How are we going to takeover?

So whats our game-plan. comrades? what group should one join to kick start the revolution? I'm so sick and tired of lying around like a piece of meat while capitalism destroys the world, what can i do to make a difference?

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Poison the water supply with safe, healthy drugs. People will see everything from a new perspective and instantly become left-wing.

Fucking tree hugger piece of shit I swear I'd like to drug your mother and rape her while you fucking watch

Serious answers please

Found the mad sober Holla Forumslack. Stay mad.

You are too stupid for life

That was a serious answer. Society has been systematically brainwashed to into compliance towards capitalism. The only way to save them is to wake them up with a new perspective.


Because this is a serious thread, capitalist exploitation has to be stopped.


it doesn't have to happen right now

What's so bad about giving people a new perspective with drugs and letting them decide if they agree with how they'd been living prior to it?
Oh that's right, it might break the systematic conditioning of people en masseā€¦

Smash things

Yeah I'm sure that's why every socialist revolution ever was led by a pothead. Oh wait they weren't.

hopefully leftypol doesn't have any influence over the revolution, that would make it a total disaster.

anyone want to buy some fertilizer?

We participate in burgeoise elections, win the vote thens lowly reform the state from within.
Then after we finally wake up from our sweet dreams, we organize an extra-political movement with the aim of creating a powerbase outside the traditional party strcture.

join an ML party
study Lenin
apply what you learned
see you then

so spend your days in futility arguing that NK, the USSR, and Cambodia aren't shit.


You know it's not that hard to do that shit right?

pretty sure 5 minutes on the deepweb and you'll find a step by step guide.
Hell, I once found a recipe for ricin.

Or just start looking up shit for organic chemistry.

Seriously, nearly all modern explosives are very simple setups of organic chemistry using the nitro group.

Through relentless shitposting. We can start with this anonymous wikipedia that some 4cuck made
I've already created a page dedicated to Communism. Feel free to make it better

Become a rich capitalist and become such a douchebag tyrant and make life so bad people hate you and everything you stand for, then proceed to fund left wing activists and propaganda and at the same time defend your own porky actions with "its just capitalism".

Join the #Resistance, shill hard enough on the Russia narrative that Donald has to push the button and launch the nukes. Once WWIII has started, the aliens will arrive and deliver us to communism.

There has to be an easier way.

I am capable of farming weed plants.

my man

stalins death day (;