State sponsored doping for athletes in the GDR and USSR

was it good praxis?

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Of course comrade. Everyone knew the stakes involved and the athletes willing sacrificed for the sake of winning medals for the Union.

Literally imperialist propaganda. Socialist countries' athletes don't dope any more than capitalist countries, but the sports commissions all conspire to focus only on socialist countries, and even frequently just make shit up.

no because:
1. The athletes were not aware of the long term health implications
2. Some were tricked or coerced into participating

gib proofs
No country on earth (capitalist or socialist) has ever been shown to have had a doping program on par with the GDR specifically.


1. I don't need proof, this is basic rational Marxism. Why on earth would socialist countries be more prone to doping than capitalist countries? It all comes down to "cuz they're devious commiezz." There is no theoretical reason why socialist countries would be more prone to doping, but there are plenty of reasons why imperialist countries would want to cover up their own doping while playing up and inventing socialist doping.
2. Just look up how many Burger athletes are legally prescribed amphetamines. They're pretty much all on drugs, OPENLY. Oh, but that's not "doping"? Give me a break. The sports commissions don't do anything about it because the USA gets to push everyone around. This isn't even getting into the illicit practices, which are clearly going on.

If you aren't cheating you aren't trying.

Yes you do brainlet. You made a specific, (counter)factual claim, you need to back it up or withdraw it. Marxism does not excuse arguments from ignorance.

I wasn't asking about all socialist countries or any capitalist countries, only the GDR and USSR specifically.

Amphetamines are banned for WADA and athletes are tested for them. In order to get an exception from WADA an athlete needs to show:
1. The athlete would suffer significant health problems if they do not take the medication
2. There is no suitable alternative which is not listed
3. There are no considerable performance enhancing benefits
If you have proofs (you don't) that athletes from capitalist countries get these exceptions more often than socialist countries, please post them.

My claim is that socialist countries don't dope more than capitalist countries, YOU have given no proof that they dope MORE than capitalist countries.

The whole point of a theory is that you can apply it in cases where you only have some of the data, and it lets you estimate the rest. Marxism is perfectly suited to arguing that socialist countries wouldn't dope more than capitalist countries on average.

The USSR was a bunch of countries you fucking idiot.


nibba I never said anything about doping in socialist countries or capitalist countries in general
I just asked if the GDR and USSR state doping was good praxis.

You on the other hand, are right now making a positive claim that socialist countries in general dope less than capitalist countries. YOU are also refusing to back up that claim. I don't think Marx would approve of you justifying an argument from ignorance simply by invoking his name.

Do you have a single non-imperialist source to back up your claims?

I think this might be an exercise in futility because you will probably just label anything critical of these regimes "imperialist", which by the nature of this story, includes everything published about it.
Also you probably consider the entire english language news media imperialist.

What would be an acceptable 'non-imperialist source' in your eyes.

NK state-run media.

I really hope you are just shitposting, but I can't be sure because some people here really do think like that

Well I was using the main shitpost flag but if you want I can put on this flag and say it again seriously.

I can understand the tactical utility of denying sports-cheating along with various other sins of gommie regimes but it really is intellectually odious, like something a fascist would do.

I have literally never said this. What I said is:

You are a redditor, only redditors think naming random "fallacies" counts as an argument. I'm not doing the legwork to do your research for you because I'm lazy, and this shit is common sense.

revisionism at work

how will capitalits ever recover

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I am sure capitalist countries would love to have doping programs like the GDR, but having a freeish media makes it difficult to get away with that sort of stuff.
Journalists get Pulitzer’s for stories like that.

yeah all the star athletes on amphetamines who routinely get caught doing steroids is just a coincidence, prole