Best univeristy degrees for a Marxist

What's the most useful degree for a Marxist Before and after the collapse of capitalism? Some kind of civil or mechanical engineering would be my guess.

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Economics, philosophy, law, internarional studies.

add math

Computer science as well.



Business Administration with a minor in Management here. I have to say this is best choice for any leftist despite all the bourgeois apologism that goes on in business colleges. The shit they do teach is actually pretty helpful once you get past the whole "it's ok to exploit people cause markets"
I started out super pro-capitalist and reactionary and gradually became a Marxist after getting interested in some theory. Any type of business degree would be beneficial to a leftist, especially degrees in economics, finance, and accounting so that way you'll be able to do corporate espionage. Sociology would also be good for a Marxist but sociologists aren't really a wanted position for anybody unless you'd do demographic studies, in which case studying business statistics would be more applicable.

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But only about 1 in 50 working sociologists is working from a Marxist perspective

Choose something important like nuclear physics. Fusion energy is the future, so knowing how to create energy is important.

My grandfather got sent out by our Party to do a one-year course on "Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary Praxis" in Moscow in the late 70's. I have his philosophy notebook from it, it's full of cool marxism stuff but also some crazy shit, like the theory of mankind's biological evolution according to Engels.

Not completely related to the thread, but it's sad that this kind of thing doesn't happen anymore.

Do STEM and read Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin on the side to gain a scientific understanding of society and the economy as well.


What's crazy about it?

I just always thought it was curious that Engels was their main guy to cite on that subject, no Darwin, nothing. Just Engels. Also, some of the phrases were worded really funny, stuff like "labour turned man's monkey brains into human brains" or something.

well, doesn't Engels talk about Darwin? Marx and Engels were pretty infatuated with Darwin's theory of evolution. I think the assumption is that most people get the basic gist of evolution already, and the point is to show how the theory of evolution relates to dialectical materialism.

Those are all highly reactionary or effete at best.

Wolff made a good point about business schools. Economics at the academy today is typically capitalist apologism or cheerleading masquerading as a science but economic theories other than capitalism aren't explored and the general "Econ 101" framework is followed like laws from God.
This had the effect of making Economics so esoteric and detached that businesses were not actually finding Econ majors helpful, hence the advent of Business schools. So they can teach how the markets as-is actually work.
I'd say it's not without base to go into Business school as a marxist especially if you want to do some sort of heavy reform work on the ground level. Theory is all well and good but of course it can't teach you the specific niceties of existing business in our era. Better than economics where you'll essentially be preached to.

I'm pretty much torn between accounting or pharmaceuticals if I pass calculus. One is soul crushing work serving porky, the other is a bit more fun and contributes more to society but the schooling is competitive as fuck. We will see comrades.

Do not expect to meet (m)any even remotely left-leaning people in the uni or any job you might find after, though. Unless you have a chance to study CS under Cockshott, I guess. t. stemfag.

Everyone always makes fun of the flag but I chose it because it is associated with transition and I feel like mutualism is considered to be the third way of anarchism. I chose the flag for that specific purpose, wobbly. No need to think too hard. also barely any other poster uses this flag so it makes me a special little snowflake

Wolff is dead on in regards to business schools. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the human nature argument as justification for capitalism. Not to mention one of my teachers the other day literally told the class that taxes for roads is socialism, to her credit though she did bash libertarians and Milton Friedman because society needs to fund roads but still learning economic theories in business school that isn't capitalism is fucking babby-tier and if you want to look into commodity production and exchange you are going to either take a sociology class or read the theory yourself (which is what I did.)
At least in management and Business Admin. they teach you proper etiquette on how to deal with business world (meetings and interviews). Other basic tools help as well like learning excel and office but you can honestly do that on your own it's just that jobs won't hire you if you don't have a piece of paper that is worth a lot of debt

Yes, most of the STEM kids are totally oblivious to the real world. However, if your goal is to meet actual Marxists and not "leftist" or "radical" idiots, you will be equally disappointed in all other majors. At least when you take the required practical and theoretical math courses, you'll be fully equipped to understand the mathematical and abstract aspects of Marxist economics.

To sum up the thread, how to micro manage the lives of the goyim with equal poverty and misery and not have to do actual work.

Inv4 marx wrote articles

He wrote click bait before the internet was invented. Thats not work.

I double majored; Theoretical astrophysics and Political Economy. Pretty critical spheres within and without. I would assume that the most critical tasks would be undertaken in the fields of engineering.

None. Learn a trade skill and read Marx on the side. Salt your workplace by raising class consciousness and discussing exploitation with inevitably disgruntled coworkers.

we have enough armchair leftists as it is.

Marx was a journalist, philosopher, and political organizer. He certainly put more thought and effort into his day to day writings for papers like The Tribune than you've probably put into anything your entire life.
But this is literally just ad-hominem and has no bearing on his ideas. Dumb post, stop posting.

Like pottery. Fuck you. Daily reminder that if you're highly educated you are not a prole and will be shot on the Day off revolution

When will the trades meme die?

When enough millennials fall for it and discover that there's no jobs there either.

Education doesn't move you out of the proletariat you fucking retard.



Taking intro to econ and intro to business as electives (and feeling out for double major) was what turned me against capitalism permanently. The doublethink is absolutely unreal. I was not prepared for how disgusted it made me to watch the excuse making and praise for capitalism with a human face, how markets will solve everything in the long run so don't complain about starvation happening now.

I'm going into psychology.
How's my outlook?
I already have something lined up once I graduate, but I'd like to know if there any field in particular, like neuropsych, that I should look into.



Those dirty four-eyed reactionaries had it coming. Pol Pot did nothing wrong, farming commune are peak dialectics

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I'd really like to see those! Can't you pdfffffy them and make a thread or something?

The study of architecture and design. I have some professors who profess some leftist opinions on occasion.

architecture is reactionary

Is a history degree a good move for a marxist? History is a passion of mine, and i find the more i learn about history the further left i become.

Military History.