Chinese government's popularity on the rise while Xi removes presidential limit

The much respected American Edelman Trust Barometer reported a 27-point increase (2017) in terms of the Chinese population (74%) trusting their government. Why is this? (audio)

“Xi Jinping: Following In Mao's Footsteps”
Beijing's desires to ensure continuity at all levels of the state as the People's Republic begins to execute its world-changing One Belt One Road (OBOR) global vision of New Silk Road connectivity that many believe will lay the physical groundwork for literally building the Multipolar World Order. (audio)

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I'm listening

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Apparently the Chinese send memes to their bosses. This one says "thank you, boss".

socialism rules

I know, right?

Now if only they could have some form of workplace democracy.

Or any kind of trace of socialism

Mao would be fucking disgusted by Xi Jinping.

So many voices criticizing the Chinese, but at least Xi has a plan. He's clearly not a dictator. The Chinese government just wants to do right by their people. Let's give them space to achieve great things instead of holding back humanity!

Define dictator then explain why Xi is not one.

Well, he certainly seems to be a beloved dictator…

china is not real communism
first of all, they have enough food to feed everyone
second of all, their government sort of works and gets shit done
we have to oppose Xi for the fascist dictator he is

The Chinese government is very efficient in the prevention of hateful and divisive fake news in the digital age. This is why they are so admired by European left-liberals.

Fascism is the reality of communism, real communism is the future-indefinite of communism.

He's elected by the party, also the term limit thing is going to be voted on. It's not just him making shit up.

piss off, bud


/leftpol/ would unironically agree with you

China is a capitalist country.
China is a capitalist country.
China is a capitalist country.
China is a capitalist country.
China is a capitalist country.


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Except that he purges his opponents in the party through methods such as execution and imprisonment.

wtf I love Xi now

Reminder, there is no difference between China and America.

China is America except hip hop and tattoos are illegal to show on TV.

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Not what I said.

No one claims China is fascist. People are claiming it’s Capitalist. Also Fascism is a form of Capitalism.

Was the USSR under Lenin capitalist because he implemented the NEP? No. The Chinese leadership is doing what it must to survive and adapt to the conditions of a capitalist global economy.

read the post chain retard


Lenin literally stated the NEP was state capitalism smh.

The mode of production is capitalism. You may argue it's trying to build socialism, but it's very hard to argue that it >is< socialism.

Yes, Lenin, and Stalin themselves claimed that it was Capitalism.

Absolutely yes. Lenin even said so himself, you absolute fucking retard.

Socialism in 20 years! I'm sure the billionaires in the CCP are gonna implement socialism any decade now.

It's not gonna fucking happen. Stop being so pathetic. China is capitalist and that will not change unless there is another revolution there (which, if it happens, you will oppose).