Daily News Thread 3/1

Equifax finds more victims of 2017 breach

The massive data breach suffered by credit-rating company Equifax hit more people than previously thought, the company has reported.

Hope Hicks becomes 4th White House communications head to quit under Trump

Hope Hicks is leaving her post as White House communications director.

Xi’s Warning to Investors: Any Chinese Billionaire Could Fall

President Xi Jinping’s government has fired another warning shot at global dealmakers doing business with Chinese billionaires: Not even the most well-connected tycoons are safe.

Putin, before vote, unveils new 'invincible' nuclear weapons to counter West

President Vladimir Putin unveiled an array of new nuclear weapons on Thursday, in one of his most bellicose speeches in years, saying they could hit almost any point in the world and evade a U.S.-built missile shield.

South Korea's Moon tells Trump of plan to send envoy to North Korea

South Korea plans to send a special envoy to North Korea in response to an invitation from leader Kim Jong Un, South Korean President Moon Jae-in told his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump in a phone call on Thursday.

ANC’s Duarte Says South Africa ‘Won’t Be Another Zimbabwe’ on Land

Plans by South Africa’s ruling African National Congress for land reform won’t undermine the economy or curb food output, Deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte said.

Venezuela Candidates Sign Agreement to Respect Results, Move Election Date

The presidential candidates agreed to delay the elections until the second half of May, but a date has yet to be decided.

Marine Le Pen: French judge opens probe into IS images

A French judge has opened a formal criminal investigation into Marine Le Pen's publication on Twitter of a series of grisly images in 2015.

Trump at odds with Republican lawmakers over gun reforms

US President Donald Trump has stunned lawmakers from both parties by accusing them of being "petrified" of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Do you feel like killing Isis militants? Hezbollah just released a video game for that

Lebanon's Hezbollah produced a video game simulating the battlefields of Syria and allowing users to launch attacks on the Islamic State.

California has the worst quality of life in all 50 states, and conservatives are celebrating

California has the worst quality of life among all 50 states, according to a recent ranking by US News and World Report.

Massachusetts Man Charged With Sending White Powder to Trump’s Son

A Massachusetts man has been charged with sending a letter with a white powder to Donald Trump Jr. that landed his wife, Vanessa, in the hospital.

Georgia teacher fires gun in empty classroom

A Georgia teacher who barricaded himself in his classroom and fired a handgun is in police custody.

YouTube's New Moderators Mistakenly Pull Right-Wing Channels

YouTube’s new moderators, brought in to spot fake, misleading and extreme videos, stumbled in one of their first major tests, mistakenly removing some clips and channels in the midst of a nationwide debate on gun control.

IHeart Prepares for Bankruptcy as Soon as This Weekend

Embattled IHeartMedia Inc. is circulating documents for a bankruptcy filing that could come as soon as this weekend for the biggest U.S. radio broadcaster.

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Hopefully they "mistakenly" pull some more.

Aren’t Venezuelan elections fraudulent anyway?

Yes, all of them are rigged: apart from that one the opposition won.


NSA Used Porn to “Break Down Detainees” in Iraq — and Other Revelations From 297 Snowden Documents

He was an NSA staffer but also a volunteer, having signed up to provide technical expertise for a wide-ranging, joint CIA mission in Iraq. He did not know what he was getting himself into.

Netanyahu’s corruption: how Israeli journalists project Israel’s crimes onto Palestinians

In an article published in al-Monitor without a single verifiable citation, Israeli journalist Shlomi Eldar went to unprecedented lengths to divert attention from the corruption in his country.

Don’t Use The Right’s Assumptions To Make The Left’s Arguments


With Official Unemployment This Low, Why Are Wages Rising So Slowly?

Why has wage growth been lousy in a supposed recovery? Thank your politicians for fostering the growth of the precariat.

I need to figure out how to download this one.
I trust Xi as far as I can throw him but I'm curious what his end game is.
Maduro keeps going out of his way to appease these clowns so they can't complain when they lose and call it all unfair they're gonna do that when they lose anyway. Here's to hoping Maduro secures the win, Petro takes off, and there isn't a sudden well armed totally real resistance that just happens to have the backing of Colombia and the US.
Is the death of radio coming soon?

What if Putin is a modern day Bismarck, the smartest guy in the room so to speak. Once he's gone there won't be anyone with the chops to maintain the balance of power and it spirals out of the control of people who buy their own propaganda (NATO et al)

Trump says U.S. to impose tariffs on steel, aluminum imports

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday the United States would impose tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on imported aluminum next week.

He can say it, but I'll believe it when I see it. If they're just doing it in a bid to revitalize a moribund ANC, likely they won't be doing all the requisite homework and end up doing botching it.

Yeah, because after they're done, there's no way the liberal lickspittles that run YouTube would ever target actual leftists, right?

No user, corporations are based and /ourguys/

Tariffs on aluminum could raise beer prices






First as a tragedy, then as a farce…

Trump’s Labor Department Inducts Ronald Reagan Into The Hall Of Honor


Cannot unsee.

Good, reduction in global trade will harm Porky, strengthen anti-imperalism and help out American working class.

Just a 10% tariff on aluminum would cost beer and beverage producers $256.3 million, according to the Beer Institute, based in Washington, D.C.
This is good

White House preparing for McMaster exit as early as next month


The dumpster fire rages on.

This is bad.

Americans deserve to suffer.

Does this count as 500 dollar emergency? :^)

Can someone familiar with the Ukraine conflict tell me how much of an escalation the US' selling of weapons will be? Coupled with Putin's nuke talk my apocalypse radar has been going off like crazy.

Well Obama only sold non-combative equipment: boots, helmets, humvees ect. I don't know about the deal but if he is selling shooting weapons, things are going to get feisty.
Also this will really piss off the Polish, but that is for another time.

this is good


This is bad. Marx loved beer.

Alcohol is just as bad as cigarettes. It should not be widely consumed.

Alcohol in moderation is okay, but the real commodity for relaxation of the prole should definitely be weed.



He has to sleep with some people for good review in order to get the gamer idpolers to care.

The last time the ANC expropriated land, it fell almost instantly into disrepair and after a while they begged the Afrikaans to come back and take back the land.
The ANC and EFF are some of the most corrupt fucks in Africa, there is no way in hell this isn't Zimbabwe 2.0.
This is why third worldism is fucking shit, the vast, VAST majority of these third world "Marxist" parties are fucking full retard.

I also bet they will pander to the blacks while fucking over the coloureds in the west.

Basically a number of deals and agreements have been hashed out between the great powers, Russia and the Ukrainian government turning the war in Ukraine into something of a slow burn conflict, with ceasefires being agreed upon and quickly broken, leading to new ceasefires

Both sides have mostly scaled back front line troop deployments to infantry and light and medium artillery, with neither committing much in the way of proper mechanised units or heavy air and artillery power, but the Ukrainian government recently passed a bill which basically said that they still wanted to take back the separatist bits of Ukraine, this wasn't really a change from what they were saying previously but it did heighten tensions a bit, with the separatists and Russia proper saying it shows Ukraine is preparing for another war. The US selling Ukraine big boy toys would tip the artificial balance of power that's been created in the conflict and would give the Russians an excuse to bring in heavier equipment, it would also spike tensions between NATO and Russia, which is the main reason Poland and the other eastern NATO countries aren't too keen on Trump giving the Ukrainians the good stuff as they have their own concerns about "russian speaking minorities" in potentially desirable areas along their borders with Russia

No it shouldn't, because marijuana makes you feel hungrier than you ought to. Beer is liquid bread, and tobacco fights hunger.

Any hope for the future? It's starting to look a lot like a new arms race, but Trump's at the helm instead of, say, Kennedy and LBJ. The thought of a hot conflict between US/Nato and Russia is beyond horrifying for me.

I dunno lol

Non nuclear war between Nato and Russia would be really interesting from a history book perspective, obviously not from a living through it perspective
Nato in Europe doesn't have much strategic depth and its biggest country is right next door to Russia, but Russia is poor as fuck and its military is kind of shit, despite what the tabloids might tell you, Nato would probably win in the end up, because Murrica is basically untouchable in any meaningful way and the UK is a nightmare to invade giving Murrica a way to semi safely get supplies and troops into Europe,France and the UK are still sizeable manufacturing centres as well, most people think Russia would get bogged down somewhere in North Eastern France/Southern Germany, its army choked on Polish corpses and its generals wishing it had moved away from the conscript meat shield model of warfare some time before the year 2000

Both beer and tobacco give you cancer. Especially beer.

Marx supported land reform as a democratic demand tho

Coffee fights hunger, makes you more alert, and doesn't give you cancer. Caffeine is the drug of the class conscious proletariat. Beer, tabacco, and weed are for lumpens.

as a third worldist I believe that the most class conscious anti-imperialist drug is my own shit.

How is this bad. The idea that globalization create cheeper goods is a neoliberal lie.

Fucking everything can give you cancer. A stray beam of light from the sun could give you cancer. Carcinogens are everywhere.

Good have gotten cheaper. Assets have increased in value while wages have stagnated. The asset bubble is killing the western prole. Protectionism won't solve this.

The CPI index says that’s a lie and it’s rather conservative tbh

this is bad

Not everything. Just certain things. Like alcohol for instance. It should only be imbibed on festive holidays or during religious ceremonies.

What the fuck should the proles take then to alleviate their woes?

fat bong hits fam

Ideally? Hallucinogens. Weed is also good.

I approve, but I still can't resist liquor very well if it's in front of me. But I wouldn't mind if it's replaced with something else. Heard acid can destroy your brain though.

That's an urban myth. Hallucinogens are probably the safest drugs out there.

What the…

Police unions like him. Is it wrong that I sometimes fantasize about somehow working with porky to bust police unions?


Not sure if it really fucks up the brain, but you can go full psycho if you have some predispositions

That's far from being the worst thing about Marijuana from our perspective,
THC's special property is motivation killing, as if proles weren't apathetic enough.


I don't know what's worse. The idea of police unions which only have power nowadays because they're the only union legally allowed to have guns to kill people or the fact that police unions even exist.
I'm a Syndie with a hard-on for unions so these oxymoronic events make me worry

Yes, everything. Bread gives you cancer.

t. Alcoholic

Wrong. Coffee gives you cancer.

t. Cancer

Wow could this mean Rush Limbaugh could be off the air soon?


probably not, just would mean the group that owns SiriusXM and Formula 1 owns more of IHeart.
It makes up more than 1/5 of Bain Capital's assets and they are being harassed by creditors so Bain gets to be on the receiving end of Capitalism.