Italian Elections

Who are we cheering for in the Italian election tomorrow? Are there any parties worth voting for? It seems to be a particularly godawful shitshow this time.

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We're cheering for a government collapse that leads to revolution, nothing else.

the 5 star faggots because they're incompetent bafoons and it'd fun to watch the pasta eaters go through a total mental breakdown for being fucking retarded

Forza Nuova, CasaPound, Lega Nord… Why the fuck is Italy full of fascists, neo-fascists and philo-fascists?

Also, I've heard about Potere al Popolo, don't know much about them tho.

it always has been a shitshow. We had a good thread about italian elections with a lot of information in it, i wonder if it is gone and if mods can revive it.

anyway i'm voting Potere al Popolo (Power to the People).
They did a lot of good work on territory and they are the only leftist party which has the possibility to pass the 3% of the votes and enter in parlamient. I'm tired, i want Corbyn/Podemos/OldSyriza in my country too, and i think they can grow a lot in next years

not that i give much importance to shitty bourgueoise fake democracy, but they are best bet imho

Because contrary to Germany, Italian fascists were never punished or removed from office after the war. For the US Italy needed to stay "democratic" so it let our war criminals keep their positions to avoid the very real possibility of the country going red.

Me too, with a bit of luck we'll reach the 3% minimum to get into parliament (they're polling at a 2.5% right now I believe)

how the other user said, U.S. favorished it. They financed a secret army of fascists soldiers in order make a coup in case of Communist Party's victory, since it always was around 30% of votes. Also they helped a lot of fascist terrorist groups to do attacks in the '70 to fortify central government and security laws "against all extremisms" or attribuite them to communist/anarchist organizations and thus prepare a fascist coup as a reaction, it's called "strategy of tension".
Anyway now actual neofascists are not so strong as media say, it's a strategy of neoliberals to make people vote them against da terrible danger. The real problem is the Lega (League), around 15% or more i think, which is not exactly fascist like Greece's Golden Down can be, but more LePen-like.

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please dont insult my glorious pasta nation

Nah let him. It's rare for burgers to be able to make fun of another's country idiocy

I'm cheering for Marco Rizzo's party for larping points.
He's gonna get votes only from me and his mother probably

Aren't they running in the Potere al Popolo list?

Nope. Their are on their own.
Anyway Silvio is gonna win again

So much for left unity.
And yes, Berlusconi will win again. Fortunately he cannot be elected directly. Unfortunately it won't change anything, his government will be so fractured that we will essentially be puppeteered by the EU anyway.

Exactly. It's funny how every single party changed their views on the EU as soon as the election came. I was hoping for his to lose just because I didn't want to see the satisfaction in him again. He will die a winner

I'm voting for Liberi e Ugali (free and equal). Succdem, I know, but the other leftist parties don't stand a snowball's chance in hell and since we're just doing damage control for Berlusconi/M5S we might as well try to be somewhat effective.

Well Potere al Popolo has a decent chance of getting into the parliament. From there the movement can get some steam going. They did manage to gather almost three points in just a couple of months, the opportunity seems to be there.

And if they don't it's a wasted vote that could have been used against the biggest political monstrosity since Craxi and Andreotti.
Sorry user, I get you, I really do, but it just doesn't feel right to take chances right now.

Any poll out there?

Lo voto anche io.

Any of the big parties will form political monstrosities. It's not a question of stopping it, since it's inevitable. I'll be voting PaP just because I might as well, I wasn't going to vote for anyone else anyway.

Fuck off, bourgeoisie scum.

Grandissimo. Tanto cosa abbiamo da perdere ormai


Rizzo pelato servo della NATO

No, sectarism apart, i like more or less your youngs' organization (Fronte) and there are some very intelligent individuals in it, but Rizzo is a total idiot. I remember when in 2001 after 9/11 he said that they should put anti-gun glass on the Communist Refundation's headquarters cause it was to began an "attack against the west". And also i don't get why he choose to run separetely from Potere al Popolo. If you don't give a fuck of burgueoises' elections it's ok, but if you participate in them you do it wanting to at least enter in parlament, and they are only stealing votes from Potere al Popolo while having the same fucking program actually. I really really don't get it.

I'm not a burger though.

precedent post directed to them, i forgot

also, to all non-italians here, we have 4 communist parties, with neither of those being over 1%. It's idiotic, i know but hey! this is da left since ever. Two of those are in Potere al Popolo, one is in a trostkist coalition with less than 0,3 % and the other (the bigger one, led by Rizzo) runs alone.

I voted for Big Paulie T and Joey Legs
As a son of Italy the most important issue for me is letting people know I'm walkin here

hey, at least you have leftist parties, ulike some other unnamed European countries

Comrade Bannon is in Italy.

that place looks like a Peruvian slum

lel. Italy is beyond fucked up mate.

Affluence is around 20% here. Statistical predictions said it would be in total around 35%, more likely around 40% which is ore or less what we had last time IIRC.
Not that it's incredibly important data, but it's a good gauge of how disillusioned the population is.

Reading some articles some business experts claimed that the political instability of this country is no big deal for the markets, and I agree, if everything goes wrong the EU will send money and "experts" to fix it and the government will be forced to "eagerly accept" it.

tell me again leftists are not liberals, leftypol

Anyone who fucking votes liberi e uguali should fucking kill himself on the spot I agree.
Potere al popolo is not liberal bullshit.
That said I voted Partito Comunista because I like rizzo's tankiness

Last poll gave the right-wing a 12 point lead.

Which one?

Italians are ugly mongrels

If that retard had run with PaP they MIGHT have had a shot at entering the parliament and I might have voted for them. But as it stands they're both run of the mill leftist larp groups like we've had for 20 years and everybody sees them as wasted votes because that's what they ultimately are.

and gay af

When will we know the results?

Shoot him.

That's a good thing. It's not true though.

1)PaP is quite close to the minimum actually. They do have a decent chance of getting in.
2)Why are you worried of having Berlusconi again? Papa EU will not let the the old creep govern for long. Same thing for the PD and M5S actually.

Comunque il silvio è fuori forma.
Se fosse successo anni fa avrebbe fatto una battuta, oggi invece era spaventato.

Ma che scatto coreografico però. Complimenti al fotografo.

Bloomberg Live: "the markets would prefer if the Five Star Movement didn't win."
Me: "I am an ardent supporter of the Five Start Movement."

MS5 is a quasi-fascist movement which operates with authoritarian and xenophobic attitudes. Don't expect any good from them.

Looks like Italy is heading for a minority-right coalition.

For those who havent been paying attention what does this all mean?

First time open fascists have been in government in Italy since 1945.

which one is openly fascist?

so is this going to lead to a 5 star movement minority government or center left?
what does this mean for the left in Italy did any of them do well


Lega, they do not even pretend to not be fascists. The party rank and file compare their leader to Mussolini and they think it is a good thing. If you go to their rallies they do the Roman salute and carry swatstikas and things.

Minority right government is most likely outcome, MS5 refuses to work with anybody so it never has the votes for govenrment.

Casa pound and Forza Nuova.
Lega Nord is pop fascism at best.

Jesu cristo il 5 stelle sta prendendo troppi voti al sud

It's like he's attracted to complete degenerates or something.

Rallies of the Lega party. These are the people who will now have access to power in Italy.


Comeon user, they've been around for decades and they've always proven to be nothing more than larpers.

what an idiot, lega nord was in every Berlusconi government

lol "power"

This. Either way we lose. We are EU bitch

So the party of your ex-meme President who talked about wanting to fuck women on live TV and humped people in public won?

Salvini is different. He is a real threat to democracy, see what he gets as part of the agreement, when it is the police and state security you will know I am right.

Oh ma vai a fare in culo boldrinista di merda.
Non fare l'americano. Salvini non è fascista, la sua base elettorale lo è, un buffone come lui non combinerà un cazzo.
Sei come I bimbi anarchici tedeschi che credono che AfD sia fascista. Smetti di usare la parola senza sapere che cosa voglia dire

How come Neo-Fascist's are basically memes in Germany and Japan (inb4 generic neocons like AFD or the Jap conservatives are fascists) but seem to be actually still seen as a valid political stance in some parts of italy?

Miss me yet?


"Salvini, I've been waiting for you!" - is that the correct translation?
Christ, the EU has really screwed the pooch with their neoliberal fuckery.

t. head in the sand

Police and army remained with fascist sympathisers after the war, their views never went away like in Germany and Japan.

I thought the 5 stars were considered a joke!

He's exaggerating. Lega is the same thing as AfD.
This fascist scare is like in the rest of europe, a meme to make people vote center

Oh look it's another wonderful episode of Suc-Dem betrayal

Post war German army was literally made of nazi officers

The western allies were too inept to invade Northern Italy so it didn't get de-nazified like the areas liberated by the Red Army.

We'll to be absolutely fair East-Germany likely recruited quite a few to

Difference is they were not literal Nazis, as in believers. The Italian police and army were and to a large extent still are. Most German army officers were not actual Nazis but just conservatives/monarchist/reactionary.

Nigger, are you literally underage? That party has been riddled with wannabe fascists since its inception, the only thing Salvini did was drop the secession meme nobody fucking believed in anyway.


No, I am just listening to what they say and what they want to do and seeing their agenda for what it is. You people who think it is all a joke will be saying not to think they are fascists up to the moment the police come to arrest you.

Those were better times

You don't know how fascism works.

I do. You just have to read a history book to see how it works.

No you don't. Mussolini was fucking appointed by the king and was funded by arms manufacturers as a reaction to Italy becoming communist.
Is there a trace of communism in Italy right now? Is there a reason why the EU, who rule over us, would want to make Italy fascist? No. You are simply ignorant and americanized

And Hitler was appointed as part of a generic right-wing coalition by the President with conservatives/monarchists who he then betrayed and usurped and assumed dictatorial power after banning his political opponents. He could do this because as part of his coalition agreement he asked for control of the police, which he got, he then used that authority to Nazify the police and turn it on his political enemies. There is not only one route to fascism.

There is only one reason tho. Italy becoming fascist now simply ain't gonna happen. Especially through a guy that looks like this

And Salvini can't do that, and even if he could, in this day and age there's no way anyone in Europe is going to be allowed to form a paramilitary police.

lol have you ever seen a photo of hitler, he looked like a goober

Porco dio, gente così autistica da paragonare Salvini a Hitler.

Craxi was not that bad
Mani Pulite was a deep state fake news opp to discredit the succ dems

Hmm… weird that it is actually already happened in Europe.

The government said the units will become Poland’s “fifth service,” alongside land, sea, air, and special forces. As the proposals currently stand, the units would have their own separate command center, and the head of the new force will report directly to Macierewicz, bypassing the command structure of the rest of the armed forces.
“It’s too early to say what precisely the government intends to do with these units,” said Marek Świerczyński, a defense analyst with Polityka Insight, a Warsaw think tank. “But it’s not too early to say that it appears to be constructing a parallel army outside of established military structures.”

Critics point to a draft report published in April by the National Center for Strategic Studies (NCSS), a think-tank that has played a key role in the development of the government’s territorial defense program. The draft said that “equipped with machine-guns, a uniformed paramilitary formation can be an effective tool to prevent and deter anti-government activity.”

Hitler had books, charisma and wasn't part of a party that was born to divide the nord from terronia

Che ci vuoi fare. Piccoli Renzisti crescono

Next projection in 2 minutes

Yeah, the Germans are TOTALLY going to let anyone militarize that close to their borders. That goes for Italy as well.

It's funny how in UK threads there's always a lot of people shilling for Corbyn, but here in this italian thread nobody support any socdem.
Is this because there's a few italian posters and a lot of british posters?

Plus a coup d'etat will deal with all the american bases on our soil?
Fascism in the first world is a meme

Partially because of that but also because we don't have corbyn tier succdems here. Shit we don't have Sanders tier succdems.

They did this when they took power, the Germans have not done anything about it.

Didn't you learn anything from the 20th century?

Want him back

Fuck, it is even worse than expected. Left coalition is down to under 25%.

That said. Yeah. It's way worse than anyone expected. No government probably. How many years since a stable, elected government?

New elections called within 6 months. Guarentee it.

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What the fuck is going on here?

"Pussy riot" liberals getting whipped in russia

That's not what I was replying to, but O.K.

Italy you are no better than America I just wanted to let you know.

France too.


Sorry. I got two (you)'s.
The video is just a typical new year's eve in naples. They are pretty famous for doing bat shit crazy stuff with fire works ecc. This guy took it a bit too far putting a big ass fire work in a can of gasoline.
Btw the names of these fire works are hilarious, this year there was a big ass one called Kim 'o coreano' (kim the korean in naples dialect)

We are still better than america, but we suck. France is good too.

Say that to my pasta big boi


All of the ape people have to leave, what is so difficult to understand? We don't want baboons.

It's understandable you would mistake unshaven Italian men as apes.


Sorry spurd poster
I get really mad at historical illiteracy

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I think that guy is completely serious.

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An ideologically incoherent gaggle of protesters turned politicians, with the rest of the field full of neoliberals, and the remainder being irrelevant. Italy is so fucked lmao.


I wonder if the migrant issues helped the right gaining more populist power. The European press still seems caught up in 2015 as far as the refugee crisis goes

dioporco when diocane are we porcoddio going to porcamadonna put bombs in porcocristo parlamient gesùladro?

(hi DIGOS)

Yes it is. And yes the EU was a great parent.

A joke in the sense that they barely qualify as a political movement. The fact that they won the most votes should tell you how much burning hatred there is for the mainstream parties.

He wasn't even that bad to be honest. He just chose the wrong side of the fence. He is a right-wing politician who could have brought Berlusconi's party to victory. By using the "left" he made himself easy target from both sides.
(Not that bad compared to his right wing comrades, do not misunderstand me)

Well polls are not accurate. Still for being literally 2 months old it's not that bad.


The right wing rode that wave like they were born surfers. The M5S as well.

Not going to help. Papa EU will simply send another technocrat to keep the house from falling, just like it did with Monti.>>2422206

It's a shame that these far right politicians are typically Trump-tier assclowns and not stoic bad-assess with god-tier aesthetics.

I cant stop asking mysel

Where the fuck is the far left? And dont say the communist party because that party is a socdem with a fancy name

Leave my boi Iulius alone. He did nothing wrong.

Here's the deal: jap conservatives are actually fascist.


Welcome to post-USSR politics.

The purpose of the EU was to suppress the far left. Are you surprised that it worked?

They are letting Poland and Hungary fly, though.

Time to choose:

You WONDER? Are you fucking kidding me?

Casa Pound is anti-capitalist and anti imperialist so them.

I shouldn't have put the "Shoot myself in the mouth" option.

If the GDR could've got Guderian in the NVA they would've been leaping with joy.

How each italian region voted (the old communist ones, the south etc)?

you mean this? Pretty sure most radical left votes are also around Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.


yes, thanks user

however, I do prefer this one

isn't this test biased towards the green square? jesus christ

That's so wrong

This is funny

Btw this is the worst result possible if we wanted some government stability

Did we want government stability? I would have been happy to see the right wing crash and burn as beautifully s the PD did. Alas it did not.
I'm actually really disappointed by the "new" left, the parties that were born from the PD exodus, I expected more from Grasso and Boldrini. They're at best sucdem, but they're better than … whatever the M5S is and Renzi.

jesus fucking christ that's disgusting

Honestly I hoped for a Britain situation were the most incompetent motherfucked would win and do the stupidest move possible possibly ruining our position with europe, thus making enter someone at least jeremy corbyn tier. The worst thing that happend here is that in this instability scenario, we don't get a government, we don't get an imbecile… Basically we are stale, again.
Grasso and Boldrini were too mild even for succdem positions, Boldrini made a campaign on the whole "Left is a moral choice" thing that unnerved the fuck out of me.
Seriously, unless we get a functional government we are EU slaves.
The only way to get a stable government is a center right-5 star alliance or only a lega-5 star alliance, both case will lead to them losing every drop of credibility they have left. This will lead to interesting scenarios, but really dangerous nonetheless because we don't a far left.
Good thing is that Casa pound and forza nuova got fucked by Potere al Popolo (I've yet to make an opinion on them, they are too young as a party) and that Renzi and his party got bamboozled

Funny thing is that Liberi e Uguali is too much in the green in that chart. They want a mild welfare state, they made a campaign out of compassion for immigrants, anti fascim and they also want to censorship social media because one of the heads of the party got insulted hard on there. Sanders was lenin compared to them

Strangely, I actually think that the most probable coalition is one with M5S and PD, maybe even LeU. Of course, it only would be possible without Renzi as PD leader. How the fuck did he got reelected after that referendum fiasco?

Because Renzi is PD. He basically Blaired the whole party, which wasn't that left to begin with. I doubt that the 5 star "movement" will ever want to have anything to do with PD in general, if they make an alliance they will lose credibility.
And honestly I don't know how the fuck they still got credibility. I work in rome and they managed to do more damage there then their predecessors

Plus I doubt so. LeU was born because they didn't want to be PD, PD campaigned hard against both 5 star and LeU and 5 campaigned hard against PD. None of them can afford to do this alliance, this would be political suicide

Grasso did want to make college free however and for me that's a plus. Not that it's prohibitely expensive (for me it's around €1200 per year), but still a pretty significant sum less over the shoulders of the family.

I'm honestly surprised by the hate he managed to accumulate with PD's powerbase. Really the PD would have got at least to 20% if he wasn't still head of the party. Fortunately the same thing apear to have happened to Berlusconi and his poor excuse for a party.

They still have credibility because there's a deep contempt for the mainstream parties, their submission to the EU and neoliberal policies. To Salvini it was enough to shout "fuck the EU, throw the migrants back into the sea" to win the right wing vote.

I kinda agree. The M5S right now is essentially a political Sargon. Born from the left and leeching votes from them, while pretending to be against the right. It's unlikely but I can see the M5S and the League going together.

I make you notice that the centre"""left""" coalition plus the centre-right one (obviously without Lega, cause they will never make an alliance with PD) have the 42% of the votes, enough to reach the majority. The only doubt is if Meloni wants to do it, but all the other parties already said that they could possibly collaborate with each other during the electoral campaign.

You should also subtract FdI, since they're post-fascists.

How were the regional elections?

That's right, but also like every Berlusconi's friend meme fascists they would do anything to have their armchair

here in Latium (Rome's region) relatively well, won a succdem (Zingaretti) but he is one of those few who always dialogated a lot with social centres and gommunist movements

Nuke Padania.

Italy literally never underwent de-fascistization after WW2. I have a history prof who is from there who says that even in academia people were constantly exchanging fascist literature and doing secret fascist salutes/handshakes to each other. Judges were known to wear military uniforms of fascist Italy under their robes.

As a Scot, the idea of right-wing separatism feels so incredibly alien to me.

And as an Italian, the idea that in the US the hardcore Christian party is on the right is equally alien. Not that our "Christian Democrats" were any more left than the modern democrats, but still at least they identified themselves as leftists.

I hope

I'm just posting the results if anyone is interested.

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radical eurosceptic parties because that abomination needs to die