Why do so many modern Marxists put identity politics before class issues? I swear...

Why do so many modern Marxists put identity politics before class issues? I swear, my local lefty group kicked out a bunch of people because they weren't outwardly fanatic supporters of LGBT rights. The same goes for Illegal immigrants. We don't have send them all back and I support legalization, but to support people who are essentially scabs, over actually workers who have had their living standards go down and have had a harder time getting by is troubling.

What im trying to say is there is a lot liberal influence in the leftist movement, and it's obscuring the actual problem.

This is extremely evident on reddit especially on the "socialism" sub, which seems to people more interested in idpol to the detriment of everything else.

why are anti-idpol folk so bad at understanding imperialism?

explain. When I see a straight guy get kicked out of a group for saying he wouldn't have sex with a transgender woman, it kind of makes me think we've been infiltrated by liberals and/or people who just want to be edgy without actually doing anything.

First. Does your local "lefty" group actually discuss class issues or is it call just IDpol? If they aren't even discussing class issues then you can't even call them Marxists.

It's an infiltration of Peti-borguies. They keep wanting to re-direct actual class politics to their suburban drama lama bullshit. The SJW's and reactionaries are one in the same. A bunch of asshole trust fund kiddies that have a surface level understanding of politics but have a lot of cash, influence and/or education to spread inane politics. The SJW's and Reactionaries complain about the same things representation in video games, movies and other consumerist entertainment. Just look at the black panther film and all the made up bullshit around it. It was another shitty superhero movie that became stale around civil war. To them politics stops when you start questioning the legitimacy of system. The SJWS(which are widely over blown and only gained power because the rights obsession with them) want the same capitalist system just one that carters to a diverse elite. The Reactionaries just want the status-quo from 50 years ago. Both are just suburbanites arguing about real housewives stuff.

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Cause Porky doesn't control just the base, he controls the superstructure too. The dominating ideas are the ideas the ruling class spouse, so we get this TINA, end-of-history, democracy-is-perfect-it-just-needs-tweaking scenario where squabbling over identity bullshit makes perfect sense as the aforementioned tweaking, whereas talking about class is pointless or even counterproductive. Since big changes can't happen, let's forget big issues like the long-stagnated real wages and widespread homelessness and let us instead talk about things we can affect, like public restrooms.

"muh illegal immigrants are scabs" discourse ignores how the western labor aristocracy superexploits them for cheap labor and commodities

Why would a Marxist group even be discussing that in the first place?

Guess what - that's exactly the case

THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. Forget dialetical materialism and the oppression of the working class. THIS TRANSGENDER WOMAN DOESN'T FEEL ACCEPTED ENOUGH YOU NEED TO FUCK HER.


Then why do we support more of them coming here? Were literally shilling on behalf of the neoliberal ruling class when we are pro immigration.

Were essentially doing their bidding though, because the ruling class wants the same thing we want in this regard. Notice how every corporation has the rainbow filter on twitter during June and fires anti LGBT employees. Focusing our efforts on transgender bathrooms is pointless because that's going to happen anyways.

implying it didn't become stale after the first avengers movie

By reactionary do you mean Sargon and his ilk of neckbeards or the alt right? I honestly think the alt right is better on economics than 99% of the so called left, even if their social views are repugnant.

it's a broad leftist group. Most of the members call themselves anarchists or marxists. tbh It's usually the anarchists who put class issues to the side and like to talk about LGBT stuff.

liberals are garbage.

Sadly a lot of anarchists are radlibs who aren't into reading much theory and are more into FUCK THE SYSTEM type of politics where they think going against every norm conceivable is somehow subverting the economic systems of oppression.

Even liberals will agree with you because American schools don't teach modern history.

Because it works with mainstream politics which is based around identity. Workers identity has been successfully killed in the west, a thing leftists help by taking civil rights advocacy waaaaaaaay too far. For fuck's sake America is about to get a national Right-To-Work law through the Supreme Court (a move which will fuck over Democrats and the entire left as a whole), yet SJWs only care about a fucking wall.

Most of leftism has been crushed, the only part that has survived is the Civil Rights Act. The left rallies around what they can, even as they circle the drain. Cosmopolitan bourgeoisie are only too happy to assist them because they get to keep exploiting workers while feeling progressive and good about themselves. It also gives them a way to quickly vilify anyone who is against unchecked global capitalism by framing them as racist, sexist, or nativist. All they have to do is act on a handful of wedge issues like gun control, abortion, and AIDS every now and then to ensure their core group keeps supporting them.

But it won't last. Without labor's bloc of votes the left as a whole is pushed back into major cities, and leftist causes usually left to ruin as more and more bourgeoisie flake off with the group which wants to lower their taxes the most. The end result is probably fascism, as the remaining leftists are bottled into predesignated free speech zones on the edges of college campuses, where society can safely choose to ignore their bitching about white people.


it's been astroturfed for going on 40 years now
makes organization difficult and makes movements unappealing to the proletarian element. simple and effective

These people were better off pre-globlaization, how are they labor aristocrats. Labor aristocrats is a term for celebrities.



The best thing to advance the actual left right now is probably to repackage worker ownership of the MOP as a right-wing ideology an subvert it into rural and conservative prols. After all Material Conditions > Ideas. Who cares if people call themselves “right-wing” what matters if the MOP.

Nani the fuck.

They don't have any rigorous views on economics, only make belief and lies. Soc dem with racist characteristics at best.

Because they are not marxists.