A 25-year old social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School has been hosting a white nationalist podcast under...


I read the article, then checked her picture, then read the article…i had a good 10 minutes laught. I hope you will too.

This is the face of American """white""" supremacy, you can't make this shit up

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la creatura

Madre de dios la bestia…


Las Plagas.

cultural fascism is real

Morir es vivir.

Wow, white supremacy really ages you.

She looks kinda cute. Too bad she's a fash.

She looks jewish to me.


Those are the eyes and smile of a crazy woman. The huffpost article has some of her tweets and part of podcast archived.



I would have guessed like 38-40.

Ay dios mio es el goblino del nationalismo blanco, todos huyan por sus vidas!

holy fuck please love yourself

I don't think this is what Hitler had in mind when he was talking about Aryan women.


Why were the images deleted? Come on

I don't advocate doxxing but come ON when you put your face on twitter do you really expect to still fly under the radar

Wow a self hating non-white huh, really makes me think.

She's on the news, i don't think she can be more doxed, hopefully she's not allowed anywhere near children anymore.

I think they all truly see themselves as "Aryans".
Its weird af

I'm looking at the google cache of her twitter and she uses the term "JQ", so I doubt she's going to be let back into any respectable school.

Meaning that she'll be teaching at a shitty for-profit charter school in three weeks.

How is she a creatura with that last name?

Also you are just asking to get doxed when you talk about how you're pushing white supremacy on your students.

The Bourgeois have used whit supremacy as a useful tool to defend capitalism. However many western countries are becoming more, and more non-white. As such the Bourgeois expands the deffiniton of “white” to include people who traditionally wouldn’t be considered “white.”

It’s a pseudonym.

Not really, self-conceit is a pre-requisite.

This proves she is mentally retarded…

Maybe I'm showing my American here but she looks white to me. I'd believe that she comes from an unimpressive line of German immigrants.

She's talking to the lady from red-ice

Plot twist: she apparently got backstabbed by one of her own

She was pretty open about her russian roots.
If the soviets didn't incinerate him, hitler would be spinning in his grave over how many neonazis consider the asiatic barbarian savages to be equals with his beloved aryan race

You need to be tinges of pink, not orange.


She looks more like a Juanita Gonzalez then a Gretchen Anderson. Tbh

Americans with no Slavic heritage converting to Russian Orthodoxy is the nazi version of the suburban, white liberal discovering Buddhism.

She's not owned, she's actually laughing, FUCK YOU LEFTIES



That would make me whiter than her and I'm literally half mexican.

He said his mother was a Jew in a private fb conversation apparently. His got that typical Ben Shapiroesque rat face, so it's a possibility. The self hating Jew meme is alive and well


Why are far-rightists so delusional and act like they're not totally hated and outnumbered whenever they show their worthless faces?

Unfortunately for hitler, aryan women come from the middle east

Yeah, presumably she's been pumping out white babies.

From her face.


Admitting weakness in the face of the enemy is a big no-no among fascists. Their entire ideology is predicated on the existence of a natural hierarchy with them at the top due to their natural strength, ingenuity and willpower. It's therefore necessary to claim that you're winning even when it's obvious to everyone else that you aren't, since publicly admitting defeat or showing weakness directly contradicts the justification for their worldview and demoralizes others in the movement in turn.

Andrew Anglin wrote a style guide for the stormer's bloggers that explicitly stated this, and weev has (supposedly) admittedthat he goes to 4chan so that he can vent about his problems with living in exile in Moldova anonymously. Otherwise he'd risk losing face and demoralizing his followers.

It's these figures that fight hopeless battles that are sympathetic, not the average leftists.

TL: Pay desperate russian girls for sex

there's nothing sympathetic about throwing yourself into a meat grinder, and it's a tragedy that these assholes are scamming young alienated men into wasting their youth fighting for a spook instead of banding together to destroy the capitalist system that has alienated them in the first place.

Nazis deserve worse tbh. Weev in particular is just a dipshit who fell for the particularly retarded brand of white nationalism found in American prisons. Stuff that is mostly used as a convenient way to build trust and traffic drugs rather than having any real philosophical or scientific foundation.
Any sympathy you have for this ogre and his equally dumb and ugly friends is misplaced. His "hopeless battle" is sitting in his own shit.

8. The followers must feel humiliated by the ostentatious wealth and force of their enemies. When I was a boy I was taught to think of Englishmen as the five-meal people. They ate more frequently than the poor but sober Italians. Jews are rich and help each other through a secret web of mutual assistance. However, the followers must be convinced that they can overwhelm the enemies. Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak. Fascist governments are condemned to lose wars because they are constitutionally incapable of objectively evaluating the force of the enemy.

These lonely figures who stay in the field and fight against the globalists, communists, antifas despite the scorns of everyone are worth 10 times antifa/anarchists.

The left wishes it has figures on weev.

Weev raises from an internet edgelord into some sort of hermit who coordinates behind the shadows and is hated by everyone, Holla Forums included.

Compared to the average leftist youtuber who seem soft and weak and you can see the difference the effort and belief they put in.

And I wonder what will happen when fascists do win.

inb4 fascists never win

The roman empire lasts for 2000 years.

Nah, he’s just sad he got caught up in deep shit. He might not change at all whatsoever.

I can’t sympathize with that, but I’ll sympathize with the latter of feeling like shit because you fucked up royally in past, and want to change. Acknowledging it is the first step.

If he changes, he will lose pride and is hated even more for being a coward faggot.

Also, he feels like shit because he's alienated by modern society, this feeling is mutual.

And no, it's not a by product of capitalism, communism will not solve shit but make it worse.

No one cares about self-hating white nationalist Jews here, no

Naw yeah, you can keep weev. No one is jealous.

Are you implying the roman empire is fascist?

Can't care about something you can't have, I suppose.

I wouldn't trade weev for any leftist figures, Marx included.

Yes, they invent fascism.





What is this fixation? Are you telling me that you’re gay?
Seriously, it’s funny how people care much about aesthetics, and why fascists care about it more. The feels over reals.
Yeah, weev is totally winning, being exhiled and isolated in Moldova not knowing the language or culture but also not being able to come back.
The imaginary culture war huh?

The romans invented a 20th century capitalist reaction.
You're a poltard so this take doesn't surprise me. Don't be scared of books, user.

Because spiritualism > materialism.

Materialism is boring.

How exactly?
Is he living? Is he struggling? Then yes, he's winning.

Fascism was invented by the romans though.

It's you who ought to read.

Mussolini, Hitler and Napoleon were imitating Julius Caesar.

The fact that you think the two are comparable says leagues. Not just in prestige but that such a comparison even makes sense.
I don't blame you guys though, the anemic fascism of the 21st century doesn't even have theorists. Just sophists on youtube that bitch like women once they get banned.


They can feel emboldened when they're not taking public beatings every other week

HENNYWAYS, nerd right and co need to take this

I mean, she just looks like an average girl. I would totally bang her if she wasnt a racist.

The fact you think they aren't the same speaks leagues of you actually.

Hitler and Mussolini and Napoleon used the same tricks to get appointed dicators for life, author: Julius Caesar when he crosses the Rubicon and demands his wreath.

You mean something fascists actually share?

Feels over reals, everybody, from the mouth of a Holla Forumsyp.
I know you’re trying to be “noble” or whatever tae fuck but this is pathetic.

Yeah I'm well aware of the ersatz imitation of classical aesthetics but no, fascism is very distinct from the political organization of societies that existed millennia prior. It's really hard to even begin pointing out just how wrong this is. It's very clear you only have a vague aesthetic conception of ancient Rome, probably cobbled from Total War and your high school textbooks.
Fascism is very particularly a reaction against communism, the enlightenment, and the general post-ww1 milieu of Europe. This is crushingly stupid.

Yes, humans have feelings and are irrational, but their feelings and instincts are what make them humans, and not machine.

How exactly?

Go to the next May Day rally and see what leftists do.

Drivel, I hope you're ESL.

No, you are not well-aware of shit.

Fascism in the 20th century was a movement to get back to the fascism invented by the roman empire when Julius Caesar used populism to become dictatorship in life.

And yes, Augustus Caesar also controls religion (Imperial cult), society and the economy, exactly like fascists in the 20th century do.


i bet molymeme does nut arguments

Oh boy.
Even hitler would hate you tbh


Trashing bookstores and burning trashcans?

These random of act of violent are pitiful, because everyone know the moment they start real shit they would be gunned down.

But weev? He's a fucking incognito.

lmao ok, fascism is just populism.
The power of Holla Forums's historical analysis.

Have you actually read anything "materialist" in anyway? I'm not kidding I used to be like you until I read about people like Zizek and Michel Clouscard.

And he's free to dead that since he's dead.

Once again, this is why materialists will never win.

They care nothing for feelings and emotions.

That would make sense if I was responding to an argument but I really don't even understand what you were trying to communicate.

Fascism uses populism to get into power.

Is this not right?

No, and I don't need to.

We have greek mythology.

Yo, here's what I'm trying to communicate:
Mussolini, Hitler, Napoleon get into power same way Julius Caesar did, understand?

It is, something the Roman emperors didn't always bother with doing. But in any case, it is one aspect of fascism. Not the defining trait. Using your mutated reasoning Genghis Khan was a fascist.

you guys have made a mountain of how logical and rational you are but as soon as you get btfo you turn into a crying humanist sjw. it's hilarious

Alright, thanks for the useless platitude I guess.
Successful dictators seek power, got it.

Could you name for me a materialist philosopher? You seem to be under the impression that materialists are Vulcan and I'm wondering where you got this idea.

i think he only understand "materialists" in the vague liberal way where it means a person who only cares about his furniture or whatever

The very first roman emperor uses populism to get into power, after that there's no need to, or wait, sometimes they do it again in case of civil war.

Along with elitism, state-enforced religion and economy.

It is one actually, you can't get into power without the support of the people.
Genghis Khan also used fascistic tendencies to get into power, same as Oda Nobunaga and Qin Shi Huang.

In fact, Qin Shi Huang might in fact be another ancient fascist.

How does relate to Marx, let alone weev? I don’t remember Julius Caesar shit posting his way to power. He was already influential on a mass scale.

No, and I don't need to do.

Because our feelings are supported by logic and rations, doesn't mean we don't have feelings.

It is those with feelings that are strong.

Yes, thanks for the admission.

These "random acts of violence" are actually the barbarism of our time. They are the only real vigor and strength left in this world. Rightards wonder where the "anger" of the white man went as the left terrorizes the state.

You don't need to understand what you oppose? How the fuck do you even know what you oppose then?

what? you've intentionally and consistently separated logic and emotions into two entirely separate categories. it's why the "reals b4 feels" thing means anything to begin with

Weev is a figure of the resistance, he isn't Julius Caesar. Weev is more like fascist writers back in the 18-19th century.

To be a true fascist leader, you need to have military power.

Aside from the fact Julius Caesar had military power, the man was also charismatic and was also critical of Crassus and Pompey for their indecisivness, which is why the senate fears him and the people loves him.

I’m laughing m8


I don't see these antifa toppling state, I see the nazis in Ukraine toppling state, I see the russian-funded "communists" in east Ukraine toppling state.

These antifa's show of strength are pathetic, merely tantrums to be maintained by the power that be.


Personally I think it's cute how you have constructed this "resistance" identity out of edgy internet losers.

Everyone needs a hug

This is so fucking stupid. Look up any definition of fascism and it will say that fascism is a 20th century movement. Want to know why? Because it isn't just a system of hierarchy with popular support. As you're slowly realizing such a definition would include pretty much every society in human history before the 18th century.

I don't need to understand materialism to know how shit and boring it is.

Indeed, that's the strength of humans. We have reasons but we also have emotions.

Humans aren't equal, a beggar's feeling isn't as strong as a dictator.

But you don't even know what materialism is, by your admission.
I don't know why I'm continually surprised by you people but nigh daily I am shocked at the sheer idiocy of Holla Forums fascism.

The left and right dichotomy was literally born in rape and slaughter of reactionaries of the previous revolutions. You don't have to believe in "meme magic" or gay shit like this to realize what this spells out for the right.

Fascism is a political system where one ruler controls everything, from the matter of economy, religion as well as the military.

Even absolute monarchism has to ask for church authority.

This is why fascism usually involves imperial cult or cult of personality so you can revere Dear Leader instead of a God.
Monarchism is SLIGHTLY different than fascism, but both still stand the tests of times better than either liberal democracy or communism.

Nah, don't hug me.

And yes, weev is the resistance considering he's hated by everyone, even the "resistance" like the antifa.

The left and right dichotomy were born in the French revolution, one that ultimately failed, and a dictatorship/emperor Napoleon stepped up and picked up the crown.

Ultimately, the right wins because Napoleon lost and the monarchy is restored, until they give away to french republicanism.

Also, the october revolution contains many military members in it, so it's not an antifa revolution.

I don't know and I don't care about materalism, all I need to know is that it's shit and boring.

Zizek is a shit writer too.

Where are you getting this definition? I can tell you right away that no historian would agree with you. In fact, what you just described is much closer to absolutism.

Holla Forums is really not sending us their best

I get it from Mussolini.

Where do you get your fascim definition, fucking communism?

As if they need to?

Says the guy who hasn't read him

I read one paragraph of him and I already know he's a shit writer.

Shit writer writes a lot but means nothing.

Good writers write very little but means everything.

I mean you don't know what fascism is
it means something very specific, it's not just a label for all authoritarian vaguely right wing governments

You just compared him to Julius Caesar, tho. Caesar would hate you because you’re so indecisive, Christ.

Even those guys were leagues ahead, tbh. What theory has he built that other fascist haven’t? There is none, because fascist have no theory that isn’t over 80 years old.

I actually do know what fascism is.

And it shares a disdain for plebs.

Where did Mussolini say that?
You are so full of fucking shit.

The joke is on you

Thread derailed by my mongoloid postings

Maybe next time don't be so curious to debate topics which are of relevant political nature.

When did I compare weev to Julius Caesar?
Yes, older men are better than newer men, it's a shame, but we take what we can get.

I think you're just actually this stupid

You guys should meet chis-chan

…Fascism denies, in democracy, the absur[d] conventional untruth of political equality dressed out in the garb of collective irresponsibility, and the myth of "happiness" and indefinite progress….

The foundation of Fascism is the conception of the State, its character, its duty, and its aim. Fascism conceives of the State as an absolute, in comparison with which all individuals or groups are relative, only to be conceived of in their relation to the State. The conception of the Liberal State is not that of a directing force, guiding the play and development, both material and spiritual, of a collective body, but merely a force limited to the function of recording results: on the other hand, the Fascist State is itself conscious and has itself a will and a personality – thus it may be called the "ethic" State….

Chris-chan is an actual antifa, curious enough.

So yes, per your definition, Chris-chan is a part of the resistance, haha.

That's the point dumbass

Something stinks about this whole thing. No onw would hide behind an alias and post their real face online.

Ill say it agsin. Shes a J E W.

In fact, reading from this, Mussolini was inspired by Marcus Aurelius' stoicism.

Looks like I'm not the only retard here

The point is that you're so stupid that when you sincerely express yourself everyone stops what they're doing to gawk?
Well played I guess.

Not my definition, it’s yours. If you really think he’s resisting anything from a basement in Charlottesville, then fucking lel, I guess

Its the face of a teacher you retard.

My definition does not involve antifa as resistance since they are pitiful and gutless.

Weev, a controversial figure, actually is.

What you mean with this?

Chris Chan is a controversial figure tho. You have no real standard, is the point

Beating up your enemy is weak beta shit. Posting racial slurs anonymously on the internet from your house in a country with a total of 2 brown people is real courage.

Dios Mio! La creatura Americano negro!

Mussolini is describing a romantic subsumption of collective will into the state. It's actually rather incoherent and light on detail which I guess is no surprise.
Which is definitely not what you said above, wherein one individual controls every facet of society. Even Hitler and Mussolini had to play party politics. You're describing some sort of absolutist tendency that hasn't existed outside of "big man" tribal societies since once a sufficient population level is reached, that can be called civilization, power will have to be deferred just for the sake of management.

you deserve to have your throat slit by your fashy gf tbh

In this image weev is making a get away from the black tranny ZOG Occupied Government cops that tortured him in Guantanamo.

No, the state that Mussolini describes is perfectly in line with the romantic idea of Rome, that which Julius Caesar and Octavian subscribe to.

He is the state, the state is absolute and thus he's absolute.

Dictatorship/fascism/absolutely monarchy have existed in the majority of humanity's civilization development, the fact that a dictator gives someone else military or economic power does not mean he loses power, he just lends it to someone else.



In a way, that's true, considering how civilization flourishes under the roman empire and the middle kingdom.

In a way, you're a fucking imbecile who has never read a full history book outside of high school.

weev dont you have some crank to get back to the Aryan brotherhood or are you gonna let the m break your legs?

I doubt that, I sincerely doubt that.

Weev would probably laugh at this thread.
When did I compare weev to Caesar?

Why do you guys always resort to being slippery shits when cornered, like you accuse the Jews of doing? Just wondering.


you are weev

Before or after his daily cry of sad lonely shame?

You doubt that you haven't read a history book outside of high school? Shouldn't you be pretty goddamn sure?
What's your first language, dude. This is ridiculous.

OK, whatever you believe buddy.

During, I believe. Threads like this oughta reinforce his spirit during downtime.

Hence the sincerely.

One ought to not brag about his knowledge.

"For every one psychotic WN taken down/doxxed and humiliated a Holla Forums thread must be derailed" Weev says.

Who's the real winner here, Holla Forums?

lmao get fucking rekt.

Funny enough, Eco wrote about that in the same article:

So you admit that fascism is a cult, given that people who try to leave are excommunicated and attacked for their "weakness"?

Given his incompetence (suggesting that people protest Heyer's funeral, leaking the stormer's style guide) we'd prefer that you keep him tbqh fam.

It's a pretty small claim lol. Not an achievement that requires a humble attitude.
No you're just retarded and illiterate and the evidence is all across this thread.

Considering weev is a Jew white nationalist, and the woman in op is a amerimutt white nationalist, I’d say we’re still technically on point

What the fuck is this ur-fascism? Some kind of liberal delusion made up to victimize themselves further?
Is that cultist behaviour? Because every political parties do that when somebody is getting betrayed.
And thank you very much.


Except Octavian with his Pax Romana, where wars are all around the borders, but his core provinces prosper.

Come the fuck on, this is the intellectual the leftists have.

"You may get us fired, doxxed, beat up, humiliated, exiled and forgotten but our spirits are high and we still have our honor because we derail your threads"
Weevs powerful words

Ah, you also use the way Holla Forums argues.

One ought to be humble on what he knows, user.

Have you read the article? And no, most mature people don't seek to ruin the lives of people who change their ideas. In most western parliaments members of parliament don't get doxxed and death threats when they change parties or go independent.

Ancient Rome was not fascist.

How so?

Weird coming from you since you've been pontificating absolute horseshit this entire thread.

I love how the right uses chan revisionism like some badge of honor

I don't need to read it, what I read from that excerpt is already enough.
Like how Stalin didn't purge his people, or Lenin, or Marx with Bukharin?
No, they just get death threats from the followers, or you have Bernie Sanders himself, what a brave man.
As discussed in this thread, the Roman Empire was absolutely fascist.
Instead of argument, you post girls.

Holla Forums didn't invent it, but Holla Forums and Holla Forums love to utilize girls as reaction images to mask their non-argument.

What absolute horseshit, user?

The definition of fascism by Mussolini?

As a reminder, we are likely debating a man who exiled himself voluntarily to separatist-controlled moldova (despite the absence of any actual charges against him) and got so lonely he had someone fedex him McDonald's which is his apparent conception of proper American culture.

"One derailed thread is worth more than five of our men publicly humiliated and stomped!" - Weev speaking to his imageboard warriors

Wait, you thought you are really debating weev?

Yes you do, you've read roughly two paragraphs of text from an argument. You've read roughly less than 10% of the text. You don't know what Eco is actually arguing. You said that all political parties destroy people's lives, and now you've moved the goalposts to only include ML parties. Which is it, weev? Rome was in no way fascist and you have presented no convincing evidence to suggest otherwise.

And why are you getting angered by pictures of cute anime girls?

Post face, and prove you aren’t weev

"Don't let your white brothers and sister die in vain, derail a thread today" - Weev philosophies on the power of internet fights

It's quite possible that you're weev, given that you post like him (reddit spacing) and weev is known for lurking in Holla Forums as well as 4chan (see my initial pic)

Why does it look like his hair is sliding off his head? lel

No, I don't.
Only one paragraph is enough to judge the caliber of the writer.

Yeah because Marx was ML, the french revolutionaries are also ML. Come the fuck on. Even the jap marxists kill their own.
Yes it was.
The fact it's an autocracy where a single ruler controls the state and demands everyone obey the emperor/the state, yes.

"Around Whites, Internet Fights: From Meme to Reality"

This is a real title from one of weevs livejournals. They say this is what got him exiled to Russia.

The Caucasian baldness gene. Proof that weev is white.

Everything you've said regarding the history of fascism.
No historian agrees with your bullshit.

If you can read a worth a damn your own post, you would know weev's way of writing is very much unlike me.

See your very post here:

His vocabulary is weirder than mine, but his grammar is more correct, it's also way more emotional while I write more straightforwardly.

forgot pic

Are you implying jews don't go bald?

What the fuck happened in this thread?

And these exact historians don't deserve to be called historian if they fail to recognize such simple fact.

White baldness is superior to Jew baldness

The left can't meme

A kinda good pic of the guy.

But I do like his bald look more.

The simple fact that everything vaguely resembling fascism is actually the 20th century anti-communist movement fascism
Just shut the fuck up you retard

Why the salt? You were doing so well.

Uh, communism makes fascism everything about them, but fascism is literally against all democracies and modernity.

And no, nobody trust your communist's definition of fascism.

That's just intellectual dishonest.

You're an imbecilic brick wall who has admitted to a profound uncuriosity. I'm betting I'm not the first person to lose patience with you.

- One nasty WN filth teaching kids down for good
- One Holla Forums thread derailed

Weev declares victory on this thread.

Yes you do. Otherwise it's very likely that you're just making shit up, which completely discredits your ability to argue given that you refuse to read. And as to ML parties, you're contradicting yourself now. Are all parties willing to destroy the lives of people who change their minds, as you said before? Or only ML parties? And no, that's not actual fascism. It's absolutism, yes, but that alone doesn't match the tenets of fascism.

Why are you even arguing for fascism when you can't even get the definition right?

Why are you still here arguing with us?

Does this anime girl also make you mad?

Goddamn, son. I'm an absolute brainlet, but I don't think that I could even pretend to be this ignorant.

How stoopid is it possible to be? I don't work in public sector or anything to do with children, and I wouldn't expect anyone to keep my name a secret. pic related.

If he had been more nuanced he would have at least called them proto-fascist.

Guess one has to simplify things sometimes.

I'm betting you think the historians employed at American universities are communists so this discussion is beyond hope.

I have declared nothing but my undying admiration for Weevlos

I could tell from the first paragraph you are wrong in this post. No further discussion is necessary.


None of these things are true though. Plus, both of you structure your sentences into long, unreadable fragments that should be broken up into sentences. And if you're so straightforward why are you getting emotional in this post given that you're ruining your own arguing by spouting cusses like a teenager?

Here's an anime BOY for a change.


Well, I don't make shit up like ur-fascism so I don't know.
No, it includes from feudalism, to fascist to communist parties, politics is a dog eat dog world.
It is fascism though, you are dancing around it but the roman empire is a fascist empire, the same for the middle kingdom.
But I do, and I can.
Because I can.

It's not polite in western civilization to suck your own genitals in public, weev.

Again, you make several statements with no sources. Please back up the following claims with linked sources: "communism makes fascism everything about them" and "fascism is literally against all democracies and modernity"

All I hear is WE WUZ KANGS

Say something different now, you're getting boring.

I mean, some are actual communists so I don't know what to tell you.

You ought to read for yourself.
Only I do, weev makes an attempt of paragraphing.
For example?

Must be pretty important to defend all these honorary aryans

Very few, the huge majority are liberal. And academic consensus is that fascism is a 20th century movement that is not fundamentally defined by being a populist hierarchy. Since that's a whole lot of other bullshit too. But by its place in history, specifically what it reacted to. This definition of fascism is not a communist plot, it's the consensus of historians.

Aye, we were indeed.

And there's no need to say otherwise.

Diogenes would say otherwise.
The first is that fascism is an anti-communist movement, it's not just that, it's not just about communism.
And the second, please see Mussolini:

You don't get it dummy. One derailed thread = one exiled white nationalist.
This is justice to pathetic internet denizens with too much free time.

But you've admitted that you made shit up about the article, given that you refuse to read. This statement means pretty much nothing, saying that "politics is a dog eat dog world" doesn't change the fact that you're still contradicting yourself. Is it all parties or just a handful of parties that you're retreating to? And absolutism is not fascism. They are different things - fascism is a complete ideology while absolutism is more a style of governance. And which middle kingdom?

Why are you literally refusing to read a newspaper article?

Yeah, I do feel it's important.

Excuse me, but these liberals aren't right. In fact, their definition goes against historical evidences as shown on how Mussolini emulated Caesar to get into power.

It's defined by 2 things:
- absolute power to the state
- merger of corporation and state
Both were present in the Roman empire.


So cute

I have read. You are quite literally refusing to read a newspaper article.

Again, source.

What make up shit? The ur-fascism? That I agree, but it's not made up by me.
I'm saying all parties, all the parties that your "mature men" subscribe to.
Fascism is a style of governance as well as ideology, and it's very flexible considering italian fascism, japanese fascism and german fascism are different things (Roman empire, the japan empire).

Qin dynasty.

The Che of our times?

You fucking made up that definition. This is feels > reals to an unbelievable degree.

if you aren't willing to read more about fascism, at least read more about the roman empire


But this is fallacious thinking. Not only have you not linked to an article showing that fascism is anti-communist, you haven't linked to a source showing that "communism makes fascism everything about them". And your second source says that fascism is against "indefinite progress," not modernity. Do you have another source or do you concede this point?

Because there's no need to, one paragraph is enough.

Chomsky? Marx?

The stories told of Diogenes illustrate the logical consistency of his character. He inured himself to the weather by living in a clay wine jar[4][20] belonging to the temple of Cybele.[21] He destroyed the single wooden bowl he possessed on seeing a peasant boy drink from the hollow of his hands. He then exclaimed: "Fool that I am, to have been carrying superfluous baggage all this time!"[22][23] It was contrary to Athenian customs to eat within the marketplace, and still he would eat there, for, as he explained when rebuked, it was during the time he was in the marketplace that he felt hungry. He used to stroll about in full daylight with a lamp; when asked what he was doing, he would answer, "I am just looking for an honest man."[24] Diogenes looked for a human being but reputedly found nothing but rascals and scoundrels.[25]

According to Diogenes Laërtius, when Plato gave the tongue-in-cheek[26] definition of man as "featherless bipeds," Diogenes plucked a chicken and brought it into Plato's Academy, saying, "Behold! I've brought you a man," and so the Academy added "with broad flat nails" to the definition.[27]

I am just quoting Mussolini, user.

I do read about the roman empire, extensively.

I mean, the level of denial is great here.

Mussolini gained power by being propped up by wealthy industrialists, not via a civil war. And that isn't the definition of fascism. Again, you defend fascism but you can't even get the definition right.

"One derailed thread at a time!"
Inspirational tweets from the man the myth the legend.

Just to clarify I said american historians and you cited an example of a communist one being Karl Marx.
I can almost understand Chomsky because you're just that fucking stupid. Except he has never been employed as a historian.

No, you are arguing against an article which you refuse to read in its entirety, hence you admit to making up shit about it. Where did I say that the men you cited are the "mature men" I mentioned? Please quote the post. And now you're contradicting yourself again, given that you said that it's flexible but it's also completely totalitarian as you said in >>2422047

qin weren't fascist, they were legalist. legalism had clear divisions between the state and civil institutions.

I doubt it
Perhaps you have skimmed a few wikipedia articles, and listened to a few podcasts but I doubt you have actually read a book on the subject matter.
At the most you may have purchased a few books on the Roman Empire and have told yourself that you will one day read them, but we both know you never well.

I only point to an example of communist thinking that fascism is only about that.
I mean, progressevism is modernity but if you want a direct book about it:

So you admit to making stuff then.

I'm glad that we finally got you to come around and admit that you're making stuff up to try and argue with us. That's incredibly unhealthy and speaks as to the state of mind that you're in right now weev.

You gave one quote from Mussolini describing his romance towards the state. Mussolini explicitly describes Fascism in terms of its opposition to Socialism and describes it as a new idea in The Doctrine of Fascism. The idea was to return to the glory of Rome, not to literally return to its political form. Which is dead fucking obvious considering Fascist Italy was neither a Republic nor an Empire or the weird feudal collapse near the end of the western empire.

This might surprise but I have.

Qin has a clear division between the MILITARY and CIVIL institutions, not the state and civil institution.

Qin Shi Huang can in fact order someone to be killed for displeasing him.

Chomsky is a notable example, but Marx, while never being employed as a historian nor an american, claims to use historical analysis for his work.

"Hours, days, weeks. Do what it takes to argue a point. Internet victories are never pyrrhic!" - A post from the daily stormer forums.

Weev promises satisfaction for your internet labor as he traverses the eastern european lands

Weev, I understand that you had a hard time in a federal prison. But selling your soul to a man who literally gives himself concussions via concrete sidewalks is just not right.

You should come home weev. Unless the rumours are true and you were released early to be an FBI asset. (If this is true, then quote this post)

Why the fuck would you bring up Marx in reference to American historians defining fascism? Do you know how to read?

Fascist Italy was not an empire because it's not named so.

The reich was not an empire, the fuhrer is not an emperor, but their works are the same.

That particular quote describes fascism by Mussolini.

It's bad for you to make stuff up, weev. People won't trust you when that's discovered.

Every state that has ever existed that has proclaimed itself as fascist or had leaders identify as fascists has operated as an authoritarian capitalist system. As capitalism did not exist back in Roman times Rome de facto cannot be labeled as fascist. Furthermore, no fascist leader has ever tried to abandon capitalism in favor of a previous socioeconomic system, meaning that they remain a movement rooted in modernity despite their claims to the contrary.

Do you understand that definitions rely on more than one quote? The Italian fascists wrote a lot on the nature of fascism. This vague quote from Mussolini is not some trump card on what fascism is considered.

this guy is embarassing

I don't think I make up the paragraph that you quote, user.

Or am I taking crazy pill?

Are Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Lenin, Marx, Trotsky not mature men? Are you trying to weasel your way out of this?

You said, and I quote:
When they participate in politics, they in fact do.
It's flexible in aesthetics, not in governance, one ruler rules all, it's simple.

getting bored lads, I'm just gonna post my aut-right cringe pics. this thread is officially under "save one, post one rules"


Capitalism existed in Rome time too, there was industry, there was surplus labor, there was corporation.

There is imperalism even.

Mussolini wanted to go back to Roman fascism, so did Hitler, Hitler named his regime reich for Christ's sake.


Is might literally right?

NRx types don't subscribe to Evola


Not even according to Mussolini is that the sole defining trait of Fascism. Not even the fucking Fascist manifesto has such a simplistic definition.
You are ahistorical and completely clueless.


Did you know that Marx never once wrote on the topic of fascism? Since the neither the term nor the movement even existed while he was alive?
How do you manage to get dressed in the morning. This is embarrassing.

lol give it up. the right is a paper tiger. if you were half the shit you claim to be you wouldn't get your ass beat on a weekly basis by those "beta cuck libruls". You're a little man in a big cape.

This was when fascist is in its infancy.

Right, so when it got fucking started? And defined as a movement?
Crushingly stupid, your caseworker must be a saint.

Marx never did, but he whined on and on about reactionaries, who fascists end up being a part of it.

The right is a sleeping tiger, it engages in PR games.

It can shoot and mow down libruls and antifa, but to what end?

This is 20th fascism we are talking about, the fascists at this time were national syndacalists, and not the reactionaries they turn into.

just stop replying

lmao this is every rightards excuse along with "we have jobs n shiet". Get the fuck out of here lmao.
And were supposed to believe that instead of cowardliness being the one and only factor that causes you to speak up only on the internet or the ballot box is some kind of mastermind inclination towards being presentable and PR faggotry when dumb broads like in the OP get BTFO on the weekly. Some day you are going to be real embarrassed by the tough guy persona you put on online.




I like that you're now quoting from The Doctrine because you just learned what it is lol
Alright I think I'm done poking the retard.

What the fuck is up with Florida?

la creatura…

fucking LOL. The psychological projection in this article is the strongest I've ever seen. The guy can't even grasp the fact that Communism is a secular religion in a sense that Marx predicted that there will be a final revolution (which will never fucking happen), akin to the bible's book of revelation, that there will be a judgement day where the commies live happily ever after.

Even if I grant you that about Hitler (I guarantee he had less influence on Hitler than Bismark)
Just because you draw elements from the past doesn't retroactively make them fascist. Last time I checked fascist Italy and the third Reich weren't Aristocrats who oversaw agrarian economies run by slaves and subslaves owned by landholders.

They have the backing of these people as well as the popular support of the people.

The only people who were against them were liberal-socialists.

Didnt Weev run of to Belarus or Ukraine to hang out with his Skinhead/Neo-Nazi Buddies?

You're not making an argument

Reality my dude.

Ehm, comrade brainlet, I'm pretty sure his point was that those guys were not MLs. He's sarcastically replying to:


I'm not going to sift through this thread, why is weev the Jew being discussed?

Again point me to the third Reichs slavery system and Agrarian based economy of autocratic landholders

There's a guy in this thread who thinks weev is Lord Byron.

I hate reruns

The junker landlord and of course the jewish concentration labor camp.

If the people were against them, they would not have gotten the thrones.

Where is the "People power" in this?

And i dont think i need to explain why Mussolini wasnt popular'y put in place (March on Rome)

The people power is that people openly celebrate their coronation.

Caesar didn't just wade in Rome by himself, no, he marched in and occupied Rome with his army, therefore breaking ancient pact that no general shall set his army in Rome (which Sulla already broke years ago) and installed himself as dictator by forcing the senate's hand.

Yes Hitlers supporters (Roughly 30-40% Of the population) Celebrated him becoming supreme leader
But not a Majority of germans
Same with Mussolini

The majority of germans/italian did not oppose his rule.

A. In order to make Sure they were not overthrown Hitler and Mussolini created Police states with the exact purpose of destroying political opponents
B. Once it had become obvious that Mussolini had Led italy to the brink of ruin he was overthrown then killed by the italian people

She should have moved to Cali if she wanted to indoctrinate kids with idpol and have everyone back her.

A. Hitler is the only dictator who increased gun ownership than vice versa, and their resistances are pitiful, the military did more against Hitler the socialist resistance.

B. Only when the war is lost.

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t. nordaboo

Maybe you shouldn't have been a white supremacist racecuck, you stupid fucking faggot.

"The Roman Empire" lasted for less than 500 years and it was in an almost constant state of turmoil the entire time, which lead to its ultimate undoing in the West, and a slow, miserable, humiliating demise in the East, if you can even consider that still the Roman Empire.

Pop culture tier understanding of history. Jesus, Mary, and Patrick.

You are a brainlet and should feel embarrassed at how ignorant you are.

Yeah, I don't believe this for a second. Pre-arrest and doxing he claimed to be rolling in money and jetting across the world. The FBI collected him in a homeless shelter. He's back in the flophouse.

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The romans last from 27BC to 1453AD, my friend.

And yes, Byzantium is still the Roman empire.

How long does your regime last?

And no, that's not a pop culture tier understanding of history. You know nothing of history.

Actually, /a/ does that first.

And wait, no, Holla Forums didn't pull smug girl images before Holla Forums did, you have to prove that.

Hey nordaboo, kindly tell me what's wrong with that picture?

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