Why does all of leftypol worship Zizek when a good portion of us are ☭TANKIE☭s and he buys into the Stalinism meme?

Why does all of leftypol worship Zizek when a good portion of us are ☭TANKIE☭s and he buys into the Stalinism meme?

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Probably because he is one of the only serious Marxist philosophers in our day

The upside of sectarianism is that you don't need to share positions 100% to listen to each other.

Holla Forums likes him because he's a contrarian with memeable characteristics, no one cares about his thought.

This, Holla Forums is also massively retarded so it'll latch on to whatever papa bird will come along like Holla Forums with Trump or some other alt-right figure.

What "Stalinism" meme? MLs get triggered when people use the word "Stalinism" because "reeeee no such thing, we're MLs." Or by Stalinism do you mean the fact that all of the Leninist governments were authoritarian, had very little political freedom, and were police states? (Whether you think they were justified in doing this is irrelevant, btw, because "Stalinism" is simply used to describe the phenomenon)


But Cockshott isn't a philosopher.

Badiou, tho

Why don't you ask comrade Žižkek? youtube.com/watch?v=FRTsInTXAgk

he has no problem with bureaucracy, he isn't a complete social liberal, and he's anti-UN.
he's a tanky in every way but name

I think you'll find that, like Badiou, his politics are far closer to the ultra left than the wavering centrism of 20th century Stalinist governments

Because ☭TANKIE☭s are secretly afraid to get into conflict with zizekposters, who are of far superior intelligence.

Zizek isn't against reformism like 99.9% of ultralefts, so you're objectively wrong.

I'm a ☭TANKIE☭ and ever since I became a ☭TANKIE☭ I realized that Zizek sucks ass.

He's a fucking meme, how is he serious?

They like Zizek's calls for "universalism" because they can use it as an excuse to make white guys the center of socialism again. They think "universalism" means "white guy values", whereby everyone who isn't white, western, and Christian has to submit to a white, western, Christian paradigm, whereas a genuine universalism would see *all* cultures and religions as being of equal value with equal things to give.

Fuck off

stop false flagging


Its because 100% of this boards posters are spooks.

Damn must be a lot of truth to this, look at all the butt hurt.