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Who wants to spend 2 hours on MS paintâ„¢ filling i squares with red coloration? I know i certainly do! Get in here comrades, and accurately portray your own ideology!



Just noticed I forgot there is always a budget thing for science, well screw that. The whole budgeting thing makes no sense for a socialist society anyway

Yup. If currency is abolished, why have taxation? Pretty good choices though; you know you could have used the color fill tool?
Pic related is mine. My religious views are extremely unorthodox, it's hard to describe. How did i do?


was just thinking that. the sexual maturity option is so telling. as well as privatization being an option for fucking everything

You know, i wonder if psychadelics are included under hard drugs? There's no other option than weed alcohol tobacco and hard drugs. When i filled it out, i assumed hard drugs meant krokodil and meth, not lsd and mdma.

The fuck is a privatized police ?

PMC my bear friend.

found the burger

*everywhere but USA

As far as i know, 18 AOC is a rather recent thing, older than a century ago you would've seen the regular age for guys and girls to be considered of age would've been around 14 or 15.

implying you aren't extracting surplus value to finance your welfare state

pic related is me


It's legible.
Y tho

Are you sure you want to define someone's personhood at birth and not at gaining consciousness? You realize this means people can abort their babies a few weeks before giving birth, right?

you already had your opportunity to spam this shit and the thread died, let it die for good

You're talking to the same guy who checked yes to private ownership of the MOP. Of course he meant to define personhood at birth.

If a thread dies, it's a sign that creating a new thread is entirely ok.

Have you ever interacted with an infant? Depending on your definition, they may not qualify as totally conscious. Abortion isn't a particularly important issue to me. An arbitrary line needs to be drawn somewhere, birth is a clear place to draw that line.
You do have a point though, late term abortions feel viscerally fucked up.

imo socdem with a mixed economy yields the best outcomes for proles


I guess. Until the resources of the country are all sold for profit and the country has nothing left but paper money in exchange.

name one time that has happened


This isn't even remotely close to how economics work. You need to read Engels Outline Of A Critique. You just described caveman mercantilism. The people in charge now use Friedman, Keynesian and Hayekian economics. This is accounted for in all theories. Production labor and service is (with the exception of production automation) the fundamental source of wealth.

Why all of these privately owned things? That's not going to end well for your country.

it's a sign that not enough people give a shit about your forced meme. Here most of us don't care about fantasizing society in terms of a bourgeois republic (since pretty much every category in your quiz can be reasonably reformed within a liberal democratic context).

what about the welsh, the scots, and the ulster prots

that doesn't seem very english

Who said it was my quiz?

economic schizophrenia: the chart

why on earth would anyone buy sovereign debt of a marxist-leninist government
there is no way they would ever see that money again

You know, i bet a Holla Forumsack could easily make a better, less ancap-y chart than this.

Filled up the ones I felt like filling up

What does Timmy get to keep
check all that apply:
[] Toothbrush
[] Bible
[] Hammer
[] Garden
[] Family farm
[] Pets
[] Livestock
[] Sparrows
[] Lemonade Stand
[] Sweatshop
[] AR-15
[] Armaments factory
[] Catalonia
[] Dignity
[] Freedom
[] Caloric intake
[] Bitcoins
[] Cybernetic transgender slave children (concubines)
[] Recreational McNukes


what if my pet is a weapon

..ok? so pedos used to have state backing. also i wasn't even talking about a 14/16 aoc

What if they use their weapons to implement capitalism to get all their stuff back? Really makes you think.

Debt will not be built up internally, loans are just going to be used to procure goods which can't be produced by ourselves. The money won't reach the internal economy, but socialists would want to maximize happiness for their citizens, so there should be an option to acquire exotic products for the people.

If we loose credit rating, we still wouldn't give a fuck because we will develop nukes for a nuclear deterrent and a huge army so nobody can come knocking anyway.

Enjoy my anglican/communist schizo politics. Feel free to drag me. (I've also changed the 'mixed' column to 'co-op' in the economy section to better represent the nature of the economy)

If socialism isn't gonna have free drug rations and public orgies, miss me with that gay shit. Prude gang begone

Didnt we do this one a few weeks back?

spoog city
this takes way 2long 2fill out even when you just delete shit