Where can I find a cute /lefty/ girlfriend?

Where can I find a cute /lefty/ girlfriend?

I'm not a leftist myself, I just want a leftist gf with a big cock to dominate me and cuck me with black guys.

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Go to abandoned and condemned buildings in the middle of the night and sleep there. I'm sure you'll find one Crust Punk qt user. And remember, the needles are tasty.

Stop shitting up my board.

How am i not surprised?

You're better off asking Holla Forums. They have encyclopedic knowledge of black penises and transsexuals

Who's the trap

really makes me think

This is now a thread about trans nazbols

I'll try it but I'm afraid I'll get raped by some hobosexual.

I want a lefty girl, besides, they keep telling me I'm a kike.

But where to find one?

Describing my cock as big would be a lie, but the idea of filling a right wingers ass with my dominance is quite appealing.

Crust Punk qts are hobos user.

I fit the criteria, I will do it.

traps are a scam. they rely on manipulative photography, while I understand taking pics of themselves where they look female is therapeutic for them, it alleviates the crushing distress they constantly feel from their GD, trying to pass themselves as "just as good as women" or "women" is just a lie. in actual, neutral photography, czech casting style , they clearly look like men. if they're in photographs with an actual women, the comparison is laughably obvious. This is just confirmed by the fact, ZERO decent Hardcore for traps exist, not even amateur stuff. Full Motion Video is just too authentic for Traps to handle without having an emotional breakdown. hopefully one day they can find a partner who will lie and says they look female. it's why Trap fetishists need actual women pretending to be traps, either by mistaken identity (8ree and Anzu routinely get called traps) or actual women with realisitic strapless dildos.

Transmen I have nothing against, They can be quite frankly inspiring. I've known many of them, and they've all been lovely. I know if I was a woman, I would want to be a man.

Whats the point of your post exactly? Dissing people because technology hasnt got to the point where we can look how we want yet?


it's consumer advocacy. wait for the next firmware patch before getting a trap gf.


Well then why aren't you a leftist? Help us bring about worldwide socialism and you can become a state-mandated trap with your body becoming a sexual toy for the proles to use as needed.

I would personally enjoy pounding your ass without mercy after a long day of labor.

Will I be allowed to rape right-wingers after the revolution?

Get my nigga laid tbfam *dab* ayyy YEET


Only those that aren't executed, because necrophilia is wrong.

shitty, and also asians aren't true scotsmans. get a white twoman or shut up.

I'm just an alt-right soyboy. I'm not redpilled on Lenin or the means of production or any of that stuff. I only know how to make Trump memes to post on 4chan all day.

That sounds really naughty, please stop.

Sorry bro, I'm what you're looking for but I only fuck leftists.

Smh fam YEET yourself into a gulag tbh

If you don't you go to kulag


Sorry that I don't want to spend my life with some chud who tries to get me to lower my intelligence by reading Jordan Peterson or some other """philosopher"