Do you support the Communist Party of India, the Communist Party of India (Marxist)...

do you support the Communist Party of India, the Communist Party of India (Marxist), or Communist Party of India (Maoist)?

or do you support another party like perhaps:
why do Indian commies split so much?

Communist Party of India (Salt and Vinegar)

that's either racist and meant as an insult against indians for some reason or you actually like salt and vinegar
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probably the high population, you'll find a similar amount of parties in the US

but supporting things is larping :^)


I don't live in India and I don't have enough money to donate to all the foreign Communist parties so none.

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no there are probably 1/4 as many political parties in the US as there are communist parties in India
and only two of them have any representation outside of state legislatures

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honestly not surprising if you've worked in the tourism industry and dealt with Indians. I might be judging from the bourg ones, seeing how they're probably the only ones to travel far enough to my country, but holy hell do they constantly complain and argue about everything compared to literally every other nationality except for some Americans.

Maybe it has to do with the eh, internal diversity of India. Used to be a collection of warring states until the Moguls came in, then went back to that until the British took over. Even now the central government is pretty weak, and most power is decentralized.

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Why is the work and wins from Nepal never mentioned?

And people said that Trots were bad for splitting.

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Communist Party of India and Communist Party of India (Marxist) are basically just Soc-Dems at this point (See Kerala)
Communist Party of India (Maoist) AKA the Naxalites have been on the decline for a while

I think the point is that the difference between the hundredfold of splinter groups is about as significant as a difference in food seasoning.

so you mean it's significant?

I thought only trots did this

SCREAMING at this.

Perhaps, but definitely not substantial - you're still eating the same food. At the very best you could group all these parties into those that back participation in the bourgeois government, and those who are for insurgence (Naxalites etc.).

half the people here are ignorant chauvinists who would rather titillate over western socdems and similar distractions


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what a coincidence, India has roughly four times the population of the US

How much english is spoken in nepal?

Is there a way to help them now that the communist have taken state power?

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Social democracy in the periphery is OBJECTIVELY revolutionary


Communist Party of India (Trotskyist) When?

That is a common misconception. Communist Party of India (Maoist) are not "the naxalites", because there is no one "Naxalite" group. There are dozens of Naxalite parties, most of which are openly at war with and slaughtering each other. The largest of which is the CPI (Maoist), which has wiped out a few other Naxal groups, and which was formed as a result of two formerly moderate sized Naxal groups who merged because they were wearing themselves down too much killing each other.

In some areas, some of the Naxal parties are killing each other more than they're fighting the Indian state.

Condemient and seasoning unity my comrades. Salt vinegar honey Dijon BBQ on all the foods!


i support subhas chandra bose's maximists

support D I R E C T R U L E from the loo

I support Kerala against fecal imperialism.

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Marxism-Leninism and Soviet-type socialism are cancer

because most of the Nepalese communists aren't really communists

Christ almighty, Trots on suicide watch.
Maoists because they're doing shit

fuck all y'all.

Call me when they start doing communism

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I mean the image is accurate. CPI(M) built a more or less functional and humane state by funding education and healthcare at high levels keeping the population growth rate stable.

That can't be said for the dystopic capitalist shitholes (literally) like Bihar or Uttar Pradesh where there are more people than toilets, and where the poor (which is most people) die like dogs in the street while the rich live in utopian skyscrapers. Hats off the CPI(M) for persevering in a country where communists risk every day getting attacked by machete-wielding assassins working on behalf of private interests.

Images: capitalist India versus communist India.

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The capitalist one is the guys bathing in a river full of garbage FYI

Reminder Nepalese Maoists have agreed to merge with the Unified Marxist Leninists, this image is outdated and shitty.

That pic is from the thread discussing this same event iirc

Why the infighting? Is it mostly the state provoking it? Is there warlording going on?

Why u gotta be so juvenile?

I support picrelated.

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Gosh Maoist really don't differ from trotskytes

I support the CPI(M) they really have the masses behind them and actually achive reforms and even have some States under their control.