Demagogues; all of you

How can you not see that your approaches are fpunded on radicalized dissonance just ad much as those faggy fascies are.
You are two sides of the same faggy coin.
You should be ashamed of yourself. You elevate your emotions, not your mind.
Disavowing the individual who makes up the group is nonsense. You would be anti democratic in nature to hold that position. Being a good person and the best possible you will enable a more efficient group, and if all of them are this way: happy, motivated, and truly free, you would find their willingness to work as a union would be unbreakable.
A man can give of himself to and for the better, but if a group of ill conception aims to dishevel said man, injuring his limbs, he will have a difficult time working.
Capitalism and communism are two extremes with the same end setting. Its an ugly thing to see, when money, not accountability funds man's heart, not love for himself, his ilk, and their posterity.

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Okay. So why shouldn't we abolish capitalism?

Nobody should give a shit about their sperm or their eggs there's enough to go around and if you really wanted to have children you'd fuck your cousin because that's all you'll ever get

There is no better method to put in place until a reasonable discussion can be had by all sides leading to the betterment of society. Think the great enlightenment 2: human, social, and government accountability boogaloo.
We need to help everyone? Compromise with capitalists to fund state subsidized charities and actually keep a good eye on them

everything about communism is an extension of enlightenment philosophers


Buddy have you heard of this little thing called the cold war

Yeah it's this time in history where America should have been turned into glass

See, you are too dim and think only with your balls. Preserve the land and ways, the ideas and recognize the blood spilled for the beautiful sense of ease you may find if you still have a place to find it.
Ots not about colour or genes even, really.
Its about keeping what is true alive. You react like a orangutang

Communism only enables the government to perform shittier actions hand in hand with corporations, with less sense of individual competence so nobody tells them how fucked up they are being without being reported by their workers or wife then being shot up by jackboots
Nazism and Communisms are still isms faggot

user, for starters it's orangutan. Secondly they are known for being docile and actually quite intelligent creatures.

Didnt read whole comment
Only some. The enlightenment, in a rare few of minds and hearts to today still goes on. It does not represent The Colonists, the Free Thinking Freemen who swore to be no property ever again, the indentured, or the poor in general
Enlightenment was about trusting reason and your ability to gather it ever more productively. Anybody can be wrong at all times, but the government left unchecked will never say this.
Mfw trump and commies are both crybabies who dont know how to truly progress.

What was that I didn't hear you

There's a lot to unpack here but your disdain of "isms" leads me to believe you think your position is not in itself ideological and sheeeesh my dude do you have a journey ahead of you.


Oh dear, it is a Sargonite…

So is Capital(ISM). Capitalism is not this default position that is between two extremes, you stupid rad centrist.

Quite true. I shouldnt insult such outstanding creatures. Im actually pretty sorry to all of them and for their plights.
If far leftists and right wingers put their heads together, they'd see they both have reason for wanting to reverse or minimize damage of climate change and hunters' capitalization on it.

You dislike facts, but love these guys, i assume


This isn't like what you wished your parent's divorce looked like, this is actually exactly how your parent's divorce went

And it's best that you just accept that you are stuck in the middle wishing mom & dad would stop yelling, but it will never stop.

Enjoy hell, friend

There's probably more Republicans who respect these people than there are people on this board comparatively

Just leave, you are embarrassing yourself.

Rad centrist.
Mfw when I just want to see humans grow without artificial manipulation from a radicalized left privileged class of sex offenders that divides all mankind to hate and distrust one another so that we stay forever alienated from eachother and even worse ourselves.
These elitist want you to be unable to be capable of doing things yourself.


Start growing that dick out first coward

Look how much underground money and soros dollars flo into these things.
Take off your blinders and look at your company

Sounds like a good way of dealing with America

I can confirm my SorosCoin portfolio just blew the fuck up when I called your parents a bitter divorced couple who have hatred for their boomer like son

You are such a goddamn infant.
Cant go an hour without visualizing cock, eh slut?

What cock

Read a fucking book OP, you're spooked as all hell.
Please stop relying on your assumptions and hunches and read up, rather than spouting your pseudo-rational Dunning-Kruger-laced nonsense.

You people dont even want a conversation. Glad i have muh guns for when you begin to step out of line. Glad i have my love for man, so that i may let you go.

We are funded by Michael Moore, George Soros, The Borg, The Initiative of Gun Restriction Unions of Steel Workers of America, the AntiChrist, and also NAMBLA

You cannot possibly hope to stop us

really? ever heard of union-busting?
corporations will be against the law
workers should be payed however much they make. that's not the case under capitalism
I don't even know what you're trying to say

I'm still right


You have guns?
So do we.

Recently been enjoying two treatises. So damn long
Walden is good
Thoreau in general kicks ass

lurk moar faggot

I think you've been reading that Steve Alten book they tried to make into a movie about a megladon actually

Can any communists tell me if this new cowardly cult of Marxists are associated with you? Based on your lack of ability to have talks, it appears to me.
I used to like socialist values until those cocksuckers came around and i realized Mccarthy's assertation was not false

No idea who that is.
I like what i like.
Common Sense and Federalist papers are ok too. I have a boner for us revolution

You should actually listen to the man.

We are All George Soros Pretending To Be Multiple People At Once, Also, I am Michael Moore, And A Coward Of Lawless Lands Of The Orient

wtf are you talking about?

I'm really surprised that the book about the giant shark is above your reading level

Communist states use women or colleagues to inform government of dissent when least you expect it.
Often they lie for reward

Shit tbh, read Rousseau.

Rats! Women again!

Maybe the RCP?

You're an arrogant douche. You aren't worth much more of my time.


Those fucking bitches don't just deny me, they make my friends laugh at me for watching Stephen Molyneux religiously

Don't forget those dastardly colleagues.

You're a little boy

They make the best infiltrators. Men are less rigid around them, generally, and tend to be more open with their wives, sisters and daughters

My Mom Was A Communist Martian Sewer Spy by user J. MacDryPenis


Those gossiping bitches are laughing at me for my cleft lip and inability to communicate with them without believing they are a race of Djin who may reward wishes, but only with a price, jokes on them, I'm a radical centrist

These are harmless men who's religious beliefs of being respectable must be respected



I personally voted for clinton 90 times because my mexican friends gave me the ability to make the american right as paranoid about them as democrats are paranoid about russians


He's pretty pretentious; hardly watch him

This your brain on centrism to be honest famarde

I can almost feel your circulatory system trying to giver you an erection in rage

Watch Calyou, he's also a retarded bald cancerous skinhead who invades the spaces of children and is plausibly a school shooter


Nice ad hominems, queer. I just came here for discussion. Stayed to Shitpost

You should attend his class because you're not trying at all right now


The last thing you discussed honestly was that you were unable to read a book about a giant shark


Why try hard when u can relax and only try a little. That's how you benefit off of communism unless you're poor like me

Im a mixraced mutt tho

You take unwilling for unable.
I enjoy to read what i enjoy to read
That's why im here.

El Goblino, I'm afraid you can't talk. White Americans have been going to prison at a faster rate than blacks for a while now

No I meant you're unable to read a Dr Seuss book, you're an American


So? I havent read them all.

Milo didn't shut up and look what happened to him. He tried to sue his publisher for being tired of his shit and failed and failed.

I have no idea who Ann is but she looks like Ben Garrison in drag

The 50ft delusional idealist!!! march first on a thread near you!

The rulling class only ever makes meaningfull improvements to the workers when they revolt, And even then, they dismantle social service networks when workers are satisfied or when they want to make profits via privatization: see neo-liberalism..
They don't care about the well being of the workers as long as they are functional and not revolting.

As pointed out the enlightenment was the intelectual movement that powered the bourgeoisie culminating in many revolutions that established capitalism. A modern enlightenment would overthrow capitalism, probably towards socialism.

Readings for faggots I watch YouTube

I've begun to notice this.
Also typing not talking
Also yes i can. Im doing it now

Look at the little man

We have a lawyer




It would probably lean on a return to naturalist populism and man would have one last transcendentalist movement before selling themselves to the transhumanists.
Do you see a need for people to hold these things to task, not groups or rhetoric?


fellas if you're going to indulge the fucker at least sage the thread
op in case you somehow really aren't baiting, are legitmately a centrist, legitimately think we're liberals, unironically watch sargon, and think we care about and then you're clearly incredibly lost.
in your post you made a bunch of erronous statements about communism, then claimed that money shouldn't lead men despite the fact that abolishment of capitalist money and markets is the number 1 driver behind communist ideals?

The law, if properly accounted for, will protect everyone.
Most courts are based on bullshit than reasonable judgement.
In name of haste, often not all info is gathered.
Everyone has a right to exist and pave their own success

Look at the figures leading your movement tho. They are the bourgeois who are the ill of society. Left Right and center, they are all at fault and must be dealt with adequately. Communism will only guarantee the destruction free market capitalism can only at least offer and at best evade

Agreed. Everyone has a right to achieve communism.

Please learn Dialectics and not the contradictory ramblings of syphilitic slave owners and a man named Ben Franklin who wrote to other women in correspondence pretending to be a woman

Anyways I don't understand what America's problem is with communists, I thought you were supposed to accept all ideologies for better or worse, and yet America seems most bent on getting rid of anything resembling a leftist train of thought adopted by most of the civilized world.

You say you're for freedom of expression, but frankly the 20th century history of America proves very much otherwise. Violent suppression of Puerto Rican socialists comes to mind

What is so dangerous about challenging your ideas?

Strawman, do a dance


You have been calling us democrats this whole entire time and then you cry about logical fallacies like Thunderf00t on the rag

That's not even what a strawman is

Bruv it wasn't even an argument, it was a cocking joke.

You have to accept people not ideas.
You have to accept that others have those ideas, but they are up for debate and need to be answered adequately, lest you be painted incorrect.

Most American commies are democrat

Ding ding ding, there we go, all the way down the rabbit hole. I'm not quite sure if OP's a troll or a genuine retard.

Somebody should really make a bingo about this.


Actually the inherent contradictions of capital will result in the collapse of the market

Though there are a lot of red liberal larpers in the states

I came in here to challenge your ideas and have a reasonable discussion. I'm fine with challenges, but not being forced

Most Democrats are batshit Consevatives. You'd have a point with Bernie, but he isn't taken seriously here and is largely an independent.

Most of us are calling for armed revolution simply because you've forced the hand of the population in the coming future years as the gulf between rich and poor effects quality of life issues across the board.

Dialectical History. It repeats again and again.

transhumanists are retarded, even if you could upload your mind, which you can't, and won't be able to for quite some time you would still die in the process making an eternal clone to live by you.
The only escape is accepting that the real life is the virtual one and that organic bodies serve as molds to digital ones, have a nice day convincing people of that.

Stil,l all you presented were political / philosophical stances no economic ones so i assume you are preserving capitalism in you idealist projections.

you need to know what your talking about first before holding discussion

We're fine with you actually understanding what we believe before you declare us Hillary Voting Wine Moms who live in the Bay Area, you just come off looking like a goofy mother fucker

Man, i hate transhumanism. The human perception in all of its splendour, in all of its connection to nature and its ability to learn may have been greatly slowed by the introduction of mindless media devices.
Some of them were good for educative purposes doe

Homo is one of the fastest generas to go extinct in prehistory, we are literally all that is left and I'd be surprised if we were around for another 10,000 years.

What fucking movement? we are dead as all hell and the few small communist groups are not led the bourgeoisie. Do you even know what a bourgeois is?

I would like a lassez faire economy where the government does little, but the people of the areas form tight knit, only mildly intrusive townships where individuals learn how to succeed in crafts and skilled labour so they can make their homes a better place

Just curious, but could op please define Communism?

That being said transhumanism isn't an answer, and we're going extinct no matter what we do. Might as well use the best of it to ease human suffering instead of letting a small chunk of people who inherited most of their fortune be lauded as job creators for investing in lobbying and Raytheon

it's when Soros gives free money to Clinton voters and black people

The aristocratic class of fat cats who forge and uphold economic policies to crush the backs of the worker.
Controlled economies do this inherently
Governments left without scrutiny also do this inherently

They tried this in Texas, forgot the town but it all fell apart over arguments on who was the sheriff and land disputes.

You very clearly have no idea what your talking about.

Everything capital does is related to capitalism. The law doesn't change ultimately what the market does, however more often than not the market changes the law to stay in power.

I don't think you have a reliable solution to this problem.

I will define communism as a state of centrally coordinated economics, wherein the government controls what gets input and who makes and gets output

Now I see that you are truly clueless

What I'm saying is communism is not the answer nor is far right socialism

In other words capitalism and the state are linked at the hip and are one in the same. There is no one without the other, cut off a siamese twin the other dies

Alot of the time, yeah. As much as a communist economy is tied to its government

and where are saying it's time to stop posting and at least read the manifesto before spouting this schizophrenic gibberish

their is no Communist economy, it is the free association of producers
for fuck sake just read the books in our reading list, or lurk more cause your doing your self no favors

If all things public belong to the government, and its centralized, all production is reliant and under order of the government

Eat a dick

You want people to act on the communist mindset, excep they are still under capitalism and are incentivised to screw others up.

Remember, you can't have a peacefull society when you have two classes with oposing interests (workers want raises, bosses don't want to pay more etc…) and the main ideology is to exploit others and unlimited growth.

And that is exactly not what we are trying to do. Communism is not the process of nationalizing assets, it's the real moment to abolish the current state of affairs, that includes the state as a consequence of abolishing capital, you have no idea what you are talking about

blow it out your ass brainlet

Capitalism is destroying the enviornment faster than we previously predicted and there's no stopping global warming. The Cold War and its effects has killed more than the Holocaust, and lead to the development of North Korea ironically since you bombed the shit out of them and killed 4,000,000 innocent people in the process, they hold an intense grudge on you for that.

Almost everything after World War II is NATO and America's fault, you got your hand stuck in the cookie jar and everyone knows it now.

Operation Mongoose for example. The CIA literally wanted to bomb a heavily populated area to blame on the Cubans so that the Bay of Pigs wasn't an embarrassment, and they could go to war with Cuba, regardless of the threat of thermonuclear war.

America has never been a land of freedom, it's been a land of pain on a grave of disease and a list of excuses.

Capitalism has flaws, any normal society would correct those flaws but there is so much money invested at the top of the pyramid that they would rather throw their son at the mob to sate them when water and food run short in a climate gone out of control.

You were told throughout grade school that every Communist was an evil son of a bitch.

I'd like for Americans to take a good hard look at their history before they start criticizing gulags.

This is that bait we love too much. Also it may sound stupid but what turned me into a communist was just finding out exactly what it is. OP can't even read a wikipedia page.

looking at this thread i feel enraged at muke for not murdering sargon when he had the oportunity, he would go to jail a few years but the benefit would be amazing. No one should be allowed to spread this much missinformation and encourage such a retarded mindset. Muke could even agitate some of his inmates.

I mean look at shit

i refuse to take this thread seriously anymore be it bait or autism
no one can be this retrded

America has shifted from the two worst poles that hardly ever represented anybody the whole fucking time. You are typong to someone who was told not to stay in America if he wants to better her.
I know all the lies they told me..
They lied by omission at least the whole time i was in school. They hardly went over communism and never brought up tbe revolt and attempted coup against FDR orchestrated in part by Prescott Bushy Pussy.
All i know i learned by myself, with help of online user friends like all of you.
If you want true communal wealth, stick the the people and make them outstanding examples of American Excellency,



"I read 1984 and missed the fucking point"

your world view is absurd, your theory is nonexistent, your idols are memes, and your posts are brimming with false bravado.
You are the Dunning-Kruger effect exemplified, please stop posting until you have a basic grasp of what this board is devoted to discussing, we are not obliged to educate you

Please stop posting.

I don't understand. Think i got the jist of it in highschool


no, Nazis are inherently idealists, and only act as stooges to capital, we do the opposite.

The """""""radical centrist"""""" has racist views and trumpets about how "antifa are the REAL fascists". Color me surprised.

Commies dont expect the governing powers to seize production but to leave it with the people.
Idealism as well?

Americans, and British people to be fair, have this bizarre view that we want to kill everyone the moment we even criticize capital. It's hardwired they can't think of an alternative to the way they live, without remembering that Capitalism itself had many failed attempts between the bridge of Feudalism and it.

The more aggressive you are to different ideas on a military, government, the more aggressive it will get, because all you do is place sanctions or threaten to exterminate for decades and decades.

How many Koreans has America killed? 4,000,000 or so due to carpet bombing for daring to disobey the Truman Doctrine.

Vietnam? 850,132. For daring to have different ideas.

America you built the Atom Bomb first, and you paid the price for its existence, it was obvious you looked at the USSR as the target of all targets.

To also destroy your labour unions, your ability to protect your rights. People died for that, gunned down by the US Army to form a Union, and you just threw it all away.

You participated in so much heinous shit through the history of your nation's existence, the question becomes why should we look to you for advice over our own destiny? Within and Without the US. Why should we be with you and defend Capitalism, when all I've seen it do across the planet is rip families apart, kill, destroy ecosystems and forever change the climate on Earth and how Earth adapts to these changes, pollute the ocean, acidify the reefs, get so stressed out you have among the highest suicide rate in the world

For every possible reason America, you cannot rely on the past anymore, for all it does is give malevolent minds the ability to use it to take advantage of you and your family. Having faith in the market in the long term is fruitless. Every American is a temporarily troubled millionaire in their eyes and that virus is quite contagious, because it's seductive. The price however is freedom you never knew you had.

You and your CIA have sabotaged everything and killed so many people I don't think I have an ethical responsibility to choose Capitalism over what I know to be true, history.

Capitalism always ends in Imperialism to let the government destroy any worldwide competition. The Truman Doctrine made that abundantly clear. Freedom of speech has limits. 2 +2 sometimes may mean 5.

Lets ignore history, the inner workings of each regime, their ideologies, their origins and think they are the same becuse some fat youtuber told me so.

Sea cows are neither cows nor live in the sea.
just because it's called Not Socialism does not mean they are socialists dumb cunt. In fact nazi economy was mostly privatized to the pint they invented the term privatization, the government was higly incluenced by corporations and the party was banked by the same corps

((Racist)) you made me this way.
Also, mfw when obvious shitpost

Do you even know what idealism as a philosophical concept is? That's how I'm using it you slack jawed homunculus

Dont get me wrong: they both suck
Like alot.

Nope. I dont have aaaannyy ideaaa

thanks for your contribution, now you can fuck off

well one defeated the other and managed to turn a monarchist shithole in to a superpower, without even realizing the full potential of communism.

I developed from something of "we can regulate it, gaiz" sort of liberal in my teens, becoming trough my disappointment towards the Obama-era reforms to a fuzzy non-political anti-capitalist, finally transforming, once I started studying and reading about these matters in-depth merely out of curiosity, a fully-fledged leftist.

I'm ashamed of the silly and worn-out straw-men that I believed in back then, but on the other hand my memories of them are landmarks to me which shows that I have made progress, becoming wiser and more knowledgeable about things and matters over the years.

You know, it's hard and shameful to admit, but I was something of a borderline sargonite once. The thing that drove me away from him and his ilk, well, it was their irrationality and their anger. They preferred to unreasonably rant and rave about things that weren't as cut-and-dry as they preferred to present them.
They never took a single moment to look outside their own box. They barely ever had the courage to admit their mistakes or out of their own initiative even consider the possibility that they might be wrong. Those were two red flags I simply could not ignore.

Oh, sorry. I'm rambling again…

"""""""""""Radical centrist"""""""""""" is a crypto fascist.


If you hold racist views, it is because you are a racist. Nazis love to hid behind the "I was just memeing lol" defense when they are called out.

He's more of a memelord with cognitive disability characteristics

This thread gettin more traffic than Podesta and the Foundation put together. Damn skippy

and with that, I'm reporting

Every centrist.
Every time.

Ill be straight: i believe in equality of all people, but not the way the brainwashed masses have started calling actions associated with that word.
Men of all creeds and colour bleed and are made of genetic matter.
I do not like how the far leftists have made even the equal footing of all people a bad thing.
Maybe it was the West's fault for not sanctifying vigilance and a strength so as to do what is right. We were.too hard or tok soft.

For what?


fascism is the endgame of all form of anticommunism.
Most anticomunists will be fascist when push comes to shove.

In fact an interesting question for OP.
If a communist movement were to grow in your country and they get real chances of overthrowing the system. When the bourgeoisie inevitably starts to fund right wing extremist groups to fight them and establish a fascist dictatorship ,like they always do, which side would you be on?

I am not an anti anything.
Teach or prove yourself and i will keep an open mind. All i got in this thread were insults and claims of intellectual superiority

just an anchor hopefully

sorry for not liking the board being shitted up by a brainlet
I like my theory spicy, not icy

Too bad we don't.
Communism is not equality for all people, in fact real meritocracy could only be achievable in a socialist society.

They already have begun funding them. Those higher aristocrats pretend to hate eachother. Koch funded righties and lefties

All i see here are cowards who dont like to be challenged

no, you where rightfully called out for not knowing the topic at hand. We cant hold a discussion if you are this ignorant, it would only be use trying to teach you, and that's too much work.

don't conflate democrats and liberals with leftists none of those wan't to abolish capitalism.
Call me out when you see koch brothers funding worker unions.

They have funded liberals, those our not our comrades. Your posts are reading more and more like nonsensical infowars tier shit

This is so wrong I don’t know where to start. Koch made his starting capital in the USSR but immediately turned it around and used it to build a large refinery in Nazi Germany. Everything political he or his family has ever funded or supported has been extreme-right or right-of-center.

then challenge us, you have done nothing but spout dumb shit, and be shit on for it

Tell me what communism means to you all.

BTFOing libtards
EBIN style

I get this. I understand this. This is not in contention
Most of the retards in the us do not wave their flags based on this principle

you know, except for the Communists of course

Those weird kids and the state funded communists do not want money or a state?

fuckin lmao

Are the communists not working with the ZOG Occupied Government and or always trying to capitalize on divisive rhetoric

Tell me how those people want to achieve abolition of money and state

The easy definition is a moneyless, stateless (state in the marxist sense of a institution aimed to asser a class's dominance over the other, organizational institutions can still exist) society where the means of production are collectivelly owned. This does not mean cletus runs the hardron collider. it means cletus gets a say on how the hardron collider gets used via democratic methods.


because their Communists, and that's always been our goal?

here's your (you)

must be hard to talk with all those cocks in your mouth faggot

First: they shill themselves out incessantly
Second: How? Your means are just like the Nazis if history is to be trusted. In fact, Communist states are more fatal and less outright about their reach. They plant spies, whereas Nazis just relentlessly kill.
Not like Soviets and Nazis both aren't extreme enough fans of their anime and manga that they won't kill for it

Specifically the black nazis and the extreme anti free speech protesters. The cult of social justice students and teachers that brainwash the youth and take over institutions can also be included.

To me it means a technologically advanced utopia where goods are produced in such large quantities with basically no human labor involved so everything is pretty much free, nobody has to spend half their waking life doing bullshit tasks for some Porky to avoid starving to death so we have unlimited time to pursue art, science, leisure or basically whatever we want to do with our lives. That's the end goal anyway. It'll take a lot of work to get to full communism but we'll have the technological means to do it in the next couple of decades. First we need to achieve world socialism.

I'm not here to defeat your strawman

Can you try to be a bit more coherent? Your posts read like the schizoid ravings of someone who has started to 'think about politics seriously' a few weeks ago and gets their entire worldview from mainstream media memes.

Also, did you not read anything in the thread?

Nah, im just losing my mind lately, because i see a lot of horrible shit amongst the partisan s in my country.

This is where it gets complicated and leftist ideologies disagree and branch out

in the OG marxist, through a dictatorship of the proletariat, sometimes refered to as socialism (not by marx tho). This is a transitional period where the means of production are colectivised and people are teached the workings of communism, the sense of community is reborn, automation is maximised, and society slowly realizes life is comfier when you work 4 or less hours a day.

Who are any of these people and what do they have to do with communism?

Most of the communists in the US are race baiters and moral panickers tho

Let's take a look at the deaths the United States is responsible for shall we?

Let's start off with something recent, let's say, Gulf War. Resulted in the deaths of around 50,000 dead

Vietnam? 850,132 dead

How many Koreans has America killed? 4,000,000 dead

War in Afghanistan? 67,000 dead

Operation Enduring Freedom? 35,693 dead

The initial bombing of Iraq in 2003? 52,269

The Counter Insurgency in Yemen way back? 4,207 dead

War in Northern Pakistan? 31,000 militants dead. Over double that in civilian deaths somehow, you end up with over 61,500. This has lead to over 3,400,000 people being displaced thousands of which have gone missing.

Operation Juniper Shield: Around 7,000 dead.

Operation Enduring Freedom, Horn of Africa: 1,906 dead

The 2011 Intervention in Libya: 8,270 dead. The 2011-2014 consequences of destabilizing it? No exact figure but 2,271 are confirmed, though mass graves remain. The Civil War raging from 2015 to this very day? 30,071 dead.

The various Nigerian Communal Conflicts we pay for reactionaries and the like to win? Around 23,000 dead.

Cherry on top, I love this one. The Iraqi Civil War since we completely destabilized it, and it all began only four years ago.


Don't dare say the military Industrial Complex isn't capitalistic. It is. America needed a new enemy, it found it. It went to near colonial levels of war, and we continue to this day. This is only a handful of deaths. And guess what? The Military Industrial Complex is the only thing keeping Capitalism from crashing down, kick the leg it all falls apart.

Because of the cold war's defense spending and contracting and all the conflicts globally we caused, our economy must sustain itself on more or less blood sacrifice from conflicts it was responsible for with even more death. Raytheon, Northrop, Boeing fucking all of it.

Let's calculate what this all adds up to, this isn't every war, this is just recent history, we'd take too long if we went into every evil shit the US has done from these few wars alone, shall we?

5,350,276 people are dead using a handful of conflicts alone

Tell me again who is the master of evil when you make a fortune off engineering conflict. It isn't us, you have to go in that bed you have and lie in it.

Who are these supposed communists? Where are the communists you seem to be seeing everywhere in the US? Is this Maxine Waters a communist? You keep making absolutely no arguments. just baseless and flawed assertions

Fuck off
She's a fucking democrat

inb4 9574-05i8743-95875o gorillions

no we're actually secretly the Zionist "ZOG Occupied Government" Occupational Government and get all the other zionist shadow governments to fight one another through complicated psychological proxy wars involving black people and gay sex

If the people were not hypocrites, the government would have never been allowed the Representatives and Senators who do not represent us to orchestrate such unholy devastation. I personally believe the military is only for common defense and maintenance of liberty. If my country men were not so dumbed down by the polarization of their academies, and restrained by state sanctioned inability to do their own jobs, they would have challenged the status quo themselves, enter legislative authority, and would have averted such bloodshed.
The rich in America, like anywhere, continuously eradicate the values and distinctions that make people capable: their minds.
The lack of encouragement to perform better has led to America the giant collapsing atop of many, crushing people of her and around her, while multinational aristocrats laugh qt the turmoil and hide.
I have no beef with you marxists, just those who shallowly hold that title and those paid by shills for that cause

so far you've moved from

you clearly hold a fairly idealised view of the world, where nefarious external influences corrupting the society are the cause of bad things. I would encourage you to read some introductory marxist literature so you can gain a more materialist understanding of the world grounded in economic conditions and realities.

If we add the Syrian War the US sparked, it has the blood of 500,297 people on its hands. Add this to the number already specified, and what do you know we're at

5,850,573 due to the military industrial complex supported by Capital

But I bet we can go even further. What of the Somali Civil War the US also helped spark? Let's count the numbers! It's around 800,000 dead.

Let's count that into our addition and wouldn't you know it now it's


We've reached the peak beyond official holocaust records now due to active military presence and geopolitical fire setting and funding.

But while the Somali Civil War still rages since 1991 with US offering support, let's talk about the other one the US has offered in support that started in 2011. That's another 22,923 dead.

Nearby in 2008, The Battle of Kismayo has managed to kill 890 people.

Similarly nearby in 2008, the Battle of Beledweyne. 209 dead.

November 2007,Battle of Mogadishu. 171 dead.

The War in Darfur that has managed to last from 2003 to this very day that Americans funf various sides for their own economic interests in the area, with help from the UNAMID? That adds 387,267 to our list.

We have now passed the number of deaths by the Holocaust by a matter of 7,061,862 corpses.

South Sudanese Civil War, same thing, only using UNMISS this time. December 2013 through the present. Around 18,504. To our list.

Just because this list needs some spice, let's bring up


That adds about another 100,000, let's keep the numbers straight, people dead from that alone.

Let's end on a happy note on the South Thailand insurgency. 19,194 dead.

Leaving us at a death toll of 7,199,560.

Now explain to me how America is good when it's managed to do much of this terrible colonial military bullshit for the vast majority of its very own existence? We're in a perpetual state of war, 1,000,000 more people than the Holocaust's most generous observations are dead because of the United States, because the market and the military industrial complex are inseparable.

Let's add a joke, about a domestic problem the United States itself faces. Missing children. For the past fifty years alone, guess how many? No really, guess?

Around 600,000 children from this very day to 50 years are cold cases and most likely murdered or trafficked. Let's add that to the ongoing US death toll.

On top of that, how many people died of lack of facilities or health care in America, in just 2011. Want to guess? It killed more than heart disease and serial killers. In 2011, 874,000 in the United States died because they could not afford basic facilities to survive. Let's add that.

We are now at 8,673,560 dead at the hands of America

But let's talk easily preventable social ills other countries can manage, we for some strange reason, cannot. Records show similarly in th year 2000, 309,000 died to what other nations at the time would have easily prevented. Let's add more, since people in poverty tend to smoke. Around 400,000 people in the US die in poverty from inability to care for lung cancer treatment. Let's multiply that by 4. 1,600,000 dead in four years.

What about heart attack amount the impoverished and unable to get necessary care? 193,000 a year. Let's multiply by four years, that gets us at 772,000 the past four years, mostly poor people.

We're at 11,045,560 deaths on America's hands now. Try and wrap your mind around that morally defend how capitalism fucking operates.

Don't fool yourself, elected governments are always a representation of your people's ideology. They are americans voted by other americans. people who know the US is disgusting warmongering nation either don't care or opose it, most don't care, the rest are blind to the doings of their own country and are as bad as those who don't care. For fuck's sake you have legalize lobbying.

OP is incoherent.