Levi Sanders, Bernie’s son, running for Congress


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The only part that's even remotely bad.

Unironically Nazbol Pol here.

Is he /ourJew/?

Is he running as a democunt or an independent?

He's running as a Democrat, obviously. Who do you figure dug up the dirt to smear him with?

That's a shame tbh, people need to start growing some balls and run as independents.

Sounds like a top bloke.

He believes le Russia memes

do you think he browses Holla Forums?

Severely doubt it.

but where else would he inherit such ideals?


Not if they expect to win.


literally the definition of our guy

actually a bold move

The second tweet is idpol lmao.

How so? Joy Reid is shit tier and Comrade Dore constantly bashes her.

Just like all Democrap scum.

this is just a rehash of corporate Sanders/Corbyn shilling on leftist online communities. "First as tragedy then as farce"

he's ok

The more censorship you support the more you won't get people to listen to whats important. This snowflake muh feelings bullshit needs to stop.
Some people actually stand on principle, if somebody wants to be racist they have every right to be as long as their not PHYSICALLY harming you. And if you care so much then go over there and make them stop authoritarian fag.

If he's a Zionist, he's not /ourguy/. And yes, two-state solution is Zionism.

Why? Is there a better option?

One-state solution of Palestine, full right of return for Palestinian refugees, full scale land reform, Israelis are able to migrate out a la the American Cuban laws. Also, re-education for Israelis. Severely limit Hebrew, get Arab Jews re-discovering their Arab heritage.

Lol MSM wanting everyone to posture for them.

There's a guy here:

Dropped your flag

fuck off

Settler-colonialism is a real thing. What are the Palestinians to do when half their land is occupied by settler-colonials?

this is like showing a picture that says "zizek discusses jordan peterson" and assuming it means he supports jordan peterson

I still don't get outright dismissal of the Russia thing. People compare it to Iraq, like the CIA was claiming the Bush admin had WMDs so the Dems could invade the White House or something. Makes no sense - I don't think anybody could reasonably claim that something like this would be uncharacteristic of Putin, and Donald, Jr. leaked his own incriminating communications. From where I'm sitting, the shenanigans being played by FBI&friends are primarily damage control to try and spin this into another power grab/foreign intervention so they don't have to be politically incorrect and pursue the sitting president. Cracking down on everyone else would be so much easier.

He could win the primary. Bernie destroyed in the 2016 New Hampsire primary, so the Sanders brand there is strong. Levi's mannerisms are similar to Bernie, but he lacks the distinctive Brooklyn jewish accent which I think is a major part of Bernie's brand.
It's too early to forecast the general election vs a republican opponent.


Because there aren't even specific allegations of what Russia(ns) did. And because the shit that's come out of the FBI about it amounts to boomer-tier facebook memes. And because people all over the world try to influence each others' elections. And because America's election process is full of actual vulnerabilities to meddling that go unaddressed (because the vulnerabilities are to meddling by private American companies). And because the US meddles in foreign politics constantly to the point of regularly overthrowing governments. And because US elections are just political theater anyway, since lobbyists and the petrodollar rule what politicians do. Basically, to think the Russia thing is of consequence you have to be operating on a completely different plane of reality.

I don't think people care about the accent as much as you suggest.

it's part of Bernie's brand, and his son is essentially trying to get elected by saying he will be Bernie 2.0
he is tying himself to his father's brand, but he doesn't share what is perhaps the most recognizable attribute. of that brand.

voters are dumb my lad, superficial things have an impact

Not always aided by the winner and his sons.

Contacted the Trump campaign with information on their opponent, hacked DNC servers, attempted to hack RNC servers.

But this isn't an actual argument wrt the allegations. The polling machines are extremely vulnerable, and politicians knowingly avoid doing anything about it (but still use it as a campaign issue). I don't think this is good, but it says nothing about Trump's relations with Russia. For Trump to have engaged in criminal behavior does not somehow validate the rest of American democracy.


It is of consequence. People are already being sentenced. The brunt of the penalty may fall on the public and the media, however. But whatever happens, there are going to be more consequences. But even if there weren't, I wouldn't look at what's going on and say it was nothing and everyone was good boys.

All sound good.
"Able" to migrate out sure, but as far as I know Israelis are able to do that now. Also, to where? Countries that they have no connection to because their grandparents are from Hungary or Morocco or whatever?
Would certainly be necessary to dispel the Zionist propaganda they've been fed their whole lives.
Doubt this would go over well, though if it's just making Arabic the sole official language and not banning use of Hebrew the pushback probably wouldn't be unmanageable.
Would they want to? And what of the Jews of European or other origins?

only the most retarded of idealists believe that they can play nicely together any time in the near future

We need more freedom not less so we know what's what and who's who but whatever dude, I wouldn't want to live in your world. I hope I don't hurt your feelings and you end up torturing me.

You use yet another conservative meme and yet still deny being right-wing.

And, no, the state shouldn't be creating sectarian symbols for racists.

What's the other solution? Two ethnostates?

wew, isn't that like some sort of ruling class dynasty now ?
I bet he got where he is now due to his own effort and had no help from daddy

sanders confirmed jucheists


You mean "he believes clear facts".

Israelis who don't like it are deported. The settlers can go back to their real homelands, Europe and America.



nothing wrong with that

What percentage of Israeli Jews do you think have any ancestors from America? Besides, I don't see why settling on stolen Lenape land is better than settling on stolen Palestinian land.


i use this flag to indicate a preference for market socialism, not to show any affinity with yugoslavia specifically.