks too, I would have sworn 2000 for whatever reason had more far right terrorism than modern day.


No it isn't. It's being burned out from trying to appease right wingers and failing, then trying to appease left wingers and failing, then trying to appease centrists and failing. All I've ever really known is that I'm never good enough for any of you forced labor faggots.

How big is your folder?

fucking newfags

Sounds like you belong in NAZBOL GANG BABY

Congrats. you drew a box, stepped within it, and assumed its contours were the ends of the universe. Appease, appease, what orienteering shit. You're an independent subject, your value is not contingent on your relation or alignment to others.

You're correct. My favorite ideology so far is one which concocts a hybrid ideology I like to call Archivist Absolutism whereas all the shit gets archived, from the lolis, to the drawings of Muhammad, to RapeLay to everything that pisses off everyone except me, since the product is always superior to the creators, and anyone opposed to the Archive of Everything gets killed. It ain't about freeze peach; it's about collecting it all into one.

Though it's hilarious to see Carl of Mossad get beaten up, it's only going to invalidate "le rational skeptics" "centrist liberals" to continue to condemn the far left.
True, they've already done this in regards to Spencer, but as an aftermath you did see more of these skeptics become at least more Succ-dem as a result. But Carl, will use this as an opportunity to condemn anti-fa even further. Never mind the fact that there are sects within Europe that combat actual nazis, Carl will proceed to paint them all under one brush.

Wow… Fascism utterly BTFO.

I'm going to have to rethink my opinion on these underage LARPing SJW anarkiddies

I think he may have gotten into a shoving match with someone and that was it.

This thread is fucking awful


I never got that impression. In my country antifa gets fucked up regularly by the opposition.

Lol more butt hurt from alt righters that antifa is frustrating their efforts to become mainstream. Please post more salt fashy cucks

The big bois are here.

no fuk u

How is the Buddha of Centrism alt-right again

A part of me is a bit hyped, i do feel like they could of done this more better, organize and peaceful for more total radical showtime baby.

Thanks for info, what a price of shit asshole.

Seems like more free propaganda to the alt-right.

This video made me third-worldist


Sargon himself is against the alt-right, I don't get it.

So much for the violent left.

the alt-right is killing more alt-righters than fucking antifa lmfao

Which is the key point, Carl is not a nazi and these idiots should not have attacked him as one. This just validates his and others remarks about the expansion of the term and demonstrates that the feminists / identity politics gang are using the far left as their militant wing.

This has to be a new low for Anglo LARP club

In a way, I agree with you in the sense that I'm not really a fan of anyone. most of the time humanity pisses me off and i find a lot of you motherfuckers irredeemable. I don't actively wish harm on people, I want what is best for everyone in a material sense, but I'm not some kumbaya son of a bitch that wants to smoke a peace pipe with you all.

In recent times, I've grown borderline hostile toward this "humanist" bent in left wing ideology, or this moralistic approach so many take. So much time has been spent appealing to "the masses" that some lefties forgot that sometimes violence is good, words don't have the same weight as actions. I would blame a lot of this on liberalism, but unfortunately a lot of the "modern left" has internalized a lot of liberal mainstream bullshit and grandfathered it into their own legacy to artificially inflate their numbers. So, to a degree, a good chunk of lefties also have to blame themselves.

Redneck Revolt is a good example of this fun. They spend a lot of time appealing to right wing libertarians playing up this image as "good guy commie." While that's not *entirely* a waste of time, I do think there is an added layer of dishonesty there some of those guys put on. They gloss over the hard facts and disagreements for temporary peace, which just wouldn't hold up if the SHTF in the future. There still seems to be this desire on the left to be liked by everyone, including our enemies, or even people who would spit in our faces.

I just don't get it. It seems masochistic.

And, if I combine this confusion with the fact most proles out there would be utterly hostile to my existence for being a white well to do middle class kid who believes in universal values and is also a *gasp* communist *gasp*, you start to get tired of feeling this need to "sacrifice" yourself for "the masses."

it's a load of shit. Basically, some proles aren't worth saving or catering to I feel like. Otherwise you just lose all respect for yourself.

This is the last place on the internet I feel you can talk left wing politics and say bitch nigger cunt all in the same post and people will not shit their pants like you just committed genocide. To me, that just shows how fucked the left is and it makes me more angry – knowing people are more interested in censorship and throwing a bitch fit than having a real dialogue.

It's kind of hard to explain what I mean here but hopefully you get my point. By no means do I feel myself becoming right wing, but it's like, if there was a such thing as an "apolitical communist" or something, that would be me. I'm in it for the material gains and that's it. All this other superfluous bullshit I have a hard time giving a shit about.

Somebody get these jokers a real job, and I mean both sides.

From that video it looks like the anti-fascists just went on stage to exercise their right to free speech but they were physically attacked by extremists who are opposed to free speech.

I can relate to that.

I'm a user from /cow/ who emailed Hope Not Hate last week calling Sargon a crypto-fascist and linked a bunch of videos such as the white nigger rant and him calling Jews non-white and a week later this happens. Probably no connection but funny nonetheless to see Sargon btfo

I love this meme
The Battle of King's College London
oh no bros
Please, for the love of god don't link videos from Sargon like that.

I always forget to do that thanks for the reminder

Carl churning out the hits

sidenote, saw this gem in the recommended section.

Matthew Heinbach and the TWP got their shit slapped at MSU yesterday.

Either stay home or win.





LMAO, they are all so awkward! They are all giving each other these little light taps, and they all came onto the stage in singlefile with this weird shutter step. Just awkwardly standing like a bent tree while sort of leaning towards the stage. Where is the bravery?! Are they not excited? They're all dressed up to crash this party and there was barely any crashing!
Weak af, but it was a good try. 4/10.

Kings college is liberal


Sit in the front row.
Be polite and respectful.
Wear your antics gear but say nothing
Wait for the guaranteed shitstorm to ensue
That’s all you have to do

*antifa gear

Also, this actually happened to Richard Spencer.
He got really triggered someone was wearing an Antifa shirt at one of his rallies

kinda like that