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It's becoming increasingly obvious in modern times that governments can't do anything anymore to combat sexism. At best, they are a nuisance, and at worst, they will insert useless laws that will never change attitudes in order to appease stupid liberal feminists and allow real evil to persist. Theory tells us that the mode of production and structure of society correlates greatly with the treatment of woman. Since the dawn of civilization marriage was used to bind woman legally and economically to the absolute authority of her father. It becomes clearer to me day by day that sexist attitudes will never be changed by trying to appeal to the government, but that we have to radically uproot it. Women haven't had any sizeable political power in the world until 1945. Dear reader, even today, don't you feel that society is pervaded with the attitude that women are manipulative and evil? One only needs to look on this site.

There's 2 ways in which we can do this that I can see:

1. Become as bad as patriarchs in a battle of the sexes that requires us to seek traditionally male activities and become better at them than the men. To become as argumentative, as petty, as hateful as the men. I do not like this idea because it is phallogocentric and simply replaces one capitalist with another. This is the way that Simone de Beauvoir wanted us to do it. It also seems rather bitter "you did this to us for millenia so we will punish your male children". Quite petty.

2. We simply resist all sexism and stay active and smart on our stuff, ally ourselves with proletarian males, hoping that the historical dialectic will eventually allow us to be freed from these attitudes, which will probably only come along with the destruction of gender itself. The problem is that, can we really ally ourselves with proletarian males? Come a revolution, would they simply take for themselves and make the same tired talking points throughout history of women being too childish for political power? Many proletarian men are uneducated and sexist, can we trust them?

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Until Napoleonic times, the idea of owning a business for a woman was unthinkable. In post-postmodern times, let us destroy business.

Men and women are different.
For example, men are better one the whole at physical labour.
For example, women are better on the whole at raising children.
Sexism exists, sexism will always exist in all forms. Identity politics isn't the answer. Understanding is. Be the change, and let opinions be just that, opinions.

the battle of the sexes throughout history is not implicit in the anatomical differences between female and male. Otherwise men would not have to desperately keep women down with binding institutions and depraved attitudes.

Sexism will not exist when we have abolished men.

Also, just because a tiny percentage of people have gender dismorphia, a mental condition, and they have the cringe fest 'LGBT' crowd chanting them on, (inb4 'homophobe', I'm bisexual myself) doesn't mean that the concept of gender is going to die out, like people seem to hope for. I hate to tell you this but most people don't mind being the gender that they are. A lot of us quite like it. No point denying reality, or trying to change reality with hormone blockers. That just makes you a man who didn't have puberty, it does not make you a woman.

You will not exist if you 'abolish men' you sexist idiot.

no, we just kill them and replace them with artificial insemination


GID is what it's called now by the DSM V which is normative psychotherapy, you know they don't have a monopoly on psychiatry right???

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you are a fucking retard that like a Holla Forumsack cries out reality while having no understanding of it, pretendends that yelling "mental illness" somehow explains shit while actively ignoring real research and available information.

Society isnt altright, thank all that is holy

Support. I love tomboys.

Support as well.
Sure. Might differ from culture to culture though.
makes you sound just as retarded as incels saying "females" tbh
I cant imagine they would, looking at my own culture tbh. Such ideas are not done in my society and are only espoused by the one turbo christian party
So are many proletarian women. Proles dont automatically become more educated if they are women, nor more sexist. They are shaped by their material conditions and conditioned by the same superstructure.
I dont think we will get very far if half the population cannot trust the other half just because they do or done have certain parts between their legs.

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Transsexism is shilled hard by psychiatrists, pharmaceutical companies, and discrimination lawyers. Proclaiming the superiority of women over men is idpol to the core. Proclaiming the idea that men and women are inherently the same, physically or otherwise is, denial to the core. Speaking of this idea that women are inherently evil, have you ever heard of false rape accusations and the systematic gynocentrism of our society? Men allow women quite a bit of privilege. I say this because many men i have met to this day have always put pussy on a pedestal. They worship it like a god. Women are able to fuck over men, and it is in their best interest to do nothing else. Do you deny this? Drinking Starbucks™ coffee and using Macintosh™ computers is capitalism to the core. Radical Feminism is trash and you know it. Gynocentrism is just as bad as patriarchy.

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no, because he's a retard who thinks we should cater to mentally ill people just because of their predispositions.

mental disorder, i won X-D what does it even mean i dunno lol

no. i don't want to cater to any identity.
this is the retarded Holla Forumsack projecting again. you are the idpol infested faggot who gets invested into shitting on this minority group while having no basic education on what their issue is.
i couldn't care less about you being retarded if you didn't pretend not to be a Holla Forumsack.

maybe you should just try shilling your anti-communist garbage elsewhere instead of complaining

1. I recently got off the phone with one of my trans friends who is crying because her doctor called her a man and said she was an idiot for believing she was trans. This is basically the norm across most of the first world.

2. Anatomical differences do not justify the historical battle of the sexes as it played out, (said this twice now), this is not the same as saying they're the same, just that women have been kept down unfairly based on MORE than their difference.

3. Some occurrences of things happening are not justification of women being evil, nice try

4. You are mad

They're mentally ill *according to* the DSM V which has no monopoly on psychiatry and WHICH BTW suggests transition as the best treatment. What level of mental gymnastics are you making to say that these people, even if they are mentally ill (not proven) shouldn't be given the advised treatment by said institution you're using to call them mentally ill??

Radfems are crypto-fascists who have no interest in equality. They're female supremacists and nothing more.

it's not the best treatment. they still behave like suicidal self-loathing maniacs and are a threat to any society. capitalist or otherwise.




so you're now disagreeing with the judgement of the institution you used to justify calling them mentally ill, which you don't even see a contradiction in.

Trans women behave like people, sounds like you've never even met one

oh no u caught me

Traditionalism is just as bad as feminism, in my opinion. Tradcucks put pussy of a pedestal just as often as male feminists do. I'm arguing for something that has never been argued for before; that maybe, women aren't actually gods among men.


I have. her name was "cricket", she worked in my office and she once slit her chest open right in front of us with a knife, all because a coworker referred to her as a male once.

Answer to it or bully

I never said that. I said there's no good reason to try normalizing mentally ill people.


You've clearly never actually interacted with a basic bitch female before because they're petty as all hell

Good post comrade, have a wonderful day

Dear diary. Today, I met a ☭TANKIE☭ that wasn't a massive faggot.

sounds like you shouldn't have been normative assholes. I bet that coworker was you, you piece of shit

answer what im a stupid woman idk what u mean

it was one person, and it wasn't me.
either way, normal people know how to deal with someone offending them without resorting to having a psychotic episode. the point of my story is that trans people aren't sane.



so you met *a* trans person who reacted badly for a good reason and you judge from it that all trans people are mentally ill? That doesn't sound bigoted or mentally unhealthy at all =)

yes and no in that order

sexism ends when gender ends and not a moment sooner

they also have a statistical track record of hurting themselves or commiting suicide. keep telling me that I'm the problem, though.

Reacted badly? Reacting badly would be getting pissy over pronouns, that was nothing short of a meltdown

All i did was say it was a mental illness, which it is and is recognised as such in most countries. You're the one who got all butt hurt because i said 'mental illness'. You implied a lot from what i wrote that i never said.

There's no need for proof that women are disadvantaged in the workplace, women already know what we're talking about, it's intuition sweetie. men don't have it. The so-called perks colleges offer, the fake rewards workplaces earn, they don't matter compared to the being talked over, the masses of work being dumped on you, etc

What does 'abolishing men' mean when it doesn't mean 'abolishing men'?

Trans person here
Literally every transgender person I know has a slew of mental disorders beyond just GD so you make a valid point

nobody spoonfeed him please

ITT: Sexists complaining about sexism.

As proven by this thread and all the radfem/tumblrinas infecting it.


I asked a simple question. Answer and educate people on your agenda whilst rising to arguments and discussion, or fuck off and stop trying.

Oh yes, the good old tumblirina adage of "educate yourself"

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The absolute state of leftypol.


I'm enjoying the shitshow


gee I WONDER WHY might have something to do with being hated by society which would explain the number of trans women being like "ya I'm glad I transitioned"

false flag

Why is this not banned yet?

that won't help you any though

Literally the only radfem worth reading is Dworkin, and she's shit.


Fuck guys, this is one of the only places online where I sometimes enjoy discussion whatsoever, but shit threads like these kill it for me.

How the fuck is this autism not anchored?

This has jack shit to do with proletarian politics

Kinda surprised myself. I could tell OP was baiting from the get go, but at first I thought it was to elicit genuine discussion. But then it devolved into replacing men with artificial insemination, because men are violent baboons who can't be trusted, it's totally self defense.
-t. fempol

Women's liberation is infinitely important if you're a leftist. Historically women's liberation movements were spearheaded by leftists. These structures won't go away after the revolution, socialist feminism is a thing and it's something we can work towards at the same time along side the wider class struggle. It affects you too personally as a brainlet brocialist who can't see the bigger picture, freeing women from their subordinate status in society allows you to be freed from yours. Once women stop become the /other/ men will be liberated too. Read Beauvoir.

oh fuck off with your idpol. we liberate everyone, no exceptions. stop putting women on a pedastel.

better yet, go back to your blog. you don't belong here.

Hmmmm. Where have I heard this garbage before?

No one is saying we shouldn't liberate everyone. Do you know what socialist feminism is? Do you know the history of feminism and labour is in the US? Socialist feminism is understanding the way the capitalist system oppresses women and tackling those structures ALONG side wider class struggle. This is why in the 20th century women pushed for the ability to work. If they worked, they gained a certain power through their labor, allowing them to unionize and mobilize. This is just one example, there is plenty of ways to go about liberation. Having a developed understanding of history and how class affects a certain 50% of the proletariat is a good thing, without having to reduce it to liberal feminism or making it idpol. As an anarkiddy you should be all for reducing unjust hierarchy in all forms.

I never said this, if you read my post I specifically referred to us needing to start pushing for liberation now because these social structures won't disappear after the revolution. I didn't call to abolish them under capitalism.

is socialism poisoned by SJW crap. admit it, you're just another two bit internet feminist who cares more about petty identity politics than overthrowing the capitalists

You need to go back

read the post you idiot. it's clear you're just putting a red coat on third wave feminism.


Doesn't sound thirdwave to me. Read a book.

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in typical fashion, you delive for ways to make yourself look like the victim in order to claim the moral and ideological high ground. And therin is the Achilles' heel.

you're too infatuated with the victim card to have any praxis beyond that.

You've said literally nothing in this reply, congrats user. I've made no moral arguments, I would never do this. Pointing out the fact that I used the adjective patriarchal doesn't make what I said not true. You're too infatuated with strict simplistic views of the world to ever bring about change.

wasted trips. you're too infatuated with having the moral high ground and flinging cries of MUH PATRIARCHY IS VICTIMISING ME to enact any positive change.

do something other than complain, and more people might thing of you as more than just whining children.

Shut up Jordan Peterson.

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Stop parroting Jordan Peterson talking point then tbh

What does Holla Forums think of artificial wombs and sexbots?

Sisters, comrades, forget about the oblivious idiots in this thread who think they have it all figured out. We have to stay strong, and temporarily ally them on the grounds that they are for the liberation of the proletariat and do our best to keep our priorities straight. Let's just talk between ourselves and completely ignore them on this topic. Now, where were we?

Does anyone have PDFs of feminist literature? I will drop some



Brave New world is not supposed to he our utopia


Libfems love trannies, they're their number 1 enablers, they're the ones screaming TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN whenever a woman raises a concern about trannies having unlimited access to women's spaces.

yep, this guy isn't even past Holla Forums mentality

I'm ready to use any dishonest means necessary to get ahead and help my gender out of oppression. What can we do? Anyone got any ideas of what we should do to cause trouble for patriarchy?

By this I mean, we can't simply try and convince men (antifeminists) since they just don't listen and measure things instead of understanding them (tools that they are), we need to make a grab for power.

I believe in women's liberation as well. One thing we shouldnt do is make men the other, understanding how the economic system is the primary oppressor and not any singular man, we can develop a relevant praxis.


Then what is supposed to be your utopia?

Holy shit, what kind of anti-materialist garbage is this. Socialism removes the only oppression that matters in terms of actual control and influence, that being the economic. Everything else matters very little as all such relations function and emerge primarily from production and relation to it.

this uwu

1.Removing humans from their reproduction will be an attack on the human spirit. Without a parent to care for them, they will be emotionally crippled. Half of children alive today are unwanted.

2.It's the factory farm model applied to humans. This technology will be used by pedophiles and slavers, who will make humans they can abuse. Every atrocity done to those animals will be applied to these new humans. This is an extremely immoral technology.

This is fine, as it replaces sex workers and ends their exploitation.

Most tech will not be able to survive without energy. Until fusion energy is realized, all technological advancement is merely a passing fad. The grid, cars, etc. will fall into disuse without a power source.


I'll respond because I've had a very fulfilling, hard day and I'm in the perfect mood.
No, not really. People have a pretty widespread of beliefs, and a lot of them are toxic. This will exist until our society shifts it's focus to excellence instead of efficiency. Our society is completely market driven, so the "free exchange" of ideas will continue to lead to manufactured belief systems that only function in the spectacle they've created. Basically, as long as Capitalism is around, These "Focus groups" of beliefs will continue to be made.
That is stupid, for several reasons. Firstly, almost any physical activity is going to be won by men, on average. Men are just stronger.
But the real folly of it is the Capitalist sentiment in it. Gender roles as they relate to labor are fundamentally something that will not exist under Socialism. They are a Capitalist phenomenon, a byproduct of men being shunted as breadwinners, women being childrearers, and then the advent of machinery suddenly destroys the barrier between these. Nobody wins this game. Sure, it is good that women can work, but who wins when a household is supposed to be supported by two laborers? Who wins when children suddenly can't be cared for as often? Who wins when men are forced to labour for the wages of three instead of one? NOBODY wins the gender role game, it is shit the whole way down. Advocating that women should destroy the patriarchy by assuming the Capitalist role of men as revolutionary is retarded. Yet again, the only solution within Capitalism is a half win, women gain freedom, and the freedom further canibalizes the family. Outside of Capitalism, suddenly women and men can care for their children, can cook and clean the house as they please, free of the eternal and ruthless "efficiency" of the market.
The implication that you aren't a Socialist, and aren't speaking of Feminism in a Socialist mindset spooks me. Also, to clarify, proletarian men aren't the only revolutionary people in society. You can be a Bourg and be a Socialist revolutionary, all you would have to do is be against Capitalism. It is unlikely, and most will not be, but I have to mention it.
Gross, feels like you are trying to use "socialist language" to appeal. We ain't getting freed by dialectics. Socialism will be purposefully reached by humans outside of truly astronomical circumstances on the level of aliens constructing it.
Depends on what you mean by gender.
Oof. I mean, this is just rough. Yeah, you can, fucktard.
Yeah, possibly, maybe they would also exterminate all white men, or any other ridiculous idea. That's why you wouldnt support a sexist group, dumbass. Jesus. It's like someone made a post saying "But what if Donald Trump was Socialist", then yeah, you would have to act differently. If they wanted to oppress women, you would fight against them, that's really all you, I, anyone could do. You can't imagine these what if scenarios.
Bad thinking.

I think it should be addressed that posts like this are somehow ok while anons discussing what is and isn't imperialism and quoting Lenin is bannable

The value of human lives is a spook. Humans are merely a resource for the advancement of society, nothing more. Anything less than reducing humans to numbers in a database is not true socialism.


No u

Who said anything about artificial womb-grown children not having parents to care for them?

Freeing both men and women from the burden (yeah yeah, edgy huh?) of child-bearing is something we should all strive for. Notice I said bearing, not rearing, so ease up on those pearls.

What's the value of advancing society if not to improve the lives of humans? All values inherently come from the human experience.

Bad bait

Spooky. Humanity is just a bacteria trying to cling to life.

If wombs are artificial, then more children will be born and the time to raise them will be split, leaving more children neglected. Reproductive power should be left to the female sex, so that all children are wanted.

^This also ignores that mass-production of children will be used by people who probably shouldn't have access to children.




That already happens, sticking a penis into a vagina isn't any kind of effective gatekeeper for who should and shouldn't be parents


abolishing men is the concept of letting females and males live separatly with the only contact being exchange of sperm packs and nude pictures.

Existing problems like over-population and child sex-trafficking will increase due to artificial wombs & become harder to eliminate. That's my point. When you can grow a child in a pod, you can effectively create thousands of children, outside the purview of society & sell them just as easily. It's a bad technology to have.

So it's a lesbian fantasy?

That's going to depend on a lot of different factors, like how difficult it is to obtain and maintain this technology, and who has access to it. You're making a lot of assumptions about this when nobody knows how exactly it's going to work or be implemented. Not to mention a lot of these problems you mentioned are due to capitalism and would probably disappear in a socialist society.

I agree with everything you said. I still fail to see what OP's retarded bait about artificial insemination has to do with womens liberation.

You may not be on Holla Forums, but you are on Holla Forums. It's still short for Politically Incorrect. Expect political incorrectness.

Apparently so.
They do realise if that want to close themselves off to men for the rest of their lives and go live on Femescera, they can be my guests. I'll stay here with the nice women who want to get along.

You will not win, girl scum.

We shall go on to the end. We shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our nation, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

We will destroy the matriarchy that has enslaved us all.

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Okay but holy shit even radfems make me feel like shit and I'm a wombyn born wombyn uterus no penis vagina

LARPing like no one else could

You're right, you said nothing.

Also ew, radfem thread

Huh and you're the ones screaming "MUH TRANNIES" "WOMBYN BORN WOMBYN" and all that other shit when ""trannies" need to take a dump?

We won't you get away with it. Many men are too blind to see what you're doing, but not me.

Will unironically liberate women. Child bearing and child raising is like a giant ball and chain for women everywhere; only they can currently reproduce the species, and they end up having to shoulder that burden for the collective. It's where most of the wage gap comes from. And there are also all the various physical hindrances that come with bearing children, or even with just having the latent capacity, like wacky hormonal cycles.

Though if we go in that direction it might also end up abolishing sex in general, which is all fine and dandy.

Join the Houthis. Killing KSA puppets is the best thing you can do to fight a real patriarchy.

Dumb excuse to be a dick to other ppl no matter who they are tbqh rather than defend what you're saying and your poor behaviour you make some silly excuse that this place is your sacred hate other people zone


Uhh..he’s right, modern capitalism gives a tremendous amount of power to fertile young women. Capitalism needs every fertile woman to have at least 1 baby, but only needs the most healthy and strongest men to have children.
Some men are starting to realize it and lash out, but that anger is beginning to cool into more real political power. I keep saying this but no one listens, Christianity and other ancient societies made sure the majority of men could have their own children for a reason. Not giving every man a good faith chance at courtship is unironically a low key form of engenics. If you laugh that’s fine but I’m not sure why that man you laugh at would help you build communism or continue serve capitalism.

Material differences do though. Women can have babies, men cannot. Society used to shit on barren women every bit as bad as trans people are shit on now. Only difference is barren women just wanted sensitivity extended to them while trans want all the privileges women get, which are only extended to incentivize them having children. Sorry TERFs are going’s to win this battle, the only way trans can win is if they start offering to raise children in mass, but there’s plenty of spinsters that would get adopted children first.

Nice to know where moderators stand on the issue. Glad to know who are allies aren't

Let's continue the thread on /leftpol/


If you do this, you're basically handing the world to religious fundamentalists.