How do we appeal to pic related?

How do we appeal to pic related?

Middle-class loser dudes in their 20s and early 30s who lean Right for a variety of reasons and have a lot of shit hobbies to escape ennui

cool bingo, I got 6.

We don't need to appeal to soyboys; let Holla Forums have them.

I don't think anyone actually exists that would like even a majority of those things together.

this person is probably a neet or works shit job

just get him #classconscious


just get them hooked on Cockshott.

t. middle-class loser dude in his 20s who leans left for a variety of reasons and has a lot of shit hobbies to escape ennui

I really fucking hate the tendency of this board to wash away dostoevsky works just because he had reactionary tendencies

i got scared because the picture literally describes me , even the flux and no pillow
only few things are wrong like political compass

…is this a bad thing ?

It just means you need to get a goal in your life

The three G's: A goal, a girl, and a gun to target the bourgeoise when the time comes

Some are obviously meant as alternatives. I mean, who in their sane mind would like both Vim and Notepad++?

in bruges is a nice movie
fuck you yeah im angry irl
there is nothing wrong with that fun movie, why would someone on the internet just randomly dislike that movie?

This is basically typical chankid trying to get into programming/IT. The type of person in that image will probably lean libertarian or reactionary right because of a combo of autism producing low empathy & unwarranted self importance, along with poor social skills/ability breeding resentment towards minorities, society at large, and women.

both are good.

I suspect it might have been made as (semi-)ironic self-deprecation. The little things like category theory are way too real.

We need a name for middle class lumpens, because they're unique compared to the rest of the middle class AND the rest of the lumpen proles. Lumpen proles have lots of friends and have sex all the time. The middle class has too many responsibilities to engage in endless frivolities, or if it tries, won't be middle class for long.
These new middle class lumpens are just… fucking weird, historically and materially. It's hard to grasp what they even are.

yep, getting yourself up to the graduate level math requires way too much effort for any 'casual/normie' to go trough

when you see a reactionary autist that can into graduate level math, run for the hills, this guy probably wants for a violent death, and has worked hard at his shitty minwage dead end job, saving every penny in order to build a heavy artillery piece/drone weapon he plans on using to end it all

ftfy: not "can into graduate level math" but "has skimmed a book on CT once and memes Idris because >2018 >Haskell", not "saving every penny in order to build a heavy artillery piece/drone weapon" but "has an unfinished plan for suicide bombing that would never actually work" and not "run for the hills" but "point and laugh". just kill me now

Gulag fodder

I got 27, rather worrying tbh

Being able to relate to some of the feelings expressed by that pic, I feel like the main problem these people have with leftism may be that they feel it puts too little attention to the individual and his particularities and too much to the collective. So maybe something that helps might be to demonstrate that under socialism, there's supposed to be MORE individual freedom and possibility of expression than under capitalism.
That being said, I feel like dudes to whom a lot of the things in the pic apply are actually more likely to feel "apolitical" than to be really convinced of one specific stance.

that's already the primary demographic here in case you haven't noticed

I just looked at the pic again and a lot of stuff isn't bad. NoFap, cold showers, developing discipline, reading Ecclesiastes, going to the gym (more than twice a month obv), studying. Why is this supposed to be funny?

The secret to having a good life and getting a gf is having friends. Shutting yourself in a room and studying shit won't help you do that.

The point is not that everything in that pic is "bad" (surely Kafka, Dostoyevsky and Spiderland aren't), but to pinpoint a specific type of dude who likes and does a lot of these things.

No fap is fucking retarded.
No porn should be the solution

You have a point but I think no fap can be beneficial to some people, especially those who feel their sexual energy is too low. not speaking from personal experience

I've done nofap for a week. I got a small bit of energy in return for being horny all the time

You have to tough it out and resist. The feeling eventually dies.

Tbh I don't know anyone who genuinely committed to nofap and still watches porn.

His point was that you can do noporn while still fapping though. Probably he meant that it's unhealthy or unnecessary to go full nofap.

I didn't really like how it literally changed my sexual preferences. I went from enjoying a wide range of body types to just being incredibly horny for thicc/chubby women. At the end I started getting semis in public almost completely at random.

Yep I meant this.

fuck rick and morty


It already has a name: Failsons, guys who are failures despite growing in stable middle class backgrounds and whose family/social connections shield them from abject poverty.

You'd need to do something about the liberalism currently associated with the left. The main thing driving young men to the right is the combination of idpol and liberalism from the left and the humor and sense of belonging from the right; most of them have a surface-level understanding (at best) of so-called right-wing political thought and are really only on that side of the fence because the other side of the fence is so damn easy to hate; if the American left put as much energy into reforming themselves as they do fighting for cummies they would start drawing in good people by the truckload. Egalitarianism and opposing the powerful has extremely deep roots in the American psyche and many people from blue-collar backgrounds or who grew up poor are just waiting for someone to reach out to them in a way they can find palatable but as long as fighting for the right of men in drag to use female restrooms and engaging in self-flagellation over the sins of your ancestors is perceived as a mandatory component of the left that's not going to happen.

Then again, these people are like sandbags to the right so you might be happy with them where they are.

You can appeal to them by stopping acting like compassion actually leads to a compassionate society

They have been for quite a while now, at least anything >muh avengers

If this image included a, say, 2002 SA regdate emote it would really hit more people home harder


Make socialist reversions of all those things, but educate class-marxism-engels-adam curtis in humorous 4 syllable terminology.

I have an idea…

You got a problem with my nigga Ecclesiastes?

That demographic is at minimum 50% of Holla Forums already.

I hate you op. I fucking fucking fucking hate you.

Tbh these kinds of people are fucking useless. I've had experience with them and they'll do absolutely nothing to improve themselves or put any effort into anything. If you want to appeal to them you need to look cool and edgy, while giving them a sense of superiority. Don't expect them to actually help your movement in anyway though

Maybe for a repressed religious persons like you. I just dont get denying yourself such a harmless pleasure.


Surely it can be beneficial if you feel borderline addicted to fapping, or don't have any sexual lust anymore. Not rocket science my dude

I've been having an absolutely shitty day and your post made me laugh so thanks user

There is so much shit on there it might as well apply somewhat to anyone between 18 and 15.


How the fuck does being horny make you attracted to less women

Yeah, thats the thing about chan culture. It leads allot of people to think their special for consuming media with slight edge to them. Non "normie" things.


What do I win?

no theyre not.

Also to people younger than 18 tbh, and maybe older than 25.
Btw, is "no pillow" genuinely a thing some people do?

I have no idea. Why the fuck wouldnt you use a pillow, that shit kills your neck.

Is the point of starter packs just putting in a shitload of things so you can piss off as many people as possible?


This is me

This is also true

How do you stop being a failson
You do. If they didnt exist before then it isnt an inborn trait.

Part of the problem is that these group of people don't respond to logic or facts, but psychological coping mechanisms. Believing yourself superior on the face of mediocrity, lack of vision and social ineptitude leads to a kind of cognitive dissonance in the form of unwarranted ego status i.e. "alt-right" snowflake identity politics.

Reaching out to this people requires the kind of action you can't easily achieve in imageboards: re-integration and re-socialization. Sadly, the social media age–the "autismal zeitgiest"– means that precisely this kind of socialization is avoided and actual face to face interactions are rarer and of lesser quality. This trend, intensifying over the past few years specially on the first generation raised on it but now coming of age, leads to the inevitable cynicism and lack of sympathy and distrust/dislike for anyone outside your virtual tribe. Best we can do is make people self-aware of their status and hope they have enough good will to change their pathology.

Ironic, because edgyness and false sense of superiority is the definition of snowflake supremacism, innit mr. master race?

If you think of yourself as a "failson", you're already fighting a losing battle by sabotaging yourself into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Any self-improvement must begin with the premise that you are a good and valuable person, regardless of your current situation (it's all pathological, read Zizek). If you can't think of yourself as good, then you need to cut out anything and anyone from your life that tells you that you are a bad person (including this website and similar imageboards), and maybe see a therapist to help you change your mindset.

I never considered myself to be a failson, but just for the sake of going by the definition set out in this thread, I fit it.

What book

I have been doing that over the past year or two and its working OK, I guess.

Am I the only one suffering depersonalization here?

I'm not complaining about idpol as a concept or its employment in politics, just mentioning that lines of rhetoric akin to "fuck straight white men" is not conducive to recruiting alienated white young men. Of course the most egregious offenders are just screamers and useful idiots, but that goes back to my point about divorcing or eliminating liberal stereotypes from the common perception of the left.

Save from cherry picked clips and isolated incidences, there's no such concept. The white male victim complex is merely a smoke screen Holla Forums-kins et al employ to justify narcissistic delusions. It's difficult to reach out to young men in general because humans will more easily blame and deflect to others than to admit fault and seek improvement. This is why right wing propaganda spreads so easily, since it seeks no facts but offers "rank" and "pride" by means of racial entitlements and imposed hierarchies. Bread and circuses for the emotionally ill.

I'm sure you know Holla Forums actually hates people like the ones you keep posting, and the alt-right in general.

The perception of it is, though, and that matters. Some freshman college student at a demonstration parroting what they learned in race-baiting 101 the other day is still widely perceived as a member of "the left" (and almost certainly categorizes themselves as such) and poisons the well by association.

Oh, absolutely. There are a disgusting number of people on the right who essentially see "right-wing" politics as nothing more than free self-validation.

Reaching out to young men is easy; you just have to promise them what they feel entitled to while looking like you can deliver on said promises.

This is generally true of all propaganda and even propaganda that presents facts accurately does so to produce an emotional response. The best propaganda works on many levels, but it has to evoke an emotional response to succeed on any of them; for instance, someone posting black crime statistics isn't doing so in order to make their target aware of a civic issue, it's to make their target think "ugh; fucking niggers" every time they see a black on the street or read about a news story about a black committing a crime. The fact is just the vector, not the payload, and its presence could even be described as incidental.

How true this is tends to depend on where someone draws the lines for "racial entitlements", in my opinion, but I'll leave it at that.

Hierarchies of all sorts are a cornerstone of "right wing" politics.

I would argue that almost any form of propaganda can be described as such, varying mostly in its levels of subtlety and intensity.

well shit 32

High quality youtube content and dank memes is the best way to appeal to everyone and anything.

we won't ever appeal to these types of people bc they want to be top of the hierarchy. it's useless trying to bc the equality that comes with socialism isn't what they want, they want to be the "alpha male", good body, smart, rich, and getting girls. they're usually virgins and they've put sex on a subconscious pedestal. combine that with the shit they consume, trp, 4chan, the anti-sjw mindset, they think shifting to the left will make them a "cuck", "soy-boy" etc.
other than that yanks need to start making it very clear that democrats aren't the left and liberalism what the left wants.


I guess I'm still basically this, used to be more like this in high school. Hell, my political compass was exactly where it is in that picture in highschool. I guess reason why it didn't stay there was because I gradually realized how private corporations are to blame for a lot of the world's problems as well, so that. Oh also I didn't like the white suburbia bubble I was in and all the right wingers I knew were autistic Holla Forumsyp types or basic white suburban dudes. I'm glad I grew up in a big city.

small check next to fantano because I don't like admitting I watch his videos


Black Mirror is pretty good tho

user the capitalists are literally poisoning the food so that people can't think straight.

Stop falling for it you fucking tards

why I'm the only one linking True Detective? (on the left edge)
It's a really good series.


Translate Das Kapital to Basic/Simple English.
I'm actually fucking serious, and surprised no one has done this. Simple English and its variants are fucking prime for educating people of all sorts. Simplified English needs to be proliferated more, especially among native English speakers who have a poorer grasp on the language.

I guess it could be useful if you spend all your free time online, but still need to get out of the house at some precise hour.

Rewriting Das Kapital into simple english would require a lot of re-writing of the book, because he uses a lot of difficult words in german.

Then why are you on an anonymous self abuse board?

How are you not pic related?

I imagine some of the more difficult words, those that can't really be translated to full effect, could have footnotes to explain what the meaning of the word is.

Speak for yourself
I have exactly one friend and I also have a gf
I'll let you piece together who my friend is

what can I do to overcome the compulsion to become a reactionary out of sheer contrarianism? Now that even McDonalds, Hollywood and Google are 'feminist' (or at least on board with the most shallow version of identity politics), it feels weird, almost like they are trying to brainwash me, which provokes a pavlovian contrarian reaction, even though I've never given a shit about muh flag, traditional values, heterosexuality or whatnot. Maybe this is a CIA plot to promote fascism tru reverse psychology

Actual leftism is contrary to McDombles being "feminist".

go to the other extreme and become ultra-anti-reactionary.

liberals are bad because they don't go far enough and implicitly uphold the status quo. gender abolition not gender equality. free love and communal family not gay marriage.

And end up with something as abhorent as the Academie Française?
No thanks.

Other European languages can have mostly consistent spelling/pronunciation without some totalitarian language control. I meant something like adding diacritics to indicate vowel length, unifying the redundant word ending, get rid of silent e, bring back þ (because of reasons). I'm not a native speaker of English

I tried nofap once, it turned me into a fucking furfag, thanks a lot conservitards.

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you don't have to. this pic already describes me 100%
the only things that don't apply to me are the political compass (I'm in the top-left red box) and the Peterson/redpill/tfwnogf Holla Forums-tier shit. also anything I didn't mention because I don't recognize everything in that image.
so is this like, a sign that I should kill myself or something?

didn't realize we were doing a bingo. here's me
scored around 30-something

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Hoping some of this changes after uni :^)

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Makes sense

It won’t


what a pseud

This. They are philosophical opposites.