The Female Lefty Hypocrite problem

I know many girls at my local Marxist club who purport to be for socialism and egalitarian principles, and yet their personal lives are wholly contradictory to the leftist principles they preach to other people.

They follow gender roles when it benefits them, whilst decrying the patriarchy. They dislike men who espouse egalitarian beliefs when it comes to their personal lives, instead of just paying lip service like they do. They secretly lust for men espousing the very toxic masculinity they're against. They're dating history attest to that fact. And many plan on marrying a conservative man, so they can be taken care of once theyve out grown their lefty phase.

I think it should be paramount that we deal with this problem, as our membership increases. Leftist women should be good role models to other women. If leftist women can't even practice what they preach, then we will always be vulnerable.

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it's a terf subreddit, what a surprise

i dont care what those ledditors think

It does not matter.
Women are stupid.

Women shouldn't be involved in mass political movements period. They're a liability. I'd unironically attend communist party meetings if I knew women were wholly excluded. If only to be a member of a male only organization with strict discipline and a singular overarching goal. Women and trannies pozzed everything you can think of in our modern age. Even the last domain of males like the military or dungeons and dragons. Everything they touch descends into an exercise of signalling and juvenility.

Baboon Boy Has Escaped From His Cage

Not an argument mate. Even if I am an incel(which I'm not), is that not the pattern of behaviour many leftist and right wing men are noticing among many leftist women? How are we going to convince guys to give up toxic/trad masculinity and embrace egalitarian ideals if they see women, even those on the left who are preaching gender equality, still preferring men who espouse trad and toxic masculinity, whilst selectively applying gender roles when it benefits them? I feel like this is something many on the left choose to ignore at their own peril. Men arent stupid and feel disincentivised from joining the left by how women behave in contradiction to these ideals, and they see the left burying their heads in the sand because they're scared they might seem sexist if they criticise women. It's bad optics, and makes leftist men seem weak.

t. incel

The fact OP's browsing habits oscillate between TERF and Incel territories is the funniest thing. Imagine how twisted that poor little thing's vision of reality is.

Hah.. you got me. I'm a mad incel because I notice the hypocrisy of many leftist women. Now I'm going to bury my head in the sand in the hope that glorious leftist women can continue to eat their cake and have it too, and behave like a good boy because appeasing hypocritical women is more important than the socialist cause or true egalitarianism.

Stop behaving like a soycuck and take charge. Give women what YOU want. Women unironically want to be raped. They're walking uteruses. Treating them with respect was your first mistake.

Just stop being a soyboy who believe in feminism.

Sorry to break it to you, but but reality and fiction are not the same thing.
No wonder you guys understand life like a videogame.

Just suck my cock, cunt.

you can also try not obsessively browsing the internet to hunt for something that offends you.

Nice rebuttal faggot.

mein gott

Since I'm here I'll just ask, why does the modern left cling to Freudian pseudo science word salad? Is it just adorno and butthurt jews? Genuinely curious.

Stop self projecting cunt. Most honest leftist guys see this behaviour daily. We just don't say anything about it.


you're the one posting screenshots from fucking reddit.



t. the eternal Holla Forumsyp

As I've said countless of time you brain dead cunt, leftist guys have been noticing this behaviour for a long time. This isn't isolated to reddit. I don't know why everyone is so focused on the reddit screenshot. If you have an actual social life, you'd know how self evident this contradiction is amongst women of all political persuasions.

About all people I know IRL are some brand of conservative, so I can't really relate to your struggle for finding the perfect lefty GF with limp-wristed liberal characteristics. So, what are you going to do about it? Redistribution of the means of reproduction?

Nope, I no longer think that's possible without oppressing women. I just want honesty from leftist women and women who believe in equality in general about what they think a man should be and their true preferences. If you're telling men to behave in a certain way, but rewarding men who are the opposite, whilst punishing men who do listen to you, then there's going to be a lot of resentment.

. If many leftist women love dominant men who subscribe to some aspects of male gender roles, and trad/toxic masculinity, then they should admit gender egalitarianism is not what they. want.

t. liberal

Most women have rape fantasies, this has been the result of countless polls already.

The key word here is "fantasy". There's a world of difference between sexual roleplay with a chosen partner and pre-agreed safe words, and being actually raped.

how about in between periods?

The point is, women love spontaneous acts of brutal domination.

nice try Holla Forums

All of them? I've dated a girl who is into that, I've dated a girl who is definitely not. You would experience this yourself if you weren't the incel you claim not to be.

t. every incel

Holy shit I am dying reading this

I am far-right and I have only fucked liberal women

The best is when you start fucking a liberal college girls and all of her confused leftist beta orbiters can’t figure out why she’s sleeping with a trump supporter and not them

Women are biological, not logical. They will act against their held beliefs if it benefits them

Right wingers have the same problem with women, they want to LARP as leftists until they want a family

Where did he say that? So any criticism of leftist women is null and void and must come from angry Incels whilst men are fair game?

And most men have fantasies about having sex with their moms. I guess that's what they really want!

My girlfriends have admitted to wanting to get dominated and want to feel like they are getting raped without getting raped

Why are lefties so bluepilled on the female question? If they would ditch gender egalitarianism and embraced traditional gender roles they would actually have a chance at succeeding

Men want motherly affection from their partners, women want spontaneous acts of domination.

oh goody

You'll get there once, trust me!
But first you need to finish elementary school.

t. infantile incel projecting his unhealthy dynamics with mommy onto all women

I actually think that user is right

Cringe-tier bantz

Freud pls.

Not an incel. There are always exceptions but most women prefer dominant men.

Do you understand how psychological studies like that work? Do you honestly think every single woman likes dominant men? Most? Sure. All? No. It's a rather simple thing to understand. You seem to be implying it's ok to walk up to any random woman you see and spank her, because deep down she likes it.

Holla Forums incel confirmed 100x over at this point


I didn't say that.

I didn't know the exception was the rule?

That "resentment" is your primitive brain trying to remind you that you are getting endlessly cucked by conservative chad as we speak. Leftism has been infected by PC/SJW cancer and is no longer sexy. We live in a world whose institutions and prevailing culture have been absolutely ravaged by the worst elements of leftism and as a result people are changing their behavior accordingly. Women, as is their biological imperative, are seeking stability in a world destabilized by runaway Marxism. The 60s - 90s were the golden age for leftist chad, but the epoch has now shifted, friend.

Are they qt? post pics.
Could be an interesting place to pick up with my toxic masculinity.

How childish and oblivious like always, male. There's nothing contradictory between being a woke feminist and also wanting to marry a conservative man and wanting a conservative life. It's called crypto-feminism. We feel a need to support women who don't want the same things as us, we want to be the properties of our HUSBANDS, not the properties of MEN. There's no issue with desiring masculinity and also opposing toxic masculine ideas.

The men themselves usually are very nice in treatment although their political attitudes are wrong. We, being more intelligent than the men, pretend to be subservient whilst secretly uprooting their society and staying more politically intelligent; we find ourselves inevitably in the position to topple patriarchy easily.

Women pretend to be stupid to appease you. Men are oblivious simpletons.

post abs

A fucking ancap lecturing anyone on what's considered sexy. This board is insane.

It is high time that we apply the final solution to the femoid problem. Even marx was irritated by these harlots - how many more lessons must we learn of femoid nature?

Menoids of the world unite!



Incel detected

is this the same Holla Forumsyp from the 'left can't meme' thread

this is the lowest test thing I've read all day, and I just read a bunch of posts women made on reddit.

The same one who refused to shut up about his supposed sexual conquests

why does this keep happening?
answer: because we allow it

Judging from the reliance on anecdote to support their absurd claims, it's undoubtedly Holla Forums. However, we can't be sure if it's that user.

is he even a Holla Forumsyp? he keeps on reddit spacing and is quite obviously a phone poster.

Holla Forums is reddit mate, don't you know this by now?

I've got a feeling its the same guy, but really, that sort of fellow is a dime a dozen on Holla Forums

are you 12? abs doesn't mean jack shit when it comes to hooking up. less than 5% of men actually have a 6 pack, yet 20% have cheated on their wives.

Even when intelligent, womankind remains stupid.

There's probably some stormfront thrown in there somewhere as well



How shocking

the absolute state of leftist ovaries


socialism is to liberate people
if they could liberate themself just by having a better attitude under the current system, and becoming "vanguard", the revolution being fundamental to liberate them would be a thing and we could just "reform ourself to make society better".

Can some leftist "men" explain to me the point of continuing to be a leftist in 2018? What exactly does leftism have to offer you?


Honestly pic related is a huge part of why I'm approaching late 20s and haven't gotten laid let alone tried to talk to women and go on a date. I'm lefty and not anti-feminist but still see no reason to cave to women that talk and behave like that. They want men to do all the work and they want all the nice fringe benefits of this so called "companionship."

They also need attention all the time.

I have hobbies that I want to turn into my life's work someday, and I couldn't fathom having some stupid bitch whining about how I'm not paying her electric bill all the time. I'm very introverted and like to keep to myself.

Yet, a lot of relationships work this way. I don't think I could do it and feel like I'm still retaining my own individuality.

Sup Holla Forums sexually-frustrated autist
Hot hipster bitches and drugs. People on the left at least know how to party


top jij. go to a rave, get laid by a short haired anarchist chick wihile high on E. you'll love it.

revenge against the bourgeoisie
removing the right from power forever
free drugs
less work
tech unleashed for human good, not profit
niggers stop complaining about everything
idpol fades to irrelevance

all noble goals imo

Ofcourse it has trouble offering anything to anyone because it's continually surpressed by rich elites. And they use useful tools like you to achieve that.

Wow, never in the history of both sexes regardless of political persuasion has this ever occurred! Women wanting to habe their cake and eat it too? Preposterous! Men doing the same? Lol smdh fam how silly.

You can be be a crypto-fascist and get those things easily. Many people are checking out of hedonism and rejecting degenerate partying now that nihilism has taken over though.

see above

You have to be kidding right now, are you 19?
You realize the "bourgeoisie" are just sheep brainwashed by social engineers right? They are barely even conscious of of what they are doing

Explain what leftism would offer if it weren't a tool for billionaire globalists like it is right now

not an argument. controlled hedonism has basically kept depression at bay and made my life an entertaining experience, so why not. I know my limits and don't overstep them.

That's not degenerate at all. you're just using it as a buzzword for "things I dislike"

Hedonism is a decadent pleasure. If you're at a place where you need hedonism to maintain a tolerable level of emotional tolerance, something has gone wrong and you will not be able to continue on like that forever. You'll have to fix the root cause at some point.

On a personal level, I prefer hiking/camping to partying.

then that's you. understand that everyone is different. what;s gone wrong is the chemical balance of my brain, which cannabis and periodically other drugs helps keep me sane, and entertained all in one.


Don't care, still want to torture and kill them.

fuck off piece of shit liberal

You have the wrong idea comrade
You should want to keep them alive but then force them to perform wage labor instead

Begone liberal.

This board is too obsessed with semantics

So you're saying Marx' definition of bourgeois is the wealthy elites?

Hedonistic self medication is not sustainable. All drugs (including alcohol) wear your body and mind down over time and hold you back from reaching your full potential.

A hobby like hiking has the benefits of

Just saying, replacing hedonism with wholesome activities is beneficial long-term, even if it isn't hiking

Relationships are consumer transactions, don't think they want the same thing during a consensus based political debate as they want in their life. You are probably of such low social value relationships don't seem like consumer transactions because you have no options, I'm sorry but that is a limit of your experience.

i'm not going to read a whole post of virtue signalling about
what is considered wholesome differs, there is no one set definition for absolutley everyone to follow

Lmao… What? One doesn't cancel out the other. You can be for equality & still like being dominated in bed/have kinks.

Also stop talking about your two totally real girlfriends in every thread. Your posts reek of someone who's never touched a pussy before.

Please go back to where you came from, or just stop being such an immense faggot.

Of course it is.

Christ, the "runaway" ideology in this entire post; it's hilarious. Liberals aren't leftist. What examples or sources can you give for any of this hogwash you're written? Runaway Marxism? What?


You want to torture people simply because they, or their family members achieved some sort of wealth?

That is just weird

wow edgy meme

it's not virtue signaling I'm making the argument for hiking
Lifting weights is objectively better than shooting heroine. If you have a hobby that is degenerating your health, why would you continue to do that hobby?

Women don't want gender egalitarianism, they want to submit and be supported so they can raise infants
loling at your life

Progressives are leftist

here's the thing, it's not degenerating my health. if anything the cannabis and halleucinogens I take improve my health by stopping me from hanging my health.

and fuck hiking, I find it tiresome and dull.

That is like using painkillers to dull the ache of an illness and claiming you are just going to take the painkillers forever instead of curing the illness

The illness is leftism in this case

Lmao, does your head hurt?
There's no real rebuttal needed because you make the argument against yourself, without even realizing it, apparently.

"""Progressives""" are just a re-branding operation carried out by the DNC and other assorted liberals.

Hillary Clinton talked up how """progressive""" she was.

They're closer than liberals, at least. More hope for progressives. They'll eventually get there.

I changed my mind, you should stick around since you keep supplying us with gold

Progressivism is anti-capitalist pro-equality and many of them are open to government-supplied housing

This is leftism

There is no way you aren't a depressed moron who listens to youtube skeptics hours a day at a time

Without any social media presence whatsoever and little to no friends

the real question is why do men have to be childish online and have such derogatory attitudes towards women? Y'all are pathetic.

Government-supplied housing is not anti-capitalist. Singapore is literally 80% government supplied housing and it's one of the most capitalist countries in the world.

stfu and get back in the kitchen

It's like you discovered chans last week, ffs.

You also have a giant stick up your ass for some reason. …Want to talk about it?

Oh no housing the homeless what the fuck have we done

f*** I'm wet

Progressives are anti-capitalist

I have never enjoyed a youtube skeptic

i'm here to hear more about leftism, I want to know what the purest ideology and vanguard of leftism thinks about things

I did not say helping the homeless is necessarily a bad thing, I just said that progressives are leftist

Imagine being this brain damaged.


I mean that is what you are

If you want to learn, though, you can't just immediately mock any idea that sounds different to you. I get you're being sarcastic in your last bit there, but this advice is still helpful.

Here's an introduction for you.

No proof, no argument.

ridicule gets the best replies

So why haven't leftists assimilated to modern semantics for the purpose of optics? What leftists call "liberals" is what conservatives call "classical liberal"

Why not just endorse the term "liberal" for the sake of propaganda? Everybody knows that today's term "liberalism" means ideas in the direction of leftism/marxism, with marxism generally thought as being the most leftist idea.

Not really, every left-leaning woman I know dates/marries conservatives or right-leaning a-political men despite all of the leftist memes they share on faceberg

Progressives generally rejected Hillary Clinton and endorsed Bernie because he represented a stepping-stone away from capitalism.

It's the same observation as the alt-right supporting Trump because he is a stepping stone away from neo-con/neo-liberal freetrade

So 0. Or people in your family. You don't strike me as someone who understands social dynamics.

And yet Clinton won resoundingly in the primaries and Joe Biden is the favorite so far heading into the next Democratic primaries. At some point you have to give into reality and accept that you can't force the data to fit into your preconceptions.

omegalul is this the power of Amerikkkan education?


I meant when you said that we'e the vanguard, etc
Except many of those liberals/"classical liberals" "despise" Marxism(because they don't understand what it even is, most of the time). Think of Carl/"Sargon" & his "liberalist" ilk.
We cannot take these people, because they don't have the same interests as us. We don't want those idiots on our side. They actually give terrible optics & have so many contradictory "beliefs".

We should define a person who votes for Trump expecting him to crush dissent, get massive amounts of support unainously, and not grub foe money like a thirsty baby. Or think an ideiology that puts people in competition will survive against an ideology that puts people in a community socially and cohesively based on their own material needs. Wait, I think they have a word for that

I think the word is fucking naive

I live in one of the most liberal cities in America and went through the university system. 85% of the people I know are left-leaning and every woman I've dated has been a socialist besides one.

The pattern I see often is that non-stacey leftist politically engaged women will toy around with leftist men in their early 20's, end up single for a few years in their mid-20's, and then frantically look for a conservative/right-leaning a-political male in their late 20's.

But to address that anyway, I'm actually a married, leftist woman, interestingly enough. My husband is socialist. I'm not & have never been attracted to dudes who treat others badly, economically, socially, etc.
To callback to the "left can't meme" thread & your posts there - I grew up in the south. Every "nazi" I ever knew was extremely pathetic, rude & socially retarded. Not attractive in the slightest, so I'd avoid that if I were you.
Also, stop going on FB, it's genuinely bad for anyone's mental health.

Hill won the boomer neo-liberal vote. I don't discuss boomers as an actual factor much because they are an NPC socially-engineered jewish experiment, and hill voters aren't progressives.

most progressives I know who voted Hillary did it to stop drumpf and get a woman in office for the sake of shifting the overton window their way, not because they thought any of her policies would advance progressives except to demoralize right-wingers.

Vanguard in the sense that the most extreme faction of a party of ideology usually ends up pulling the entire ideology in their direction

Like I would argue that propaganda from platforms like the daily stormer ends up pulling right-wing centrists further right over time

The psychology of the trump voter is obviously more complicated than that, and current leftism has absolutely not demonstrated that they are working in the interests of people who voted for Trump

I don't believe you

You're also not representative of the average left-leaning woman if you are surfing a website like this on a regular basis. You're obviously going to be far more extreme in your ideology than most.

I don't see how this is connected to a right-wing ideology. Many millennial women associate their dysfunctional boomer fathers as representing a "conservative male" in a relationship, but I would argue that boomer men are the worst generation of men in history because they embraced leftist social values whether they were republicans or democrats.

Divorce and mis-treatment of women from boomer men was partially due to a liberal embrace of gender roles.

White nationalism 1.0 was and never taken seriously.

I can't it's too fascinating

Maybe they should try and change instead of demanding other people change for them.

why would I bother engaging with people on here if I'm just going to lie

Because people are going to respect them less the more they entrench themselves and refuse to change to a world that's asking questions about how society and finance should be organized

They should be open to dialogue but the average American Neolib and Con voter does not have the capacity to do such a thing.

Eventually however, the material conditions of their lives will catch up with them and they will realize we were always right.

That can go right back at you

Probably to shit post


how is that anecdotal resembling anything close to a shit-post?

Not sure what you're addressing, but I would say this applies to either party at any given time.

Leftists will generally not have any sort of honest conversation about immigration, and progressivism has become an deeply triggering and problematic hate campaign, so obviously leftism is signaling that it is not in the interest of the average Trump voter.

Combine that with what is happening in South Africa right now, progressivism couldn't look worse to the average rural white person.

wew laddie

And the average Trump voter and neoliberal voter doesn't understand how much damage they're inflicting upon themselves by voting for these candidates.

Is there not an obvious distinction between boomer-cat lady shill4hill voters and bernie voters?

Similar to the distinction between the alt-lite (who are basically classical liberals) and alt-right (who are toying with neo-fascist or libertarian ideas)

for shame comrades

The progressive racial politics pretty much prevents any Trump supporter with engaging in progressive economic policy ideas

especially now that the alt-right is offering socialism for white people when/if the current system collapses

I can think of only two ways how could that have happened:
1. You have a weird fetish for socialist women and you regularly go to Democrat Cops of America meetings only to pick up women.
2. Actually all those women were berniecrats at best who definition of socialism is 'free healthcare and a bunch of New Deal stuff'.

I live in chicago and date millenials
these types will be open and absorb any leftist idea given to them, whether it's bernie socialism or european socialism

Obviously Bernie was presenting a type of socialism that could maybe possibly work in today's America, not some sort of European socialism


Sitting on your ass inflicting self harm isn't a positive. Boomers are clueless

Our leftists chad cocks guided them through their prime years, you can take our sloppy seconds if you want cuck boy.

The funniest thing is the left really treats sex as no big deal but the right is absolutely obsessed with sex more than any radical feminist I've ever met. Every political conversation, similarly, devolves into popularity fights over who has sex who doesn't, it's absolutely ridiculous and has no real bearing on material reality

I meant to say leftist WOMEN

There are no leftist chads in the present day. Chads are typically a-political or slightly right-leaning with boomer views

the sexual market is a basis of society and represents different ideologies at play

"chads" "betas" "alphas"

You do know the man who established this study on canine pack organization later admitted he was flawed and it's far more complicated than that, and we do not behave like animals far removed from ourselves rigtht

Our closest living relative (since the genera Homo has gone extinct except for our own sub-species Homo Sapiens Sapiens), is the Bonobo. They behave in a way you might disagree with.

How would Keynesian debt stimulus be represented via the sexual market?

The basis of society is actually material goods and services.

Well that's pretty stupid of them.
No they don't. Fascism in practice has always been authoritarian social-democracy with less gibs and more policies which prepared the country for a war economy. And we are talking about the american far-right here, which heavily overlaps with lolberts.

This, men go by what women do not what they say.

We are far more similar to generic chimps in terms of genetics and behavior.

Couldn't you say the same thing about men? Men aren't exactly trustworthy towards ourselves.

t-beta conservicuck

Wrong. Along with the common chimpanzee, the bonobo is the closest extant relative to humans, however we are more genetically related to the Bonobo. While they are very socially different (which should tell you something about the fragility of evolutionary psychology), comparing the debunked (by the own author's) work on wolves, and then applying that to primates

It obviously becomes this mockery of high school panopticon sociality, which is why most of you who ascribe to this are so emotionally immature, or at least a reason.

You'aren't doing yourself any favors with this.

I was before this last US election, though. I've always been attracted to nice, funny guys. Much before this board. Thanks to my burger education I only realized/learned what socialism & communism were a couple of years ago, because of the election & the internet. That led me here & it's my fav pass-time.
Especially in America, the rightists are the ones who spew hatred more often. Complain about people needing any help whatsoever in their lives, call others weak if they need said help, etc. I mean, I have family members who are rightist. They're fine in general, but have some fucked up views & hatred towards people that they shouldn't have. It's really maddening because I know they're good people, they've just been duped/not educated well(which is the case for all burgers, including me).

Maybe divorce, because people were finally able to without being ostracized by their communities anymore. Not sure about the mistreatment, though.

2.0 as well, though. Most of these kids claiming to be Nazis will turn 18 & realize how cringey & pathetic they were to ever say any of these things online, or God forbid, irl.

I said *a* basis of society

Yes I know and I do think the alpha/beta paradigm is way over stated and somewhat ridiculous because there are way too many things and factors to take into account when gauging somebody's social and sexual market value.

But I think there is an "alpha" quality that can be gauged in people. If you put 10 people on a team, some sort of hierarchy will emerge. Or even in a group of friends ,there is most likely one person or two people who are the most influential in the group, that person is most likely the "alpha"

I also don't think that looking to animals as a reflection of human behavior always makes a lot of sense

Look at the sexual market in Iceland compared to a nation with Keynesian economics.

Bonobos aren't exactly sexual free egalitarians either, they get violent too, the popular portrayal about them participating in a 24 hour egalitarian orgy is overstated. So you're wrong anyway.


This is true, I argue that the insane behavior of millenial women is in response to the insane behavior of boomer men

This, too many on this board are recovering polyps, weird Twitter refugees are are red painted conservatives. They refuse to hold women who do this accountable on this because they don’t want to risk their own chance so of getting pussy. They think capitulating to women on this gross behavior is helping. Seriously when was the last time you heard a self proclaimed female commie say she will always pay for half her dates and is willing to date a man that’s is significantly lower in socioeconomic status then themselves.
Actually no I’ve had serversl LTRs with a live average attractive women (6-7s) and can count 3 close female friends that’s range from 3 to 8 that would consider me a close friend and can’t vouch for my character.

They get violent, however not to the same degree as other primates, and their social structure is far different. Combined with paleolithic art, I think a strong argument could be made the genera Homo, and in turn Homo Sapiens Sapiens borrowed much from them.

However this changed with the advent of agriculture, as speculated by Engels and confirmed by modern anthropology.

You can go through as many logical hoops as you want, but you won't win people over by demanding their lives be sacrifice to a gladiatorial battle in the end for the remaining century. As a matter of fact, reactionary thought is critically incapable of solving the problems of a modern world confronted by every problem we have.

Reactionaries are paper tigers, they fold short and easy and always have without covert western financial support and backing.

Even a cursory reading of human history will reveal mass rape, hyper violence and social stratification, even predating the development of agriculture. Humans are nothing like bonobos even if they were the idealized hyper egalitarian passive species your feminist studies claimed they are (they are not).

These people you talk about are just Tumblr feminist liberals who don't know shit about marxism. I'm a female myself and I hate women who behave this way, but it isn't just women. Plenty of males do this crap too. It's called "libertarian" socialism.

Most men don’t hold the upper hand in dating and courtship, only the top 20 percent of men do. I know that’s an incel meme but seriously women earn more than men now, it’s minority PoC women where the wage gap exists.
That the material reality of dating, if this is going to change it’s going to have to be women that make it happen.

The exact thing could be said about men in general, too. In capitalist society, "not settling" is encouraged & a lot of this is done for survival or ego/status. People are encouraged to be dicks under capitalism. To only care about themselves/the individual rather than the community or family.

So that makes it okay to take that trauma out in millennial men!? Damn no wonder why shit like MGTOW, PUA and Men’s Rights groups have been growing.

The wage gap exists for any female without a high school or college education, regardless of color.

And yet all of those things have declined over history as tools, organizations of power, structural change to adapt to industrialization has effectively made it moot. And new studies towards the Paleolithic show they were hardly as savage as one would expect.

Humans are actually very much like them. If we were aggressive as you say, we would not be here.

Material conditions triumph over history. And history is a pattern of response to material conditions resulting in solutions. May take long, may take fast depending on the times.

Obsessing over this is fruitless because all of our genera but our subspecies went extinct. Our only living parallel is the Bonobo, and so anthropologists can gain much insight into our development from them.

"Everyone is exactly the same regardless of material circumstance" is the fatalistic flaw in your argument

Traditional femininity and new femininity both have a lot of internal contradictions. New feminism especially in regards to how sexual behavior is regulated under feminism(don't get too close, don't 'harass', etc..) while the social behavior is that in courtship with a woman you have to break these rules - you have to, to a certain degree, harass("make the move") and be disagreeable - breaking the feminist code of conduct in order to maintain and kindle your courtship.

What I propose is a dialectic treatment of these contradictions through aufhebung or sublation. If we negate the negations by incorporating the other(traditional femininity) into itself(new femininity) we would get a synthesis that incorporates all values worth keeping from both.

What would this synthesis look like?

I’m sorry no, only 30 percent of women marry a man that makes less money than them. Bet my bottom dollar that number holds true in terms of more subjective social statuses like looks. The only patriarchal superstructure of not expecting women to pay for half the household is still strongly present in society.
Sure, be men and women have completely different material realities. Capitalism encourages women to have children out of wedlock and placates them by making it socially acceptable to only have children with the most attractive men, many of these attractive traits are arbitrary and deeply tied to class BTW like height.
It’s really a low key form of eugenics, if you don’t believe me just look up what’s required to be a sperm donor, no gingers, shorties, darkies or fatties.
That doesn’t make the behavior less disguising, I guess we shouldn’t criticize imperialists cause welp it’s was really capitalism that made them kill and rape.


How do you misunderstand what "Material Conditions" mean, they're the guiding force of all life on the planet from conflict to migration to organization to influences on behavior

The wage gap is only like 5 percent for white women and a staggering 15 and 22 percent for Hispanic and black Women respectively. White bourgeois women have been using the average of all women to fuel their camping of white female supermacy.
Sorry you got triggered you feminazi.

I said women and men have different materials circumstances whenever it comes to courtship. One man can impregnate many women, but a woman can only be impregnated by one man at a time. If women want men to change the onus isn’t on them, they are the gatekeepers of fertility.

I find your post confusing, tbh. You're extremely biased against women for some reason, which is weird to me. Capitalist society sucks for everyone.
Don't hate the player, hate the game. :^)

No this is the apex fallacy. Most men are not rapists, the men conducting the most sexual assault are those in positions of power. They get away with it because of said power.

Varying degrees of a wage gap doesn't make my statement any less true.
Now there's a term I hadn't heard in a long time. Looks like I've been doing something right. Where did you come from? You're definitely not from around here.


…tf are you talking about?

Uh the problem is primarily one of race and the legacy of chattel slavery and native genocide. The male wage gap for black males and Hispanic men is only marginally better. In addition

And I said that doesn't make much sense because it depends on what is exactly at their disposal.

You generalized the courting behavior of all men, you said they don’t settle either. I’m saying that you are describing only the behavior of the top 20 percent of desirable men.

What I was saying is, you can't just call women shitty for some trying to survive under capitalism(just as men have to). But despite that, there are many women who don't give a shit about social status(the broke ones, who understand what's really important in life). Not everyone is the same, because of their gender.
I didn't say you hated women; don't be hyperbolic. But you're demonizing them unfairly, so you obviously have some issues there.

I’m from around here, you’re obviously the one not from around here since you seem to believe you can win arguments by out smuging the other person.

Lmao. Again…
Race is a factor. I never said it wasn't.

Sure, bud.

It’s the dertmining factor, sex is not. And it’s not so much race it the unlanded in propertied postion PoCs have been left inand are stuck in due to genocide and slavery.

Predictable, seriously if you want to make me look foolish try to read Marx and learn how to keep your own bias out of your analysis.


The only thing I generalized was the suffering of people under capitalist economic system. You can have communist convictions, but still have to suffer/survive in this system, as it's pervasive; global at this point. Until we're able to upgrade to a more productive society/economic system.


Yeah, your first post I was suspicious was bait. Now you've made me sure.

Lel I completely disagree with this. Both sides hate different people and ideologies, but progressivism is literally a hate campaign at this point.

I'm not necessarily condemning hate either. You can't have love without hate because you hate what threatens what you love, it's a normal human and tribal emotion.

I don't think that boomer women would have left boomer men if they weren't scum

No serious white nationalist claims to be a "nazi" or associates himself with any kind of nazi imagery, except for ironic purposes on the chans maybe

You feminazis are attempting to leverage the struggles of de propertied PoC women to make the state give you privileges over men. Feminism is dripping with hatred for men from the “all men are rapists” to the pol tier patriarchy conspiracy. Seriously just replace Jew with men in any text from a feminist talking about patriarchy and it sounds the same. If the shoe fits…


Yes I can, especially since they are lying about what they seek in a bacholer. This betrayal of trust is what is causing so much strainin gender relations. If women were honest, I.e. I can’t or won’t seriously consider a man that doesn’t raise my socioeconomic status, it at least reduce a lot of anger.
Not that porky would let them anyway. The state is still using betas, or men who only primarily have to offer is being a provider, to sacrifice their wages to pay for the up bringing of the children they allow women’s to have out of wedlock. The bad thing about it is thst women’s, even self proclaimed communists are perfectly comfortable with this. Why can’t we at least be honest with ourselves about this dialectic.

I’ll leave you to your virtue signaling peers on Twitter for now. Hit me up when you can actually mount a critique of my arguments.

The onus IS on them (women)

Most women aren't heartless & greedy at their cores, though. I'd say - just like with men - the more money one has, the more they care about status, looks, etc.

lol, this bait went bad 2 years ago

Sure, so what’s wrong with a least exploring the dialectic, why are you so loathe to do that with regards to women and their culpability in the toxic dating culture we have right now.
And I’m sure and shit know you don’t tutu people angry at the US when they bomb civilians, or relatives grieving over a loved one shot by a cop. I mean you can’t be angry at them because capitalism is so persuasive right? It’s not their fault, the devil err I mean capitalism made them do it.

I gave this troll thread way more attention than it ever deserved. I have more important things to do, like sleep.

The self-important snarky tone of this board is by far the worst thing about it. Reminds me of /mu/ on 4chan. Nobody cares what you think of the thread you little faggot

Dude r9k is on halfchan lol

Don’t know what you’d call excluding scores of men from a good faith chance in courtship because they’re poor, and not because of their character.
Ummmm nice? Having their best interests at heart? Regardless I’m not all the interested in making moral judgements, just seeking to find the dialectic that causing 60 percent of men and women to Be unpartnered. Maybe it’s like Rosa said, women got power and became every bit as reactionary as men were previously.

There's literally zero meaningful or constructive discussion here. The OP has a troll screenshot from a shit reddit board that no one cares about.

Not sure why you're so angry. This isn't important. Calm down, man.

It's exactly like Rosa said. Giving people power without a fundamental change in any given structure or system will only lead to this.


I don't really know about relationships, but I have absolutely noticed this about all the Tumblr Feminists I knew who were part of our socialist group or were in the orbit of it IRL.

They were always spouting idpol tumblr feminist shit over our Marxist meetings and making us focus on Idpol nonsense, while at the same time they were all rich as fuck, lived in rich gated white suburban neighbour hoods and always were very hostile to discussions of class and classism… in our Socialist group.
They would then bully the ever living shit out of people they saw as "unwoke", so if a lefty had dreadlocks but they were white? That person was bullied till they left or basically tried to kill themselves.

One of the lead cunt feminist "socialists" in our Socialist org was like 24 and owned her own house in the richest suburb in our city that her parents gifted her and spent her entire time shitting on poor people for not being woke enough.
So many Idpol feminists are like this. Just trust fund kiddies who deep down feel guilty that they are actually everything they hate so they lash out with idpol, but then actually feel threatened about being outed when discussion swings to Classism so they then try to out the Socialists out of Socialist and leftist groups.

Yet all studies show that the right commit like 98% of hate crimes and kill dozens and sometimes hundreds of people in hate crimes every year.

Lmao you have to be kidding

That is from some billionaire globalist organization like SPLC. The left has become extremely violent since 2015, even beating people outside of a fucking Ben Shaprio speaking event top kek

Then there's this classic

Hi pol

(I'm the one you were replying to initially)
Sorry, I got sleepy. I have insomnia, so when it happens I gotta go quick.
I'll just say
You're thinking of liberals, here.
Liberals/Hillary voters are the hateful ones, using idpol to bully others
Progressives were the Bernie voters, who received the hate from them, Correct The Record, etc.
The liberals are the bullies. I can hang with most progressives at least. They're the ones who are starting to wake up & go against the establishment. They were unfairly called racist, sexist Bernie bros, etc. I was a Bernie voter myself & got it all from those liberal POS

Anyway, g'night, fellow poster. I'll see you around. Pray for me that I'll get some sleep? :^) not all of us here aren't religious, btw

Question: how many of the STRAIGHT/BI MALES in this thread have ever had a gf or intimate female partner?

Be honest.

Progressives are going against the establishment? Which cluster of progressives is this and what do they identify as the establishment?

If I start seeing progressives/lefties start understanding the fact that all media is controlled by donors, I would be open to coalition with them

Straight male, about 13-15 partners and four serious girlfriends

I've had two girlfriends

Two words, user…

And what's your position on feminism?

Well obviously agree that women deserve equal rights etc. But like most here I have my criticism of feminist activism and so on

This guy is right that cops are total cunts but seriously, can we stop pretending that minorities are innocent little good boys who dindu nuffin

anybody who has lived near blacks (and latinos to a lesser degree) knows that they are absolutely vile subhumans

Police literally stand a block away and watch while Antifa tears berkely apart, it just depends on the town and what their orders are

They held a town-hall meeting where the locals could vote and nobody showed up. My small town used to have these all the time and we all showed up and voted.

he's right about the bankers tho

It's complicated

I can see why third wave feminism happened, I think boomer men drove women into the arms of 2nd/3rd wave feminism with their fun/undeveloped brains/constant cheating. Women realized that they need to be capable of making their own living and also re-examined their gender role after watching their mothers get treated poorly by boomer men. Some of these weirdo boomer dads even abused their daughters as well so I can see that

But besides the context, I still disagree with the assertions, the nuclear family is the superior family model with a man going to work and supporting the family while a woman stays home as the homemaker is the best family system

But on an emotional level, it's just a platform that women channel their hatred for their boomer dads into and it manifests in the most fucking bizarre ways imaginable

Are you a socialist?

I don't think so, it seems like socialism interferes with this structure

Four 2 year LTRs with two black women a white woman and a Native American. But I’m sure that won’t stop you from accusing me of being an incel.



Thank you for validating my sexual orientation user
It doesn't feel nice when on a tv show a character jumps from straight to gay without the possibility of bisexual even in there

Just because you are a gommunist doesn't mean you need to be blue pilled on women
For starters you all should start working out. If you look like a muke-tier skeleton you aren't going to get women.

This is how you sage.

Lucky for you I have the solution.
There is this crazy dude named Xi who runs this country with lots of scientists doing CRISPR experiments.
He will make you some amazing waifus using the power of Communism with Chinese Characteristics.
Do genetically modified women count as women?
Also why don't you explain to the men they date that companies will always push for a further liberalization of society?

that doesn't really impact the discussion to be honest

Could be tangentially related as the monstergirl fantasy is a popular meme amongst incels.


I don't trust leftist women for this reason. A bunch of hypocrites. There are always exception, but dammit they're always taken.

As a egalitarian socialist man, you always have to betray your principles for a relationship to please hypocritical leftist women who now have an advantage over men in dating. It sucks, but you'll have to live with this hypocrisy if you wanna get laid or gave a relationship. Women will doom socialist movement if they continue to act hypocritically and incentivize men to behave in harmful ways to the movement for their own selfish personal interests.

God you homos have no nuance huh?

Yes, let's keep perpetuating toxic masculinity and pretend we are actually for male liberation and not just for female Iiberation

Any "leftist" woman that does this is a hypocrite. And I'm not saying
>Oh you personally can't have conservative beliefs or conservative ____ about yourself for yourself
No problem.
I think I've barely descended into the rabbit hole these past few days but every time I read something from the gender critical/ wombyn no penis uterus vulva they sound like women who hate women, and not in the sense of "haha I'm so quirky I'm not like those other whores and drama queens" when you're thirteen. They sound like women who actually loathe women.
TERFs and the whole gender critical crowd love holding hands with reactionaries and religious fundamentalists, and vice versa.
They'll talk mad shit about any, and all leftists, communists, anarchists, everybody.
I've read these women rag on bisexual people "bincels" "bihets", anyone that happens to not be "white", and reduce the women they seem to "care" about to their genitals.

I don’t think he honestly realises how much of a flaming cock gobbler is is sentence makes him. I mean it more or less says he wants to carry out BDSM fantasies with other dudes

Jesus life outside Europe sounds hard. What gives fellow Euro bros and ladies, why can’t Americans and Australians just BE COOL. I mean at least our socialists are actually socialists

Look at all the woman hate on this thread lol. You alllll really need to fix ur shit. I don't see what this has to do with leftism at all, you guys are just circlejerking about how bad women are at this point. When did everyone on the internet become like this? And everyone sees people aren't misogynistic

Aside from a few trolls, I don't see anyone hating on women purely based on their gender. What we are doing is criticising certain women in the left who behave hypocritically and dishonestly in relations to their supposed egalitarian socialist beliefs. Being critical of female behaviour isn't misogyny, just like criticism of some aspects of male behaviour isn't automatically misandry.

uh yes that actually is misogyny since you're linking it to female behaviour you're saying it's essential to women, and how can you not see the sexist attitude in general in this thread? Read it and think about the tone.

"I don't trust leftist women"
"Women will doom socialist movement if…"
"the insane behaviour of millenial women"
"men go by what women do not what they say"
"stfu and get back in the kitchen"
"women are biological not logical"
"women love spontaneous acts of brutal domination"
"how about in between periods?"
"They're walking uteruses"
"Women and trannies pozzed everything you can think in our modern age"
"Woemn are stupid"
And the OP

y'know sometimes I just think about giving up on trying to convince people that sexist attitudes still pervade society cuz some of you guys just can't use your intuition on this stuff even though you're smart on other stuff like class.

"Female nature"
*dibs bedora*

There is clearly nothing wrong with this. Women aren't obliged to marry you because you're socialist you freaks. If a conservative guy is my kind of guy I will marry him. I want a traditional relationship, that doesn't mean I wanna force other women into that, plenty of women are butcher than me and are more in touch with their masculine side and maybe don't wanna be shackled to marriage.

I like traditional gender roles in my personal life and supporting gender equality, the battle of the sexes over history is not implicit in the small anatomical differences between the sexes and if these are really the natural roles then WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SHACKLE WOMEN TO THEM WITH LAWS AND DEROGATORY ATTITUDES AND STUFF leave women who don't wanna fit your model alone!

They are basically christcucks that have jumped over to womyn paganism.

That's fine, just don't call yourself a leftist then. Being a traditionalist inside the house and pretending to be leftist outside of it is properly called larping.

It’s religiously freaky. I can’t even put the tip of my tongue on it but it’s pathologically autistic.

Girl you know you dead ass wrong, stop being stupid and being hypocritical.
I’m not saying you cannot under any circumstance be with someone who doesn’t have conservative “values” while being a socialist but mutual flirtation with right wingers and company is unsurprising.
You do fit into the model of holding hands with conservatives over anything. They’ll be anti communists, against leftism by principal, anti leftist and you’ll happily stay. You absolutely got into the hypocritical model.
**People want “tradneet” gender (bread) rolls that way your significant other kills themselves at fifty from working to death, and less exhaustion from oneself*

itll never happen ya dumb cuck. Women are empowered by having men in a state of constant confusion. If they tell the truth and admit that they only want egalitarianism when it benefits them, then no man would support feminism or female causes. Leftist Men these days are spineless. Look at all your comrades in China laughing at western "men" for falling for the egalitarian meme and emasculating themselves whilst putting women on a pedestal .

looks like we have ourselves a proud alpha male here

Tell me, are you a confused little cuck?
This question is fucking rhetorical don’t be smoothbrained
We are hitting autism levels that shouldn’t be possible

Why would i assume im alt right?. I identify with Chinese Socialism.

Define what Chinese Socialism means
to you

Socialism with Chinese characteristics

You all lost the game, because you haven't realised that women are the biggest irl memes in human history.

There is no sexual relationship.

So what you're telling me is,
critical theory doesn't actually result in a classless, moneyless society?

Color me surprised

that is to say, I'm too busy getting shat on by porky to give a fuck what the rest of society thinks about "traditional gender roles" like that's some necessary objective

Western leftist men are the cucks of the socialist world, they make all socialist men look bad. I don't see Chinese or Venezuelan socialist guys emasculating themselves to please a few high t women, with their genderless/post gender roles shit. Socialist men from , South America and Asia are still men, and still know how to treat a woman. No one buys that gender egalitarian crap there. I know Chinese communist students who laugh western men who treat women like men.

you lost

I think its the ideal solution in many ways.

Left wing ideology is targetted at women. Obviously. Women are the majority of voters. But if they really practiced what they preached they would have to give up a lot of their posessions and luxuries in order to have true equality with people from the third world.
By marrying a conservative man they can preach about equality, while having a traditional husband who provides for his own family first and gives her the luxuries she wants.



t. Materialistic Limpwristed white cuckboi larping as a socialist revolutionary

The enternal whos fucking who thread. Im convinced sex is reactionary and we all need to become children of the trough.

Same friend but I finally got some text
From 1977, Beth Eliott
1 9 7 7

most of the posts you quoted ARE the OP, though. I don't agree with what they're saying but critique =/= hatred and most other posts have been arguing against the op.

gender critical is just a TERF sub. I have no fucking clue what OP is even talking about.