Daily News Thread 2/28

House Passes Online Sex Trafficking Bill Over DOJ Objections

The House passed legislation on Tuesday intended to curb online sex trafficking, hours after the Justice Department objected that part of the measure may be unconstitutional.

Taliban offer: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani seeks talks

President Ghani says the militants could become a legitimate party if they help end years of war.

Israel Approves Law to Criminalize Criticisms of Israeli Military

The Israeli Knesset approved the first reading of a bill that would prohibit organizations from being critical of the Israeli Army Monday.

Ethiopian Jews Threaten Mass Hunger Strike Over Israel Move

In an emotional gathering, representatives for thousands of Ethiopian Jews announced Wednesday they will stage a mass hunger strike if Israel eliminates funding to allow them to join their families in that country.

Mexico Plans Retaliation If U.S. Imposes Steel Tariffs

Mexico will place retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods if President Donald Trump includes it on a list of nations that would face steel tariffs, according to a person close to the Latin American country’s position.

Ukraine president says expects delivery of U.S. weapons in weeks

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Wednesday he expected the first shipment of weapons from the United States in the next few weeks.

Duterte Allies Seek to Emulate China’s Anti-Poverty Programs

In a sign of China’s growing influence in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte’s political party is holding a two-day summit in Manila to develop policies that imitate the Communist Party’s anti-poverty programs.

Supreme Court Seems Divided on Political-Apparel Bans at Polls

The U.S. Supreme Court appeared divided on the right of people to wear "Make America Great Again" hats or #metoo buttons when they vote.

Flawed Survey Threatens Abe’s Plan to Fight Japan’s Labor Shortage

An error-ridden survey is hampering what Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called a "historic" bid to combat a labor shortage in the rapidly aging nation by making workplaces more flexible.

Trump Again Attacks Sessions, This Time for FISA Investigation

President Donald Trump again attacked beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday, this time for not ordering the Justice Department to investigate the agency’s use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in its Russia probe.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf defends immigration raid tip-off

Federal agents say a California mayor's "irresponsible" tip-off about an immigration raid allowed more than 800 "criminal aliens" to evade capture.

Elementary school installs bulletproof shelters in classrooms

An elementary school in Oklahoma is taking extreme measures to protect students in case of a school shooting like the one in Parkland, Florida.

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Priceless Moments: How Capitalism Eats Our Time

Market economy to you: "All your time are belong to us"

Atlantic Bravely Confronts Twitter Insults, Ignores Threat of Decades in Prison

Which journalists need protecting and which are deemed expendable tells us a lot about media priorities.

West Virginia: Extend the Strike, Build Long Term Power

What follows is a proposal for how to extend the strike unfolding in West Virginia.

this will end well


Trump always attacks that Keebler racist when probe heats up.

Mueller Asking About Trump’s Russia Business Deals and Miss Universe Pageant


user, this makes websites legally responsable for the content of its posters, and this is retroactive. Like using Holla Forums? Not for long lad.

President Holla Forums wins another game of 4d chess

I only post here, so not really. I wouldn't mind if this website and 4chan finally got put down. It's just boomers now, it's dead.


I hate this timeline so fucking much

Holla Forums is like a girl in a semen soaked shindol doujin at this point. It is so fundamentally broken

This is a really retarded attitude.
It will effect every site, and enable the state to basically shut down any site which has or has had some users post anything objectionable. We can already prosecute those users for doing something illegal, and if the site does nothing about it, the site can already become liable. This solves nothing, it just increases a monopoly on information.


Please don't make me explain to you how American bill titles work.

For the first time in history, astronomers have a small glimpse at the cosmic dawn (via Radio) when the Universe began 13,600,000,000 years ago. Potentially observed theoretical Dark Matter.

“It’s a time of the universe we really don’t know anything about,” Bowman said. He said the discovery is “like the first few weeks of our metaphorical infant universe at the time, more tests need to be done, but I couldn't be more excited for anything else in my life then what we've found”.

Astronomers looked at a specific wavelength. If there were stars and ultraviolet light, they would see one signature. If there were no stars, they would see another. They saw a clear but faint signal showing there were stars, probably many of them, Bowman said.


God damn, astronomers shouldn't be allowed to have so much fun


Oprah: I'll run for president if God gives me a clear sign

so fucking based

How will Holla Forums reach lmao

Hope Hicks to Resign as White House Communications Director


Are there any rats left on the SS Trump?

And Americans don't think that they don't believe that God is capital and essentially their rulers have a divine right?


Who the fuck actually believes this exists?

The same people who believe in hikikomoris.

I think Labor Shortage = more old people than young people.
Japan's boomers are about to retire.

This can only end spectacularly. The more yes-men Trump surrounds himself with the bigger this explosion is going to be.

So basically we are screwed.

I see this line repeated in media all the time and it sounds like a succdem bullshit excuse to me.

Gun Control Bills, Including Program to Arm Teachers, Race Through Florida Legislature


How could this possibly go wrong?

Barricaded teacher in custody after report of shot fired at Georgia high school


There's some power mojo at work here.

I still think he could pull of a Ronald Reagan.

Trump Stuns Lawmakers With Seeming Embrace of Gun Control


Powerful mojo…

That looks like a collector's item for sure.


Ain't hikis just neets obsesed with hobbies and shit tho? I thought Japan had a good amount of that shit going on.

The Democraps had wet dreams about it, Trump did it
Can't wait seeing Holla Forums pulling the usual 1267D chess.


for now only burgers are screwed