I'm want to be a good ML but I am also a reactionary

I'm gonna admit it, I'm a massive reactionary and I can't help myself.
I stopped posting and lurking in this board because of this. I want to be a good marxist: I read, I like to learn and I admit my mistakes.
That said inside me I feel like there is a potential nazbol. "Workers of the world unite" is not something that strikes true to me. I unironically feel like killing americans is not a bad thing and not allowing them to enter other countries should be the right thing to do. Even if they define themself as communist they should have less rights then people from other nationalities. Also I do then to put Class Struggle second when it comes to social and cultural problems. I know that technology will make things easier for workers, but at the same time it will make humans less real. So I do belive in killing everyone who works for silicon valley or is involved with. I also hate gays and transexuals and belive that they should seek cure or other wise get killed too. I also hate the whole beatnik thing that the "left" has going on in many places. I also am highly disturbed by south americans and black people hooking up with white girls, although this is not for Holla Forums reasons: I think there is a whole racial fetishization thing going on and that girls are attracted to these guys for the whole bigger dick thing which is a thing promoted by pornography and by Americans. I'm highly against pornography, senseless promiscuity, sex work. I do think that people that do this stuff should be killed. Especially Johns.
I'm also against civil rights and liberalism in whatever form it exist.
The truth is that I'm a petty bourgeois who's main concerns are social problems. Obviously the whole enslaving thing of the working class is bad but truth is that I think is bad because of the effects it has on people, culture, family ecc. This is really bad because It makes me sound like a fake marxist: numbers don't do shit to me, it just doesn't connect with me. Sex in pop culture, the commodification of social relationships, anti family stances ecc. Are much more of a motivation for me.
Which is true, I am one step away from being one, but I'm also against chauvinistic nationalism, imperialism, the cult of race that is behind these ideologies and the anti materialist view of these.
I also don't belive we deserve socialism tbh.
I don't know guys. How can I detox myself from these views? Don't tell me to read because reading did this to me.
Can I still be a Marxist and at the same time belive that autoritaniasm and genocides are good? Can I still be a marxist and belive that the worst thing of capitalism is the commodification of humans?

A history book. Get one that's particularly critical of your nation, and I assure you that your nation has no shortage of skeletons in its closet. This should also purge you of your petty bourgeois morality.

Also, you claim to hate Americans, yet you have the exact attitude of a petty bourgeois conservative American.



I don't see the resemblance with American conservatives who would pimp their daughters for cash

no problem brother

It’s the same

No it's not. Dollar on a dime that you are just a faggot who got offended by the fact that I insulted your mental disorder

Where's the contradiction here?


Except they wouldn't. It's time to admit that you're not so different from the people you want to hate.

This, OP is basically Phil Greaves


Yeah I remember when Lenin wrote an entire book about interracial sex, how god hates fags, and how the class struggle is fucking secondary to being a right wing sjw. You are gonna need buckshot to hit your withered brain.

read stirner, despook yourself

Nothing wrong with being nazbol, so long as you make damn sure you know your enemy is not the proles when the time comes for revolution.

Everything wrong.

As long as they fight the bourgeoisie and not the proles, i'm fine with them. The enemy of my enemy is literally my friend.

But I'm not a nationalist or a racialist

First I have no problem with interracial sex. I have a problem with racial fetishization.
Second lenin position on fags will suprise you and the soviet union line on them is pretty famous.
Third I don't put class second, I just tend to notice the social damage more and thus I'm Interested in it
Fourth I never fucking mentioned Christianity or god.
And there nothinf SJW in all this

Until after we deal with porky. We'll have to deal with the nazbols.

idpol is something that can be addressed after communism is established
don't waste time with your net

I don't understand your problem. You seem to be perfectly fine, why do you want to associate with the kind of lunatics that call themselves gommies today? They are disgusting and complete human garbage under pretty much every standard, and totally useless anyway. Even if your beliefs are not perfect, they're still better than their's>>2420720

Why can't he just be nazbol, capitalist classcuck?

I wouldn't fucking deal with your bullshit tbh, to the gulag.

He seems to hold regular prole brainlet ideas. If you aren't able to deal with prolish ignorance, why proclaim to care?

I think you have an outdated idea of what proles are. When that word is used the typical image invoked is like a steelworker or coal miner but that sort of labor is increasingly minimized. The majority of proles today work in grocery stores and fast food joints. They aren't these gruff, parochial old guard who believe racist shit. I would contest that this idea for example
can be broadly ascribed to the proletariat. This is reactionary garbage and should be dealt with as such. That a lot of people have racist beliefs I acknowledge and don't really give a shit about. OP seems to have political investment in these ideas though so he's the enemy.

Cultual is stupid and constantly changing. Any Cultural themes in nations are just superficial. Family conditions are the product of our material conditions. Material condotions drive tradition, tradition doesnt drive material conditions.

Maybe this is the real cultural marxism; a complete and utter disregard for actual, tangible humans.

What is your policy on the baboon menace?

The foot-soldiers of fascism tbh
OP is political, despite being a weird mutant.

I'm with . OP, your seeming desire to murder people who have done nothing to you and with whom don't seem to have any contact is simply sick. You can be a marxist and hold illiberal views on social issues, but wanting to murder folks from a position of middle class comfort is psychopathic.

I think that capitalism and americans are a far greater menace on "our way of living".
I think that they shouldn't come in europe and get threated like slaves (aka cheap labour).
The solution would be them staying in their country, with our side immediately stopping whatever military activty in their countries, stop stealing money with colonial taxes ecc. and whatever estraction operation we have going on, stop interfering with their goverments.
If they are interested in a revolution we can send guns and money, but if not we should leave them the fuck alone.

I actually identified as a Nazi and I was less genocidal than you, lad.

He rescinded the Tsarist bans on homosexuality and sodomy, the Soviet government under him was largely sympathetic to gays and sent representatives to the German Institute for Sexual Research.

It wasn't until Stalin that homosexuality was criminalized again, but that was largely due to a need of a new criminal code similar to European countries and most of the world still had gay laws, it was also used as a political weapon against the likes of Yezhov.

The Soviet government never specifically targeted gays.

Regardless of what is political about him, to treat his genocidal cravings as genuine political points -which are sorta alright as long he fine tunes them a bit- means that his pathological, evil thought-process is already taken as a baseline.

Agreed. OP needs either the gulag or a psychiatric treatment.

Gays went to the gulag tho. 5 years of hard labor because of buttsex, do you think that's fair? At least Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and East Germany decriminalized it in the 60s.

gays ARE the likes of Yezhov

Fuck off, OP


Autism with primitivist characteristics

Comrade you're including all fucking Americans in one big group. In the USA (which is what I guess you refer to by muricans)has from black single women who can't make it to the end of the month to whatever kind of reptilian marc Zuckerberg is. So you have class hate but you just have deep throated all the bourgeoisist view of countries. If you wanted to treat bourgeoisie from all countries as slaves that's more or less fine with me but it's not all the fucking Americans that do those things to the working class of other countries, but the bourgeoisie from every country takes part of this shitfest so re-think who the real enemy is

Is that Qaddafi on the right? Replace him in this image right now.

You mean the lion of tripoli?
No that's the king of saudi arabia.
Gheddafi was a martyr, even if I don't agree with a lot of shit he did, his death elevated him to immortal imho

Bitch what? Stop projecting

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