Atomic take thread

Atomic take thread.
Pic related is an ancap saying that rapid industrialization like done in the USSR is easy.

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South Korea and Germany received absolutely massive amounts of American aid.

And China was pretty much turned into a hellhole in exchange for their rapid industrialization.

I think he means Nazi germany.

Japan is a better than any he listed

From shithole to hellhole is not a bad exchange.

Remember when that one Holla Forums user said the technology exists to just turn off atoms to prevent a nuclear strike

it is.

Like come on, Germany was rebuilt over months.

As well as the Soviet during WW2 and after WW2, come on.



Germany was already industrialized and it was largely German civilians that felt the pain of the air raids not the German capitalists. Germany wasn't even that badly beaten up compared to Japan anyways.

Sterling Seagrave pointed out that while Japan and their American benefactor were crying poverty that Japan's capitalists actually had plenty of wealth that they'd manage to hide/preserve–it was the people of Japan that were really poor. Not that the efforts of the Occupation government to turn an already industrialized country into a capitalist super-power as a bulwark against the Soviets and the PRC didn't do miracles for their economy.

A Holla Forumsack once said to me that Christians invented farming which introduced lack of nutrition into the European diet (from consuming bread) and caused people to become weak.

Do you realize how retarded this statement sounds?


Remember user, that's Holla Forums for all we know he's serious.

The Sovet received billions during WW2, and what the fuck are you talking about? The money during war-time is much, much more precious than during peacetime.

German cities were fucking torched to the ground, same for Japan.

And Japan and Germany were not industrialized to the point of post-WW2, we are talking about horse-cart Germany versus BMW Germany, and imperial feudal Japan to 70-80s industrial "3rd of the world" Japan.


They did it without gulag and starvation my dude.

And surprise, there's still South Korea today.

That's not to mention Vietnam, a country that modernizes super fast since the 80s due to foreign investment.

Lmao no they didn't. If you're talking about lend-lease, they were supplied war materials, not cash.

And you're flat out retarded for stating money used during war-time is better for developing the economy than during peace time. The overall value would be virtually nill during war-time because it would just be spent on producing war material, not building up industries and the actual economy.

South Korea literally still has Slave colonies you retard
Also yeah when you're a cuck for the US they tend to export tons of food to you unlike the isolated USSR

No, without the money in war-time, there wouldn't be a country for you to spend the money on.

They supplied materials, which are worth more than cash, if count today.

Where are slave colonies in South Korea I might ask.
Man, the USSR imports food! Remember when Russia empire used to export food?

Holy shit read a book there's a reason the the classic economic dilemma is called "guns or butter" it's because investing in the military with the majority of your resources is recognized as non-productive and actively harmful to the rest of the economy.

You mean before the first world war and following Russian civil war? Even ignoring that the Russian Empire had Famines on a regular basis stupid.

I'm not South Korean slave colonies person, but what the fuck was your point in replying with this?
A. They never imported food from America. The West placed all sorts of embargos on them.
B. The Czars often let the people starve. If they were producing enough food, the peasants weren't getting much of it.

My point is that aid during this time is more crucial than during peace time, imagine if it's not the USSR but Germany who receive these aids instead.

I don't think the USSR has stopped importing food, and the russian empire were many in hundred of years, while the USSR only stands for 70-80 years.
The shit about the salt mine does sound pretty bad, but if the South koreans are that bad, who knows what's going at the north.

A. The point is their food security is low so they have to import food, modern Russia exports food btw. Meanwhile the USSR get food from their satelittes.
B. Not like the USSR produces enough food to feed themselves regardless.

Just posting a classic

Ireland exported huge amounts of grain during the fucking potato famine, exporting food doesn't mean that people are well fed.

Saw this one today from a relatively mainstream source.


Apparently, failing to endorse Dianne Feinstein, not being complete neoliberal ghouls and failing to adequately support a apartheid ethnostate is "hard left" these days.

It also had a higher Caloric intake than the US export import doesn't mean you're well fed see

“Well it could be worse, they could be subsistence farming!”


They recieved war materiel during wartime. That had absolutely fucking nothing to do with civilian industrialization and and development pre- or post-war. The Soviet Union recieved no aid from the west whatsoever in their economic development, which they owe entirely to state planning agencie and the tireless labor of millions of soviet citizens.

Similarly, capitalist countries undergoing the same type of rapid development also have to take up some form of state control or state-backed incentive, as was the case in South Korea.

lmao, I love this argument and it's actually being made by centrists and neoliberals in a completely unironic way. It's like saying that people going to homeless shelters could have it worse, since they could as well just live in a mud hut in the 12th century or something.

But a lot of their industrial capacity was intact. So much so that there is a quite interesting debate among historians about whether the the Allies were intentionally trying to preserve capitalism in those countries post-war by leaving them alone i think they were and whether it impacted the war effort. It was really the civilians who suffered from the bombings.

Germany was the most advanced economy on the European continent and in Asia there wasn’t even a competition. Those countries were quite advanced in their time even if they didn’t have GM and Ford Germany had GM and Ford subsidiaries that built quite nice vehicles for the war effort tho

I love this argument when paired with the "socialism is bad because despite its achievements because people need more than just necessities"

Not him but Soviet agriculture was notoriously unproductive.

This was mostly a problem unique to Soviet agriculture. East Germany for example regularly produced higher yields than many western countries, and Burkina Faso became food self sufficient for the first time in its history under Sankara.

The bombers were inaccurate and had difficulty navigating, so they hit city centers because it assured that the bombs would at least hit something.

If you have evidence to the contrary instead of ideological assumptions, I'm interested.

Pauwels, Jacques R.. Big Business and Hitler

I would also point out that Germany had all its debts cancelled after WWII with the exception of debts owed by German employers to German workers. It also suffered no negative effects unlike, say, Argentina from neglecting its debts on the part of international creditors because those debts were associated with the Nazi regime and were implemented under Allied occupation.