Trump's Big Retarded Trade War Thread: Now He Wants to Tariff Cars

So, the US, because apparently Trump was angry at the moment he decided this, wants to put 25% tariffs on steel, 10% on Aluminum, sending the already unstable market into chaos, and causing the international community to pledge retaliation.

This plays into our hands, but even more so with Trump's response to immediately proposed tariffs the EU has given in response.

In response to EU's response, now he wants to tariff cars

Quote from the large man's twitter

And now the EU is saying it is not stopping, in fact

We are officially starting a trade war for the dumbest reasons, congragulations to all involved in making this possible, we couldn't ask for better publicity

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The fact he apparently started this out of anger is the funniest shit

“Although contractual mechanisms will help many manufacturers, we nonetheless expect that even well-protected companies will have to contend with a lag between the time that input costs rise and customer prices can be reset,” said Moody’s. “During this brief period, margins will tighten, particularly where last-in-first-out (LIFO) inventory reporting is employed.“

“A possible workaround would be to increase foreign manufacturing and ship from the foreign location. This would require additional investment and time, but for those companies that had already considered expanding their foreign manufacturing base, the tariffs may make the decision to offshore even easier,” said the analysts.

So basically Trump's attempt to make more jobs for steel workers is going to unemploy a fuck ton of them and ship their jobs overseas anyways, if you don't like it I'll Tariff your Precious Cars too!

Good Job President Deals

What a retard lmao. Instead of starting a trade war with China, which literally has a parasitic trade relationship with most of the world, he starts a trade war with the EU, whose trade is actually beneficial.

Nasty reminder that the economic situation of American citizens is too fragile to weather the shock of switch to autarky.

Not to the petty bourg and their failsons.

… Was this pic doctored? I honestly can't even tell.



This is actually playing right into China's hands. This man truly is just random neurons firing at this point.

Trump is our guy after all.

The dollar is dropping too

Not defending Trump or anything but European industrial goods are actually competitive with the kind of goods America produces whereas China mainly exports cheap garbage intended mainly for prole consumption.

Europe is a more serious competitor than China. The naivety of Europeans always surprises me their middle classes always seem to believe that America has good intentions and they are shocked to discover America doesn’t actually care about them.

Tariffs are bad for general trade and the economy. The U.S. is already running a huge trade deficit and protectionism is not the way to improve it as it generally deteriorates economic conditions

They may reduce imports but it will also reduce exports, meaning that economic growth is reduced and this would impact negatively on the dollar. It is a very myopic and idiotic reaction to combating a trade deficit. Trump is throwing a self destructive tantrum that has global implications.

And he thinks it's going to be "easy"


America is less dependent on international trade then its European/Asian rivals. Only the Soviet Union was arguably less sensitive to fluctuations in international trade then the US. The US was literally the most protectionist country in the world in the 19th century and it didn’t harm them much.

I agree that the short-term shocks are going to fuck the working class badly but it will probably be a windfall for America’s industrial bourgeoisie which was always more powerful than its finance capitalists. I could be wrong about all this though, the developments of globalization and massive indebtness does put the US in uncharted economic territory.


And that's where all the job losses are coming from. Not due to freaking Europe.

“Trade wars are good, and easy to win”

Real talk: If Trump succeeded in "bringing the jobs back" it would completely destroy the domestic economy. I don't think they want to do that.


Russell Investments: Ditch the U.S. for Europe in 2018

I disagree. There'd be a major period of adjustment sure and it'd have to be carefully planned out but the benefits long-term for the working class would be enormous. The mass of cheap labour in southeast asia which function as nothing more than global scabs have broken the power of the west's working class. Western workers' bargaining power would increase dramatically if trade with China was tariffed to hell and back. Once sovereignty is restored it will be possible to actually start implementing socialism.

The problem with all this is assuming that when profit drops in the US corporations will immediately still invest in the US. They would leave in fucking droves, there would be really no reason to stay. You don't solve this problem with capitalism alone, Capitalism will only harm the worker regardless.

I need a layers of irony meme but with this and Trumps tweet



Ngl, as retarded as this is, it's at least an improvement over his "Make Mexico pay for the wall with a 20% tariff on all Mexican imports" or whatever-it-was proposal. I mean, at least he seemingly understands what a fucking tariff is, now. That was some profoundly triple-decker retarded shit. This steel stuff is maybe double-decker.

Nah it's still retarded. You don't need to defend the big guy. He's initiating a trade war with the entire globe now by escalating to tariff fucking cars, I don't see him stopping after that. He's a retard, he's going to burst all the bubbles, there's basically no hope at all and we should quit hoping the market will help us at all

The only thing to defend him on is managing to do this however unwittingly. He is the dumb king of fucking up, from his marriages to his bankruptcies, and is an enormous benefit to the left going forward as things take a turn for the worse.


It's going to be rough when the bubbles start bursting though. I suggest investing in a booze cabinet.

Also bullets.

If a country's leadership wished to bolster their steel industry, how about dismantling coal power plants? Minimizing competing uses will improve the bargaining position of steel for a critical raw material. Cheaper coal means cheaper steel.

For the USA in particular, this could dovetail excellently with that solar panel tariff, ensuring the availability of domestic sourcing for the facilities built in replacement of coal power plants.

Cheaper coal also means shittier coal miner wages.

This isn't going to go how you will expect it to go. Corporations won't respect the will to just stay here and invest, they're going to for the cheaper option. And there is always a cheaper option.

Trump is completely self destructive, the market will not help the worker, this will blow up in his face

Ultimately, protectionist policies help the worker, problem is that while the industry gets of its ass and finds a new equilibrium, the workers have no cushion.


I think that it only works if the worker have feet to stand on, guess what they don't have.

Corporations are ultimately irresponsible and will not be forced to do anything, it will only take hell or high water to twist their arm behind their back and kick

This presidency is so fucking exhausting

S&P 500 companies expected to buy back $800 billion of their own shares this year

Billy Mays here with a fantastic new product, the easy to use Trade War

It's hard to even remember what bizarro world we live in. Especially with how tiresome it has even become for liberals to yell "drumpf" and "Putin" as much as they can.

This dude literally put his daughter and son in law in the white house, managing policy and meeting with international leaders. He says crazy shit constantly. He went golfing for 100 days apparently? When he is in filmed meetings with elected officials and administrators of the executive departments he says inane shit that everybody loudly ignores because they know it's normal that this retard in the corner is going to make some basic mistake with how he frames things because he doesn't understand what is happening. And then the right wing MSM outlets bend over backwards to defend his intelligence and the random shit he does.

It's endlessly baffling, like an acid trip. I haven't done any psychadelic drugs in a long time, but I feel like if I did any now and reflected on the past year I'd be clutching my head in some distressing probably amusing confusion about how to consider any of this at all. It's as if the daily news has become Tim and Eric.

socialist protectionist policies help the worker
capitalist protectionist policies help whoever donated the most money to the campaign

He just goes to maralago to work on the weekends

He said he's only golfed a few times with foreign leaders since coming to office

That was an attempt to bully mexico into paying by discouraging distributors from buying Mexican products tho

This will increase Manufacturing in the US. Burgerland imports more than it produces. These tariffs will isolate the American Economy from the Global Economy. This will cause a reindustrialization of America had heighten class contradictions in America. Making revolution more likely in America. This will also significantly reduce America’s Geopolitical influence allowing for more revolution in the both the Third World and America. This is nothing but good for us.

Yes, by destroying the economy and leading to a period of time where revolutionary actions are most fruitful.

Reducing both imports and exports would increase American manufacturing due to the trade deficit.

You’re implying these corporations have a choice. They can’t leave because of terrifies. And terrifies are usually acomplied with Capital Controls. There stuck in America. The wall was never to keep people out, but to keep people in. And America is the only country in the world where once someone is an America they always have to pay American taxes, even if they disavow there citizenship.This also applies to companies.

Not if there’s Capital Controls.

But it never actually got through.
The actual proposal - to spend revenue from those tariffs on the wall - was complete nonsense. That he actually even thought it out enough to have an ulterior motive is almost even more absurd, because it assumes that such an insanely poor proposal would have enough support to carry leverage.

100 days is 1/4th of his entire presidency. it's a lot more than weekends.


Water purification tablets also.

I swear this feels more and more like a parody timeline on than something real.

Every rational timeline has resulted in a nuclear holocaust and human extinction.

I might as well start putting away as much money and angling for vacation time so I can visit japan before it gets glassed

That’s because the rest of the world tariffs America, and we don’t tariff anyone back.
t American

To think we could be living in the world of Reds: A Revolutionary Timeline. But somehow, we ended up with this one.

They're expensive, only well off Democrats and spoiled liberals gone commie raised by well off parents can afford them. Check amongst yourselves leftypol… You overentitled brats.

Who gives a shit aboard tariff. It doesn't affect most Americans.

It affects EU's ability to get US dollars. Now, instead of ponying up 100 dollars worth of goods to get a 100 dollar bill, they need to pony up even more.

America is the center of the global economy. It shouldn't have to use tarrifs.

i don't have a car
gimme me my credit, lowly bourgeois scum

Well America has a massive trade deficit because of the fact that offshoring is a thing. Seriously fuck Porky.

If America gave up the Petro-dollar, but was able to fully reindustrialize it’d be worth it, at least for American prols. I for one welcome the petro-yuan if it means I can get a good union job in a factory without the need for a collage eduaction, like my ancestors did.

Watching the meme lines go up and down this month should be fun.

I crave this shit user, I hope the ass-hole in chief will blow international trade on a whim, all of it kek

I should tariff my supermarket
I buy food from them and they never buy anything from me

Yeah it's almost like American bourg aren't globally competitive or something. Honestly I just want that country to die.

Trump is single handily destroying decades worth of free trade agreements in less than 2 years.

This has more to do with investors being literal monkeys than anything else.

A good user as I am, I will leave you here lads. I enjoyed reading and learning here but as much as an idiot as I am, I just can´t take how far the world has surpassed in stupidity. Think I´ll just find the shade of a good tree and enjoy the breeze

protip: Mexico is in on this too. Per the NAFTA renegotiation Mexico wants all non-NA auto parts, components and materials banned. This is because they want to build cars instead. Trump will easily hand it over in exchange for helping America snub China. The EU is largely irrelevent in all of this because Europeans will sit down and accept it, since they are cucked and completely pacifist. Right now France and Germany themselves are trying to ban cars entirely from their major cities, why the fuck would we care that we can't sell cars to a small market that is being deliberately destroyed through regulations?

This isn't where the real fun starts anyway. Trump's larger concerns pertain to electronic components and materials (like batteries) which Mexico wants in on too. Expect a lot more Tariffs on this part.

petrol-anything is a meme, especially when Saudi Arabia has already cucked China by bankrupting their state oil company. Buying oil in Yuans is a pathetic attempt at a cleanup job, that itself won't work because if the Yuan rises in value then China's ability to cheaply export things decreases resulting in economic problems as their economy is still export-based. A much more bemusing situation is the growing realization that student debt is a problem, one whose size is large enough to fuck up America's banks like it did in 2008.

He's going to fuck everything up. Just grab the popcorn and enjoy the ride

The rest of us don't want your inefficient cars and your mutant food, thanks.


The thing is, Trump has a huge amount of room to fuck up. All he has to do is get conditions to improve in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Given how fucked those places are already (it's called the Rust Belt for a reason) Trump has a lot of room to maneuver so long as some jobs come back. Even if they're shitty jobs, at this point the remaining people in those areas will gladly take what they are given. There's also the matter of Mexico, who wants China locked out of the NA market completely, a thing they are collaborating with per the NAFTA renegotiation.

Even if big cosmopolitan cities get fucked with more expensive iphones and cars, the part of the country Trump needs to win will probably improve. And thus vote for him, the only metric he is concerned with.

You want America's medical products though. As a direct result of leaving the market largely unregulated, America is the world's largest medicine and medical services provider. This has consequences, but it it's a significant overseas market besides cars, corn, and airplanes.

That was the point of voting for him

NAFTA is trash

I love the thread title.

What happened leftypol? I though you guys were commie accelerationists who can't wait to see the ebil American empire destroy itself? You should be happy that Drumpf is going to screw up the economy? Unless you're all just edgy bourgeois socialist larpers still invested in the success of capitalism. Sorry, democratic socialism is not true socialism.

this but unironically

He put sanctions on Russia for hacking with no proof of hacking, because he wants to "build relations" with Russia. It's 4d chess guys! MAGA!

burger porkies are so full of themselves they believe that they have the power to impose their will on everyone including our e.u. porkies.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm already excited for the amazing tragicomic biography that will be written about this idiot in the next 30 years (that is, if our new chinese robotic overlord X.I. allows it)

I think this is definitely what they are going to do, seeing as there were lots of car manufacturers opening up new plants in Mexico.

He didn't really have a choice, only Bernie and Rand voted against it the first time.

You mean the new sanctions he isn't implementing?

come on now

If you don’t buy our shity goods how will you get your precious petrodollars?

Nah he's going to fuck this up lmao


Aides are doubling down. Looks like he wasn't joking. Buckle up lads.

The retard rampage has begun

As long as we don't go to war the following year should be a fun trainwreck

good tbh
fuck german industries

Big Retarded Trade War Updates

Only three days and he's managed to strategize like someone new to a grand strategy game attempting a trade war. He probably couldn't even play Civilization

This has managed to piss the following countries off

Let's see how low can he go before he falls down and shits his pants and calls the atrocious smell fake news.

I'm not complaining, this is just hilarious

However whenever the Pentagon supports any sort of policy plan as a measure of "National Security" you should start to get a bit worried.

In theory all of this might have a, let's guestimate by the competence of this administration 4% chance of working, you can't help the working class with market decisions, they'll escape to wherever id cheaper, making this all self destructive and not helping anyone.

Add on top of that market instability for a number of reasons the past few months

Add to that the US isolating itself.

Add to that the international community is fucking fuming steam our their ears at him announcing this at a time of not just US national market instability, but global market instability. Yeah

Trump is literally doing everything self destructive handling a trade war so far in just three days you could possibly do, and I can't wait to see what happens next

by "they'll escape" I mean corporations will not stay, like this works in """in theory""" but just jump to wherever is cheaper. It's a completely rhetorical question, but how does Trump really not able to understand this shit? If he does this so many things can go wrong he can go down in presidential history not just as "That one time we fucked up" but a statement on US international governance itself.

He is literally doing everything he possibly can to help show that the market does not give a fuck about us, while attempting to show that they do.

History books are going to have a field day with this in the future


I thought this board made pretend to be accelerationists.

Looks like you were Chapo trap cuck Democrat redditors all along.

If you didn't read the thread, we are cheering Trump to do this and further isolate the United States. You mistake talk for trade with sympathy for the market.

This is just funny. Sorry.

Go back to your cage baboon boy, we're having fun laughing at your big fat oafish buffoon who's only going to strengthen working class animosity towards the market once the bubbles start bursting around 2019.

We are fully encouraging this retard. Let them fight.

The EU trade chiefs have just announced they've reportedly been considering slapping 25% tariffs on around $3.5bn of various imports from the US

The Trump Administration is currently considering rebuttal

Following the EU's further response moments ago, Brazil, Mexico and Japan, have said they will consider even more retaliatory steps if the president presses ahead with his plan next week.

Art of the Deal Baby

If this eventually ends on US sanctions I'm going to die happy

So it seems like Donald Trump is actually doing something for American workers while you communists are doing real revolutionary praxis such as sucking tranny dicks and so on.

what is it with you and sucking dicks

He actually isn't for a variety of reasons. Traditional logic would assume this would force benefits to workers they didn't have previously.

The reality is corporations will escape to wherever is cheaper.

This will have global trade consequences, which further disrupts the various problems being faced

Take for example, in response, China, with its own robust car industry, could simply say "Yeah, that car deal we're having, where we build your cars, yeah that's not happening anymore sorry." Which would not help anyone's jobs, at all.

It could stop a metric fuck ton of importants.

And again "in theory" they would go to the US, in practice they would go elsewhere.

Market reform will not help the worker. You need to reread that sentence until its nailed into your head. The market wants profit, and there is none there.

Doesn't sound like this is going to help the worker. Even if their wages are increased the prices increases will neutralize any gains. Amerifats need unions, not protectionism.

Worst it gets, if it gets serious enough, China could sell US bonds, or hold it hostage under the veil of "If you act up we're going to start selling your bonds bitch". Which would not help much, actually/.

Also, US businesses, including those in the car, tech and agriculture industries, are eager to get into the Chinese market, giving leaders there extreme leverage where the US no longer has industrial leverage.

The time has gone for the US manufacturing base when they offshored it, and Trump won't bring it back by doing this. He's going to explode it all, and we're going to be here laughing at you as you check the days go by assuming the jobs will come back any time now.

Already in the past three days several US corporations have made drastic decisions. Electrolux, for example, manufacturer of washing machines and cookers, has already put on hold an expansion planned for Tennessee, actually getting rid of potential jobs instead of keeping them.

Pushing for consequences for them leaving are just going to make them leave even faster.

Capitalism and the worker are not compatible. How many times does this have to have happen before you realize this

I mean, crunching the numbers as it stands currently, this would result in a gain of only

3,500 jobs.

Wow, Trump sure saved the working class

You keep saying that as nothing happens but economic uncertainty buddy. The break in the delusion is going to hit you hard when it does. The only people who would gain from that are people more fed up with US market interests, IE us.

We're shitting on this because Trump slapping tariffs on goods in a fit of boomer rage =/= a coherent plan to fight offshoring. He's been president for well over a year now and we know that in three months he'll have forgotten about this and would be happy to let Xi bribe him into doing what he wants

Do I think that protectionism should be used to fight porky? Yes obviously. Do I see the US government implementing the capital controls and requisitioning capital to cushion the blow that workers will feel? Do I see Trump providing assistance to bring down the cost of living to offset tariffs?

Yeah, no

He's doing all the praxis for us by being an unbearable retard who makes flash decisions with enormous consequences every week. But I have to say, this trade war one, if he really fucks it up (he will fuck it up, this is futile to argue), then guess who enjoys the spoils of popular support.

Will it be collectivism, or, the people who have been sucking Trump's curly pig dick since he was elected like mindless lemmings, every week having hope "he'll bring the jobs back!"

Yeah. Just like he brought those carrier jobs back, that didn't last too long did it

Come to think of it, beyond generally kicking up shit, starting a trade war on a whim is also a bad idea because you should not start any war on a whim. If it is as a war, with battles and strategy and so on, just going off like this is a terrible idea. If the other parties keep their cool and craft their decisions, the US might come out very badly.

Don't know enough about trade to say how much finesse you can bring to a trade war though.

Other countries taking advantage of Trump's retarded trade war to teach him a lesson he'll never learn?

Mein Gott, I'm shocked beyond words

Eveyrhing and anything is on the table depending on Trump's actions. He's a complete buffoon so, he's going to escalate and escalate until there's probably going to be terrible blow back for the US working class.

I don't know if they'll blame the right people, but it's fairly certain Trump has no idea what he's jumping into by announcing tariffs so suddenly, ignoring anyone around him who doesn't support his ideas my scheduling around them, and declaring that "Trade Wars Are Easy."

Just like, I'm sure he thought marriages were easy, then divorces were even easier.

Besides the point with the economy looking so uncertain as it is, I mean globally, announcing tariffs at this time is going to make other nations more desperate to recoup gains, making this trade war even more vicious.

This guy, I swear. He has no fucking clue what he's about to unleash

You need to prepare for a trade war, since most trade wars are wars of attrition. You amass reserves of capital, liquid assets and spare capacity required to minimize the disruption that losing market access causes. The goal is not to destroy your opponent, but to cause enough damage while holding out so that you can force your opponent to the negotiating table and negotiate a preferable deal from a position of strength.

China could try the George Soros route and sell off their t-bills in a blitzkreig, but they can't really do that since they'd just be fucking themselves over by destroying their primary export market (and probably cause their own balance sheets to explode).

That's mostly why porky is scared. If this was President Hillary or Jeb! the markets could calm themselves by just saying that it's really just international machiavellian 4D chess and that the people in charge understand the system enough that they wouldn't force it to collapse

Here's another thing to think about. Who is around him right now? It sure as hell ain't trade wonks, it's iron-ass generals and his crooked relatives.

Also have we already mentioned the timing, doing it right as we head into a bear market? Braingenius president.

China should try to win with a grand strategy of integrating the Eurasian economy. Double down on the Belt/Road, and keep trade with Europe open so they still have access to the very high end industrial goods they can't reliably produce themselves. As long as the US does not physically cut of resource flows from Africa and South America, this should be hard to beat.

Really, not coordinating with the EU is such an unforced error, it boggles the mind.

I hate to be pessimistic, but I think that unless Trump straight-up sparks a panic and/or kicks off a bad recession, most of his supporters are willing to support him even if he "loses." He's still doing what they want, which is push back against offshoring and foreign competitors. He's doing it in a flashy way as well.

If he doesn't immediately cave on this trade war I wouldn't be surprised if his poll numbers go up. If he actually forces the EU/China/Mexico to the bargaining table the GOP could stand to make gains in both the Senate and the House in 2018.

Trump is the Trash Can Man at the end of the stand who hauls the nuclear missile into Las Vegas, obsessed with the ultimate evil and serving it, and he thinks by delivering the "big one" to Flagg he'll give him untold fortune. Just dragging the missile on a wagon into the city repeating "MY LIFE FOR YOU" "MY LIFE FOR YOU" MY LIFE FOR YOU"

The reality: His skin is melting off, and he has fucked up while attempting to get the praise of Flagg, while everyone backs away screaming he has a bomb. The bomb detonates, destroying everything he hoped he could achieve by delivering the atomic bomb and never getting praise since everyone is dead. His last words "My life for you"

That book sucks, but it's a really fitting analogy as to the state we're in right now.

Extra Fitting "Trash Can Man" is a very apt nickname for Trump

Why as an American worker should I care about Pokies no longer being able to buy luxury imports. Most people in the working class can’t afford imports anywayse.

I read somewhere that this was the work of a couple of nativists brought in by Bannon. It could also just be the work of an administration scrambling to create a spectacle ahead of '18 to rally core supporters, especially in Pennsylvania and other rust belt states.

The problem with that is the economy has so much going wrong right now, and people are selling bonds fast. Across the globe. It makes the trade war more vicious, and the consequences economically for many nations more dire.

The potential to fuck this all up beyond just consequences for the US are possible, Trump won't give up.

The number one reason unions in America have been destroyed is free trade and offshoring. Protectionism will give American workers increased bargaining power.

Is Trump /ourdumbass/ now?

Because it isn't just luxury, it's a majority of our automotive industry offshore there. If they decide "Nah", then corporations will not return to the US, since the manufacturing base there is non existent, and investing in building it back up is too much of a risk.

Again, the market helping the working class is and always will be, an oxymoron

He is our special lad.

I also eagerly await the first MSNBC screenshot with a variation of "I bet Putin is behind this."

He's functionally a random number generator made president.

It's a spectacle he can't possibly win since he's brought the ire of all of our allies who are actually at this point willing to go to trade war over this.

This shit is hilarious

He knew

My understanding is that people are selling off bonds more because the fed's rate hikes are finally making bonds less attractive relative to other instruments. Within the last week you're obviously going to have people and institutions selling off the bonds because of the trade war news, but people forget that the government was basically making bonds more profitable than many other investments for years with interest rates set at or near zero.

Only with a cooperative government, and not one that will use the trade war as an excuse for repealing more protections and further austerity.

Lefties are consumer middle class whose life relies on the dollar as global reserve currency. They are the hardest stronghold of imperialism.

Hail Trump!

I'm not going to list off every reason, but there's a lot more to it than that. The bond selling is just panic that exacerbates it. This trade war shit is only going to make every problem worse.

It isn't as simple as that, in fact there are so many fucking problems the market is going through, it's going to suffer.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Sanders also say he was going to institute protectionist policies and possible tarrifs if he were elected?

And what has Art of The Deal done for those Carrier Jobs in Indiana?

Guess fucking what they were already offshored and within 3 days of him announcing this several companies have decline to expand into the US, and the dollar is dropping.

Hail President Brain Genius for doing everything we dreamed he could do and more

God emperor trump was a fun meme while it lasted, but now reality will intrude into your life.

I think there's more planning with this sort of thing then by a whim, deciding "25% ON STEEL, 10% ALUMINUM", in theory that might work. In practice, suddenly announcing that causes so much blow back, and with a president refusing to listen, yeah. He's going to ride this bomb into the desert Strangelove style.

Starting a trade war on a whim is like a twelve year old grand strategy player trying his best.

I can't love the man enough for being such a colossal fucking unprepared dumbass.

Also timing. The market is in flux currently, across the globe, making any potential trade war more vicious than it would have been.

That's why all the teachers in West Virginia are striking to a degree the state cannot control without losing too much of a significant chunk of their education system, and why Oklahoma is about to do the same exact thing, in response to this administration and past administration's decline in treating them fairly, or helping students with their education properly. Introducing cost cutting legislation that destroys everything.

Yeah those "upper middle class teachers" who get paid fucking dirt and mud and now have to pay for their own school supplies who hate this guy are all "privileged" too. Got it.

A lot of the reasons feed off of each other, but the fed rate hikes has probably been the most direct influence on institutions starting to dump bonds.

Just looking at things like CDs, rates that were abysmal a year ago have doubled. Those t-bills that were as safe as houses back in 2014 are dogshit now.

This administration is a giant fucking long spanning season of Trailer Park Boys, where Ricky is elected president of the United States.

A cheeper US currency would make manufacturing here cheeper.

China can mine anywhere they want. The US has plenty of natural resources. If China locks the US out of third world mining activities, the US will just move mining operations to the Rookie mountains and Alaska which have high amounts of mineral reeves. The US has almost all of the resources we need, with the exception of a few rare earth metals. The only thing preventing extraction is offshoring, but tariffs will fix that.

If the factory isn’t in America it shouldn’t be considered “American Industry” Also these companies never pay taxes. It makes litterly no difference weather there “American” or not.What matter is if the factory is in America or not.

Once America is deintegrated from the global economy there won’t be a choice. American workers will have more bargaining power. Even if strikes were made illegal it wouldn’t matter. American workers engage in illegal strikes all the time.

Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I supported him.

Fuck off

The take away is that these tariffs would cause a deintegration of the US economy into the global economy. America will reindustrialize as imports are no longer affordable increasing class conflict. On a geopolitical scale this will have large affects. America will lose most of it’s geopolitical power. Being replace be the EU and China who’ll be the new global superpower. While the US is closed off from the rest of the world economically.

There is always somewhere cheaper if the president punishes companies for leaving. It will not work out.

Well get used to a lot less American Industry lol

It's only a matter of time before the strike comes to my home state of South Dakota. We're one of those four states that got it worse than WV.

With more tariffs there will be more factories in America, thus increasing American Industry. Again overseas factories were never American Industry. It was Vietmenese Industry, or Chinese Energy, or Indian Industry. To call it “American Industry” would be imperialist.

If you think Trump will be able to survive this without fucking up you have legitimate brain worms, there's no other explanation.

It's been 3 days and the EU have already declared tariffs while the rest of our allies are preparing to do so.

Trump is eating out of our palm with this by isolating the US, so I agree with you for entirely different reasons.

Trump is a wonderful asset to the left by being a complete bumbling fool.

Trump isn't bringing shit back, he's going to slip and fall and shit his pants and screech that any reporting on his soiled adult diaper is fake news.

Just enjoy the ride and stop having hope in market solutions. They will not work, especially not now, especially not with this administration. There is actually no possible way this ends with corporations just, saying "Oh Mr Trump, we're so sorry, we'll bring the jobs back"

It won't happen. It will never happen. There is no possible way this can happen. I understand hope, but to assume a man who up until recently talked with Kissinger and his fucking son in law Jared to get things right is assuming a Lemur can ace a trig exam

It won't happen

This would be true if Trump was launching a trade war against Southeast Asia and had capital controls implemented. But he's not. He's launching it against freaking EUROPE and has no overarching plan.

Not just Europe, since everyone is mad at him right now


I mean the list is just going to increase. He won't be able to handle a situation this complicated, at exactly the wrong time at the market to do so.

Watching the fireworks is going to be so fucking fun

Since steel is an input cost this will just make living standards much worse for Americans cause the cost of most things will drastically go up. I think porkies already know that the economy is gonna crash and some want to start a world war so that the US once again gets overwhelming dominance.

Considering the news he's shifting around people who disagree with him and only shifting in people who do agree with them, I don't think this is an organized effort more than Trump simply having another mini-stroke and making a sudden rash decision he thinks will be easy while doubling down when it immediately blows up in his face.

Just for a moment, imagine tariffs in response from Britain Canada, the Central American Nations, China, Mexico, and South Korea

Not to mention the tariffs Trump will decide to retaliate with.

He came in with no plan. And he's moving forward with anger.

This is truly a delight

What can they do. America already has a trade deficit. The state of American manufacturing and offshoring can’t get worse.

Again what can they do, we already import there shit, which needs to stop, and that is what tariffs are doing. There stoping the importing of foreign goods, which is good.

I don’t have faith in market solutions. Free trade is the market solution which has destroyed to many communities and jobs. And it’s free trade which is getting smashed here.

It’s a trade war against countries we have a trade deficit to. We can’t loose. Sure goods might be more expensive, but the increased wages due to increased bargaining power will be well worth it.

The standerd of living of Americas will increse due to more steal jobs available to unemployed workers. Jobs that have unions btw. Also if Trump were to start WW3 the American state would collapse within minutes. It woundn’t happen. Even though the collapse of the America state would be a good thing.

This is absolutely perfect
Accelerationists for Trump 2020

I forgot, but I think Australia is also joining in the "God damn it just shut the fuck up Trump" group

Wouldn’t this be very very good, because it’ll increase inter-korean relations.


Pls post in mp4, my computer doesn’t load webms.

This is literally Trump's thought process

How is this loosing?

"Trump's Easy Trade War: How America Lost It All" or "Trade Wars Are Easy: The Donald Trump Story" are both books I predict will be published in the future

If you stop wasting your money buying imports and start buy stuff from factories which employ you, you’ll make money.

That's the point you fucking retard. Also you're not spelling "lose" correctly, you're saying loose. Like Trump's grip on any sense of what he's about to do

If there's one thing Trump is great at, it's not going bankrupt

Donald at this point is legitimately a communist spy pretending to be stupid.

Nah, if Trump really wanted he'd allow fucking Weyland-Yutani to form

The title of the books will be “How radical syndicalist unions came to power in America”

As an Atlantic Canadian I am insulted by this suggestion.
This administration is obviously a giant season of The Office, with Michael Scott as president.

A cheaper US dollar makes imports more expensive, which hurts most consumers unless you have virtual autarky.
Those "few rare earth metals" are vital components for most modern-day electronics. It would also take years to set up extraction operations, which the US doesn't have when the world is retaliating instantly against tariffs.
And what happens when the US loses EU market share to China?

So perhaps the major problem instead is that we aren't taxing these megacorps?
This is naive. The GOP is completely enthralled to the demands of big business. Once labour costs cut into profits, you're going to see Trump and the GOP threatening workers with financial collapse unless we give businesses more tax breaks and deregulation.
And the US economy has been geared toward export for centuries. Losing market access would cause disruption stateside.

I fully expect Trudeau to think he's in a West Wing episode and broker a compromise that gives Trump everything he asks for.


“Consumer” is just another work for Porky

At that point there will be a Socialist, Worker’s revolution in the US.

So someone who knows jack shit about offshoring and it’s affects on American workers.

What is the IWW

The teacher's unions are starting to band together state wide at this point, I am 100% behind them at this point. They've been treated like shit and everything they're doing I have no qualms with.

This is logically impossible just based on Ricardian comparative economics alone. No matter how high the wages get, the average living standard will still be lower.


Than why did people have higher standards of living before offshoring started?

Because of the consequences of offshoring, but decades later solving it within even four years isn't going to work as easy as you think it would. Again, the market will not, and never will, help the working class

Unless the tarrifs are upwards of 50% that's not going to happen. What's more likely is that American porkies will continue to invest in meme industries like tech until the economic collapse and then jump ship to China.

And this administration is incapable with the short list of staff it has left, of strategizing a trade war that doesn't end in a proof of concept for chaos theory

By the end of this, if he really wants to do it, Trump is going to have a heart attack before the end of his first term

Then Kanye 2024





Dennis Rodman 2024

Not saying they will, but socdem tariffs are better than compleat and free open markets.

Just wait tell the rest of the world starts sanctioning America.

They didn't decline, living standards have stayed the same, because of cheap imports. Mind you, they didn't rise either, but statistically there was no pronounced decline.

They will decline now, though.

Bob Acklavan 2024, unironicaly.


No living standers for the poor have declined, but stayed stagnate for the “middle class” Reminder Porkies skew wage growth to look like it’s higher than it really is.

Some guy from the Revolutionary Communist Party. I don’t know why that guy mentioned him.

Not outright Neo-liberals like most US Unions but still thought I as mostly a meme



This is what exactly what nationalists want to do though, decrease import/export, increase domestic production.

They're too stupid to organize themselves properly and offer a replacement that won't annihilate the worker. So it doesn't really matter.

Worker is perfectly fine working for a wage as long as they can have a 3 day meal and a rooftop ahead.

The worker is actually not perfectly fine right now, and is increasingly not perfectly fine.

Because of immigration and export that lower wages and kill their jobs.

Bring that back, and the workers will be fine.

The fact that white nationalists put their weight behind a retard who announces a trade war during a period of global economic uncertainty for a number of reasons, which now he's fighting the EU and the EU is fighting them to the point now we have Australia involved

The fact that you have faith in this retard and not "this man is a useful idiot" like we do, truly shines on how fucking stupid Holla Forums is. They actually think all of this and more will help capitalism. By this empty administration plagued by problem after problem, just announcing a trade war at the worst possible moment

They, and you, are in for an interesting surprise for putting your faith to solve everyone's problems in the hands of a man that are tinier than his own cock.

American revolution when?


This is your brain on drugs

The fact white nationalists want their jobs back, and this trade war will do that.

This is your brain on non-argument.


No it won't. It will actually push corporations to move elsewhere since manufacturing no longer exists in enough quantity for them to invest in, thereby certifying that even more jobs get offshore. Investment is already going to the EU instead of the US as we speak.

The official total of jobs at the most optimistic, would only be 3,500.

3,500 new jobs

This is why we mock you. You defend capitalism but you have no Earthly fucking clue how it works because you're an American who's gut is bigger than his own brain. You don't understand how capitalism works and it's extremely hilarious you're cheering on your own doom.

Don't worry, we are also cheering, but for entirely different reasons.

Who would want to argue with someone as ridiculously stupid as you? What's the point in not just mocking you

And by the way, those Carrier jobs sure stayed didn't they

Nice shit grasp of the English language Boris, reindustrialization isn't a thing that happens.

I can't wait for the DOW tomorrow morning. It is going to absolutely fucking plummet

hahahahaahaha even Fox Business is turning on the Trump Administration over this

Cannibalize yourselves pigs

Aaaaaand the Japanese Market is crashing heavily, already effecting their exports to the United States.

Minus well over a hundred points and keeping steady.

The DOW is going to be raped into oblivion tomorrow. I wonder who Trump will blame


I don't really get how I'm supposed to take the response of the stock market. The DOW has just been climbing and climbing since the "obama recovery". It's gone up 10,000 points in the last 5 years. Something like 70%. I don't feel like the economy is doing 70% better than it was five years ago. Whatever the DOW show it's not meaningful to me.

Anglos leave

Nothing compared to a few days ago.

Can we all agree that the Canada is an evil country and that the Canadian economy should be destroyed ?

Step one: Lower taxes on US car manufacturers to encourage them to move manufacturing back to US from Mexico
Step two: Increase the cost of importing steel to make cars in the US
Step three: Impose tariffs on foreign car manufactures, many of which have manufacturing plants in the US
Step four: ???????
Step five: Realize you are playing 3d chess when you thought it was 3D checkers all along.

Wtf i love free trade and liberalism now.

how is this a bad thing?

mining is mostly automated, retard. even in so-called "Coal country" West Virginia, mining makes like 3 percent of the workforce in that state. You're falling for a meme.

Less ocean voyages with heavy polluting oil tankers? Actually….. that sounds good too.


The iron ore will still be shipped to the US. The impact on ocean voyages will be negligible.

There is absolutely no fucking chance in hell that this tariff is going to materialize. Porky is going to pull some strings in the Republican congress and senate and force a tariff redaction clause really quick.


i’m with you bud. no way. didnt house GOP break with trump already v. the tariffs?

Yes and no. Paul Ryan said Trump's move was a bad one, but didn't go much farther than that. The GOP are too scared of their daddy to actually fight it.

I find the fact that Holla Forums is now represented entirely by half-senile incomprehensible boomer posts like this hilarious.

Go back to facebook, liberal.

Fuck off, you senile boomer jackass.

Any word on this doofus fucker

How is this bad in a leftist position you retards? You ARE SUPOSED TO BE LEFT WING, NO ANTI-TRUMP REACTIONARIES
Act acording to your own ideology, you moron. This trade war is good for workers, badd for capitalists and the middle class.
Liberal capitalism has fallen, we are going into national capitalism again, this development its basic economic theory. When the system collapses, states intercede.

They are not, billionare benefits are

It's not bad. In the very OP (I made btw) I was saying this is positive. Just not in the conventional sense. It will absolutely cause Trump to fracture global relations and unbalance a stock market that has been reduced to only around 175ish+ gains in the Dow since last year, in only a couple months of this year. That happened for a variety of reasons, but we hope he does it.

The result would only be 135,000 jobs anyways.

Coporations have abandoned infrastructure for manufacturing here, will not be forced to invest to build it back up, and lead anywhere.

It's accelerationism done right to let the big retard fuck everything up and show the nation just what the markets think of them.

Your mistake is thinking that industry will build back infrastructure, especially if it's punished for not doing so. It'll just leave for cheaper lands, and increase offshoring.

America is no longer industrialized, tariffs won't fix that, it will exacerbate the problem. Reformism will not work in the face of capital as it stands in America.

This means that only the working class can step forward trumpism. Trump is comrade confirmed.

Wrong, the US has lot’s of Iron reserves.

Yes and No


lol fuck them
NATO withdrawal when

No, fuck America

his next move is 'Pay for your own defence,
faggots!'. bricks will be shat


I doubt it

it isn't. the neoliberals larping as reds just want to make sick owns on le cheeto face Drumph


But that's exactly what you were doing

America literally cannot "reindustrialize." Also the tech industry (I assume that's what is meant by the "start up" comment) is dominant because it produces high quality product. It's not going away.

Never interupt your ennemy while he's making a mistake
t.famous Corsican

But he didn't say anything about pointing and laughing behind his back.

Please stop, my penis can't keep up with all thoses erections!

Tfw Trump get’s America to leave NATO and join the SCO.

o i am laffing

Free trade is cancer