In a fully realized communist society, will sports exist?

In a fully realized communist society, will sports exist?
The problem of capitalist entertainment will of course be solved by the entertainment industry becoming state-owned, but what about sporting?
Is the concept of competition inherently anti-socialist?
Should communist youth by exhortatively encouraged to improve themselves through sport?

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Yes, Read Giddafi.

Almost 90% of all sports started out of fucking leisure

Only golf would exist.

How many people do you think gave up a sport because they had to focus on money making, all those people spend hours bored in a gym nonetheless because they have to fit physical exercise into a capitalist framework and so it becomes merely about the reproduction aspect, excersising for the sake only of fitness, fitness to continue working forever, not learning skills beyond good weight lifting form maybe, certainly not team skills beyond a spotting buddy or whatever, notice how the olympic teams from the west are made up of mostly upper middle class kids whose parents sunk masses of resources into making their child into a child prodigy . You do sports in your spare time, I imagine sporting would explode under communism

yes, read kim jong un

There is nothing anti-socialist about fair competition. If certain professional sporting organizations would no longer exist without economic coercion then I cannot see those as worth preserving.
I'm a huge MMA dumbass for instance but a lot of top fighters only get started because the commercial avenue for wrestling and Judo is extremely limited. They either get day jobs or make the switch to the much more lucrative MMA. Sometimes both, see Stipe Miocic.
But if in the future the only people who fight are those who want to fight I can't see it as anything other than an unambiguous good. Shallow spectator amusement not being worth the cost, if there is indeed any cost. I can imagine a world in which fighters only compete when they're ready, don't kill themselves in training camps trying to make a commercial deadline, and don't destroy their bodies by fighting way too much for too long to keep up with the demands of bloodthirsty fight promotions. Plus I don't have to hear Dana White fucking gob and arrange bullshit "money fights" McGregor vs. whatever bullshit casual fans want to see. Would be more enjoyable for fans and fighters alike all things considered.

Sports are just a specific form of game where you use athleticism. Games are just structured play. Play is something common to social mammals, who have little to play with but their bodies. Communism won't change humans' interest in play, structured play, or physical play. If anything sports will be more common because we'll all have the time to play sports.

No. That's idealistic and fucking stupid. Not to mention most sports are teams or duos going against each other. Even in competition, there is cooperation, and even in comepititon, there can be freindly competition.
No. Sport is for leisure and fun. Not every act in existence has to be about some form of self-improvement or betterment of society.

Sports is a hobby. Not a mode of production. Why would you think it wouldn't exist in a communist society?

I think a lot of people, especially here in burgerland, conceive of sports as a commodity because basically once you're an adult you are locked out from engaging with them beyond consumption. Sports clubs are not popular at all here in the states. The closest most people get is YMCA basketball.


bulgaria used to have one of the best soccer teams in the world under communism, now they're shit

maybe the concept of "kick a ball" started out of leisure, but almost 90% of sports started out of the rational recreation movement and are porky creations

is this your excuse to be a lardass?

It's funny how people can clearly see the problems with golf, but yet are unwilling to let go of their darlings. You're blinded by commodity fetishism.



Full disclosure: I find all forms of "stadium entertainment" incomprehensibly dull, and detest the feeling of fighting against physical limits. A society of people strictly similar to me would have approximately no chance at holding up an impressive, varied sporting culture. The entire motive sounds bland to me.

Fortunately, we live in a more diverse world than that.

The only part that would fade is celebrity sports. Probably not even entirely. Some people have amazing personalities that bolster their reputations anywhere they go. Others are so driven by prestige that they'll perfect skills to exhibition quality and go hunting for opportunities to perform. Still others are so driven by a skill itself that they would work to perfect that skill whether or not it gained them anything. That last group can hide invisibly in the tall grass of an equal society, but so long as their society retains any kind of environment with famous people, they'll occasionally get some of the fame on them, too.

I don't think sports would explode, but I do think enjoying sports would be more about actually engaging in them, less about watching others do so. Playing sports is a thing that makes some people feel more alive. There are sports in every environment where man lives with sufficient space and resources.

It's a measure of human development, perhaps. How many people have the time, health, and resources to play sports?

Great searchbait! I dug this up pretty quick.

It's bizarrely elitist. Did this ever really have to be "imposed" on people? It seems like something that would develop incidentally as a consequence of solving peoples' health and resource deficits. Promulgating the activity upon the lesser classes does not have to be some malevolent thing, priggish as it may sound. "Trying to share things with people who probably aren't interested, but might be" would be the more modern way to describe that.

Speaking of health and resource deficits, I suspect people underestimate the ubiquitous nature of health deficits. Barring special circumstances (friends and relatives on the field, personal training/study objectives), sitting and watching someone else play a sport seems like a way for someone to express that they are sick in some way they can't identify. Class differences have a long history of reinforcing themselves and even reproducing across generations due to improperly moralized signals.

That is fucked up. Why do people hate being coaches so much that they need to be paid like med school deans to be willing to do it?

The more I look at it, the more the Rational Recreation movement looks like the kind of intellectual bigotry responsible for communism's failure in developed countries. Working people aren't actually desperate enough to revolt under capitalism while they have time and comfort enough to nap instead. Constantly rejecting their preferred lifestyle might mean communism looks like a ridiculous imposition to people whose lifestyle would be thus rejected.

Did I say "ridiculous"? I meant "irrational".

As in this example, though obviously this is none of it the language that would be used:
"Why would we want to spend our whole lives laboring as you suggest? Why should we bow our backs to your demand around the clock, when the masters we've got now require far less? You and not our present masters are demanding that we bow ourselves even in our private lives. What is rational about the interface between your demands and our life experiences? You may be insisting that you demand we bow in the name of our own dignity, but still YOU are demanding that WE bow. Why should it be accepted that the indignity you claim is even real?"

nobody here defended stupid burgers' shows, your attempt at deflection is patetic.

All remnants of hierarchy and reaction in the culture will have to be eradicated. This includes sports.



No and if you walk too fast you go to gulag.