When you're a leftcom super infantile revionist but as you read more Lenin and Stalin you can slowly feel yourself...


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Hmm …?

Christianity and Marxism-Leninism are perfectly compatible.

Marxism-Leninism basically invented state athiesm

Lenin didn't think so.

Christianity is anti-materialist and has no evidence proving Christianity is indeed real, It's literally Feels>Reals. At best the state would be neutral on the topic of religion while still taxing churches and keeping religious influence low and teaching children about Evolution and how the world came to be which would slowly destroy religion in the Society.

Marxism is a Science
Religion is only pro science when it benefits their side (Creationist """scientists""")

What do they say that makes you feel this way?

Before some really smart guy tries to strawman this post, other organized religions are indeed anti-materialist too.

That's because he was trying to move a society from feudalism to socialism. Thus why Stalin was able to rehabilitate it later on after the last of vestiges of monarchism were swept away.

Good. Youre just becoming more mature.

I'm not saying that dude I'm saying ☭TANKIE☭s tend to not care about the atrocities done. I would consider our religious comrades to have more integrity to be honest


I'm still not sure defines a leftcom besides maybe wanting a revolution to immediately spread to other countries, by one-sided aggression if necessary. Am I warm or cold?

How is stating kulaks deserved worse dishonest in any way?



That meme hurts your image you know

ITT buzzwords

Since when did honesty hurt people's image?

That implies Tanks are mentally unstable.


As a righty i actually kind of respect you for this. I mean it's like when a Not Socialist just straight-up admits that they are a nazi, instead of just dancing around the issue with crazy ass conspiracy theories about the Israeli Lobby.




Is baboon poster still around? He was the only thing entertaining here last time I checked.


When I'm OP, or god forbid the board owner?


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even this would beat /leftpol/ in that regard.

The wittiest comebacks of modern leftypol:
Small wonder it takes you three months to produce one substandard propaganda image. Did you know that this place used to produce webms and photoshops daily? You probably missed it given that you're all Holla Forums or reddit or boomer newspaper comments tier newfags.

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