Japan is tolerant as fuck?

Please don't miss-interpret this thread as being an idpol circle jerk.

So the stereotype about japan in the west is that they hate non-japanese people, but in season 0 of Yugioh they show a model that is clearly supposed to be a black woman from the U.S.

This was in 1998, long before tumblr or the SJWs. furthermore, america would not show a black woman as an articular super model in a cartoon for young people back in 1998, contrary to the "PC 90s" meme that right wingers like to spout.


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inb4 that eqyptian girl.

Open legal discrimination against foreigners is pretty well documented in Japan. I’m not sure what this has to do with anything.

She's actually half indian.

shieet, should have watched the whole episode before posting like a dumbass

Real indians hope they can be as beauitiful as japanese idealized indians.

japanese don't hate other races, in fact they strongly like many races
they just don't want too many foreigners in their country outbreeding them because they already have problems with their birthrate
nothing wrong wanting to protect your own races existence as long as in the process you're not doing so by killing/attacking people of other races.

How is this relevant to Holla Forums?

They actually can be pretty racist towards hafus.

Leftist faggots want to keep anime as their hobby while still being leftists.

Proceed to get BTFO by actual anime.

Daily reminder that the jews fear the samurai.

fun fact: there are still remnants of a feudal caste system in Japan
most significantly, there is an 'untouchable' caste that remains pretty segregated from the rest of Japanese society


m8 you came in way to hot with that one. At least try to be subtle.

Why try? Is freedom of speech not allowed in this board?


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Indians are butt ugly.

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They're generally a bunch of ultra class-cucked morons, and are incredibly beholden to conformity. You can see why Holla Forums worships them.

Overall more racist than most countries but stil racism is still a minority.

Meanwhile, actual minorities in Japan such as Koreans get treated like shit, but they foreigner representation in their media so it shows how tolerant they are!
It's like there is no more racism in America because Black Panther was full of Blacks.

Go be a liberal somewhere else OP.

don't be angry, user, Japanese people will have gone enxtinct by 2050 anyways. Imagine telling your grandchildren about an entire country that disappeared because they didn't have time and willingness to mate.

I live in Japan.
As a white man, I have never encountered hostility from Japanese people–only from other whites who think my presence makes them less special (fuck them.)
It can be a very different story if you are Chinese, black, or Muslim though. These groups absolutely experience racism.



Like what?

you're a braindead moron if you think there being a black character in a cartoon from 1998 can describe a whole nation's mentality

This. Plus, females are not really part of a race. It's common for foreign women from subjugated/hated lands to be accepted in society, like the Ukrainian women subjugated by the Ottoman Empire.

You can only be racist to men.

Black people are hassled by police as potential drug dealers all the time
Chinese kids are routinely told to fuck off back to their own country and generally treated like shit
Muslims in Japan are subject to systematic surveillance from intelligence agencies


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Again, it's not reality because the concept of beauty is absolutely subjective.
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Im sure our resident nazi poster has something intelligent to bring to the conversation



this is literally the Alt-Right and what other white nationalists, they do hate other races don't even lie about it, fuck Japan they deserve to get outbreeded just like white people

It’s gonna get a lot worse before it can get better, or depending on what people, the shite government (sometimes), or countries together do.
Can’t have races if capitalism is killing them.
The working to the death, the isolation, the consumerist entertainment culture, no job opportunities to support a potential family, people “mature” socially later in life, and the extreme class cuckery, I’m not sure if it’s Americlap tier but it’s bad. I remember a video commenting on how foreigners would talk to friends that were in relationships and one person would say “My significant other has never asked me that”

Yes I know reddit is gag but

Its also a good example how ethnic isolation can create such a weird people.


basically this

Arc V, the YGO anime from 2014 to 2017 has this character on the cast.
I dunno why was she there or why was she designed to look like this but she was cute.

Bitch, some are

that's just an italian

Because the creator of Yugioh has an egyptian fetish.

OK body but goddamn that's a man face baby.

Japan may be tolerant towards other Western countries, but make no mistake, there is a massive problem with racism against East and Southeast Asians here.
Cartoon caption:

A Chinese cat is defecating into a hole, exclaiming “It’s feeding time.” At the bottom of said hole is a Korean cat waiting eagerly with chopsticks, laughing (”Hor hor hor!”), it says “I couldn’t wait any longer nida~!”

This cartoon is mocking the Korean peninsula’s historical connection to China as a vassal state under its sphere of influence (”Heaven’s Mandate”), as opposed to Japan’s relationship with East Asia at large, which is typically that of an independent power at its best, and an aggressor at its worst.

Note: The Korean cat’s laugh is derived “allegedly from the way that Koreans laugh,” (s. Jisho.org) and insinuates self-satisfaction or arrogance.

They experience "racism" because as a group they're undesirable to be around en masse.

Weird to you, but who the hell are you to say what is weird??

If Asians can't get along & they at least look simular how do you expect anyone in the United States to co-operate? People are tribal - always have been & always will fight for resources.

lol no,
Yamamoto is just too polite to tell you openly how much he hates you.

I love Japan.
Their politeness, their sense for art and beauty. Their traditions, their culture, music, clothing and architecture. Their nature and their combination of high tech and shinto elements in metropolitan areas.
However, I would never ever want to go there and ruin in with my gaijin presence. Beautiful things sometimes must be observes from afar.

I don't think that'll get you out of the stalking charges user.

A multi-generational campaign of mutual assimilation. Destroy class and cultural divides through interbreeding, government and media representation, and grassroots denunciation of racism. Basically, how the common trend in the US is going (while Europe meanwhile has its second round of "Let's Try the turd position").

Ah, yes, Japan: the land of the rising sun. Where ancient tradition fully meets modern technology. Where geishas walk alongside robots and every vending machine is stocked with fresh and dirty panties.

You know an entire school of thought came out in the 80s that basically sucked off Japan, right? Nihonjinron. The allure of Japan is deliberately fabricated.