Are you ready for the most epic debate in leftist online history? It's gonna be autistic, it's gonna be brutal...

Are you ready for the most epic debate in leftist online history? It's gonna be autistic, it's gonna be brutal. Will Roo achieve where Xexizy failed? Will this be Sargon of Mossad's public humiliation as he is crushed by the sheer might of Third Worldist theory or will Jason loose a debate for the first time?

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Jason will be coming at Sargon from such a different angle that I think he'll genuinely befuddle him. Sargon is not equipped to handle a discussion regarding imperialism or how that relates to capitalism. This will probably be really funny.

I honestly would rather see them have a fist fight.

holy shit just fuck my shit up fam
This is gonna be so fucking cringey. Might not be able to watch it for more than 5 mins without having to turn it off. As for who's gonna win, I think I agree with what said. Sargon won't know how to approach Jason's arguments. He probably doesn't know shit about imperialism or the leftist theories around it.

Is there a way to make bets with money? Like a site that guarantees your money or such

Jason will go on an incoherent autistic rant and force Sargon into playing defense the entire time. Sargon won't even try to make a point because he has no Idea what Jason is talking about so he won't concede to anything either. The worst it could go is if Jason starts defending north korea and sargon trys to counter it because Sargon would sound Rational (tm) and Jason would sound insane to the audience.

Sargon will be taken completely off guard, because he's used to "not real socialism" leftists, and Jason will make him go "wait, did I hear that right? You LITERALLY defend the DPRK???"

He talked to Finnbol in that one video though right?

What do you mean? They have several stream with each other yes. But be aware that Jason takes no advice from anybody.

I think he meant FinnBol vs Sargon

Where tf can I watch that

If Jason is sufficiently aggressive he should win easily.

Oh fuck, totally misunderstood that. Yeah, but FinnBol didn't really had that much time defending the USSR because the discussion was very abstract. Besides, it's still somewhat possible to defend the USSR, whereas defending the DPRK in public is impossible, people will think you are a lunatic.

By the way, with all the fetish for "le rational argument" that sceptics display, Sargon being emotionally aggravated when Jason defends the DPRK will be quite interesting. No doubt he will throw the first cheap source he can google at him, probably some contradicting defector story, and Jason will remain stoic saying "not an argument", beating the sceptics at their own game.

You aren't even a real leftist

I need to get some popcorn.

If you watched any video of Jason, it should be quite obvious that I'm not him because he doesn't at all talk like that.

this going to be painful. Who ever wins, I feel like I lose just watching

Sargon will have no rebuttle other than citing Solzhenitsyn's fairy tales and muh 100 gorillion kulaks

This is going to be hilarious

fuck, my body is not ready for this

Will this be one of the first times Holla Forums is exposed to actual leftist arguments

He'll probably attack venezuela, too.
That's what he's been doing a lot lately.

If he wins, you lose, if he loses, you also lose.

I fear jason is to incoherent to make a rebuttal of that.

and killing farmers is cool so he will only make communism look cooler

That's exactly what you would say if you were him tho

no one takes yt celebs and their debates seriously you sperg.

As opposed to a basement dwelling 40 year old semi-literate narcissist twitch streamer larping as an intellectual being one of the world's leading right wing figures?

Unruhe might be a nutty larper but at least he can read

Of course I know it's all an epic for the lulz megalol where both the participants and the audience pretends to be retarded for shits and giggles, a fact you seem to be oblivious of or you would have known that my post indicates that i'm on the joke.

Sargon is handsome and socially capable, roo is ugly and incapable of social interaction.

I honestly doubt it.

I don't know which level of irony are you on currently, but I don't think Sargon, let alone Roo, are in any way pretending.

And neither are their audiences, if no one took them seriously, there wouldn't be any investment in them.

I think I'll have to give that debate a pass.I'm autistic enough as it is.

Even without his old ghostwriter, Jason should do well. He never loses track of the big picture so he'll stay on message, he has a better-than-average knowledge of historical examples to cite, and he won't try playing on Sargon's terms like Muke did.

Can't wait to not see this.

I think this thing might actually give me brain damage.

Jason Unruhe is not a Maoist.

Jason Unruhe is God

Five pounds on Jason.

Carl pls leave


I want to see them buttfucking.


who's the top?

K e k

There is going to a "warm up".

Is this peak spectacle? Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it.

going to be*

Well he had that "debate" with Veeh recently and I felt he was disarmed from Veeh's welcoming tone at the start, I hope sargon triggers jason so that he can get right into it.

These things don't fucking matter anyways, hell his own fucking audience of 15 year old crypto fascist spergs don't expect him to win.

wait who is the guy in the right?

Doesn't badmouse suck at debates?

yes, hes terrible

an insane romanian child

Since when did gypsies acquire youtube channels?


if you a want a vision of our dystopian hellscape future just imagine two Penn Jillette clones shouting at each other on youtube for ever and ever

This is one of the few debates I'll actually be watching. It should be good for keks

I was under the impression Muke won.

I expect Jason to lose, but this is so autistic that 'lose' is basically meaningless. I'm not convinced Unruhe can maintain a good idea for an entire debate - he periodically says or writes something decent, but what I've seen of his actual speaking is as lulzy as his reputation. I can honestly imagine him saying like the one thing that gets refuted in the entire thing, because it's mostly going to be autistic flailing. It would be easy for it to go on with neither party refuting anything, but I think Jason will fuck this up.

He did win.
I get why tanks hate him, but there’s no reason to deny he made Carl look like a joke.
Also, Coca Cola death camps are an under rated meme

I'm too saddened because of the death of Aniki but I will be looking forward for this.

Badmouse is fucking awful.
he is going to get his ass handed over by the gypsy that loves Vore.

Nah, if the Roo gains anymore weight he'll get a heart attack

God I'm really not looking forward to that.

I'm going to pregame during the warm up debate, here is hoping I'm going to be completely wasted when Roo and Sargon come on.

reminder that Sargon's A level (high school) qualifications are:
A Level Computer Science - B
A Level Biology - E
A Level General Studies - E

E doesn't stand for excellence, but it is the last letter before F.

The internets two largest messiah complexes battle head to head

I'm calling it, Carl is going to invoke this book.

*rimshot*. Nah, I'm offering a wager m8.

oh look, its another pseudo intellectual masturbation session

I believe in our glorious meme man!


you may not care about the spectacle but a lot of idiots sure do

time to critically support jason in his struggle against anglo imperialism
still the most willingly autistic event to ever happen online in years

i just threw up into my mouth


they steal them

I'd rather see a PixieJenni rematch.
Remember when Kingofpol was a Sargon's sidekick? Good times.

Never listened to Roo until he debated that Romanian weirdo, he seemed bright enough, should be good.

To read too many books is harmful

The Vore Gypsy plays the victim card so hard on Ceaușescu, maybe it's the only thing that he is good at.
Badmouse will get his ass completely whooped, he should have never returned to YouTube because he fucking sucks.
Any one claiming that Muke won the last debate, is either deaf or retarded.
Finbol won that debate, but he was in such awful company with Badmaouse and Muke, he would have been better off alone.

lol he was like 5 when the eastern block fell, and badmouse could just point out that most Romanians would vote for Chascunt or whatever his name

Anyone claiming that muke didn't crush in that debate, or that 'finbol was the real power house', did not watch the debate live and rather watched an hour of it after already being told by Jason and other ☭TANKIE☭s that muke did terribly, of course what they don't tell you though is the sole reason they think this is because muke wouldn't politely step aside and go along with the USSR being Socialist. That's right, they're just butthurt faggots.
Anyone who was actually watching it live and paying attention to the thread as it happened would know that, before the ☭TANKIE☭'s got mad, everyone agreed muke was hitting it out of the park, with badmouse not saying anything like the timid mouse he really is inside and finbol simply refusing to shut the fuck up about the holodomor, JUST LIKE EVERYONE WAS WORRIED HE WOULD BECAUSE, HE'S A ☭TANKIE☭ TALKING TO LIBERALS. What did you expect?

this tbh

When building models and figurines, remember to occasionally open a window, so you don't get high from paint and glue fumes.

Quit making him sound enduring.

I remember when we lived under the yoke of Thatcher, if that can be even called living. Many a night, they had me sleeping in a cage. They, that pair of "upstanding model citizens" of the regime. Me, I was nothing. The cage was unbearable, too small for most human beings, and too small for anybody by the measure of human dignity. But human dignity counted for nothing. I vividly remember one night, it was a night in the cage like countless others, but there was a full bright moon and it was even colder than usual. And even though I don't even remember what day of the week it was and I am certain that I didn't know even back then, because I was so confused, so disoriented – and I wanted to say something, but I couldn't articulate anything, not a sentence, not even a single word (I know it sounds unbelievable that somebody could be in such a state of mind, but I speak the truth, that was my state, my shattered mind, and that of millions of others in that country), the memory is so intense it feels like it just happened. I could only scream and then – it's painful to think about it and admit it – but that was the state I was in, I soiled myself.

Some say my story is the proof of a failed state. But some "intellectuals", twisted souls who use their intellect only for personal gain and the enjoyment of tormenting others they deem lesser people, un-people, shrug off my TRUTH and say that's normal for a baby.

First, I respected you because you defended Muke about the basis of what happened but then you show yourself being driven by an agenda/ideology just as well, as you claim that FinnBol "wouldn't shut up about the Holodomor" which is untrue, he only responded to it once and then couldn't even finish his sentence, and Muke and BadMouse also talked about the Holodomor so your criticism is untrue. Why can't you just admit that in this particular situation, Muke and FinnBol actually complemented themselves? While Muke's arguments were almost entirely theoretical/idealistic (that doesn't make them bad), FinnBol gave the debate an edge by providing grounded, real world historical examples of how socialism worked, so that the other side couldn't it all brush off a là "good on paper but a pipedream that will never work in reality".

Besides that, the criticism that was made against Muke was still legit. You don't have to say that the USSR was socialist if you don't believe it, just don't talk about it. I mean, BadMouse managed to do it, and he was a fucking LibSoc at that time. The worst part is, he didn't just say it wasn't socialist, he went on autistically about the value form and commodity production, which is something Sargon and the other spastics had no fucking idea about, this what you must always remember when debating non-socialists: They don't care how socialism is defined. They only care about how something worked. They don't make a difference between socialism as a condition and socialism as an ideology to bring about said condition. This is why they righteously pointed out: "You don't even agree amongst yourself what socialism is!" There was a point when that CEO guy said "I think nobody here is against a Keynesian mixed economy, right?" and Academic Agent was disgruntled but mumbled "yes" despite him being a Lolbert, because you have to show unity in debates, and Muke still has to learn this. There was also an instant where Muke joined some Trotskyst org, which adhered to democratic centralism, and then went on Twitter rants openly going against their line - I'm sorry, but that makes you a bit of a wrecker.

I watched Unruhe vs romanian idiot sceptic and there he was not that bad. He said socialism existed sometime ago in USSR and China but now China is social imperialist in Africa, said DPRK is not socialist, said Venezuela is socdem, and when the gypsy started his abstract sceptic talking points (muh equality of outcome muh sjws), Roo was just yeah but its just liberals inside capitalism and anyway this all is predicated on 3rd world exploitation so who cares.

I was genuinely surprised that Jason said that the DPRK wasn't socialist. I think that's one of the few things where he actually does hold a MLM line, because other than that he isn't much a Maoist. I think the biggest gripe I have with his his performance was is nonsensical definition of Marxism in the beginning, together with the fact that he said that everybody else doesn't know Marxism, just him, and the fact that he unironically agreed with Dracula that Cultural Marxism exists and how the Frankfurt School is an evil cabal. Other than that he was alright.

I think Vee buttered him up, let's hope Sargon is a bit more confrontational.

Isn't Ceaușescu the most popular socialist leader among former citizens? It's either him or Tito.

Wow, people think this guy is an intellectual?

Even I got a B in AP Biology (I'm assuming that is equivalent to A Level Bio) and I'm retarded

Sargon is pretty much a fucking meme nowadays for both the right and left to collectively laugh at. Nobody above the age of 16 takes him seriously.


Maoism is the Mormonism of Marxism.

Maoism-Third Worldism is the FLDS of Maoism.

Jason Unruhe will be confused.

He will be anguished.

He will not be able to think a linear thought.

He will not be able to think intellectually.

He will not be able to think deeply.

He will not be able to give an adequate answer.

He will not be able to maintain his dignity.

He will not be able to defend himself.

t. "ComradeDankMan"

It's probably the same guy who put the voodoo curse on Jason aeons ago.

That was a woman, not a guy. Actually, come to think of it, it was probably Chaya.

Don't even agree with the shit this board agrees with and talks about but I'm fucking stoked. I fucking hope Unruhe will crush him, dude seems capable in a debate.

Chaya and the voodoo woman are two different people.

Forgot this.

Pls tell me this is fake

Nice touch.


It's not. You can reply to that email address still.


Strange how true this is. I like it.

Seems about right given that both of them are anti-capitalist, love Iran, and hate idpol.

Considering how eager the Roo agreed to the whole Cultural Marxism thing, this isn't that far from the truth. Of course, it's also slander, so fuck you.

Come on, some laughs are to be have.

Who has a cuter ass tho?

A spectacle to surpass metal gear.

This shit costs 2€ per 0,3l where I live. Yet it tastes like normal tub water.

Huh, well fancy that. Either way, my dry throat after laughing my lungs out is going to need a bit of a re-freshments.

One of the few countries which sell Fiji Water cheaply is Australia. Looking at the time, it's also Australian noon. I know that Ba'atko posts with a black flag and is Australian. You are him, right?

The viewers will win my dude. The viewers will.

you got me

no worries. just wanted to test if I'm ready to go for a Kiwifarms account. also the advantage of having and Aussie gf

you'll get a gf one day comrade
if not I'll turn into a statist to ensure that you have one

was it satan chan?…I miss satan chan….she had nice boobies

It was Fatimah. She removed all her videos for some reason. She was also the one who made the Pol Pot was Kalki vid.


why do i have the feeling he's not being sarcastic about this?

So I watched that thing where Sargon is confronted by Antifa, and I'm sure this will come up in the debate - and I already know Jason and Sargon will unisono agree on this, how bad Antifa is, muh First Worldists, muh Cultural Marxism.

Sargon is a ferrus crainus and will parrot the same old neoliberal dogma until roo loses patience. It's a waste of time.

They'd also likely agree that the sky is blue at noon. Shocker, eh?


Roo and Sarcuck will agree on 95% of the issues they bring up, I'm certain.

yeah, that's going to be annoying.
I don't like muke, but to his credit he knew how to critically support antifa, even if they are currently trash.

I don't know a lot about unruhe except the autism and DPRK defense stuff, what's his hate of Cultural Marxism about?
Anyway this shit is gonna be gold, hope I'll be free to watch it live


It's based on the debate he had with Vee. When the topic of the Frankfurt School came up, Jason agreed with Vee about pretty much everything (IdPol, Intersectionality, etc.) and pretty much agreed about Cultural Marxism in all aspects but in name

Has Roo bothered to read the Frankfurt School? You could make a good case for Third Worldism from pic related.

No, of course not. And, as you said, the tragic thing is that most of his views and arguments are actually in their very essence supported by some of the Frankfurt School authors and intersectionalists. The only time when he differentiates himself from them is when he descends into pure economism.

By the way, here is an interview with Jason that isn't that horrible and puts some faith back into him:

Why does he always speak with so much sharpness in his voice? Is he unable to make a point without slamming. every. point. ??

It gives him a certain presence in a debate, successfully so far.

It makes him sound highly anti-intellectual though, like he has to force his point since he can't use concrete examples.

Wtf, is he not even joking there about the navy seal pasta? Fucking legendary

Oh okay, I'll watch it even though it's probably a waste of time. "Muh cultural marxism" retards are the worst really, especially because they think some basic non-arguments are enough to dismiss an entire school of wildly different thinkers

his eyes are blue just saying

I cant tell if this guy is shitposting on another level,or if hes serious


If anybody ever asks my why i'll never date white dudes, i'll just send them a close up of Sargon's ass

I think its been comfirmed that this is a fake.

If anybody ever asks me why i'll never date white dudes, I'll say I'm straight.
sorry for reddit tier joke

this is offensive

Wow, Jason….

Wow, Jason really lacks self-awareness doesn't he?

Oh come on grow thicker skin faggot.
don't forget where you are.

Hopeful Jason won’t go the rout of saying people in the first world are evil and need to die, or some other moralistic shit. When debating liberals stick to materialism. You can’t lose that way.

Badmouse in a video pointed out that most people in Romania supported Ceaușescu.

May the minds of Jason KKKaden and Carl Benjamin be plagued with confusion. May both fall into anguish. May neither be able to think in a linear fashion. May both their minds become fogged and scattered. May both sink into their states of arrogance so that they may both see their intellect whither.

What is the subject? I have a feeling like Sargon is just gonna whine about individualism for an hour.

This picture reminds me of Silence of the Lambs.

pig work

chaya will you be my gf if i convert to judaism and learn kabbalah

I'm looking forward to this too much lmao. honestly it may be the debate of the century

This will make the Spencer debate look like a Muke and Contra stream.

This is just an aside, and someone can take this post down if they feel like it never existed, I won't be upset about it, but I just wanna vent for a second.

God, I'm not looking forward to this. Every time I look at Sargon's smug incredibly punch-able face I feel this hot wash of shame that I used to like him. Way back in the halcyon days of 2014-15, before I had a genuine understanding of Leftist theory, and I was swept up in what I would now consider a complete dumpster fire we all know as gamergate, I used to genuinely look forward to seeing Sargon take on the "regressive left" with Milo, and Tl;DR, and PJW. though I never really liked him at all Jason is almost equally punch-able but I feel like he at least has a LITTLE more respectability because he actually bothered to do a bit of fucking reading. He got the wrong ideas and messages, and he read completely the wrong books to understand those ideas but hey what are you gonna do? Sargon puts on this pretense of caring about rational discourse and debate, and actually pretends to be open to changing his opinions when based on rational arguments. But I have a question, when have you ever seen Sargon concede a fair point to a leftist opponent in a discussion, when presented with a pretty rational argument? Now I'm not gonna sit here and say every leftist on the planet knows exactly what the best argument is and how to tailor it for the audience, but as far as I can tell, the answer is never. And Jason I don't think is gonna help that. I dunno. Maybe I hope for too much. But I think that Jason is gonna simply turn it into a massive dumpster fire that will go absolutely bloody nowhere.

as if it hasn't been that way already.
for me, the best thing this debate can be is a giant shitshow. Carl's base will be unchanged, so will jason's, but the kids who watch this hopefully are going to recognize there are opinions other than their own that should be considered.
at least, I think that's the best case scenario


Even if he (allegedly) reads (and by that I mean, reads, not "reads reads" like an academic), Roo is just as much a one-trick pony as Sargon. Think of it this way: Roo's videos primarily criticize and attack *other leftists*. For every vid he makes going after misconceptions about Marxism, the USSR, Mao, Venezuela, and the like from the right, he makes twice as many videos (if not more) attacking SJWs, "liberals", idpol, even other Maoists or as he calls them "First Worldists".

I want to see Roo and A.W. have a real chat about theory, dialectics, why Mao was a complete moron who didn't understand philosophy, and all that. Make Roo debate a lefitst who has done his/her due diligence, not some meme poster.

really cause a quick glance at his page suggests otherwise… are you still mad that he outed you as an illiterate, muke?

Funny how you assume I'm Muke, given that Muke and A.W. aren't exactly friendly to one another.

But back to Roo: he's developed his own gimmick and has essentially Flandersized himself into a one-dimensional hack. He doesn't do in-depth videos on theory. He does overdramatic clickbait saturated by his feels. Muke may be pretty dumb, but at least he's got creativity. That can't be said of Roo.

that's one way of describing how he's pulling shit out of his ass and proclaims it to be marxism

but yeah, roodypoo is a candy-ass third worldists
what else is new

i assumed you're muke because of your effeminate way of writing
wow another short learn marxism in 15 minutes clickbait video, as if there aren't thousands of these around that are several hours in length and produced by professionals and academics who have actually read marx (unlike you)

I'm not saying Muke is good or all that intelligent for that matter. I'm saying he's a much better youtuber than Roo, and you can see this just by comparing their view counts (Muke's vids get thousands of views each whereas Roo is lucky if any of his vids pass 2k).

It's not like Roo is any better here. Why would I listen to Roo talk about Venezuela if I can just watch TeleSur?

so it really is muke

TYT does even better, their content is still just liberals whining about trump and russia

the CPGB-ML does really good videos and still has little recognition in views
that doesn't say anything about the quality

but let's just agree on one thing: roo-dypoo jason and fuckboy muke are both complete garbage, in their own unique ways

Does this sound like an intellectual to you?

sounds like you're a redditor

yeah, third worldists like him tend to be elitist dimwits that think preaching defeatism is an achievement

If Jason were smarter he'd swallow the Foucault pill and go full PoMo.

Yes, now get on his level you silly idpoler

Two people who disagree on the fundamentals will attempt a conversation? Yeah, not even bothering to watch. They'll just call each other retarded in a roundabout way at first, and directly later, and each will claim they won.
You need some common ground to debate, you can't debate if you don't agree on anything whatsoever.

Clean your room, unironically.

The first three are only ever nominally leftist, fuck them wholesale.

pls marry me

Man, can people stop attacking Jason by going full IdPol? I'm really not a fan of him, I think he doesn't know his theory and is actually harmful to the left, but I feel this urge to defend him everytime someone attacks him for being "misogynistic", "misgendering" and using "oppressive language". Fucking hell

Why do people think Chaya looks like Gal Gadot or something? Just because she's Jewish? She hasn't don't a face reveal yet.

He looks like a squirrel storing nuts in his mouth.

I reckon that Joe dude from the other night would rek sargon

The warm up between BadMouse and Vee is on!!

You guys will shitpost ITT with me when this starts right? I don't really give a shit about this warmup debate personally

I'm just listening to it while I am cleaning my room, and yeah, it's lukewarm so far.

I'll definitely be here to shitpost once the main debate is on

Vee's a literal brainlet in general (his tie with the liberalist "movement" should be evident of that) and was being consecutively btfo'd and humiliated by right wing faggots, not much point to even give him a look.

Hes actually doing surprisingly well.

Badmouse, i mean

I knew vee was going to compare it to religion.
The egoist in me wanted to step in and tell him every enthusiasm is a religion.


This chat…

Just do yourself a favor and hide the chat

Liberals always have to evoke fiction to defend their fucked up societies.

Out of curiosity, can anyone tell me the ratio of white to black farmers in south africa?

Vee is such a retarded brainlet, my god. According to him in this stream, he graduated from law school AND medical school - has he ever shown his degrees?

Obviously the guy (Veeh or whoever) is conflating price and value as usual, but unless I'm wrong Marx didn't even dispute the fact that supply and demand have an effect on prices, right? I feel like that should be bought up more often when fucknuggets try to squirm away from the LTV with "muh supply and demand".

all lies, he's barely a nurse and likely just cleans floors

Of course supply and demand influences prices, Marx gripe was that supply and demand doesn't predict anything. It's an unscientific model with to many unknown variables. Watch Cockshott's video, he explains how supply and demand relates to the LTV in a short amount of time:

I've seen the video, yeah, I was just thinking that a lot of these guys like Veeh and Sargon seem to think that Marx completely rejected supply and demand as having any kind of effect on price at all when that wasn't the case.

I can't actually watch the debate right now - how's Badmouse doing so far?

He's not horrible, he's not perfect either. He comes over as a honest guy. Vee knows nothing whatsoever, and when BadMouse actually makes a point he just shrugs it off, makes a joke or moves on to a completely different topic.

That's not Chaya.

The way BadMouse talks about debt in ancient times pretty much implies he's read Graeber's book "Debt: 5000 years".

He let him off too easy when it came to the kulaks, but i dont think he knows enough. The USSR official stance on who was and wasnt a kulak was pretty specific.


Lol Vee gave literally EVERY stock response and talking point that you'd expect from a right winger. Even bringing up the fucking gulag archipelago, what a fucking cretin.

Seriously people, READ and you will utterly demolish any right-wing brainlet in seconds.

As I understand it, the Marxist view is that supply and demand cause fluctuation in the price of a commodity, but there's an equilibrium price (the price when supply and demand are equal) which the LTV attempts to explain. If the supply and demand are equal, the commodity still has a price but supply and demand can't be used to explain shit.

Does Vee not realize think Warhammer40k was created as a parody of bureaucratic fascism? If you actually get into the lore you'd know that Emperor was against all that shit the Empire does in the 41st millenia

We all know Pierre is trying to get the Roo's attention in hopes that one day he will get fed up and demolish his sweet, first world boipussi

Can't see the debate rn, did this autist seriously bring up Plebhammer?

What did he mean by this?

I hate it when I can tell what was the last book some pseudo intellectual read, simply because they can't stop quoting it and moving every conversation towards it.
There's this right wing guy truediltom, watching his videos from the beginning till now I can tell at what date he read what book that I also own.

He's done that, twice now. The second time he brags about that "you can kill a race of communists, the tau xDDD" in the game. No idea what point he was even trying to make.

He's a mental midget manchild.

Holy Shit, BadMouse said Jack Angstreich might be willing to debate Vee

Could you imagine what Jack might do to this guy?

It would be a waste, Vee is not someone to take seriously.

Yes, actually. It's very easy to imagine:

When are we going to get AW to debate Sargon? They would get so fucking heated lol

Supply and demand as intended by neoliberals is a flawed concept without coherence. Read Sraffa.

Ive been waiting for that guy to come out of hiding

I know. I think I worded my post badly. All I meant was that this idea that Marx never said anything about any kind of supply and demand is (un)surprisingly common, and that "well actually, here's how the LTV incorporates a supply and demand mechanism" seems like a logical response to any claims of the liberal conception of supply and demand BTFOing Marx or whatever. I'm not trying to claim any kind of continuity between the liberal pseudomagical supply and demand and Marx's supply and demand.

I've still probably worded it badly.


One hour right?

Carl, but Jason is a power bottom that makes fun of his stamina and dick size. In the end Carl curls up feeling incredibly emasculsted culturally and sexually while the Roo just smokes a cig with an unsatisfied look, as he contemplates the decadent first world phenomenon of homosexual one night stands between 2 obese youtube celebrities.

Roo is not THAT fat, come on


poast linke pls

Ummmm…does BadMouse know about the British Bourgeois Revolutions? Cause he could have easily pwned Vee when he said that Britain wasn’t transformed by revolution, they still have a King etc, etc.

where is it

It's up on Sargon's livestreams, get in here!

holy shit the DPRK goes wild in the chat

top ten anime crossovers

Kim personally asigned 20% of the population to support jason in chat


Its starting bois



אלוהים אדירים חיה, די עם הלרפינג הזה. מה הבעיה שלך עם ג'יסון בכל מקרה?

That photograph gives off sadness.
The link, for those who you are bored.




Wow, he read 2 books.

Yeah, full of shit. Do these people know how fucking huge this tome is?

dont buy it

still more than muke

Unruhe is being rather informative.

Why it's just jason talking ans sargon saying yes?

Reading one volume is doable, if you're willing to commit weeks to it. But you don't do that and still talk about the world like Carlgon does.

Surprisingly so. I mostly know the guy from his 5 minute videos on youtube, but he's coherent and eloquent.


Not gonna lie, Jason is pretty fucking solid so far.

I'm really enjoying listening to Unruhe talk actually what the hell

He's just explaining Maoist China, they aren't debating yet

I mean it's more of a lecture by Unruhe than discussion so far

hmu when it turns into a shitshow family

Maybe because there's no camera he feels more comfortable talking. Doing really well tbh

Well Sargon has no fucking clue what he's talking about.

there's only one way we could add more powder to this keg


"I'm not trying to engage with this through a liberal perspective. That's why I'm not banging on about death tolls. I'm trying to engage with this through a Marxist perspective."
- Comrade Sargon




One prediction came true already.



These live comment section things the fuck is the point of them lel?


he kind of halfway did



I'd like source on that please, curious

If you want your arguments to be seen, you have to donate

donate the minimum of $5


I'll have to find it, but I will.

I've got nine bucks in my bank account right now.


On mobile so I can't grab the source from its description but here.


not much really, discussion phase kicked in about 5 minutes ago

There's no downside to capitalism
t. sargon
time to pack up boys, he got us

Jason blew it.
Explain that imperialist ears are a fucking downside already. Talking about imperialism was given to him, he just ignored it.

imagine my shock

Jason came prepared!!


Jason kind of maneuvered himself into a corner here, didn't he?


Fucking hell this is cringy

Started okay but dropped the fuck off.

Economists failed to adjust for inflation when making their predictions. They also failed to measure what it takes to keep someone alive physically which is generally agreed to be between 4-5 dollars a day at the minimum

Fuck, finally hinting at it.

Yes he did. He's doing a bad job.


so many opportunities



/cow/ here, please tell me you trannies are bombing that stream chat with facts to BTFO Sargon

That's why they did a dry run with Vee. They wanted to make sure Unruhe wasn't clever or charismatic. They have to protect their precious Sargon.

Now just what in the fuck


Sargon is SocDem

I actually hope the debate is going to move back to the USSR/China now, because Jason did an absolute hackjob presenting imperialism and the problems of the Third World


Jesus Christ, I'm getting gin


Someone explain to me why Sargon is wrong here?

It somehow keeps getting dumber

Did Sargon just say "I think a form of communism will inevitably evolve out of capitalism"?

Yeah, he said the same when there was 3vs3 debate.



what the fuck is carlgon saying

I wish I had some alcohol right now but there's none in the house.

Jason is completely right when he says the availability of sweatshop labor lowers automatization because it's more profitable.

Good point.


Sargon so woke

Literally a boomer in a middle-aged man's body

Jason is still more coherent and realistic than Carl

somebody please make this into meme

I stoped watching because of the cringe factor.

this is so dumb holy shit. this was a huge mistake.




someone should make a highlight of this

Sargon is not as smart as he thinks he is. It's a difficult position to be in.

Makes it worth watching tbh, otherwise its just a brainlet slapfest


Sargon literally just admitted that communism is inevitable lol

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel. Jej.

This is actually wrong, even the US has a manufacturing workforce of about 10-12% of its workforce and its the model of deindustrialization. Germany has an industrial workforce that makes up about 30+% of its workforce.

Muke is having a stroke on Twitter about this, but of course he's misrepresenting it quite a bit. Whining that Jason didn't have data available right now is funny coming from him, considered he did not have once any data ready when pressed by the dumbest right-wingers on the Internet

this, it needs saved for posterity

The memes from this debate are 10/10 despite the conversation being completely awful.

Not even Soc Dem Gang claim this

Haven't you heard? Sargon's Jeb Bush-tier political opinions are mindblowing and groundshaking.

Honestly, his fans have done him a disservice. they ride his nuts so hard that he actually believes he's some radical political pundit changing the cultural background of society. He's just a fat cuckold sitting in his room playing videogames. His ego is out of control.

Are you ok? Self harm isn't healthy.

my god now this bullshit from Sargon that supply and demand is the only factor in forming prices

lel'd tbqh

no one actually follows muke, its just him pretending to be self depricating


You know how it is, I just can't look away

Holla Forums doesn't like Xexizy?

kek'd heartily

muke is a trot and sjw now

BASED wikipedia definiton DESTROYS NAIVE LIBERALIST on inflation


Literally fucking what? I learned this shit in a highschool online economics course.

Holy shit this is a comedy mine

I thought Holla Forums was pro-tranny and pro-BLM?

He suffers from Dunning-Kruger syndrome, so yeah, I don't like him.


Is this going to be on these bloodsports channels?

Sargon is wrong, but I think his liberalist viewers think he's "winning".

Jason is not swinging hard enough.

No /cow/, we don't.

Hey guys, what's up?

hows your health doing?

its pro tyranny since its ml

only so long that sorros continues to pay us

this shit is stupid and youre all gay

Go back making the video, Jim.

make more videos you lazy fuck

He needs to land some obvious punches. He needs to put Sargon on his heels. Stop fucking defending. Attack Sargon and his views. Stop just correcting Sargon's stupidity. Call him out.

I have screencaps, but don't want to derail so I'll let it slide.

What tastes more like fish, your gf's pussy or her lettuce wraps?

This man is a retard

why does jason let him get away with this

Forreal though mukes twitter takes are so fucking horrible. I don't even mind his youtube vids (most of them are ok) but I had to unsubscribe because I just couldn't stand looking at his smug fucking face after reading some of his tweets.

that is correct


two intellectuals at work



Holla Forums utterly BTFO

God fucking hell FinBol has BTFOed Muke so thoroughly, he's still butthurt about it


this tbh
I feel like I'm sitting in the stands drinking a beer with Holla Forums singing old Soviet war songs.





Muted the thing. Occasionally unmuting to see if I can handle the cringe or if they're talking about something more interesting.

I just wanna hear Jason defend actually existing socialism. Tell me if the conversation is heading that way.



Now Sargon doesn't understand imperialism, despite giddily campaigning for "cutural imperialism"


Sargon will not let that happen because he knows shit about these states.


t. Sargon

Sargon can't even talk about shit post 1000AD

People don't go to war for glory under capitalism.


So this is the power of liberalistism

WUDDUP EVERYONE? Welcome to yet….. another Warski live


God dammit Sargon.

I know Jason isn't well-read, but has he not read Lenin's Imperialism at the very least? Now would be a good time to reference that.

Caesar literally invaded western Europe for monetary and political gains, he owed a lot of money and would've died if he didn't do that.

Also does Sargon think his soldiers were paid in honor?

You heard it here first, straight from akkad

alright jason's bringing this back

FINALLY we talk about the USSR. This is Sargon's strong suit.

The Peloponnesian war was literally about economic power tho


Sargon sounds like he's losing it

Reading the comments mocking what Sargon and Jason are saying on here is much more pleasant than listening to it first hand. I think it's because there's a level of irony and mockery already in the comments, so that I'm not exposed to the pure autism directly, but experience it through a filter of memes.

What "economists" is Sargon referring to? He's saying that economists say that USSR could have achieved double the amount of its wealth under capitalism but his source is "some economists"


You know, economists. The Platonic Form of economists.

just wait for the 20 minute compilation
listening to these autistic 4 hour streams is too much of a slog



…capitalist medicine





oh wow


pack it up guys, we are done

It's always the fucking same. Capitalists are allowed to say "the data" without citing anything specific, they can say whatever fact isn't true, and nobody calls them out. Meanwhile socialists have to cite every letter they use and then their sources are called out for being not true.

We are always playing defense. Why the fuck does nobody even attempt to play offense in these things?


It's amazing how Sargon sets his argument up so that if something's bad about socialism, it's socialism's fault, but if there's something good about socialism, it's thanks to capitalism.


Listening to this as a right winger who's laughed at Jason's stupid antics many times.
Carl is making him look like the smartest most sensible guy in the room.
What the fuck is happening. Also why can't you embed on this trash board.

embedding makes it easier to track you that's what I've been told

The capitalist media is such a large megaphone that this isn't really effective in debates. "Going on the offense" typically means killing them tbh

Our BO claims there is a bug preventing him from changes anything about the board settings, banners, flags and the such.

first car in space!!111


Jason, now would be a good time to mention private property, you fat cunt.



I got to say though, despite Sargon being the illiterate idiot he is, he's proven to be a better foil for Jason than the literal mongoloids he was debating before


"The best defense is a good offense" isn't just a meme. Some dude on twitter accused me of being a misogynist. Within a dozen tweets he was defending himself of accusations of rape and slavery, and I was just being stupid and fucking around. A lot of people don't realize when they're put on the back foot. It's the simplest argument tactic, yet these bib brained nibbas don't use it.

I heard he has problems with bugs.



This is slowly shaping up to be a Spencer 2.0. Sargon is looking like a bigger moron than usual

They both sound retarded but Sargon is arguing about words again because he has nothing to show for. Fucking hell.


Soygoy "Preventing the spread of socialism isn't beneficial to American capitalism" of Cuckad

>Wars for cultural capital
Is Sargon trying to say the US is invading the middle east to be culturally enriched?


Fuck I was really concerned about Jason losing this but Sargon the absolute fucking retarded has managed to argue himself in such corner, holy shit

Jason needs some test or something. He's not following up. Whenever he staggers Sargon, he stands there and waits for Carl to catch his breath.

sargon.exe has stopped working



Sargon is such a fucking idiot, for what reason did the US invade vietnam if not for economic control?




He always does the same shit. Every fucking time and then he makes a video about how he won while everyone tells him he didn't.

90% of the time it's just Sargon being a bitch and fleeing from the point.

Wouldn't be surprised if his entire knowledge of Sparta is based on 300 and the wikipedia article.


yeah, I'm really just surprised he keeps getting away with it

How to debate like Sargon:

Didn't listen. What did he argue?

I just got back home, can anyone tl;dr me the debate so far?

He has a cult like following that sucks up everything he says man. Everyone, left or right sees how retarded he is.

Hold on, he said cultural capital?
Is he actually retarded? Does he think this is a fucking civ game where you accumulate cultrue points by building monuments and looting works of art from other civs? Goddamn what a moron.


the cognitive dissonance…

don't forget


can someone give me a quick rundown of the debate so far?

Both retarded but Sargon is being more retarded.

Sargon is a literal retard
Jason is eloquent and coherent but gets lost sometimes

marxism with autistic characteristics


Sargon claims things like "pride" and "honor" cause wars, and not economic reasons. As an example he brought up Sparta

Sargon admitted that communism is inevitable. He got owned.

lmao im not even surprised


Burst out laughing.


Yes. Have some /cow/ oc


Someone needs to meme this with the Windows XP shutdown chime



holy fuck

He's done this before on the debate with Muke.





Didn't actually completely concede to Jason's point there? Holy fuck

Why does Holla Forums attract so many unironic Jewish esotericists? Is this board really nothing else than a mirror image of/reaction to Holla Forums?

both getting marx wrong
how unexpected





The alt-right has decided to weigh in.


Back the fuck off ancap scum, don't fuck with Chaya

The fact Unruhe called out the Soyfather's tactical ancapism is great. Throughout his debacles with the Alt Right he's been wielding this dishonest position throughout. He's literally a basic bitch SocDem because it is the status quo safe position in the UK. if he argued with an AnCap he'd change colors in an instant

I fucking lost it at that. The whole fucking chat lost it. Even the fashies lost there sides.

Sargon is a neocon

There is this guy in chat that just constantly spams pictures of helicopters, nothing else, doesn't say ANYTHING



Big brain right-wing praxis.

I think his point is that it doesn't matter if there is a class conflict. If individuals can move freely between classes by raising and dropping from class to class or it gives individuals the idea that they can, then the revolution will not happen because people will try the path of less resistance

They think their ebin memes actually do something. These people have never read a book in their life

Sargon is Trotskyist GANG

Helicopters are pretty cool though.


Haven't those milquetoast politicians totally calmed everything down? Isn't everyone happy?

Carl is content because he has cummies and videogames. That's all he wants and it's all he proselytizes for. He isn't against Not Socialism for any heady reason. It's purely because they'll kick him in the ass and tell him to work. He's not against communism for any heady reason. It's purely because they'll kick him in the ass and tell him to work. He doesn't want to get a real job.


wew lad

What the fuck is this brainlet talking about?

No biggie when daddybux pay the bills

How can I get as woke as the NAP guys?

petty bourg are the be all end all of capitalism
made by sargon gang





be born rich


Honestly helicopter memes don't even bother me anymore. It's moreso a tool that lets you know when to disregard that person's opinion

There is a measurable difference between saying "Liberalism solves class conflict," and "class conflict doesn't matter under Liberalism"


And white. Fuck whites.

To think, all of this time Sargon could have been tending to his babby dinosaurs, instead he is getting schooled by a communist on economics.

yeah, just being rich isnt enough. ask jaden smith.




Sargon is unsure about climate change
You heard it here first folks

Carl's gonna have a rough time once his money runs out!



For a Pinochet LARPer he sure likes giving commies money, as a distant relative of Pinochet I DISAVOW

This is increasingly becoming Jason teaching Sargon about basic principles

you hate us coz you aint us

What's with righties and Pinochet worshiping? He was one of the worst right wing dictators ever. Pinochet fucking crashed the economy of Chile in 1982 with his neoliberal reforms and had to reverse to keynesian economics.

wow the last 20 minutes have been a slaughter

kosher dictator put up by the CIA

Did Sargon just handwaved away climate change as being not real? lmao

communism is a double reverse false flag orchestrated by hitlerist jews
the data says so


How can Sargon be so fucking dumb as to implicitly affirm the existence of imperialism while otherwise denying it?

I'm here already ain't i?


Loving these carl edits.

It's just kids taking memes too far.

Probably a sockpuppet account of Coach Red Pill


"I don't know if the globe is warming or not"


Wtf, im maoist third worldist now


It's just a shitty meme used by underaged retards who think it's hilarious. It's just to shut down the other person. I personally don't give a shit about Pinochet



Man I gotta say, what I adore about this debate is that for the first time we have someone who actually got Sargon to go on the defensive here. Muke could learn form this.


Ugh, Sargon is a brainlet

National Socialism or barbarism

what the fuck

like, literally, what the fuck Sargon

I can tell he's ITT




Far from it. This kind of shit has happened a lot more in his other "debates". It's dull as fuck.

They have to the alt-right, now they are losing to us.

Liberalistismsicisms is dead, the only way is left.

How the fuck is Sargon considered "controversial" again by the MSM? He's literally a Hillbot at this point

I could unironically debate Sargon better than Jason

The capitalist class certainly is hereditary, nor is capitalism a perfect meritocracy why is he not demolishing Sargon in this?





wew lad this fucking guy

Jason always comes here when he does streams like this. Because we're the only group of people who will follow along live at high speed and say "he should say this or that", which from our combined autism power helps him in the debates.

Literal kulak


And then he admits that class interest is a thing that exists
what the fuck man



lmao is this one of these events where Holla Forums and Holla Forums stand united against sceptic imperialism

where do skeptics even congregate? reddit?

Sargon loses to Spencer, Sargon manages to actually lose to Anglin, and Sargon loses to Jason. Please spam Sargon about how he got BTFO, I want to see him sperg out harder than when he went off about White niggers and deserving respect
t. /cow/

Actually interested, what did you guys think about Sargon (and the liberalists in general)'s debates against the white nationalists. I'm one but I'm curious how outsiders viewed it.




Does he really? Fuck, I would have had a 1000 things he should have said

This is some nightmarish shit.

You got it.


And now he admits that imperialism exists despite denying it earlier

Why does Sargon think communism can only happen if we skip socialism and why doesn't Jason call him out on this?


Jason just quoted Kim Il Sung, he reveals full powerlevel now

oh really? i knew he posted here once or twice before but not that, i remember posting information in the thread for the muke/finnishbolshevik/badmouse debate with the understanding muke would absorb some of it, and he did convey some of the information which was posted in that thread

Well post it. Last time he was in here if i remember correctly




Paula used dialectics from the bottom of her heart.


Jesus fucking christ.

marxist-sargonism isn't a meme anymore


/cow/ has the best Sargon memes



I don't think many people watchted them here. I only saw him be humiliated by Jim in a compilation, don't think he even is a wyat nationalist though.



OH man the chat is literally retarded.

Are we finally seeing the end of youtube rational liberalist skepticism?

Please stop posting these demon edits of Carl, they seriously creep me out

What was the quote I'm on my phone



Sargon has accidentally and unknowingly agreed with Roo quite a few times during the debate.


For sure. Video user needs to hurry up and finish his video though.

Fits with the debate, it's the same level of retardedness.

"Communism cannot exist as long as imperialism exists"


His talk with Spencer was just a spergout on both side. Anglin just bullied him for 2 hours.

they both are projecting so hard my brain is about top melt

Why does Sargon think communism is something that should come about immediately overnight? Is he secretly /anarchogang/?






Why do you think he owns an antifa flag?



jason is not using the marxist definition of state


It's Esoteric Satan Sargonism. The next stage of Esoteric Sargonism.




what a sissy


What does Holla Forums think of Chapo Trap House?

It was the same shit when he was debating the alt-right





sub-par politics, not as funny as cumtown

I wouldn't be surprised that this demonic Sargon posting would actually mutate Carl IRL to a chaos spawn

Goddamn Carl


Kind of garbage


Chapo is radical socdem gang.

lets discuss their autism please
distorted sargon pics are getting stale


Reminder that Sargon is literally a brainlet that failed general studies

I don't listen to podcasts

Murdoch Murdoch predicted it.

Has Jason read Lenin?


im tired of fucking hearing about them. i will never listen to them i dont care, i refuse to learn a single thing about them

You trannies are alright sometimes.

Succdem soyboys


Man that made me laugh.


if he ever did, he should reread.
marx too.




Rooroo is fucking pooping on Sargon so hard right now

Puke should go back to writing his poetry

You don't even have to go to Gothakritik to debunk Sargon there. Marx gets into the DOTP in the fucking Manifesto.

Sargon's braindead followers would beg to differ


hahahaha sargon getting btfo here, this is what happens when you use communist lingo without reading communist literature

And they run when the sun comes up
With their lives on the line

God this is getting boring, Sargon is grinding water over shit he doesn't understand

Why the fuck does Sargon keep thinking Marxists think communism can come about while capitalism still exists? How the fuck has he not gotten this through his head yet?

Pretty much.
They also don't understand why Jason is quoting Marxist thinkers




Not sure if you faggots watch Murdoch i don't usually even though i'm Holla Forums, shit's gay but this episode is fucking spot on.

For the people who missed the early parts of the debate, Naziposter has posted some early quotes here: >>>/leftpol/33473

we took down murdoch, faggot

Reminder that Sargon makes about 250k-300k anally and considered himself working class

fuck off with your unfunny shit

Doesn't Sargon shilling UBI around the start of the stream kind of undermine the human nature argument?

They're pretty good, but their last two episodes were kind of subpar. I don't think they'll be able to surpass Murdoch 88. Not a popular opinion here but some of us have a sense of humor.

So do the Chapo boys

Class is determined by your relation to production, Sargon is as good a prole as any :^)

From a Marxist standpoint he still is working class

Yeah no, youtube regulations did, nigger.


put that in the video

Skimming through it, it didn't look interesting but then I saw the Sargon monster at the end so now I'll watch it.

I'd say he's more of a free professional. He owns the means he needs to make a living, and answers to no boss. Petit bourg.

If you stretch it I suppose you could say he is a freelances who actualy works for jewtube.

all cops are bastards
t. Carl Benjamin

No thanks

A man has to have a second job to raise his dinosaurs

lol every time. is he going to mention all three years of Catalonia next? why is Jason referencing anarkiddie idealism?

Video is trash tbh

is carlgon giving up?
congrats that's the definition of socialism

Read the post before you sperg, faggots. That episode is spot on regarding Sargon.

I kept hearing how it was "south park but for the right", so I threw on a couple episodes but couldn't get into it. I appreciate the work they put in, but there's no comedy or charisma. Good to see some of you fags enjoy comedy over muh polatex though.

I think it's confirmed by this point that jason was relying HEAVILY on ghostwriters in his earlier videos. His newer videos are 5 minute newsreels with like ZERO input from him.

calm your tits, he was just using that example to talk about the police and in the commune they had a rotation system

Jason staunchly defends DPRK and Cuba

"I love watching, in the US, when a black cop shoots a black guy" - Sargon of Akkad

Does he have a job aside from youtube? Are you really a proletarian if your job is youtube videos? Youtubers basically sell advertising space (and an audience) to corporations. That isn't quite the same relationship to the means of production as someone who's labour is exploited by a capitalist that extracts surplus value, is it?

Paris Commune was peak socialism for Marx himself

He takes care of the dinosaur.


well sargon got killed

It is a bit more unique, because he isn't working for a wage, nor does he half to sell his labor. I guess he's closer to being petit-bourg, which explains a lot

Marx loved the Commune and regarded it as a living example of proletarian dictatorship. Lenin literally said "as compared to the communards we are dwarves standing on the shoulders of giants" (paraphrased). It was not exclusively an anarchist thing.

his stammer at the end just shows how hard he was spanked

His wife's son.



what the fuck, a little redundant no?


the joke, besides Sargon being a literal cuckold, is that he spends hours upon hours playing ARK, a game about raising dinosaurs.

jason was a few books and braincells away from sending sargon to debate gulag. aaah
so many missed oportunities

He has 2600 hours (maybe more by now) played in a game called Ark, which heavily features dinosaurs. He also married a single mom, so when he left one debate early people said it was to takecare of 'his wife's dinosaur'.

I tuned in late, did he ever mention Cockshott?

Idk they just seem to be going in circles, they're both acknowledging each other as correct but not really, Sargon believes neoliberalism will improve the world without understanding just how critical imperialism is to neoliberalism…therefore neoliberalism will never actually being about a global utopia it will only perpetuate imperialism indefinitely
gosh, it's "id-pol" a contraction of identify and politics

I'm sorry to say but neither of them are very intelligent at all, Jason seems a smidgeon more put together intellectually

Jason did 100x better than Muke. Take notes, you illiterate faggot.


im now certain sargon doesnt know any theory, since he didnt mention any

Almost 2800 hours now and only 4 achievements out of about 30


Oh boy Jason and Sargon are becoming best buddies now

l>>2427388i mean jason le

I have to agree here

sargon befriends his enemies he's goku see muke


Absolute mic drop by Jason

Yeah that's what I'm saying. Being a youtuber is like being someone who lives off of selling advertising space (like, physical advertising space) which is not at all like being a worker (selling your labour power). Obviously youtubers often come from the working class and can still be poor and struggling to pay rent, but their relationship to the means of production is not that of a proletarian.

Jason should really not talk about idpol

Nope, it's another one of his tactics. Fucking up his side of the debate and then try to nice and friendly up.


Addresses to report to'

Carl Benjamin
176 Westcott Place
Swindon Wilts SN1 5HT
united kingdom

That was fun, guys. I think the Ja Rule festival was the last time I shitposted with your queer crew. Good times.
Remember, dilation lasts forever and 99% of traps look like men.

yes it is, they don't own youtube and depend on youtube to earn the money, their labor is aplied in the videos. they are just freelancers with no wage


ur mum gay

Apart from that one time the roo name-dropped Cockshott has he ever brought him up again?

>>>Holla Forums

no u

woah please no one do this it would be horrible if reactionaries were deplatformed



muke made a twitter thread going over the debate, does leftypol agree with his analysis?

I refuse to ever look at muke's twitter again.

We /cow/, bud.

hes right, jason fucked alot up, but it wasnt that bad. his debate looked worse

are you saying he's so rich that he literally shoves three hundred thousand dollars up his ass for no reason

considering muke completely embarrassed himself last time he spoke with sargon, he is the last person to be offering analysis

no, he is misrepresenting it, because he's got a hateboner for Jason.

Surely some things could have been phrased better, but besides that issue about poverty reduction where he sounded a bit shaky, he pretty much countered all of Sargon's arguments and gave non-socialists a fair presentation of his ideology and socialism in general.

This. Jason missed a lot of opportunities, but overall owned Akkad on several fronts.

Some of his points are valid, but Muke needs to understand that these debates are largely rhetorical, and on the front Jason did significantly better


Also, Muke literally lost against fucking Coach Red Pill and had ZERO sources for his claims when pressed. At least Jason did have some source

Didn't muke get straight up ambushed in that though and had no idea CRP would be coming on?

absolute cringe

damn that's hardcore yo

Damn you Sargon!

If CRP bodyslams you, you deserve death tbh.

I found a tranny

Muke debated Coach Red Pill?

Last for /cow/