Daily News Thread 3/2

Iran Bans US Dollar in Trade Activities to Beat Sanctions

Iran has banned the use of the U.S. dollar in all trade transactions, prohibiting businesses from registering import orders using the currency.

Trump Says Trade Wars Are ‘Good, and Easy to Win’

President Donald Trump invited a trade war after slapping tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, daring other countries to act on threats of retaliation.

Market Plunge Worsens After Trump Says Trade Wars Are ‘Good’

U.S. stocks fell, with megacaps bearing the brunt of selling, while Treasuries slipped with the dollar as investors assessed the impact of a potential trade war.

Israeli Police Question Netanyahu in Corruption Investigation

Israeli police questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of a broad corruption investigation, just days ahead of a key visit to Washington for talks with Donald Trump.

Four Possible Outcomes in Italy’s Election This Weekend

Italy is long used to managing political instability, but giving birth to the country’s 65th government since World War II looks a particularly tough order.

‘Descent into hell is easy’: Chinese state media warns growing US-Taiwan ties could lead to war

Beijing has issued an ominous warning to Taiwan over a pending US law that would strengthen ties between Washington and the island nation, with Chinese state media even suggesting it could lead to an open conflict.

Third White House Biofuel Summit This Week Ends Without Deal

President Donald Trump found out how difficult it is to bridge the competing interests of ethanol producers and oil refiners as a third White House biofuel meeting in four days ended with no agreement on how to change U.S. policies.

Republican lawmaker blasted over 'disgusting' comment that armed Jews could've stopped the Holocaust

Republican Representative Don Young from Alaska has sparked fierce backlash after questioning how many Jewish people "were put in the ovens" because they were not armed.

Florida school shooting: US airline to lose tax break over NRA row

Legislators in the US state of Georgia have passed a bill denying Delta Air Lines a tax break after the firm cut ties with the US gun lobby.

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Joins Wave of Diplomats Stepping Down

The U.S. ambassador to Mexico, a career diplomat with more than 30 years of service, announced her intention to step down from the job, joining a wave of senior officers to leave the State Department under the Trump administration.

The Navy Wants a Laser to Blow Drones Out of the Sky

On Thursday, the U.S. Navy awarded Lockheed Martin Corp. a $150 million contract to develop a high-powered laser system to integrate with a destroyer by 2020.

Ohio teen who killed himself at school planned 8-step school shooting

A 13-year-old boy who shot and killed himself in school last month intended to carry out an eight-step school shooting.

1 in 3 British children want to be famous YouTubers, but they will likely all fail

Becoming a successful YouTube star has become the dream of one in three children aged six to 17 in the UK.

Officer tells homeless man to leave McDonald’s after stranger pays for meal

A Facebook video filmed at a Myrtle Beach McDonald’s showing a police officer telling a man to leave, after a paying customer reportedly paid for his meal, is going viral and sparking outrage.

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This will go well

Literally president Dril


MIT Study: Median Uber and Lyft Profits Less Than Half Minimum Wage; 30% of Drivers Lose Money

Yes, it is now official: you really are engaged in exploitation when you use Uber or Lyft.

Arms and the man

The question of gun control is not as straightforward as it may appear, writes Mike Macnair

If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich? Turns out it’s just chance.

The most successful people are not the most talented, just the luckiest, a new computer model of wealth creation confirms.

He should divest any public money still in ethanol because it takes more energy to make it than it releases as fuel. It's a dead end.

BREAKING: Police investigators have arrived at Netanyahu's official residence, the PM and his wife will be questioned simultaneously


If they don't have their story straight by now, then they deserve a firing squad. And if they do have their story straight, they should still be dropped out of a helicopter.

The Undoing of Jared Kushner: a five-part play


why's this give me feels

How is this not true? Fuck, democrats are so stupid. At the very least it would've turned the Holocaust from a massacre to a somewhat balanced conflict

I swear, sometimes I feel like we're living in some bad story from AlternateHistory.com, or maybe like a discount version of Rumsfeldia.

w h o ' d a f u c k i n t h u n k ? ? ?

Idiocracy was a documentary

Because YouTube "stars" are mostly shills and not content creators. It's a completely soulless job.

Welp, now there's specific evidence to slam onto the table whenever someone pulls "capitalism equals meritocracy".
To us the conclusion of this study may have been obvious, but this clear-cut data should prove useful to us none the less, as it presents in simple terms what otherwise would require a lot of theory to be explained to the uninitiated.

because you want to be a youtube star too

reunification soon
but seriously, Trump went full retard here and if the Pentagon gets to keep pushing for this shit, Taiwan will be brought back into the PRC via force and probably in less than a week after it kicks off

It's not true though, It took the combined might of the Allied powers to stop the German War machine. Guerrilla warfare wasn't really a thing yet if my memory serves correctly.
I think they could of put up more of a fight, but there were a handful of Jewish armed uprising against the Nazis in Germany that were all crushed.
I think it's more interesting to explore the role Jewish Rabis and Synagogues played in the Holocaust. Many Rabis worked with Nazis to get Jews on trains. Jews would have resisted way more if their trusted Rabis hadn't betrayed them in mass to save their own skins.




Does anyone use this except porkies and Gen Z kids without cars? Srs, question.

I've seen people who are stupidly drunk use it

dis gon be gud

is it possible to predict where this autistic trade war lead?

*will lead

Trump starting a trade war after Iran stops using the US dollar, Venezula sees economic surprising economic gains despite its surrounding countries supported by the US, trying to harshly tariff goods, and just making frequently unwise economic decisions at home managed by extremely irresponsibly malevolent people both in the state and in corporate power, as stock instability is no longer a blip but now an actual problem, while the rest of the world continues to slowly isolate the United States (and their markets are also continually unstable)

Yeah go ahead Trump you win that trade war lol, you're definitely going to Art of the Deal a better solution for everyone involved, you can't even memorize the names of all the nations that are going to fuck this up for you, but I'm sure you'll try your best

Trump's advisors trying to force him to apologize for ripping everything apart

That stock market thread better buckle the fuck up.

I think there should be a rule of thumb that when Trump says something is "easy" he fundementally misunderstands the magnitude of the task he's attempting

Marriages ending in divorce


Terrible fucking mini business that came and went as soon as he had the idea for another

A dying real estate empire confined to Atlantic City and countries that might accept his existence

All of this and more Trump thought were very easy tasks that would end well. Maybe he thinks this will just be like a divorce, but unfortunately it will probably be messier than any divorce he's had

It's worse that the US doesn't really have the manufacturing power to actually complete. Large parts of our economy are based on importing, not production. We'll be caught with our pants down when a trade war erupts.

Marriages are like Trade Wars, extremely easy to lose for idiots who beat their wives who think they're extremely easy to keep. I almost commend Trump's ability to jump into immensely complicated issues thinking everyone is too stupid to solve them except for him, and then immediately fucking lose and throw a fit that makes everything worse for everyone around him

Like I said one thing is consistent through his entire life, real estate or otherwise, when he says something is "easy" you should probably start worrying if you're around his peripheral vision. Fortunately or unfortunately depending how time unfolds, he is now president of the United States.

Youtubers aren't people

When will this entrepreneur/self made men/blah blah utopia end?


Much like Trump during every fucking divorce he's had

Many rural economies depend on ethanol production to stay afloat.

Also worth mentioning, consistently through his life, once Trump fails something he thought was "Easy" (ie something he was never prepared to responsibly handle but does it anyways because he hasn't a fucking clue) he gets infuriated and doubles down.

A trade war with Trump has almost mathematical proof positive certainty it will explode in his face, he's simply not the kind of person who can handle that level of global responsibility without ending up looking to everyone like a 6 year old who's screaming about being grounded, only somehow the six year old is our very terrifying adult parent

Basically if he really wants a trade war, prepare to take the place of his previous wives because this will end terribly and everyone will begin to scream all at once. I mean that's been the case since he was elected, constant never ending screaming, but this will be Even Further Beyond

Trump made tariff decision in a fit of anger: NBC News


Nice to know our "deal maker" president is so cool and collected.

It's a fucking ship of fools over there.

They understand what a joke the post industrial debt bubble economy is, good for them.
Comedy gold. If Trump manages to crash capitalism without causing WW3 he gets a pardon.

Just like I thought. Here

He is fucking mathematically predictable, there is nothing more to the man than the sum of his life. And if you look at his life, you should probably start worrying whenever he claims something is "easy". More often than not, the only thing that was easy for him to do was jump out of the consequences of his irresponsible actions because he came from the family of a real estate mogul who could bail him out.

"Easy" to Trump either means misunderstanding or sudden heated rash decision making that ends terribly.

Honestly how is this different from a load of kids wanting to be footballers?

He's not wrong, from a nationalist perspective the US holds all the cards. The US has the strongest army, greatest industrial base, among the most educated work force, best infrastructure, greatest Scientific institutions and of course most profitable market.
The only reason why the US gets cucked so bad economically is because of the neo liberal shill international capitalist install in the US gov.
The is whole "China stole our industrial base" is really dumb, they're wildly inefficient when it comes to industrial output, the ONLY REASON why they were used is because US Porkies got pissed off after the Oil Embargo during the 70's at the proles for using their bargaining power and causing Stagflation. And began arbitrarily dismantling labor power, yes arbitrarily, they did shit that wasn't even profitable like freeze the minimum wage.
I genuinely believe Trump will come out on top on this one. Either the exporting countries will capitulate OR the stupid strong profit motives created by such a vacuum will be filled by the stupid large highly educated and capable reserver army of labor that the US has.
You guys beat waaay too much on burgers, burgerland's latent industrial capacity is second to none.

And yet, every war it has ever fought has only caused more global problems and insecurity.

Arrogance its own is the biggest problem of empire and it always loses on arrogance.

Yeah, no he won't. You would have a point if this administration wasn't filled with self interested people who make critical errors in judgement and even give top secret information to, of all the fucking people to give, Jared Kushner, who now other countries have black mail on him. He will not win. Nothing in his life he said was easy was easy, despite his home field advantage every time.

There are too many factors at play than…duhh America big..other countries puny.

The best you can hope for is it won't be cataclysmic but only stale.

He'll win at isolating the US more and devaluing the US Dollar further. That's about it.

Also yes, it they stupidly blunder into wars half way across the globe on flimsy pretexts they're going to lose, were talking about stuff happening WITHIN the US homie.

But everything I've said about the US is objectively true. That's not arrogance, the US played the Japanese the same fucking way in the 1980's. Heard all their stupid yellow peril back then too. The US ALWAYS had the upper hand with the Chinese. The Chinese I think know it too, which is why they are always stealing IP and other penny ante shit.

At least 950 hate-related attacks on Muslims reported in Germany in 2017: report


Dude I'm not pole, I've been studying economics for 15 years and Marx for 2 years. China needs the US, not the other way around. China screwed over their own people just to make it worthwhile for the US to build shit there. Who do you think is holding the real leverage in a situation like that.
China to their credit, has been making all the exact correct moves someone in a weakened position can make, including building those islands. The Chinese got away with that and African imperialism because the US is spread so thin, not because they are stronger.

Yeah nothing but big pinps and larger kings in the US governemnt who have lead us to to desolation and ruin and only have one thing universally in mind which is capital. Trump is trying to play Capital, but he has no fucking possible idea the scale at which a trade war at this point in history will involve.

Not even counting the sudden bumpy ride the US is going to get in the coming months.

Announcing a trade war now and expecting a positive result is the same as expecting an abusive spouse to act nicer if only we believe in him more.

It's not going to happen.

And it doesn't matter. Trade Wars aren't made by the collective will of the people themselves but at the responsibility of law makers and corporations, in a turbulent period in the market that's set to be even more turbulent.

This was probably the worst timing to announce this, and he's going to isolate the US, that's about it. There's ramifications to all of this.

And once the Petro Yuan is introduced it's not going to go that well.

As for everything else you're dodging my point. For the past decade, America has hardly been in the legislative and strategic shape to win a trade war, and this is probably at the worst possible time to announce it. There are too many factors at play here independent of "We got the smart people", that's not how this works

Of less dire news, JPMorgan Chase & Co, McDonalds, and Walmart, have all been among the biggest losers the past 3 days.

Das Capital is not a prophesy, Marx said the contradictions that would lead to capitals collapse were just around the corner. Do you think maybe, just maybe the borugious isn't as cartoonishly slavish to capital as you are making them out to be and can actually as a class collaborate and put aside short term gain for their long term survival? Also all those pimps in the gov you speak of can be sweep out, the whole "DEEP STATE" meme is bullshit, those guys can get shit canned by the snap of Trump's delegated lackey's fingers.
He doesn't need to, if anything the fact that he can't probably makes him the most suited to do something like this. Someone smart like Obama would be paralyzed because they could see all the potential outcomes and over analyze everything.

What bumpy ride? Wages have started rising for the first time in almost a decade, unemployment is still super low, and all sorts of labor uprisings are springing up like the WV teacher's strike. The Dow Jones is not the economy.
Lol, not it's more like waking a sleeping giant, that giant being the US industrial base. You know a bunch of high dollar shit like airplanes are still built here right?
This happened after WWII, a crisis caused porky to get their ass in gear with regards to industrial output, putting a ton power in the hands of labor and causing a shit ton of changes from 2nd wave feminism, to white flight, to the suburbs etc.

What petro is the yuan going to be backed by, the petro yuan is backed by China's industrial output, which I stated before and you agree with, is a shadow of the US'. The petro yuan won't be a good thing for US hegemony, but you way underestimate the graft and corruption innate to the petro dollar, all fat that can be trimmed and WILL BE trimmed by porky once an existential threat like the petro yuan comes online.

-High winds, flooding hammer U.S. Northeast; one of the worst storms in recent years due to worsen


Trusting Trump or the US to win a global trade war is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard, but good luck with your prescience.

I'm not, you just keep spewing platitudes about US hubris, there's nothing to respond to. The largest empire history has ever seen didn't get that way by doing EVERYTHING WRONG.
Easily remedied, get people in there that are, and curb stomp anyone that gets in your way. To Trump's credit he has been doing this, he's had higher turn over than and prez like ever. You and everyone else treat these cabinet positions like holy relics that only priests can wield.
and this is probably at the worst possible time to announce it. There are too many factors at play here independent of "We got the smart people", that's not how this works
That is how this works, all wealth comes from labor. You got the best labor force, you have the greatest potential for generating wealth. Again see the US just as WWII started, almost same situation.

It's hardly platitudes at this point.

I don't trust Trump win the Trade war. I trust the profit motive to wake up latent industrial capacity of the US, and huge part of which is are highly educated and highly capable workforce. Seriously, the US workforce has like 10 times the potential industrial output China does.
We have generations of people that have all gone to school and can think creatively, China struggles with ripping off US IP.

It is because you equate the Chinese industrial output, with the US' latent one. They are like night and day. Seriously one US steel plant can produce 2 to 3 times the steel a Chinese one can at a higher quality and higher reliability. That's just one industry, China traded the health of their environment and proles in a Faustian deal wiht the US, and now the US is going to collect.

That's simply not true when it comes to productive sectors. China has a lot more electrical engineers, these kinds of things. The US really only has the edge in some high end tech workers, and it's questionable how much they contribute to real material productivity as opposed to pure spectacle.

But the US capitalists are getting the best deal on labor they've ever gotten–the workers are extremely well-educated and their cheaper then ever. You'd have to go back before the Great Depression to find cheaper labor and even then you definitely wouldn't find laborers that had skills that were remotely equivalent.

I kinda doubt that, China's factories are modern and they have 100 million proles working them. They fail at quality control and artificially under-value their goods in order to sell them everywhere.

The US could be the biggest industrial power in the world again, especially by value.

IP is a spook and nothing but retarded rent collection (usually for Silicon Valley porkies who patented what the US gov actually paid to develop)

What I mean by the first part is a re-industrialization surge or a manufacturing boom would drive wages through the roof and US capitalists like things the way they are for the most part.

Oil Was Central in Decision to Shrink Bears Ears Monument, Emails Show


I hate this country.

They're not, you have people with Master's degrees and decades of experience in STEM either retiring or working outside their field. This doesn't even touch on all the Liberal Arts majors.
They are being grossly mis utilized, a trade war would bring their might roaring back into the workforce
And? They're not educated, their doing work that can easily be automated, and that China IS automating at a frenetic pace as these workers try to organize.
There's still a bunch of labor like engineering that can't be done by any old prole, and can't be easily trained into one. You need that deep educational infrastructure and superstructure that China simply lacks. Can you name one modern Chinese innovation that's come out in the last 20 years?
Which makes much of their output not just less valuable, but worthless in many of the most profitable applications. You don't get a participation award for trying to make steel to spec.
They aren't under valued, they just suck and can't be leveraged in a bunch of applications that require tighter tolerances.
It's a general indicator that you're the one that came up with it. The countries that produce the most IP are the most innovative, spooks aside. Chinese steel IP every which way they can and have been for years and STILL can't match US industrial output on anything. If I gave you all the engineering spec on x86 computer chips could you put Intel out of business? Same with China, they lack the DEEP well of intellectual institutional power burgers take for granted.
Look at Gov spending per capita in the US vs China, it's like 10 to 1. This army of Chinese proles with EE degrees is a paper tiger, they mostly rote memorized that shit.

We should find another way. Instead of corn they could grow something else. This situation is temporary and as a society we need to understand that and work towards permanent solutions.

This is literally the burger "Chinese are ant people who can't invent anything" argument



They can't, like I said name a Chinese innovation that came out in the last 20 years. Yes if you google it you'll find some but over all the US leads and it's due to centuries of democratic socialist reforms that China doesn't have. Just look at their environment, or just look at their per factory output. It's very very backwards, they send all their best Engineers HERE. The historical material legacy of China is completely different than the US. People take for granted technological innovation or even artistic innovation, like it's something borne whole from the minds of geniuses. It's not, it's the product of deeply entrenched institutional power, from government labs, to university halls, to the sprawling educational infrastructure the US has.
It's all in decline but it's still world's better than China, their inability to innovate is a problem the CCP is aware of and is trying to address.
TL;DR US makes tech innovation and manufacturing look easy but it's balls hard and the US can do it because of the ridiculously deep well of knowledge worker labor power and residual industrial capacity.

Look at what the Nazis did in retaliation to the assassination of one guy. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Anthropoid#Reprisals) Even an organised armed uprising would have been ruthlessly smashed by the Nazi war machine with the kind of force that could've only been repelled by, say, the Red Army.

You're talking shit.

China is literally number two in the world when it comes to high quality science:

Sorry, I'd love for China to put burger imperialism in its place but a critical look at the material circumstance show it just ain't gonna happen.
Trump will probably win the trade war, unless China does something radical like say abolish all rent seeking in the FIRE economy or heavily taxes it.
I kinda suspect this is what they have been toying with but from my view they just don't got the balls to do it.
Seriously, just TALK to anyone working in the industrial sector, China produces shit that's only "profitable" because of exchange, ie, their shit lasts long enough to make money. America built and can build again the best commodities by a wide margin. That isn't jingoism, I have experience with these types of international projects, and have colleuges in other industries that I converse with. We have all been wishing that America would re start its industrial base, dealing with China and BRIC in general is building your business on sand.

Because they have gutted our industrial base, negating the need for STEM. China is second with a ton of state intervention, not to mention all the industrial espionage they are involved with. I'm telling you the US is a sleeping giant.



The US is a dying giant. It's a combination of the late 80s USSR and post world war one Germany. China is rising and will hopefully destroy the American empire.

It's called the turtle and the hare. China is the diligent turtle, and the US is the sleeping hare. This trade war will make industrializing the US profitable, and the base here is FAR richer for it to flourish than in China.
There's not even any environmental protections in China. China is like a bodybuilder that uses steroids, the steroids being lassie fare capitalism.

spotted the porky


How is it dying? It's producing the most surplus value then it ever has before. And it's because the US is multitudes more innovative and efficient then China, and that WITH the far greater labor and environmental standards imposed on it.
In other words the US beats China in commodity output with one had tied behind its back, a trade war will force the other hand to be un tied. Its a pipe dream to believe otherwise, and not even the CCP thinks that. They're entrenching themselves in Asia, and making the US come to them.


Uh okay, per capita government spending is 10 times higher in burgerland than in China. You dumb fucks have probably never even traveled outside of the first world. You have NO idea how weak a third world government with regard to the day to day life of a prole.


The state may still take precedence over capital, but capital is WAY less regulated in China then in the US, why don't you explain to me why porkies have been falling all over themselves to invest there for the past 30 years. Was it because their labor and environmental protections were at parity to the US lol.

So it's a first world industrial country now. The poverty levels in China are still stupid high. The standard of living on average is that of the 3rd world, and they don't have socialized medicine or a welfare state, or even fucking Social Security.
Why do you think they have 2 to 1 more dudes then women. Chinese parents NEEDED a male child to take care of them in their old age.

Chinese industrial output and full capacity still shittier than the US' hobbled by 30 years of neo liberalism.
There happy?

How does it feel to be trapped in a decaying empire of filth? I hope it hurts.

Hope you're not talking about me. I'm looking forward to the trade war, it will boost the power of labor even more, can't wait to see at a minimum soc dem reforms.

Yes, they are, the US workforce has record levels of college education and skill attainment and their often working for the type of wages you'd see in the Great Depression or in the 40s. Keep in mind my parents can tell you stories about how when they were growing up in the 60s-70s if you had a high school diploma you were practically considered a scholar! The US minimum wage is at least four dollars lower than its peak in 1968 and thats using a rather conservative measure like CPI. Many entry-level jobs in that time paid the equivalent of $20+ an hour

The US capitalists are getting a great deal when it comes to labor in comparison to the past. In addition to that they bring in both low-skilled and high-skilled immigrants which they didn't have to go to the trouble of educating or providing any other type of social welfare expenditure for minors who are below working age.

Just because there is some labor scarcity in some STEM fields doesn't mean that the US capitalists aren't getting a great deal on labor right now.

Your point about how they only make cheap stuff for the most part and rip-off IP isn't really that illuminating. With the exception of Britain almost all industrializing countries started that way but this was especially the case in Wilhelmine Germany prior to the 1890s or so.

But you have proven zero relation to this and productive capacity. It's spending is purely related to extra consumption, which mostly gets absorbed as rent. None of this puts the US in a better position wrt trade in capital goods say.

You are imagining capacity that just hasn't been proven top be there. The US is currently in a sense at capacity already, with rising wages and low unemployment. Where do you propose this will come from? Will all the barista's suddenly start churning out machine tools? This is madness.


Anything is fucking possible, comrades. Anything. Solidarity FOREVER.

Where did this rant come from?
Also what the fuck did he mean by this?
Are you implying that the reason chinks "chose" not to have female children wasn't because of no one-child policy but because they were thinking of their retirement?

I don't believe there is a STEM shortage. As I stated before the best STEM proles left the field. Sorry but a STEM prole creates WAAY more surplus value than some waitress or factory worker. But STEM proles, along with Medical and legal counter parts have more bargaining power and used it to cause stagflation in the 1970's. THAT WHY porky is keeping those and other STEM fields artificially underpaid and under powered. They fear a return to the post WWII levels of labor power.
China's consumer market is on the cusp of growing into a first world market and it is CLOSED! Porky is mad and is okay with Trumps trade war. A trade war he will win because the US IS SELF SUFFICIENT.

Yes god damn it. There's not human nature, just material conditions. If you're a woman and you have a girl that girl will not help you in your old age, she will be obligated to only help her husband and inlaws. A male is obligated to help his parents. Chinese parents aborted females and birthed males because of this reason resulting in a lob sided 2 to 1 rations of dudes and broads.

Seriously, this could be a watershed moment for the US: the teachers uncucked themselves from a democrat controlled union. If someone has any sense, they will form a political party from this and stand in the state elections in November.

No nimrod, the unemployed machinist that's right now either retired or doing some low stress job outside his field will see the rising wages for his specialty and return to work, along with low skill barristas entering said trade because of those same rising wages.

There's not inflation, that means all the government spending is backed by surplus value. Seriously, the productivity of the average burger is off the charts, only other first world nations like West Europe even come close. China is no where near the US in terms of productivity by ANY measure.

Speaking of West Virginia strikes, what's Holla Forums's opinion on Richard Ojeda. He's running for House this year and seems like a fucking wild man.

Do you have a single graph to back that up? You can pretend that armies of "veteran" workers can be mobilized as soon as Pompey stamps his foot, but we know how that turned out.

China does not need parity in productivity to outproduce the US. Trade wars are fought in absolute, not comparative numbers. And you keep dancing around the issue of fixed capital, which has totally eroded in the US.

He's a Democrat…

The problem of persistent inflation in the US is part of why China has done so well selling its shitty consumer goods. They have kept their prices low and US proles have had to turn to Chinese goods for their consumption needs. I would even go so far as to say that China is one of the reasons why inflation hasn't been even more severe than it was over the past several decades.

This and Cockshott's evidence for LTV.

I'm so sick of America.

The US will use the trade war as an excuse to gut environmental and labor regulations even further. You cannot win Amerifat.

I'm getting tired of Donald Trump.


On the one hand I'm always okay with massive corps forced to assume their share of the tax burden
OTOH Atlanta handles a TON of air traffic and Delta is their biggest tenant; fucking with Delta's operations will probably damage US air capacity for passenger and cargo traffic
I always give my free mcdonald's monopoly burger/fries coupons to the homeless and this pisses me off

Trade wars are just as much a psychological war as an economic one. You can only win when your opponents know that you have the will and capacity to outlast them in an economic war of attrition.
Trump doesn't have that advantage, since the world knows that he makes these decisions based on what the voices in his head caused by his brain holes/Fox & Friends tell him to do each day
China will win because they know that in three months they can have Xi flip Trump on the tariffs by bribing him with concessions for new hotels in Beijing and Shanghai

Get people in what? The executive branch, which a year in still has massive numbers of unfilled positions and a POTUS who hires through naked nepotism?
The Senate, which has the constitutional authority to block lots of executive action on trade and which has competing blocks of senators jockeying for protection/access on behalf their own patrons in industry?

Which it will lose, by the way, if H1B visas are killed/scaled back.

No, the US is far from self-sufficient. Too much of the American supply chain exists outside its borders. Even if you ignore NAFTA, so much of the US economy relies on foreign suppliers for raw materials (especially rare earth metals) consumer products and a growing number of services.
Switching to a mercantilist system would disrupt the US economy in ways that we can't even really conceive of for years. Industrial capacity takes years to grow or regenerate. Baristas need years to train. There are hard barriers against workers switching careers and moving for jobs - familial commitments, overhead costs of moving, cost of living in new environment.

Hope is irrational, and yet I feel it…

Guns might not have made the holocaust impossible, it likely would have made the SS’s job harder

This. It's actually pretty hilarious. Most STEM grad students are non-American. These are the people tech companies need to stay competitive, not the C average BS faggots who parade around SF with the one gf that they all share between themselves. If America starts cutting itself off from the world economy people won't bother studying and working there.

Guerrilla warfare was looked badly by lots of people. Most armies even acted in disbelief about German tactics with tanks which helped the German advancement.
The state of indocrination about burgoise warfare can't be ignored.
That's actually IMO the retarded part, trying to solve past events with modern reasoning, but hey, that puts me in odds with almost all historians.

Are we going to meet on the red square marching?


hahahaha basically fuck yooooou Israel/US/globalists!

No I’m not, I said all the best engineers, scientists, artists and intellects are here in the US. That knowledge work is the new labor power that drives the economy. That bullshit factory work can be done by anyone, and would have been automated years ago if the CCP hadn’t allowed their proles to be exploited at near slave levels.
You’re inability to think outside of Victorian era workplaces is your fault not mine.

The number of workers that are re entering the workforce continues to climb, that’s why the unemployment rate has been stuck at 4.1 percent for so long all while the economy keeps posting month after month of job growth. People keep entering the workforce that left and weren’t counted as being unemployed.

I don't read bloomberg damnit. This isn't news to me. Post from insurrection news, it's going down, ycombiner, anything. Business news isn't really important.
Thanks but no thanks, news user.

China’s been making cheap shit for the US for 40 years, and there’s been inflation all up until 2008. The Fed has been lending out money for free for nearly a decade, so there SHOULD be inflation. There’s no inflation because of the productivity gains from burgers are all captured by porky, AND because there so much goods being produced by burgers on the market.
It has little to do with China, like I said the productivity of China isn’t really all the good, they just have shit tons of people to exploit. They’re trying to develop all the things that make a first class workforce but I’d say are still 30 years away. China can’t even build a car as good as the shittiest European or US manufacturer.

I don’t think that’s true, regardless there’s plenty of Americans that can replace these HB1 visa holders in university classrooms.
They hire them because they’re indentured servants afraid that their employer will fire the most and they’ll” get deported, they’re no better and arguably worse at STEM then Americans.
Don’t even know what the fuck you’re on about, sounds like your speaking from your own experience.
That’s fine, plenty of qualified American can take their place both new and old.

We have tons of Industrial capacity, you know big ticket item s like airplanes, ships, and weapons are still made here, and practically everything made overseas is still engineered here. Just because Detroit looks like shit doesn’t mean that it’s representative of the US industrial base.

Gee willicurs! A whole $3.37 per hour!

So 2080*$3.37=

$7033.19 Per year!!!!

That's only $5,026.81 below the federal poverty line for a household of 1! And a whole whopping $6353.62 below the poverty level for a family with one kid where both parents work full-time for Uber or Lyft.



And your delusion that we've somehow transcended the same material underpinning of that system is yours. We make stuff and spectacle, and the latter needs a sufficient base of the former. To make the stuff, you need the fixed capital goods, and the distribution of these goods, as well as the capacity to make them, is stronger in China. The US sill dominates in the high end sectors (as you already pointed out; planes come to mind), but if you want to do a full trade war you will also have to compete in the area of raw output, for the home market and the allies in your trade block. The US is less suited for this than you think it is.

But what is the evidence that these are the people with the vital kinds of skills you were talking about? The point of discussion was if the US has enough people with the skills you need to retool and expand industrial capacity. People are entering the workforce to be sure, but is it happening at the bottom, the top, evenly, unevenly, …? I am open to being convinced if you can present me with convincing data.

They likely already have that and more in the making.

Republican-led committee says Russia funded 'useful idiot' environmentalists

Thank you Russia for keeping the CanUCKS from splooging on our pristine nature.

So Russia is now the Soros for politicians?

And British youtubers are intolerable. What a shame. Why do Limes feel they're qualified to run their mouth on whatever?

Where workers strike and organise, that's where you'll find Joe Hill.

I've never felt such an odd mix of both fear and hope.

That explains why my power keeps going out every hour

Naturalized or natural-born US citizens act way differently as a human resource (god what a shit term) than permatemp workers on H1Bs. Citizens have the right and opportunity to bargain for better wages and quit for better jobs. This is great for workers but awful for private businesses trying to squeeze as much surplus value out of their workers as possible. H1Bs are the solution to that, since the foreign worker's permission to reside and work in the US depends on his continued employment by the sponsoring employer (unless I'm thinking of a different program, but from what i remember this is how it goes). Employers can therefore get that sweet sweet surplus value.

The current US tech industry relies on them to keep prices down in order to stay competitive, since otherwise firms would just permanently move to India or wherever. You can't slap tariffs on a digital download. Ending the H1B program would just trigger an exodus of established tech companies to go overseas - this would happen well before enough CS majors could be produced to take their place.

I don't actually think that we're necessarily disagreeing with each other on much. The H1B program is awful and the fact that a major US industry would essentially collapse without a steady stream of indentured servants would be farcical if not for the misery it causes. However I disagree with your, to be blunt, naive belief that market forces will step in and correct the problem. As I've mentioned in other posts I've quoted, success on your terms requires a bunch of hypotheticals to be true - firm and uncompromising political leadership, a highly mobile workforce, a major reserve army of labour. Skimming the thread I don't see any convincing evidence to suggest that any of these are true or could be willed into existence.

My guess is that many economic nationalists on the right just want quick aggressive action regardless of the consequences, since they see continued inaction or half-measures as weakness. As we're seeing with Brexit, going balls deep into a major change in a country's position within the international trade regime causes innumerable ripples that complicate things and possibly could have been avoided with an incremental left economic populist approach to (partially - you'll never completely do this) wean western industry off of reliance on international trade and foreign supply chains. The right obsession with asserting dominance within the international hierarchy prevents this and will hurt workers through the sheer chaos it will cause.

Which firms are still going to exploit for more neoliberal austerity ANYWAY, as one user has pointed out in this thread.

A lot of US manufacturing is just value-added assembly. Car parts from Canada, aerospace components from Brazil, Japan and Italy (IIRC) and electronics from China are shipped to the US and assembled in plants stateside.
Same thing with a lot of non-agricultural raw materials - steel, copper wire, particleboard, etc. A lot of the capacity for producing these products have gone idle since the 1980s or are impossible due to environmental regulations that keep Pittsburgh, Gary or Detroit from looking like Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen. Some of these factories would need incredibly expensive upgrades just to meet new standards in steel production and environmental regulation, to speak of what would be required to replace machinery that hasn't moved since the Reagan and Bush Sr. admins.

The point I was making was that there were literally millions of partisans
partisans in the eastern front doing guerilla warfare. Especially Yugoslavia, Poland, and the USSR

because they just print out money out of nothing to cover their failed abomination of an economy, and the only reason they havent yet collapsed into the stone age is because the inflation can be exported overseas since the dollar is an international trading currency

I can attest that at least one if not all of these places have horrific pollution problems that get actively covered up



I'm talking Beijing-tier environmental destruction. Yes, being major anchors of the rust belt for decades is going to result in pollution. But do thousands of people from Pittsburgh die each year from smog?

It's been for a while now

no, they die of bad wheater.
literally, because the place is a shithole full of hobos that dont make it trough winter

God damn how far is this going to go? This might be interesting.


hopefully it ends in the death of the NRA, they're a terrible guns right organization that would happily support gun control laws while taking money from dumb fudds

Well it looks like it's getting other companies tied up in a web of moral outrages. It's clearly becoming such a polarizing issue that it's going to have severe effects on the economy.