Another debate: DemSoc01 vs Coach Red Pill

Coach Red Pill has debated Democratic Socialist 01 about the topic of Allende/Pinochet.

Background information: Coach Red Pill is a Chilean movie director, sexual predator and scam artist, and has recently made a video in which he says that Pinochet was great because he was personally arrested once by the military police for breaking the curfew, but he wasn't tortured so it was amazing!

He also claims to be a descendent of José Miguel Carrera, a Chilean national hero.

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FUCK forgot link

Omfg I'm 10 min in and CRP is already completely dishonest, trying to derail the topic, condescendingly trying to correct DemSoc01's Spanish pronunciation and microphone quality. Jesus Christ this is painful to watch

Shit like this isn't worth watching. Pinochetists are quite possibly the most retarded of authoritarian rightwingers. They have a complete disregard for all facts and logic. I'm chilean and fortunately I haven't met too many in person, but fuck, they're insufferable


Finished watching it, recommend to anyone who's into drama kino, Coach Red Pill uses dishonest tactics such as muting DemSoc in the middle of sentence, interrupting him, asking him random unrelated questions, etc. and DemSoc gets legitimately angry about this, calls Coach Red Pill a liar and a conman. At some point they are pretty much screaming at each other.

That's what he said in his Pinochet video.

Even as a huge fan of DemSoc01, this really wasn't his best. He constantly stuttered and lost his cool often. Granted, this was probably CRP's plan, but he really should not have falled for it.


The funny thing, they forced him to write an apology before he graduated at uni after he was found guilty of sexual assault:

It didn't help that CRP kept trying to bring up irrelevant shit like his pronunciation of names

DemSoc calls CRP an idiot after prolonged provocations from his side, you can clearly see that DemSoc hit a spot there before when he called Coach Red Pill a conman.

CRP keeps on whining and crying that he was called a conman, and at this moment it becomes obvious. He calls it "out of the Sargonite leftist playbook" because guess what, even the sceptics have found out that this guy is a known scammer who hijacked Steve Keens website and blackmailed him. People keep bringing up his criminal past and he gets triggered as fuck by this, it's quite obvious at this point that this behavior is pathological.


1:07:45 CRP threatens to send his lawyers after people

1:07:55 CRP says he "doesn't need to give sources" because everything he says "is self-evident"

I'm not paraphrasing here, it's literally what the guy says

Holy shit, this guy is so random and degenerate at same time

The guy is basically the Chilean version of Tommy Wiseau. Check out the movie he directed:

Lol holy fuck this guy is a cunt, what is wrong with this slimy piece of shit?

DemSoc01 isn't a debater, he sure as hell shouldn't have joined a debate with this absolute piece of scum.

It was hard for him to make a single point considering Cockroach Red Shill was simply talking over him all the time, interrupted him, and simply muted DemSoc whenever he felt like it. You can only debate high end cunts like this when there is a moderator.

Can you imagine what the Roo would do to this guy if there is a debate on neutral grounds where CRP can't shut down his opponent by pressing a button? Roo is shit on theory but on these kind of topics, like defending Allende, he would be fine. I highly advocate for this to happen. Or in general, I really want to see this asshole going down. He seems to be really agitated when people bring up his criminal character.

If I was demsoc I would have ragequit 15 minutes in. The coach faggot won't even let him make his points.
This is the masterful rhetoric of a Pinoshill. I don't think I will be able to finish this. How did this go on for an hour?

Making sure to screenshot this if he deletes it.


Hey Pierre I really enjoy your content but you got to tone down a bit on your antisemitism, even if it's just irony or a meme, because it makes you unnecessarily assailable and gets your flagged.

It's tactical anti-semitism, I'm trying to provoke him by using his own inflamtory tactics.

Ah, great job. You got my full approval then. Coach Red Pill needs to be destroyed and exposed,

DemSoc had the patience of a saint, while everybody else would have quit after 10 minutes.

I'm provoking him even more.

Also here is the information on this huckster.

The guy has mental problems.

Also, his videos are hilarious, they talk about getting laid, and he has four camera angles recording him, and apparently he even uses drones to present him in a professional way.

The guy is nuts

I don't know how DemSoc didn't reply to "you don't know what you're talking about" with "you don't know what you're looking at."

Coach Red Pill has deleted the debate from bis channel.



That pinochet story is fake as fuck, he was born and raised in Cali

this looks so bad

link doesn't work

See . The coward has deleted the video after it got flooded by negative comments from both leftists and sceptics. Let's hope somebody still has hit, DemSoc should have it.

I feel demsoc is under rated

looks like it's lost to the sands of time

it's edited like a fucking MDE video

Does anyone find this guy very off? I can't pinpoint it but there's something odd about Coach.

Loool that is fucking unreal. Has anyone brought this up with him?

When you check that kiwifarms thread, there has been a Warski stream where people brought all this shit up. Coach Red Pill's reaction was to just ragequit the stream, and came back an hour later saying "sorry I just needed a cigarette, from all this stupidity", for which he was mocked. Later on, he left again once his criminal activity came up.

Here is the crazy thing: The sceptic/crypto-alt-rightist Jean-Francois Gariépy defended Coach Red Pill vigorously for no reason, with no arguments. As if the fact that someone found dirt on him makes the fact irrelevant that he is a criminal conman, pathological liar and a sexual assaulter.

I am certain that on the internet there is just so much more shit on this guy slumbering waiting to be discovered.

Check the kiwifarm thread. Your gut feeling hasn't betrayed you.

wow the comments on that video
when will reactionarytube die already