What do you think of this man, leftypol? Do you know who this is, or do you know about the books he's written?

What do you think of this man, leftypol? Do you know who this is, or do you know about the books he's written?

Being on a Gulag saved his life. This alone should tell you everything you need to know about him.

a bouffon

A tsarist apologist and extreme reactionary

Literally the worst

Good fiction writer.

Anti-semite reactionary. Jordan Memerson's darling.

People like to conveniently forget that Solzenitsyn was a tsarist, reactionary and anti-semite. He was inherently biased as fuck in his writings.

If one wanted to read an account of life in the Gulag that wasn't written by a black hundredist, one could read Shalamov, but most anti-communists don't even know who that is. Weird isn't it.

It's amazing to me that Holla Forumsyps and frogtwitter faggots are so illiterate that they think Solzhenitsyn is an obscure figure that no one has ever heard of. Most surprisingly is that they think Communists wouldn't know who he is.

All reactionaries are like that tho. They honestly think the only reason anyone is a Leftist is because they've never heard an argument against it, which is insane when you realize that every Leftist raised in a Capitalist state has heard a million arguments against Socialism before they ever heard a single argument for it.

I'm actually kind of impressed peterson pisses you guys off so much, kind of testament to his popularity

Peterson is pretty mundane honestly. The only thing that is impressive about him is his popularity, which is due mostly to his strict avoidance of debate with actual leftists and discussions relating to economic policies.

A reading from Alexandyvagina Soldiershitson's Big Book of Communist Fairytales:

"Stalin made me read the Manifesto daily and took away a piece of bread whenever I fucked up, then raped me."

Nazi collaborator and blatant fabulist.

Pinker and Harris are just as bad, not to mention even more popular and influential.


Fuck off. Pinker is a socdem at worst. Peterson is an obvious crypto fascist.

peterson isnt a facist
but he is very much a reactionary, in a soft late boomer canadian sense, something akin to a classical neocon more than anything else

To be fair, the guy served with the Red Army as a captain in East Prussia only to be arrested for insulting Stalin in a private letter. Shit, you'd go full reactionary too if the socialism you fought for was betrayed by politicians. Maybe not tsarist level mad but, like, anarkiddie mad.




mentioned literally once before your post you dumb Holla Forumsack

All of you say that though but you never ever back it up other than pointing out he never invented the wheel.
Fucking shameful cowardice on your part.

Yet you cling to this idea that somehow he is talking about a sky fairy rather than something far more complex and intangible, however more real than the sum of our knowledge of it.
Please, continue to shooshoo away the observable phenomena and stay in le atheist fantasy land.

Not only that, but because he was sending private letters to somebody else, he was charged as an "organization," which is what sent him to hard labor.

It's a miracle how the Soviets even put up a defense in WW2 let alone march on Berlin with Stalin and the NKVD constantly shooting themselves in the foot. Or head.