How can people take Bookchin seriously?

I was reading 'Listen Marxist', and it seems like the most shallow critique of Marxism there is.

dude the first critique is all you need lmao

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Thank you finally someone calls Bookballs out. I literally got in 20 words into his book before I shut it closed then threw it into the trash. Never read beyond that.

wtf, I'm starting to think Bookchin doesn't even know what capitalism is. Or maybe he's trying to redefine it to suit his own narrative?

Pic unrelated, but when I read Bookchin today this part made me audibly laugh.

*Scoots back in horror and falls to the floor.*

Isn't that on page 6 or some shit on Google? Seriously decided to test it on google myself and nowhere do I find that on the first or second page.

Dear sweet god, I looked up the Reasons interview.
It's so much worse than I thought.

BOOKCHIN: I'd have no quarrel with them. I would say that that is not capitalism—though there are many different definitions. One would call that, in Marxist language—and there's a sense in which Marx does contribute to the fund of human knowledge, and we can no more dismiss him than we can Hegel or Rousseau or Spinoza or Darwin; you don't have to be a Darwinian to appreciate Darwin's views, and I don't have to be a Marxist to appreciate what is valid in a number of Marx's writings-and Marx would call that a form of simple commodity production rather than capitalism. But if you want to call it capitalism, do so. I don't want to get enmeshed in any semantic issues. My feeling is that whatever people elect to do, insofar as they don't deny the rights of others, every effort should be made to defend their right to do it.

I believe in a libertarian communist society. But, I believe that any attempt on the part of a libertarian communist society to abridge the rights of a community—for example, to operate on the basis of a market economy of the kind that you describe—would be unforgivable, and I would oppose the practices of such a society as militantly as I think any reader of your publication would. I want to make that very clear. On the other hand, where an attempt is made to expropriate, as was done in so much of the world, you know, in the name of free enterprise—in the names of God, whiskey, commerce, and Western civilization, to use Kipling's language—that, of course, I would oppose.

I have no quarrel with libertarians who advance the concept of capitalism of the type that you have advanced. I believe that people will decide for themselves what they want to do. The all-important thing is that they be free to make that decision and that they do not stand in the way of communities that wish to make other decisions. I could live beautifully in a society of the kind that you have described, as well as in a collectivistic one. However, if that collectivistic one assumed any totalitarian forms, any authoritarian forms whatever, I would oppose that. And not only that: I would join your community in fighting it. Let me make it very plain that if socialism, which is what I call the authoritarian version of collectivism, were to emerge, I would join your community. I would migrate to your community and do everything I could to prevent the collectivists from abridging my right to function as I like. That should be made very clear.

Bookchin is also a Zionist

wtf, I forgive Bookchin now

The worst part is his ecological theory.

Give it to me, I'm enjoying the anger now.

The ONLY good thing Crookchin every did was btfo of idiot "post-left anarchists". If it weren't for over a dozen US military bases in Syria he'd be totally forgotten today and for good reason.


it's no wonder the CIA used Bookchin to brainwash Apo, it's the perfect state department version of anarchism

Stop slandering him. He never wrote something on that subject again. Also: READ the article, it's not as bad as it looks on first sight.

I'm just glad the retarded Bookchin shills have left for the splinter board for good.

I don't really give a shit about Bookchin himself but some kind of Social Ecology has to be a major part any future revolutions or we are still going to kill the planet just like the Capitalist are on track to do now.

There is no way in hell Bookchin said this

It's extremely bad dude, Spookchin seems to take a "both sides are bad" stance and explicitly defends zionism.

Plenty of other people gave written about ecological conservation, you don't need Boobchin for that.

Didn't he criticised lifestylism though?

Leftists? Which ones?

Holy shit, I hardly know bookchin but based on this and other stuff in this thread the guy really seems to be a fucking meme.
I liked some of his philosophy about nature and ecology though, based on a youtube video about it I watched.

I'd also like to know who has written better works on this than him. Interested in socialist ecology but I don't really know where to start

if cumchin is should be considered "leftists" i guess then Hundertwasser might as well count

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Capital Vol 3 (?) has a whole section just on soil quality alone, Marx and Engels wrote a fair bit about the environment. In the present situation, two of the only ecologically sustainable countries that ALSO provide full welfare and quality of life to their citizens are Cuba and the DPRK. The Marxist-Lenininst DOTP is the only way to survive and reverse AGW.

Bookchin cultist, your board is here >>>/leftpol/


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