What's making eastern europeans taking these fascist, reactionary mindsets? Like look at Ukraine...

what's making eastern europeans taking these fascist, reactionary mindsets? Like look at Ukraine. It's having a really bad nazi problem there…

Poverty. Anti communist propaganda. Nato pushing these groups.
Truth is that there are many many communists in those countries who miss the good ol soviet union. The amerimutt media doesn't talk about them tho

Im a hungarian communist it gets awkward when i tell my family my leftist views around dinner and shit lol

amerimutts trying to push liberal reactionary ideas into eastern europe, goddamnit

Ukraine was always leaning towards a völkisch version of fascism, myths of origins about Ukraine as the land of origin of the Aryan race and similar shit was circulating by the end of the 19th century already. Hitler was so autistic about Ukraine being this future land for the Aryan race with endless wheatfields that he literally stopped the progress of the Wehrmacht so they could secure it. During the Holocaust, German officers would write letters how freakishly savage the Ukrainians are towards Jews.

Always remember that Ukrainian national identity was made up in the 19th century with some mythological Holla Forums tier shit, there was never a Ukrainian nation before, there was the Kievan Rus and the Co's sack Hetmanate, but none of these perceived of themselves as Ukrainian.


Hungary isn't fucked as Ukraine tho. I mean Ukraine never recovered the fall, countries like yours were partially saved by Neo Liberalism. Plus they probably are not fond about the whole invasion thing

yeah, I still miss the old soviet times tbh

I don't think you are alone.
And there will be a lot more if pic related continues to be a cunt.
The true problem is poland which is super reactionary and czech republic and slovakia, both seem to find the self comfortable in their new liberal democratic skin

Antisemitism is imbedded within the Ukrainian psyche. "Slava Ukrayini" is code word for "kill the Jews, kill the Russians". I visited Kiev, Berditchev, Medzhybizh, and Uman in summer 2016, and can confirm nazi graffiti was all over Kiev, plus Jews visiting Uman are frequently attacked by the locals.

Hungary isn't as bad but there's still plenty of anti-Jewish, anti-Romani, and generally fascist sentiment.

Pic is of a street in Kiev (whole city is a post-industrial dump) for confirmation.

Chaya, while I'd totally take you out for dinner or help you cook some Jewish food that we can enjoy while talking about whatever you want, you should really drop the crypto zionism.

polish reactionaries are the fucking worst they always cry about "CUMMUNISM IS JUST AS BAD AS NAZISM BC WE BOTH HAD IT">>2421641

They're useful missile bases for NATO and so have been inundated with IMF money and right wing propaganda.

Eurasianist here. The western mode of thinking is one that is prone to fascist thought. Of all the regions of Europe, no other region finds itself more prone to creating and collaborating with fascists than occidental europe, sometimes even welcoming the dark cloud of fascism over their country with open arms.
The reason for this is that the west has dominated the world for centuries, and that when faced with even the slightest notion of a collective mobilization of Eurasia, a region which has an inherently proletarian mode of thinking, they react with fascism.
The growing subculture of western thought (fascist thought) in Eurasia is a reaction against Putin’s imperialism. The only Eurasian nations wherein western thought has spread is in places like Ukraine, who feel more and more brutalized by Putin’s neo-tsarist imperialism. Poland has a decent amount of fascist mobilization, but that’s just because they are halfway between Europe and Eurasia. They feel disillusioned with Eurasia and want instead to be Western. It’s like seeing a black Nazi.

What eurasianist think of asians?

I'll tell you why you fucking Jewess cunt. Every year dosim the Hebrew slur for Orthodox Jews come en masse to visit the graves of their not-saints-no-really-guys-it's-totally-not-like-Christianity and go around Ukraine treating it like they're fucking owed something. Prostitutes, drugs, drinking, vandalizing, iirc some year there were even riots by these kikes (for some petty reason obviously). Most Israelis are shitty tourists that act loud, obnoxious and litter everywhere, now combine that with Jewish entitlement and you've pretty much got your justification for porgorms.

And when they return they have the audacity to write in the papers how "terrible the country is!" and how "unjust" their treatment was. Ukraine is a shitty and reactionary country, true, but Israelis (and their New World counterparts which are no better by any means) are only making it worse.

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There's a huge chunk of adults who only remember the period where the USSR was beginning its decline, and so from their perspective everything about the USSR was bad. They weren't around for what came before it or for when it was at its peak. The fact that everything after the USSR collapsed has been worse is irrelevant, because from their perspective the USSR collapsed *because* it was bad.
Porky has fed into this belief with his own propaganda and historical revisionism, and so the next generation bought right into it.
And here we are.

poland here, I didn't tell my parents yet.

oh man I fucking feel you. My dad is this free market fetishist whose biggest desire is for Momentum to be in parlaiment after the elections.

Don't they never think communism and nazism are good, it is Poland that is bad?

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p.s. Dosim are reactionaries par excellence
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why the fuck did you put the question marks at the start of your senteces?

A fucking sionista and an autist that spout of muh russian imperialism in a thread about Ukraine, why I'm not surprised?

I didn't, the system did. It's what happens when you use two different scripts.

All of the neo nazi organisations of Eastern Europe are just about the same size as in neo nazi groups in Western Europe. I don't know where do you get your numbers from, op.

Eurasians are far closer socially and culturally to Asians than to Europeans.
Ideally, the USSR should have stretched all the way down to Laos and possibly Indonesia. The only Asian states which should be left alone are the ones whose societies have been claimed by the west and successfully culturally terraformed into Little Americas by Western Socio-Imperialism so that means South Korea, Japan, India and Singapore, along with maybe Indonesia, but this is ultimately semantic alternate history LARPing.

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This. Another 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Liberal🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 OP just found out that slavs, which he looks at as inferior, have some amount of trashy 88 autism level population blaming minorities for all their problems, while ignoring that such population exists in every single country of this world.

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