Why can't the left meme?

Holla Forumsock here

I grew up playing in bands in a rural liberal town. I grew up liberal and always loved all of the art and literature produced by liberals, but as I got older I continued to drift right.

I am honestly shocked at the fact that leftists are horrible at the propaganda war. Why can't the left meme at this current point?

Every grassroots propaganda effort I see is absolutely horrible. They used to be the kings of propaganda between the 1960's-2000's. All of the leftist music/art/movies/literature that came out during this time was a tool that was driving the culture left.

What happened exactly? I see this board making a sincere effort to continue moving forward in a grassroots way, but the memes just don't have that punch that Holla Forums memes do.

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who cares
you can have memes

Literally what the fuck are you talking about?

Amerishart thinks liberals are left-wing.

The right IS liberal. That (D) and (R) listed next to the names of political candidates in your country represent the twin halves of the liberal order screwing you over.

It isn't JUST memes though. It's everything.

The paradigm shift that happened after the 1960's was clearly towards a leftist paradigm. The fact we had a an openly socialist candidate run in 2016 and nobody even really cared would seem completely insane compared to even the 80's or 90's

Confirmation bias. The second you start drifting away from Holla Forumsism, their memes start to seem really fucking lame.

Are progressive ideas like reducing hierarchy power and striving for "equality" not leftist?

That is what the liberal platform is heading towards at the moment


Are they pushing for the abolition of private property, the transfer of political power to the proletariat and the repression of the bourgeoisie?

Locke was the first modern proponent of the idea and he was right-wing.

lmao wtf is this meaningless nonsense. Hillary was literally owned by Wall Street you really think she would have implemented any """left""" reform?

They've obviously been trying to shift the paradigm in that direction.

Most liberals are either sympathetic to marx or fully embrace him at this point

so your argument is that America is more leftist than ever, but leftists have lost the culture war because they don't have a cuckpilled pepe garrison to call their own?


Actual leftism isn't even equality. In fact, capitalism would be a whole lot more more easier to implement if people were equal and interchangeable from one another. Unfortunately enough, people aren't even really similar to each other at all for the capitalist to be able to predict everything with 100% accuracy.
The left is basically about warfare between the classes. Proletarian vs Bourgeoisie

What the fuck are you talking about? Most liberals are the sorts on reddit that talk about how fucking amazing Elon Musk, Barack Obama and Steve Jobs were.

No, that is why most liberals hate her. Some voted for her as a way to vote against Trump, but any liberal I know who isn't a filthy bitter boomer cat lady does not consider her to be advocating for their interests.


I must have missed it. Give examples.


If "most liberals" hated her Bernie would have easily taken the nomination. The fact that he lost most of the states means that they didn't.

I don't know. Giving female drone pilots an equal opportunity to bomb Pakistani weddings sounds like Marxism to me.

If they were Marxists then they wouldn't be liberals. Full stop. Liberals at best think that Marx had "good ideas" but were "unrealistic" compared to being a Hillary centrist.

Paradigm shifts don't happen over night.

You start with digestible ideas like "Equality" and you slowly creep towards Marx' entire platform as time goes on.

I was assigned to read the communist manifesto twice in college by professors who were gigantic shills for communism. Obviously we wouldn't have seen this under Mcarthy or in the 80's, it would have raised red flags .

But the overton window has shifted and people can only discuss these ideas and nobody really cares. This is an example of how the overton window has shifted towards leftism.

Also, "thought-leader" type shit like this pops up here and there.



The cultural 60s in America was leftist in many ways that ultimately helped capitalism. But The actual politics of the day was much more left wing economically than we have now. JFK was a standard democrat and he was campaigning on an NHS style system. LBJ and the great society was a better welfare state sure but he still got us into Vietnam and very much say America as an empire.Hell McCarthy and Humphrey both believed in central planning to a degree and fucking Nixon was the last president to actually expand powers of the federal govt even though in many cases it was in very anti leftist ways.
if sanders was in the 60s and he didn’t call himself a socialist he’d be just in the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Ur point about the 80s and 90s reflects on just how right wing America had become.all the hippies who weren’t really left wing in many senses all sold out complete by the 90s.Bill Clinton A Democrat running and winning wildly on welfare cuts and NAFTA championing and some Republicans actually calling him a commie . Just look at union membership at an all time low right now.

“Woke” corporations and Equal Opportunity military bases all over the world are the most left wing you can get in American mainstream discourse and it’s fucking right wing in any other country

Do you even know what liberalism is? Hint: it includes support for private property. If you do not support private property you are automatically not a liberal.

Supporting government spending on, say, universal healthcare does not make you a Marxist. Advocating for the abolition of private property does.

The democrat party also has weird shit like "Super PACs".

When I say "Most liberals" I am not really thinking about boomers because they are already on their way to death. I am thinking more in terms of the future. Most millenials' political views range from socialist-lite to marxism or some form of neo-marxism

Buddy I fucking wish

even if this was true, how is this paradigm shift taking effect? if you're going to tell me that reformism and tranny bathrooms are marxism then you clearly didn't read the communist manifesto and clearly need to off yourself

The humor of pepe is over the fact that Holla Forums took an innocent frog meme and appropriated him into doing taboo things.

the fuck are you talking about

ok? doesn't mean the "left" can't meme. the punchline of pepe memes was never my point

This is your brain on Fox News.
You're trying to convience us that rich politicans would act against their best interests and their own class.

What's the endgame, then, for these liberal (though clearly not liberal if they're pushing for the abolition of capitalism as said) politicians? How is the shift being carried out, through what means? How does having trans bathrooms and female drone operators bring us closer to communism?

Pepe was already a Holla Forums meme far before 2015 though


My politics professor is forcing me to read Machiavelli is that evidence of a rightist conspiracy to indoctrinate children into behaving like amoral sociopaths? We're also going to read Nietzsche, and I'm going to a PRIVATE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY. Is there now an atheist conspiracy to force christian universities to feed their students Nietzsche to get them to abandon their faith? You are so dumb it honestly hurts me deeply.

Buddy universities have been studying Marx for decades, that’s always happened. But if we’re talking about our own lives these colleges also fucking made me read three separate ayn rand books, dozens imperialist apologia and countless neoliberal propaganda rags. The Overton window in American political discourse has shifted immeasurably to the right since the 60s and 70s

nah bruh the free market place of ideas is when you burn all the economics books you don't like. anything else is coercive leftist cultural sorosism subversion or whatever

Why is Holla Forums so boring nowadays?

I think the dire

No these professors were explaining how we are naturally communists at heart and how Marx was a hero. It was not just a history lesson or something.

I didn't say it was a "conspiracy" either.

No I do think there is a conspiracy to force ecumenical-ism in Christian universities though.

When will leftypol stop thinking that only socialists or the far-left are "the Left"?

Yeah I don't know where you went to school but I attended two colleges in Chicago and the only right-wing literature we read was The Prince. Everything else was mocking or bashing anything associated with right-wing ideology.

when pol stops thinking that this same broad "left" somehow always includes or leads to socialists

where are you getting these ideas from?

1960s hippies are not leftist. Actual leftist memes have been banned since 1990 and Stalin banned creation of new memes in favour of realism in the Soviet Union. That's why there is a drought of leftist memes.

Forcing tolerance of all kinds brings us closer to a marxist society. You obviously cannot have marxism if race and religion are separating people, so they are trying to force everyone to inter-mix and tell everybody that all religions are actually the same, even blend all of the denominations together as well.

Rich politicians act on behalf of whoever is paying them. Technocrats are certainly interested in fusing marxist ideas with futurism

Hitler banned the memes!
Stalin banned the memes!
Mao banned the memes!
Pol Pot banned the memes!

They're coming for your memes!

so yeah marxism is tranny bathrooms and when you have to look at a muslim sometimes. kill yourself.

Are you fucking joking right now?

Republican campus groups have like 12 goofballs in them while any sort of leftist campus group is packed out of the door and they all walk around high off of their own farts because they skimmed through marxist literature on wikipedia and all sit around circle-jerking each other for 4 years

Hitler literally did that though.

impossible because i doubt these people mock or bash democrats or the "sensible moderate republican"

i went to universities in Texas, if you believe that has an influence on my colleges curriculum

So who is paying them all this money to support things like tranny bathrooms? Who is paying current high profile politicians to work towards the abolition of private property and advocates for the workers to own the means of production?
It is far, far more likely that they are getting money from other rich capitalists and it would be bad for them to bite the hand that feeds them.

sick strawman fucktard

No they want to create a vague umbrella religion that includes all denominations of Christianity and all religions in general.

Donors are putting millions of dollars into engineering ecumenical-ism in Christianity

that's even more retarded. how the fuck did you discern that from marx?

so this is what Holla Forums does to your brain. as capitalism accelerates and activities not related to profit are pushed to change its actually marxism thats doing it
do u understand how ridiculous you sound to us, please at least read some marxist theory before talking about it

When socialism becomes the economic order of the world and is then by definition the status quo

Oh yes, because Lenin et al were known for being so """tolerant""" and promoting """tolerance""" among the citizenry.

Wrong again.


LUL like anyone is going to make any progress on that front! Thanks to protestantism the church will never unite until the end times.

Well Texas is one of the most conservative areas and Chicago is one of the most liberal so yeah it probably makes a difference.

In Chicago, there is no such thing as a "moderate republican" and democrats are just not far-left enough. Most people think "right-wing ideology" means George W. Bush invading Iraq and inbred rural retards acting as pawns for the le' koch brothers

Marx is literally a trendy thing to bring up in a conversation here. Women name drop him in their tinder profiles.

Protestantism is a curse, similar to liberalism

This thread is further proof (as if it were required) that Holla Forumsyps don't simply oppose our ideology; they have no fucking clue what we even believe. How to have a productive exchange on those grounds? You can't.

Idk, OP

Why can't the right stop making school shooters and shoot themselves in the foot?

Gee i wonder why a generation with increasingly diminishing job and quality of life prospects at a time when the country is more right wing than its been in almost a century are becoming left wing.

fak u protestantism is lit I luv it

Protestantism does not hold that much power in America. It is mostly "non-denominational mega churches" that hold the most members.

The mega churches in my city have started a coalition with the catholic church where they suck off the pope and they are implementing female pastors now despite obvious theological contradictions, but le' progress in 2018 so ya know

Protestants just get shit on for not bending the knee to ecumenicalism

Imperialism is anything but right-wing?

I'm sorry if I offended you comrade
My family is irish catholic you see

Of course I'm not surprised that millenials are attracted to radical politics, especially one that advocates for equality when our system is not working

But they don't even try to get any money out of our current system. They don't even try playing the game, they just look like shit and cry a lot so I don't sympathize with them despite them pointing out the obvious

Religion is a curse.

Everything but Catholicism, sure

But that doesn't make any sense. The Pope is against female priests so this must have been a unilateral move.


there is no """cultural left"""

chicago is basically neo liberalism the city
have swathes of ares that are poor as shit, right next to some of the most expensive shit in the world. have its flagship university literally help overthrow governments all over the world explicitly in the name of capital. have a corrupt "centreleft" party since the fucking 20's and keep pushing further and further to the right, while getting on its knees for capital and destroying unions.
so in that sense it is the most liberal, but it definitely isnt leftwing

Imperialism is not left-wing or right-wing

Why does Holla Forums do such a fantastic job of giving the left infinite recruitment fodder via their autistic temper tantrums?

Esp since the cville spergout?


Who exactly are we recruiting? They seem to be mostly falling for liberalism.

Idk why did pol elect a zionist?

See, brandon, since your aut-white spergout in cville, you convinced the public that rightwingers are batshit murderers.

Hence why people outside of antifa attacked jason kessler.

Holla Forums are such savory lolcows that they do the recruitment for us leftists. We have no need to convince people to roll left, you aut-whites do it for us.

quit sniffing your own farts, liberalism is a fluid term depending on the era. An ideology that advocates for equality and moving towards a flat-lined power structure is leftism, even if it doesn't fully resemble marx' wet dream

I'm not interested in living in a marxist society

False premise, tbh.
Holla Forums memes are shit, and consistently forced. There's not one Holla Forums "meme" since edit Ben Garrison cartoons so he's a Nazi that hasn't been Girugamesh-tier. Half of them are just bitter ad hominems in the Limbaugh vein, and a great deal of the rest (for instance, Holla Forums's take on Pepe) are deadmemes beaten into the ground with autistic Holla Forums politics.

To illustrate what Holla Forums memes look like to me, as someone who was browsing 4Chan and ED before, just picture someone dabbing with a screenshot of Hillary's "delete your account" tweet in the background. That's what you guys look like. This whole retarded clusterfuck of liberals and far-right wingers mass-posting all this tired, vapid bullshit to try and own eachother isn't really conducive to good memes. Going through actual formulas of meme-making and then mass-spamming it everywhere - trash.

This is one thing I dig about Holla Forums. For the most part our memes aren't even propaganda - like the memes of old, they exist primarily to amuse us and express an aspect of our interests. If someone else wants in on it, that's just a bonus.

that's where you're wrong kiddo

Since liberalism fights for the right for privitized land, liberalism is more rightwing than anything.

Serious question. When you tap your skull, do you get a nice echo?

We're actually doing the recruitment for each other.

As leftists radicalize and corporatist liberals seize institutional power, the right continues to grow and radicalize as well.

Many Americans were actually surveyed to sympathize with the views of the Charolettesville demonstrators, the tiki torch marchers I believe anyways.

Right-wing parties are growing quickly across the world atm

thank you for explaining our ideology to ourselves, damn pack it up guys, looks like we've been bested


Private property is a core tenet of liberalism, thus making it right wing by definition. Your autistic screeching won't change this.

Through what? Gamergate?

Is there liberalism without private property and free markets? Like, remove these things but keep freedom of speech, of religion, individual liberties etc. What would be that?

Progressive liberals and classical liberals both call themselves liberal

stop with the semantics

And both have free markets and thus as a core tenet of their economics you abject philistine, just because one has gay people and feminism doesn't mean jack shit

So are your mommy and daddy Jewish and you hate yourself for it?

All liberals are rightwing. Esp since they are in favor or privatization. Stamp your feet and screech all you want but that wont change.

*and thus private property

Yea see, Holla Forums is so laiden with idpol they think spooks such as feminism are relevant factors

user they aren't rolling left, they're rolling into the arms of social democrats and parking there.

Plently of millennial leftists are open to using tax money to using tax money to create a system where everybody is supplied with flat-lined quality housing.

How would this not qualify as leftism?

Gamergate is way old news, I don't even think recent alt-right converts know what it is.

People are being drawn to the alt-right through

Italy's far-right parties and political groups have exploded in the last few years, to the point where Italians are celebrating a fascist gunning down a bunch of random africans walking down the street and demanding they all be removed.

And what would be the best name for what I've described? Doesn't left liberalism fits in it?
inb4 socialism
Actually existing socialism isn't know for those things…

How are they not relevant to women and minorities?

I don't see anyone rolling into the arms of anyone whos rightwing except for aut-whites who wanna shoot up their schools but cant cause otherwise mommy and daddy will find their guns and take away their internet privileges. :^)

Most radical progressives are open to abolishing private property

explain this

Wouldn't marxism require women working?

Lmao what progressives do not support free trade

I would say some of them are/were utopian socialists actually

Source this. You don't just get to make unsourced bullshit claims and ask for an explanation.

Because your fat and gay

Being "drawn to" something isnt really "joining" them.

Like I said, the angry mob was drawn to Jason kessler but that doesnt mean its not negative.

Rightwingers are getting cut down from social media left and right.

I mean shit…even Alex Jones had to beg and plead a Parkland victim to convince youtube to not permaban him

Of course he can, he's an autist from Holla Forums

I am seriously not getting you guys.

You keep claiming that progressivism has absolutely no link to marxism.

How can marxism be achieved without progressivism bringing the overton window left?

For marxism you need:

How do these social wedge issues not play into a marxist economic system?

This is a good meme

For marxism we need idpol to be erased.

A lot of them were ancappish Californian Ideology types.

The final progressive eutopian goal is to have a global government where we all use tax money to provide needs for everybody. Housing provided by the government is not private property.



That only means that progressives have seized control of tech infastructure. I am glad this is happening because it creates the Streisand effect

If they are sympathizing now, then they will join us sooner or later

CPAC was WAY further towards the alt-right than it was last year. One person tried to imply mexicans can be conservatives and they were nearly boo'd off the stage.

The republican party has shifted much further right in the last year.


They are, btw. They are so steeped in violence, they don't even perceive half of it as being violent. The question is what do we do about the right-winger problem, and reach a final solution?

Never forget that RIGHT-WING = MENTAL ILLNESS.

Yeah, we should all be so glad to have an army of tweens at our disposal.

Distribute fenty-laced heroin among them and tell them its a white race birthing agent or some shit

Or it tells the public that rightwingers are so mentally ill they gaslight themselves.

Neoliberals are not left-wing.

have fun losing

Leftists have always been violent Godless degenerates who always need to be put in their place when they've stepped too far out of line

What does this board think of antifa anyways?

leftism is a mental disability

It's not slander if it's true

Alright sure thing, spergie

Also, bombing Japan or Korea was not the result of a "right-wing" ideology.

that is the military industerial complex at work

The board is split in many different ways, me personally I'm not a fan.



Why would fascists be shooting white people? That doesn't even make sense.

The only truly alt-right crime I can think of is Dylan Roof. unhinged people are always attracted to radical politics though, hence Antifa.

Myself and others got attacked by a horde of antifatards while walking out of a Trump rally.

The media covered it and lied, said "Trump supporters were being violent" even though it was just some doofy boomers walking out to their cars. They were literally chasing two blonde teenager girls into a building.

Total fucking weirdos

It's dead mate, you'll never get it back. Everyone associates you with these people, because you are these people

Better question

why do Holla Forums posters keep shooting up schools, churches, mosques, running over people, and most recently, mutilating someone

I'm just curious why this happens more often on Holla Forums? Maybe you should, I don't know,

Pipe Down

Of course the trump wave is over, it's been almost 2 years since he won. Only redditers are still memeing about that

Trump is a manifestation of something bigger, a stepping stone to something else

A world where every country has to give tribute to Israel because no country has been ass fucked by Benjamin more than Trump has Holla Forums. He is literally bending over backwards and you're sucking his dick while he's getting rammed in the ass

What the fuck even happened to you

b-b-b-b-b-b-b–b-bb–but these people somehow aren't politically motivated cus they did something i can't defend/pretend i'm not in support of to save face

now about those antifa booboos that are ruining society…

Don't answer what happened to you, it's completely rhetorical.

Redditors, Boomers, Conservatives, it's all the same

You're right Holla Forums we should all worship the genetic superiority of people like you who look like they came off the set of a movie about orcs

If this is how delusional having the WH back after only 8 years of right-of-center Democrat rule makes right-wingers I kinda want to see the result of 16 years.

They'll go back to being the Obama voting dipshits they were in 2008 before Reddit brought them to Holla Forums

Or maybe they'll commit suicide en masse

Who can say

Like I said, unhinged people are attracted to radical politics.

Antifa are extremely violent, i've been on the receiving end of them multiple times just for walking into/out of speaking events.

But it's obviously a different kind of violence. a school shooting is an emotional expression of violence towards a society and an institution. All of these people were loners with bad/no relationship to their parents who are martyring themselves for their own cause.

They are not attracted to progressivism because progressivism has already failed them institutionally and offers them no refuge, so they are attracted to the other radical side of the spectrum.

But why don't we see more socialists killing teenagers, mutilating random people, shooting at protestors, and running people over (or attempting to)

It would seem you're accidentally admitting you have a gigantic amount of unhinged people on Holla Forums and I would like to thank you for being honest

At the end of the day you're throwing a gigantic tantrum and families are suffering for it,

I say again,

Why don't you just pipe down




Nobody on the right supports these weirdos


I don't think that is delusional to say. The republican voting base has radicalized further right and Trump has brought the overton window much much further right.

Stopping non-white immigration is becoming a fox news-tier talking point. That in itself is a victory.

Anti-zionism is being introduced as a talking point to the mainstream right-wing despite Trump's obsessive support of Israel

my guess is that Trump owes the kikes money from the 90's, and his Israel shilling and putting Kushner/Brietbart shills into his administration is for his debtors


They are the right


The fuck are you even talking about? You asked me a question and I answered it, what does this have to do with ME?

Also, too much fucking text in that meme holy shit



Is this your right-wing cringe folder?

Good thing you've been stock piling in case a Holla Forumsock ever makes a thread here

America's cities are already a left-wing cringe reality experience

The official seal of this thread




these guys unironically have more muscle mass than the average leftist







Is that why you nerds are constantly crying about "muh antifa" giving you booboos?



antifa is an expression of collective beta rage and they've already been defeated anyways


they'll put that muscle mass to good use for their next biweekly serial rampage

Wait I thought violence couldn't be attributed to a political group

Are you saying you're taking credit for all the violence you've done to random people this year?





you literally just said this about your child-murdering ilk

also pretty weird this defeated group constantly outnumbers you 10-1



Holla Forums why would you ever want to see such a majestic animal like this go extinct?

Memes are overrated.

When did I say that? Of course violence is attributed to political groups.

These street battles are fucking retarded but hilarious entertainment. I don't even get why the violence happens, absolutely nothing is accomplished by either side when a battle happens.

The debates are far more interesting. I don't get why neo-marxists don't have ideological representation debating alt-righters on youtube.

memes are a part of western canon. stop the hate.

Also rightard memes are utter shit.

Yes antifa are an expression of collective beta rage and school shooters are individualistic beta rage.

Not surprising the right-wing one always does more damage.

there's a lot of leftist beta rage festering out there

You know what's also funny

When you keep shooting up schools, planning infrastructure destruction, mutilating a random 19 year old, shooting up religious places like churches or mosques, and trying to hit people with your car

Ending up alienating everyone from the cause you claimed was climbing

No more foo foo "IT ISN'T RELATED" bullshit because the public really does not care, and you know that.

Families have disowned their own sons over finding them posting on Holla Forums now

Does more damage mean more deaths, thanks for admitting that you bizarre noodle and/or morbidly obese armed psychopath obsessed with memes more than redditor children in 2008





I am like 0.005% of the right wing who will admit there is a political psychological affiliation to violence.

They aren't explicitly comitting violence in the name of a political ideology though. I am just speculating.

If you seriously think that some unhinged lunatics shooting up schools is going to diminish/grow a political party, you are retarded. People vote and support for what advances their personal interests, everything else is just entertainment and noise.

Taboo is sexy.

You may not like this, but this is what peak physical performance looks like

Uh, weren't you just fucking saying that exact same thing earlier you absolute Amerimutt

Just a reflection of efficiency into whatever that effort is channeled. I would prefer if criminals were just executed, not praised.


You're turning the masses to your side every time you commit atrocities and go out in public looking like this


Also, the right-wing nazi schtick has gotten me laid twice

This is what Gen Z is seeing before they even get to college

By efficiency I assume that means parental neglect from getting an adequate amount of you on whatever antipsychotic drugs you clearly need to be on

I like how this has gone from "memes" to "your ideas suck" to "my ideas are better because we commit random acts of violence towards targets we here really don't want to hurt at all, and that shows we're winning and also nobody changes their mind over every other week being 'white nationalist kills man, family mourns'"

wew i thought these actions were divorced from their politics? you can't even keel your bullshit straight from sentence to sentence

Gen Z would be yours but apparently you can't stop killing them




Is this supposed to be impressive



How much did she weigh, 150 lbs? 170?

There is absolutely no evidence that anyone other than petty bourg suburbanite white boys are going fash in that age cohort. That meme is so fucking overdone at this point.

I could not imagine someone pathetic enough to admit they've fucked twice

No I said that the right-wing nazi schtick has gotten me laid twice, not that I have had sex twice.

How many times has marx gotten you laid?
community glory hole blowjobs dont count

Your weird inbred uncle diddling you in the basement doesnt count

leftists are truly retarded

The two "women" he fucked were probably teenagers around age 15

After all he said taboo was sexy

i remember in 2000 and 2004 it was supposedly the most conservative young generation since the 80s , millennials would lean young republican or libertarian thy said then overseas wars started getting fucking torn up, the economy crashed and then they all swung hard for Obama in 08
putting stock in the very young is a very feeble game

no I said it's gotten me laid twice, not that I've gotten laid twice.

This is fucking pathetic

jfc this is pathetic. insulting a dead man with your made up virgin story just to numb the pain from all this btfo

I'm a teacher

Gen Z is atheist right-wing

People are laughing at you for you gloating your power level got you sex twice

I mean I don't even believe you, most people here are college age, it's just assumed most of us have sex and it's not that big of a deal, who cares mate

When you go around telling people


You just look like a goof

Don't do it again, for future reference

Did you earn enough allowance money from mommy and daddy to get yourself an anime throw pillow?

I'm CIA. Gen Z is fascist. Trust me.

Leftists are degenerate sodomites except when they're not

I work at Nintendo and my dad told me that luigi is Mussolini's son

it was a r9k meme son

holy shit

Marxist sex is just 110 lbs twinks taking blowjob shifts at the community glory hole

so going by what i just said, theyll be marxists after the next economic crash in 12 months

That's not impressive, nobody wants to imagine your gut swinging back and forth on a large pig shaped obese blond woman

sounds good enough.

What the fuck even is marxist sex

Do you know, how and why people fuck? You know, casual like?

Please explain to the class how you managed to say "Hi, I post on Holla Forums, are you wet yet"

Sounds delicious

People still have glory holes?

no you just wait for a woman to virtue signal about loving minorities and then you laugh and tell them they should be exterminated

they like that

How fast did you cum

In seconds

ah hahahahahahahahahahahha

This is not at all how people have sex. Are you underage


the marxist sexual market

What on earth

How fucking old are you?

newfags pls go

mmm daddy…tell me about Nazi masturbation fantasy again, fuck baby, you drive me crazy

Tell me about how the left can't meme


Baby, I'm yours

tell me a good meme

I'm gonna cum

No I'm not kidding

If they virtue signal about minorities or refer to drug use, you just laugh and talk about gassing niggers/drug users.

Nigger only with a hard-R. The taboo factor makes their vagina tingle

can't even tell if sarcastic or not

You know about as much about people in college fucking as you do about college


That's why we're laughing at you son

what the fuck am i reading


name me one thing wrong with that?



wtf I love Marxism now

I'm not.

The first girl was a global warming activist studying bio in college. Way out of my league, and liberal.

The first time I talked to her she told me she had just seen a movie about black history. I asked if they all get exterminated, she said no, I said that it sounded like a bad movie then, then we riffed back and forth and I kept half-ironically talking about gassing minorities/degenerates.

We fucked for about 5 months and all of her liberal beta orbiters could not understand why she was sleeping with an open Trump supporter.

Second girl was a musician, similar story

Boy stop writing fan fiction and finish your high school homework

We're all very impressed you fucked at your local impatient clinic but if you keep going all of us are going to die laughing into a fucking stroke


I have never witnessed posts this sad before

You're breaking my heart user, stop, don't do this to yourself please

I mean it's a pretty funny story so you should be laughing

This isn't how people fuck

We're laughing so hard

Imagine being so defeated in an argument that you need to LARP as a high school alpha.

M8, you're making a fool of yourself

I'm getting the feeling that you guys are insanely bluepilled on women

I'd really like to hear commie dating stories and all of the gay shit you fags do to get laid.

See when we say the right wing is full of mentally ill people, this is the posts we're referring too

Can someone please archive this thread?


Is this the aut-white's fabled trolling ability?

user nobody believes you, because this isn't how people go from A to B to C to D

wow dude

What do you mean? This is literally always how people fuck

Women like to hear off-the-wall things, with an ironic tone obviously.

I seriously don't understand why this is so hard to believe.

Hey Pinocchio, how bigger does your dick get every time you lie

So basically you're admitting you either
a) fucked a high schooler
b) are in high school
c) never matured past high school and think this is how normal human beings jump straight into sex

By the way, where were these women? College? Tell us what college you go too

Yeah obviously I wasn't like "Gas the niggers come to my room"

I said some off the wall stuff and then we texted for a while. She was a 20 year old asian.

This board is no fun, seriously.


/pol9k/ shows itself once again.

The more specific you get the more we can tell you're bullshitting, not that it wasn't already clear

That isn't how it works lad. We're trying to help you stop lying, please just don't do this to yourself

I get so much pussy they call me the semen shooter

It doesn't even matter if it's true his need to tell us about it is still pathological

I don't understand why this isn't believable. Do you guys imagine that ironic racism is just completely unacceptable to women or something?

I'm not saying that I just generally flirt with women by saying off the wall stuff like that, I'm just saying that it's worked twice.

Because it isn't.

Go into more detail. I want to learn how to slay pussy from a true master.


your newfag levels are off the charts

Holla Forums memes fucking suck and are only funny if you're already indoctrinated. The punchline for the vast majority of them is agreeing with what's being said.

People join the aut-right after being fed biased news and misinformation on the internet, then start laughing at the shitty memes, not the other way around.

This thread is proof of the adage that the Left is economically frustrated while the Right is sexually frustrated.

I think it's probably the fact that personality types are attracted to different political ideologies.

If I were to tell Holla Forums about this, nobody would doubt it were true.

The types of personalities that are attracted to Holla Forums or Holla Forums are so different that maybe something like this seems unbelievable. Maybe we interact differently with women.

My seriously liberal friends would never say something like that to a woman, for obvious reasons

but bro I totally said that niggers are dumb and the chinese whore told me it was three fitty

so it was a whore

imma guy who loves a good racist joke
but theres a difference between a joke about mexicans eating tacos and telling a grill how the coloreds bone density is incompatible with white society, and its even more ridiculous lying to an anime hoxha message board about it getting you laid

You're making this worse and worse and worse for yourself

The world is not porn. You do not have a conversation and then fuck

You learned sex from what seems to be from fanfiction

This board has a ton of women on it and I can say as one, this doesn't work. People would walk away and talk shit about you


that wouldn't be funny because that is a worn out cliche. Old racist stereotypes aren't funny.

Ironic Racism 2.0 is living up to media sensation about the "UPRISING OF WHITE SUPREMACY", which is connected to Hitler ect.

So it's more of a hitler joke, which is funny because hitler is considered the ultimate evil in western society, so making light of it is like dark irony

You're so fucking on the spectrum it's making me feel embarrassed for you

Like fucking christ

So what college do you go to

are you kidding I went to my local young republicans meeting in full BP attire and told them they'll all be put up against the wall and it turned into a 30 woman orgy


So are you ironically racist or just regular racist? There's no irony if you're just saying the things you actually believe.

tfw no antifa gf

Dude I didn't say that I had one conversation and then we fucked.

This is just how I started our first conversation, and I think that she liked me because of the instant dark-ironically racist humor.

If this were real life and I said that half-ironically and laughed afterwords, I doubt you would care unless you seriously had a stick up your ass

I was talking to a black girl on the phone who was really vocal about BLM and other stupid shit. We were talking about our ethnic backgrounds and I said "Oh yeah I'm Italian… y'know, the master race" and joked about pizza being the master cuisine

She didn't mind that. Maybe lefties all have a stick up their ass idk


Honey, women don't fuck people like you after a single conversation. That's not how it works. I'm trying to explain to you it just isn't. You have to have discernable talents, nobody fucks from one or even two conversations.

If you have nothing going for you, and you're as uninteresting as you are, and so autistic, nobody, and I mean nobody, on whatever campus you're also lying about going to is going to have sex with you.

This was fun but now I just feel bad for you that you have to keep this up.

If you really went up to someone like that you'd just be subject of gossip

Fucking this. We radicalize each other. It works better for the far-right though because we are a genuinely subversive force. The only things the left is subversive on are things it agrees with the far-right on (global capitalism etc)

You are deluded if you think the right isn't growing especially among young people in the US. The left has just gotten to extreme, so a lot of normalfags are drifting right.
Also Hitler memes are fun. So a lot of the really disagreeable teenage guys are turning to right-wing politics in the same way they would have been Satanists in the 80s.

Just fucking stop at this point

Yeah it's an interesting conversation and you keep feeding me with faux-disbelief

You don't joke about sending people to the gulag?

You're autistic

You are fucking retarded if you don't see how the right and left constantly radicalize each other. It's been happening since fucking 2008 at least.

You're autistic

buddy ur like on the first level of ironic racism. this board is an official vangaurd defender of pic related were on so many level of ironic racism were actually woke

kill yourself cunt
I just said we didn't fuck after one conversation retard
you seem pretty fascinated by me
any woman on a board like this is undoubtedly a landwhale
When did I say i "went up to her" and said that? The conversation started naturally

I would never joke about your future home fascist

Fascists lime you been appropriating leftist aesthetics and motifs for 100 years. It's so ingrained an ubiquitous that you don't even notice


We've had prostitutes, Holla Forumsyps, a crazy vietnamese woman, a girl who draws cats, plenty of anons

None of which are really obese.

Neither am I, I am just saying, SW33T1, H0N3Y, SWETI

You didn't score because you have nothing going for you and this thread has proven you're on the spectrum.

This is the only correct thing though, I am fascinated by you.

lmao look who's pissed

bragging about grabbing a demographic that changes politics like they change razors

why are you so…upset

the fact that you care this much about fucking memes of all things is the reason no one believes your tall tale of fucking…Asians and sheboons. Great job guarding the white race there Holla Forumsyp




kys you'reself tbqh fam.


lol u mad


the absolute state of leftist humor

I don't care, it's Holla Forums
No not because you disagree with my politics, but because what you described is basically impossible because you have literally nothing going for you in what you described

You have no taste, you only talk about jokes, you didn't get to really know any of these supposed two women, it just isn't realistic at all.

You're the beta of your nightmares

But ok pinp, for the sake of ending this argument

I totally 100% believe you smash, hard and fast and regularly all the time

You're the king pinp you are the lord of pounding hound

I'm going to bed, I gotta say you have one thing going for you. You're really funny, but in all the wrong ways

Nice wojak son, thats a fucking new one

No you're lying about a story because you're lying about it and it's obvious to everyone

But I thought you use "ironic racism" to get laid only twice, little miss defeated incel?

its making fun of you fags and your hard on for ruining vaporwave

We couldn't nearly come up with something to laugh as hard as you've unintentionally made us laugh by lying about having sex without cease for 50 posts straight

don't underestimate the power of pity sex and the havoc it reeks on the psyche of young men

i never described myself

I weigh 126 pounds, and I know you have nothing going for you because a woman knows.

And if you didn't put on black flanders while you smashed your imaginary girlfriends you fucked up, and I believe you less

is this how you seduced that hooker?
the fact that you're still here arguing with effectively a ghost is proof that are
A.A complete newfag
B.A incel faggot

Also, if you really fucked, there's no way the women aren't fat and I think you're just projecting here.


here lies Holla Forumsyp

he never scored

female intuition is a myth and ugly women are biologically attracted to marxism


t. balding marxlet clenched fist saluter

Hey, don't say it's just a woman's intuition, plenty of men are laughing at your stupid ass too.

We're being equal in our roasting of you

Just like how the girls that wanna fuck you are a myth?

I'm the "land whale" you're talking to that weighs less than the woman available to you. be polite. I'm also British, plenty of leftists here, tories have been decimated and so has UKIP.

Pic of OP

of course, leftist men are naturally led by women

from the man that prob. faps to that one blonde bimbo with no ass.

stop projecting dago, your kind is most likely to be chrome domes
I've never even seen this even in highschool

what are these fucking insults man

I came here half way into the roasting.

okay i was joking about you being ugly but now I unironically know you are ugly

Pipe down El Goblino

my god these bants are weak as fuck my wittle dago go back to bragging about fucking baboons at least then I got a laugh from you

leftist beta orbiters always know where their female leaders are

I do like how when men insult your looks it's fine, but when a woman strarts to do it you flip the fuck out and start throwing out "UR FAT" "UR UGLY" "UHH YOU UH, FUCK SOME UGLY PEOPLE"

Listen to me mutt, nobody fucked you because you have no talent, no future, no jokes, and worst of all, you're a pathological liar like most Holla Forumsyps.

What you described is intimacy described by a virgin. Nobody just argues about the legitimacy of their sex life for 60 posts, but go ahead and make it 61 and tell of us how much of a king you are pinp

british women are some of the ugliest women alive, it's not bantz

god help a man who does not love their queen

Bruh that's not even me. I'm not posting images.

American women are the fattest alive, and Holla Forumsyps are the ugliest men alive

I'm glad I'm not either.

OP stop posting and fucking lurk


I'm afraid I might force this lad to shoot up one of your schools in a fit of rage

I'm sorry if that happens, it's my fault

Women's entire value as a human being is dependent on their looks

I described a single conversation, you were looking for "intimacy" in my story because you are an effeminate man

I'm not an american woman so it doesn't matter. You are a british woman so you are most likely ugly, and you said you were going to bed but you are still awake convincing me you aren't ugly which is obviously not true

Its about saying controversial things in response to what is not allowed.

Post Liberal values only pander to what is least offensive to the most people.

Stay consistent

Holla Forums generally laughs at people who donate to e-celebs

Holla Forums doesn't have any e-celebs to represent it's ideology because they are all too retarded and ugly to make good videos

because of this thread OP is gonna sperg out at his high school n shoot it up

screen this

what the fuck is this thread

You can go to Britain and see the women

You can't go to Holla Forums and see the posters

The fact I have to explain this to you isn't surprising

Baby doll, honey bun deluxe,

nobody believes anything you say.

Oh no we don't have youtube ecelebs what's a girl to do

Internet blood sports is huge on fucking Holla Forums and all it is it ecelebs jacking each other off on youtube streams

good thats a great way to become a laughing stock see above

Sure ya can, it's called the "protests" they get outnumbered at.

thats not a rebuttal. You explain exactly why your satire is so terrible.

This has gone from me telling you that you never had sex to if I am or am not attractive

Regardless you shouldn't have such high standards for someone who lies 100+ posts about fucking random people in a zealous autistic fit of passion

You have no standards. You have no life interesting to women. You know I'm right, and it's why you're focusing on me instead of everyone else laughing at you for lying this much, this hard. They must be part of my harem or something

Just whatever you do dude, please don't shoot up a school I don't want blood on my hands

Do yourself a favor a go to bed kiddo

That poster isn't me and you just said he was lying about why Holla Forums can't meme. You are ugly and retarded

continue to sit on a slow board and not have your own personal propaganda puppets to convert new followers

We're talking about your lies, not my bad jokes

Nah it is you. Nobody would stan for this person at this point lmao

glad you admit you're ugly, it's the first step to understanding why you are a leftist

weren't you going to bed? or are you going to write out another paragraph trying to convince me that a british marxist sitting on Holla Forums isn't ugly

except that isnt whats happening
for every 1 person that hops onto the autright there is 3 that run to the otherside, have you not seen what happens when you take your sperginess outside?
Again IBS and ecelebs on bring cancer you brainlet pizzadealer

This is the caliber of humor we're terrified of, I'm terrified of

I'm going to laugh at you for at least 50 more posts if you want pinp


What an incredible thread.
This is why I still come here.

You're right, that's why this board is so busy and why marxist youtube content has so many views

oh wait, this is literally the most busy thread on this board right now and you have nothing but a deranged transvestite cat boy faggot to represent you

Buddy fucks so much he doesn't have time for hos like me. He tells them all the best memes from Holla Forums and they get drenched. I'm getting drenched just reading his shit. God this is what women want

You're telling me to have lower standards for you, which is the cornerstone of leftism

So are you going to bed yet? Or are you too excited that a man is giving you attention for the firs time in your life

And why you can't get a strangle hold on twitter without a hundred other woman like me telling you that you look like a giant dweeb who can't acquire more than 100 followers

I dont. Liberals are trash.

Leftists or liberals?

The 60's to the 2000's were the most right wing period ever in the americas. The right successfully stamped out any anarchist, socialist or communist movements and only allowed and promoted meaningless lifestylist shit like hippies who only smoked weed and had sex. A nice update to the capitalists was that all those women going into the labour force increased the labour force, increasing profits and keeping the rate of profit up.

Such as? You mean all the movies that portraid america as free and perfect and commies as evil and flawed?

For the first time in decades, the left wing exists in america again. For the first time in half a century can an openly "socialist" (socdem) run for office in the USA and is identifying as socialist or even communist not a social or literal deathsentence anymore.

Such as "le scheming jews lol"?
Holla Forums litterally has no good memes.

That's not me

I'm going to post until you nut

Fresh soy milk daily sold here.

This thread is spun gold. After I wake up from sleep I'm gonna get my fag friend I like to casually fuck to read this and laugh with me

why would anyone be impressed by your levels of testosterone

you clearly don't have much because you suck at arguing with a woman and you lie about having sex for hours on end

You are a parody of yourself



Gimmie that twitter handle bruh

Hm, they keep sperging out at me.

christ and you call people brainlets

That's because liberals pushed the overton window left between the 60's-00's
oh really? who fucking did it then? Marxists on Holla Forums?

Holy shit you people are so fucking stupid you don't even know how you got here


We know how you got here sweetheart : 3

If you cannot condense your beliefs into a digestible format for the masses then you are braindead, which leftists are

Not sure if this is ironic or not


There's an equal number of people who congregate on twitter who have better jokes than Prison Paul and Carlgon

lmao nice try

The future is cum town

we dont need people to know the full ins and outs of theory true but at the same time people who fucking consume memes are dead ends



America was litterally full of commies before and they were progressively suppressed and arrested because of affiliation with the soviet union.

Thinking that liberals pushed the overton window the the left during the fucking cold war is ridiculous. The overton window was pushed right. Its only since the economic crisis that its started to move left again.

t.Shitskin Dago

You're confused, we're not boomers, your board is the boomer board.

cant you condense that down to 5 words god you think I like reading?




He's an American, what did you expect?



I'm just observing this thread's meltdown from an a-political standpoint. Keep the milk coming lads!

Marxists will lose because they are upper-middle class brats who don't understand the working class

So you're differentiating yourself from the unhinged neo-libs and SJW cunts, but you're saying you have a presence on twitter, but they are the only ones with a presence on twitter.

I'm going to come back here next year and I hope you guys have at least one e-celeb

you are getting more pathetic every post m8

I'm right and you have no argument

Unsourced insults arent arguments, buddie.

The working class generally has a high school education, and you are laughing at the idea of condensing your ideology into a digestible format in the digital age.

Thanks for the laughs user. As Not Socialist I hate Americans more than anyone, especially the "rightest" ones and respect the strong socialist nations they constantly try to and often do destroy. Belarus, Libya (under Gaddafi), the DPRK and Syria are my favourites.

Correction: Nat(ional) Socialist

Lmao, retard.

Not all of us live in a third world country like the USA.
Litterally everyone here has a higher than highschool education. Its the law and its free.

I understand you user.

t. definitely not you

What's your point? You're too stupid to communicate with non-college educated people?

Every stereotype about marxists is true holy shit

t. you


Your post litterally makes no sense





Ok, we had a good laugh, but seriously now, which one of you faggots larped as the Holla Forumsyp this whole time? 'Cause you did a great fucking job.

How can you be so deluded? Literally mental illness tier.

Unironically, the answer because they're not *trying* to meme. They're trying to *use* the meme format to convey messages, but the primary motivate isn't actually to be funny. That's all there is to it really. It's not even "leftists aren't funny" and more like they're not even trying to be. I'm sure this is a cultural/attitude thing but I can't really pinpoint it.

So that's is why you get these weird attempts at picardías that literally have no punchline and so on, because it's just "i wanna say this, i wanna convey that message, lets put it in a meme". And usually the primary motivation is just to counter Holla Forums shit or shit on Nazis, which can be done of course, but you need to actually want to make a fucking joke. And it's certainly not impossible, take a look at this screenshot, it is genuinely funny.

Holy fuck I did a lot of spelling errors, what the fuck. Sorry guys.

Holla Forums memes are exactly the same. They're only funny if you already agree with their message. There's no fucking meme science behind it or anything, you're just so used to laughing at pictures that say "this man drink soy!" in your torture chamber that you find them genuinely funny. They are not.



Keep going it’s working

What the fuck are you talking about? The USSR was a homogeneous white country?


The USSR wasn’t successful so that doesn’t even count



That took nearly the entire world to pull off not just the USSR.

I’m out of brainlet memes

ur weird masturbation fantasies are making me uncomfortable

I'd rather live in the GDR than degenerate American Germany so congrats at being better than mutts.

Imagine being this fucking stupid and then being smug about it

Imagine disagreeing with me and slurping AIDs ridden nigger dick

goddamn bitch why are you tards so focused on black dick?


Imagine being this stupid

Definitely more successful than muh glorious white reich at least.

You're right, you should save it for your manifesto when you shoot up your local school.

Why? Because it survived longer?
The NSDAP turned a dying nation into a superpower in 6 years while the USSR just barely stayed alive during its first 40, even with aid from Britain and America

1942 German production of armaments:

—9,300 Tanks
—15,409 Aircraft
—37,000 Aircraft engines
—69,000 heavy artillery and AA guns
—317,000 automatic weapons
—1,270,000 tons (Ammunition)

1942 Soviet military production:

—24,446 Tanks
—25,436 Planes
—356,900 Artillery
—4,049,000 Light Weapons

In 1942, the Germans occupied most of the USSR's populated and industrial regions. Yet "the system that never works because of human nature" still outproduced them. How do you explain that?

Why do you enable low Autism Level monkey hordes

Nazi Germany was basically already defeated by the time the Western powers launched their invasion.

You're right, I should change it to read "reddit post"

Wew lad.

Notice all the pictures of communists are in black and white? That's because all of today's communists are absolute trash like skinheads are.

Yes, It's a freak show on both sides. Keep producing non-gmo milk, that's why i'm here user.

And then you say lefty memes are blocks of text.




Is this meme trying to say that commies are social conservatives?

I browsed this thread for Holla Forums being retarded and I was not disappointed.

It's saying that the society fascists like to fear-monger about was a lot closer to their ideals than they are.

See you soon space /cow/boy.


Right wingers can't meme either, they stole all their shit from /jp/, /int/ and etc

Holla Forums was a mistake and killed both 4 & 8 chan, it's time to migrate to less shittier imageboards

But what if the opposite were true. The conservative / neoliberal establishment is in fact so secure today that they don't ever bother red baiting anymore. Their victory is too total.

Or it used to be. If you cared to notice it, you would know that the current RUSSIA hysteria is used to smear and silence leftists in a way that reeks of the original red scare.

So nazbol are both?

The negative responses to this are actually pretty laughable, despite the original poster being slightly clueless as well.
Seems like most people on Holla Forums don't understand that people of perceived high gene quality will get laid without having to learn any game (the fact that one of the girls was apparently Asian ties into this), he can be as much of an autist as he wants regardless.
Of course you guys wouldn't stop to think of this as a possibility, since most people on here are ugly, socially awkward, and stinky losers who have to study books in order to get laid.
LMAOing @ your lives.

So not Holla Forums then.

most of the human population had very low Autism Level for thousands of years

First picture related: average Holla Forumsack.
The rest: the absolute state of Holla Forums.

what in the fuck


Nothing but Holla Forumsyps. Holla Forums doesn't have a discord and it never did.

It was from a Discord server that a bunch of Holla Forums users set up. Also the .webm is your very own special board owner so lol.
If you want something more direct, picture related shows some images from the face thread you guys had ages ago. Everyone looked low T and too young to be delving into politics.

1) Holla Forums doesn't have a Discord server and never did.
2) There's still no evidence that the .webm is BO.

Remember when culture was music, art and literature? This is what happens when you let internet failsons be the center of """""counter culture """"
rip punk. this what we brought on ourselves.

1: that's not the bo.
2: ask anybody. People here hate dicord. We don't have an official discord. These shitty servers are filled with redditors and Holla Forums falsflaggers. You have to be a special type of retard to believe thoe are "leftypol" discords.

It's called an "unofficial" one (which will always have a large community overlap).
The pictures from the face thread that was on this board proves the overlap, were those all false flag posts too?
Other than the fact that, for several months after it first came up, posting it was grounds for an immediate ban despite the context?

so much for the tolerant left

what the fuck are you even trying to say?

I thought you guys were supposed to be intelligent?
Also have some more images from the face thread that you guys had.
Can't wait for that revolution.

It's fairly obvious that the genetic quality of your average Holla Forums user is far lower than your average Holla Forums user, which makes sense given the cuck ideologies that you guys follow. Proof exists through unofficial Holla Forums platforms (the Discord server), and from the direct source here.


Did I strike a nerve?
Which one of those five images that I just posted includes you in it?

all of them
leftypol is a collective subject

Every time

You know no one actually participates in fucking face threads, right? It's mostly people accusing OP of being FBI, maybe a bit paranoid considering that you've basically confirmed that it was only Holla Forums. But you guys reposting shit from your fake discord in that thread doesn't prove anything. We have no Discord.

Isn't there a contradiction in these premises?
Maybe it's your memes that are shit, buddy.

I didn't select them because they were "ugly", I selected them because that's what just about everyone in the Holla Forums face thread looked like. Not my fault that you guys are usually genetically deficient.

Newfag detected.
You guys had a face thread in like 2015/2016 that tons of people legitimately responded to. None of those images at the time were reverse image searchable, so unless a fat spic, a guy with a pilotka hat, etc. from Holla Forums decided to false flag that thread, then it clearly represents your average /leftypo/ user.

I've been here since day one, and have actually participated in every "face" thread that I'm aware of.

No one posted pics, and the few that did were called out as essentially false-flagging. Your shit is too fucking obvious Holla Forums, and it's a bit sad that you've followed us this long looking to bait out pictures.


I used to be a Holla Forumsyp and after spending some time lurking here and understanding what communism actually means, it weaned me off Holla Forums just because it made far more sense for the problems I'd been seeing.

thank you for not deleting the Holla Forumsyp posts for once fucking faggot BO, this is the most entertaining thread I've gotten to read in a while

underrated, here's your (You) for your labor

Liberals are not the left.
Also, here is a taste of our OC:



You know, id give anything for a button that would spontaneously combust all the edgy whiteboys on Holla Forums. The traffic to 4chan would dive, forcing japmoot to close it down for good. The internet would be finally free from their cancer.

Then they will just collect somewhere else.

honestly it made my morning, its nice when the mods stop being fags and let us have some Holla Forumsyps to laugh at.

they'll just go back to reddit

This is my favorite game

I said spintaneously combust

Thats the one helicopter meme I can get behind.

I pray to god the BO is archiving this thread



holy fuck this is Holla Forums tier

And this is my 2nd, which is even worse.

Thank you I needed this.

I love it when obvious shut-ins try to lecture us on the "real world"

A Koch astroturf organization manned by students who think they'll get on some conservative think-tank gravy train by participating.

this is so accurate. made me chuckle

Damn I know I'm super late on this, but about "condensing your ideology so people can understand it", I work with a lot of people who only have a high school education, and even they understand and easily admit the obvious contradictions in capitalism

go read Weber. protestantism is america's civil religion and it's probably the reason your working class is completely class-cucked