Liquidating the Chinese Bourgeoisie

It seems quite likely that the problem with China isn't the CCP and its ideals inherently but rather that the economy is under the grip of a disgusting class of bourgeois bloodsuckers who are now trying to advocate imperialism to distract from their capitalist exploitation. Now that Xi has seized control from them, how will he deal with these reactionaries?

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"I have predicted that full-scale capitalist restoration may appear in China."

t. Mao

I'm a Marxist-Leninist. I believe the USSR was socialist. China, post-Mao, is not a fucking "actually existing socialist country". There's absolutely nothing socialist about it, unless you also believe all of Europe is socialist. It's a capitalist country, and this recent trend (wasn't nearly as common a year ago) among extremely online ML's to try to "rehabilitate" China as a socialist country is incredibly sad and pathetic.

Stop being so fucking stupid all the time and read some Marx and Lenin.

Except for the fact that it is ruled by a Marxist vanguard party that explicitly states 'socialism' as its goal. The Chinese proletarian vanguard has authority and dominion over the entire Chinese economy.

Was Leninist Russia a reactionary capitalist failure because Lenin implemented the New Economic Policy?


Xi is one of them. One will quickly notice that those targeted in his "anti corruption" campaign are people who disagree with him and potentially pose a threat. Even if we excuse that, Xi recently shut down a bunch of state-owned factories based on "pollution", which is total bullshit they were shut down to drop production and stop the oversupply issues affecting China's economy (especially vis-a-vis foregin trade deals, which are unraveling due to the oversupply). If Xi wasn't a capitalist he'd be taking his fight to the banks, not the workers. Specifically he'd get rid of the stupid quotas the banks have to operate under and deal with the glut of non-preforming loans that are dragging their finances down. This would cause a recession but a mangable one.

However that's not his policy, that's NEVER been his policy. For his term Xi relaxed credit requirements for banks while encouraging Chinese citizens to buy into their stock market via the state TV. The result was a boost out of the last recession, but a boost built upon debt and margin trading. All the problems now exist because Xi created them, and his attempt at a cleanup needs to begin with him admitting he fucked up and go right to the institutions that matter (the banks) for reform. Purges don't change balance sheets, neither do shutting down factories who still have outstanding loans they are underwater on.

This isn't socialism, and he is not a socialist. At best he's creating a non-democratic capitalist state, otherwise known as "fascism".


China considers themselves to be a "market with chinese characteristics".

I'm pretty sure every "mainstream" (so not MLM or Hoxhaist) ML party in the US has maintained that China is socialist for quite some time. I agree that the online discourse seems to be shifting in that direction but actual real-life orgs have supported China longer than you or I have been alive.

It's a capitalist country with a capitalist economy ruled by a """Marxist vanguard""" that's full of billionaires. China is literally "capitalism with red flags".

This is like Khrushchev saying "communism in 20 years!" while liberalizing the Soviet economic system, except a thousand times more transparent and ridiculous. The "socialism by 2050" thing is such obvious dog shit, I'm sure you can smell it too.

Leninist Russia was a capitalist state with a very ideologically committed ruling party that eventually transitioned to socialism when that was possible. Maybe China during the phase of New Democracy was like that, but modern China is absolutely nothing like Russia during the NEP. Modern China is a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie minus the bourgeois democracy.

Stop comparing it to the NEP. The USSR implemented the NEP when they were completely fucked and needed to let their economy recover for a while before trying to build the world's first ever socialist system. China is the biggest capitalist economy in the world. They're not in some "special phase" before implementing socialism. This is it. Chinese socialism will never happen unless there's another revolution there (which all the retarded China loving ML's are going to oppose if it ever happens).

That's interesting. Both Marxist-Leninist parties in my country, Sweden, believe China is capitalist, as far as I know. The people in my local branch of one of the ML parties don't even uphold Cuba as socialist anymore. Not sure about their position on the DPRK.


it's thanks to dumb PSLers

How do you get up in the morning in spite of such total pessimism and defeatism?

The PSL and Marcyites in general, hold the the most advanced line out of all Marxist groups. If there's anyone that understands Marxism and knows how to relate it to modern conditions, it's them.

Pessimism and defeatism > delusion and denial.


I won't trick myself into believing we're somehow "winning" and socialism is on the way just because there is a Marxist-Leninist party that is doing well according to the standards set by capitalism. What would I gain by doing that? China is a capitalist state and the CCP is the party of the ruling class, the chinese bourgeoisie. They will not implement socialism as it is in complete contradiction to their rational self interests.


His dad was a Maoist Red Guard though, isn't it likely that he passed on some of the Cultural Revolution fervour to his son?

His Dad (And him) were eventually purged anyhow so i doubt he has much love for Mao/Pre-Deng china

Some of the Maofags voluntarily went to the countryside though, but I don't think we know which Xi's father was.

How chauvinist can you get? PSL might be one of the least-worst Western parties, but it's still brainlet-tier on many things.

Kroposkin's parents were russian royalty, isnt it likely that they passed on some of the fuedal fervour to their son?
Oh wait no, because thats not how politics work.


Lenins parents were pro tzarist government beurocrats. What's your point?

There are some Marxist factions within the party at best.
I didn't know when you say something it instantly becomes true!
This is just retarded. The NEP was passed partly as a concession to prevent a greater that would've been utterly catastrophic. The NEP was also passed to help build capitalist industry, developed the productive forces, and to wipe away the last traces of the old feudal order.

The ABSOLUTE state of leftypol. Holy fuck.

How do you get up in the morning while being so brain-dead as to think the CPC's claim to achieve socialism by 2050 is either truthful and possible?

I meant to say a greater famine* here. Oops.

That's literally what China's economic policies are doing.

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I will just repeat what I said earlier: