The White Nationalist is a Fantasy

Polling in Italy seems to show the right-wing on rise, possibly victories. There will be many kike newspapers proclaiming a rise of anti-semitism (this is probably true), and white nationalism (this is certainly untrue, and I wish to put this to rest).

As you may have noticed, I'm not left-wing. The reason I am not is that there exists nobody on the left who is Socratic (Plato was not Socratic). Being not Socratic failure is assured. - please do not engage on this matter, as it is immaterial.

What is it that exists, if not white nationalism? Shortly, in all European nations there exists a form of nationalism, and indeed racism. But it is no a pro-white thing. Instead, they would just as happily enslave whites of other countries. So they are neo-colonialists, or neo-empiricists. But they are not pro-White at all. They don't consider themselves white, do you see? And there's another factor, which is they consider the classes, and also royalty, and many are pro-monarch.

None of these groups has ever in history aided American white nationalists. Ever.

I want to say this again, and let this sink in. None of those groups considered white nationalist (so designated), of Europe or of Australia or of even Canada or South Africa, have ever aided any American white identity group.

Ever. Ever.

This is a situation is actually identical to that of American blacks. They identify as… well, "black." And they look to establish Wakanda. Or find Wakanda. But the reality of Africa is tribal distinctions, much like the national ones of Europe. For example, where the Boer (whites) are, in South Africa, the actual indigenous tribe has no presence. Those who pretend to have been robbed are actually merely replicating the Boer, and were not the tribe which originally held the land. You might suppose there is, today, unity between blacks in South Africa, but this is not the case. There's the tribe in power, and then there are other tribes who are blocked from power, and are degraded. You see this as well in Zimbabwe. Power is strictly along tribal lines.

I leave you with a question, though, because I don't know the answer here: Have black nationalist organizations ever been supported by any African black nationalist organizations (so designated)?

Socrates would have fucking destroyed you for being a white nationalist and trying to use his name to give yourself a veneer of intellectualism you mongrel.

I didn't say I'm whit nationalist. I said I'm not left-wing. But this isn't the matter I'm bringing up.

I'm pointing out that White Nationalists don't exist. There are Italian Nationalists, German Nationalist, French Nationalists, British Nationalists, but they are all just nationalists.

Anyway, you are demonstrating what I'm talking about, about this inability to process the concept of premises, negotiating a set of them, then reasoning upon them.


why are you posting this here? we're well aware that 'white nationalism' is a mutt meme and its limited presence in sections of the european right is down to cancerous american cultural exports/americanised youth. this is irrelevant to Holla Forums, if anything it should be posted in the /leftytrash/ thread.

You're talking about European politics. In burgerstan, a lot of white nationalism focuses on vague generalized "European" roots

In case I did not make it clear, the closest thing to the "white nationalist" is US white nationalism, to whatever extent you may be able to find it. But they have no clear ground rules on percentages of whiteness. Generally, they're agitating against being killed and raped by niggers and having their jobs stolen by spics.

You're an interesting racist. A left-wing racist, I believe?

You're an interesting racist. A left-wing racist, I believe?

And this is so handy, because it illustrates my point:

The only agency I know of which has aided American communists is the CIA.

i'm a marxist you fucking jewish nigger.

Oh. You're just a CIA raghead.

AIDs thread.

Try to be Socratic.

But I am resigned to find that there are no intelligent people on the left. None.



Elaborate on what it means to be Socratic

Thinking about what? You've failed to say anything substantial in this thread except sharing your hot take that everyone on Holla Forums knew anyway. You're not exactly stimulating anyone's neurons here

An example, via kikepedia:

1. Socrates' interlocutor asserts a thesis, for example "Courage is endurance of the soul", which Socrates considers false and targets for refutation.
2. Socrates secures his interlocutor's agreement to further premises, for example "Courage is a fine thing" and "Ignorant endurance is not a fine thing".
3. Socrates then argues, and the interlocutor agrees, that these further premises imply the contrary of the original thesis; in this case, it leads to: "courage is not endurance of the soul".
4. Socrates then claims that he has shown that his interlocutor's thesis is false and that its negation is true.

So, a more precise thing would be for me to say that "left wingers are unwilling to submit to Socratic reasoning".

The mere fact an argument seems to fall apart doesn't mean it does precisely, by the way. But incredibly weak arguments can be found exceptionally quickly. Here is a video of a typical left-wing giant.

They don't by their lives. For they support those who are deeply triggering and problematic. All left-wingers support the systems of oppression of whites, and this is merely observable fact.

what did the mutt mean by this?

He's the bastard son of Fidel Castro. And isn't bastard the best kind of tard in the left-wing?

I used to be a Stràsserist so you're not too far off

playing the devils advocate and trying to engage ideas with logical questions to see if they hold up

So this is the power of socratic dialogue

A dialog is not Castro/Rachel-Maddow -style pompous monologueing.

Generally exploring a commonly-accepted notion, in the end causing dismay in the participants, who realize, to their astonishment, they don't have any reason to believe what they do.

Things which stand up to the Socratic method include formulas which describe observable phenomena (so long as correctly trimmed, to indicate them only degree of usefulness, and not beyond).

Basically, the Socratic method trims the fat, and dashes fantasies.

Thanks for the elaboration

What the rest of know as a first year philosophy student cunt. Fuck you and your thread.

This is what I mean by the idiots of the left:

They believe they just soak up the "truths". It's retarded as Islam.

Why Holla Forumsyps find so hard to understand that we are not liberals? go back to your shithole mutt

Do you suppose you have an embassy in pol?

As an Eurofag i have to say, you're wrong.

While all these movement do not officially endorse ethno-nationalism mostly because it was made illegal in most Europe after WW2, they do not think less.
All European nationalist have ties because their goal is ultimately the same.
There are also the Identitarians which is basically the equivalent of the Euro zone of European nationalism.

The goal is purely ethnic.

Tribal. They have only some respect for fellow Europeans, because they have had class-based nationalist breeding. But this doesn't imply that Europeans would be interested in mixing.

Anyhow, the EU exists entirely because everyone in it hopes to become king of that hill and rub everyone's face in mud.

Nigel Farage is a cartoon of what I am talking about. His dog whistles are by no means an international white fellowship, but neo-colonialist. Once you can see this you will see this in the rest of them.

Again, the measure of brotherhood is actions that are brotherly. American white nationalists are presently under the impression that there exist, in Europe, white nationalists. Therefore they act like brothers. They are gradually becoming disabused of this notion.

But anyway, what about you? In what way has your particular rag-tag band of left-wingers acted to benefit left-wingers in America? I see you as merely a Nigel Farage. A delusional inbred cartoon.


Neither is arguing solely though ad-hominem fallacies, generalizing entire groups ("all left-wingers…") and citing Wikipedia.

there's a reason why you have a containment board: >>>Holla Forums

That's so completely stupid and uninteresting. Each element has some preference. One type of European hates certain ones, loves certain ones. Mere tribalism. Just like Niggers in Africa. All just niggers, really, of course, but they have their preferences, impossible for the outsider to even see.




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You could do with learning what the word solidarity means but this shit is none of my business anyway. Fuck you.

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I find ideas interesting. Not your divisions.

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The Gulags were a death sentence. They were one of 3 components of the 20 million Christians killed by Stalin and his communism, the worst ideology and human by far in recorded history.

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You are the ones who have utterly failed. The goal is not to gain approval and "oh yes, I've read this, and it's one of the officially verified things, with a little red label and a hammer and a shovel or whatever the hell you losers put on your things.

Thinking. It's exclusively right-wing.

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