I'm a capitalist

I'm a capitalist and a software engineer, at that. I'm currently mining and selling crypto and i'm making tons of money from it. I'm planning on using that money to run a tech startup company. Why do you hate me for having individual freedom?

Why do you believe that everyone should be enslaved to do work that they were never skilled at? Why do you force unnatural concepts upon humanity such as "equality"? Why can't you appreciate uniqueness? After all, we're all born unequal. We all have different talents and skills and should be rewarded for such.We all have a purpose to live life they way we want and all you want is to take that away from us. Why?

Also, are you even employed?

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What makes you not enslaved at the moment. Really think about how your world can be turned upside down in a crash monitored by grossly irresponsible people in charge of the biggest corporations on the planet

This isn't just slavery it's Russian roulette now

You know where the term "wage slavery" came from? Wasn't a capitalist

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This is not a serious thread, so don't treat it as one.

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3/10 made me reply.

I know this is a bait thread and all, but reminder that Lenin had to deflect the "communism is le equality!!!" bullshit all the way back in fucking 1914


First as tragedy, then as farce indeed

Ah yes because the purpose of living life is to work in a boring shitty job in exchange for cash.

Read pic related, he actually appreciated uniqueness.

you're not engineering any software if your income is from mining and selling crypto.
yes, even if you're righting hashing scripts

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What exactly are you saying? Aren't you talking about crony capitalism when it comes to big corporations? "Wage slavery" doesn't exist because in order for someone to be a slave, then that means they get no benefits to the work they put in. So in turn, slaves don't get wages, faggot.

You can choose where you wanna work within any profession, dumbass.

I have a software engineering job and i mine and sell crypto on the side.



Thats not what communism is about. Communism is about freedom for the individual, and individuals cannot be free unless the collective is free.
Software engineer too, anclap.

Also cryptocoins are retarded and contribute to global warming, electronic trash and abnormally high hardware prices while having no net benefit for humanity as a whole.

you literally don't. you are payed far less money than you make when you work for a corporation.


Classic. What's funny is that the article I linked talks about precisely this

I don't believe that you're a software engineer.>>2420075

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I get paid $160,000 anually, sir.

Leftypol cant be helped

This TBH
I urge you comrades to maintain revolutionary discipline and

is that supposed to refute my point?
if you think you're being payed the amount of money you produce, then your company is sure to fail. this economic system only rewards exploitation

Le invisible hand disagrees.

Slaves get means of substenance, food and shelter, maybe medicine.
Much like most wage slaves today, who get paid just enough for buy food and shelter, and maybe, maybe medicine, but a lot of americans cant even afford food or shelter from a 60 hour a week job, let alone medicine.

no you don't

OP, did you come here in good faith to engage views you disagree with and learn something, or did you come here to state talking points?

The more replies they get the more they post.

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Isn't crypto just a thing that gains value from drugs, child pornography, and scamming old people into buying it all? I don't admire your involvement really.

No it mostly just gets its value from pure bubble.
It has no use value and is not used by any authority in any capacity. Its use in drugs and other illegal stuff has also diminished because in order to use it you need to exchange it again to real money which is easier to track nowadays. Its pure bubble, like those merch scams in runescape, its a pyramid scheme.

Get a job, commie.

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Nice non-argument. Im also a software engineer.

Enjoy it while it lasts. With bill gates and suckerburg pushing massive education in SE, coupled with the upcoming programming labour force in the second and third world, it wont be long until our wages too will nosedive down, and it will be even harder to unionize our industry because we dont have to be physically present in a geographical area in order to work, they can just move to any other place instantly.

If the education I was getting in first world europe is the standard for the west, it will be very easy for the second world to setup an education that is as good or better than what I learned. The bar for being able to do software engineering is really fucking low, and the tools for software engineering, such as more abstract frameworks or safer languages are developing more and more every day. The days of needing to be an arcane C wizard are over.


How exactly? More demands for this type of job will lead to more competition. And the more demand and competition it gets, the higher the wages will be. Tech owners are willing to pay big bucks for anyone who is great at programming and innovating.

You commies don't understand the laws of supply and demand. And you don't understand economics.

You're the one we want to put in a work camp, retard. Socialism won't be good for you. We don't want you to support it. We just want you to lose.

LMAO What? Why do you idiots always make up these retarded movements and flaunt them as if they serve any significance at all?

He's talking about the outsourcing of IT jobs to India retard, not any kind of Maoist movement.

Like any emerging market, so too in the labour market for SE's did the demand increase first, while the supply takes a while to create. But it is being created now, and the tech industry is not exploding in quite the fashion is was in the past. Wages are already lower and work conditions more shit than they were a decade or two ago.


Do you live under a rock? Did you really miss all the major tech CEOs pushing for programming education in all levels of eduction to ensure more people will persue an education as a programmer? Or did you miss the part where the same people massively market how glamorous and cool being a programmer is?

Yes, the fact that programming education studentnumbers have grown by several times its original size is a "retarded movement" without "any significance".

He never talked about the out sourcing of jobs to india. He said in his own words "the upcoming programming labour force"


>coupled with the upcoming programming labour force in the second and third world
if you had basic reading skills you would have understood that "the upcoming labour force in the second and third world" means the massive amounts of people living in the second and third world who are progressively getting a higher propertion of their population educated. And programming offers a highly lucrative branch for second and third world workers, because they can do work for first world companies from their own country, undercutting first world programmers with their lower wages.

Are you actually this retarded.


We don't hate you. We just want to take your shit.

Because there is no human nature. Human nature is whatever we force it and mold it to be.

Proofs or you're a LARPing faggot.

Wew lad. That's a pretty primitive leftist opinion.



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"unnatural" concepts

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Risk is not work. Anybody can take risk. Its gambling. "Risk" is not a justification for getting money for free.

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The thing is, risk underpins every productive venture ever in the history of humanity.
If nobody took risks because they weren't allowed to keep the reward then neither society nor humanity itself would still exist.