Why should i care about class?

Why should i care about being part of a Marxist idea of a "Working class" and having to worry about my "Class Interests" to fight my "exploitation"?
Like to me the whole Idea of "Classes" and "Class Interests" and stuff like that dosent even seem that different then the Neo-Nazi idea of "Racial interests"
Why should i care about people and have some sort of Comradely with them just because we are in the same situation in our relation to the means of production?

hey guys, what is class?

Im none of those

Well it dosent matter if YOU dont care about class because class affects you

Do you work for a wage?


Congrats, you are working class. Your interests – whether you realize this or not – are aligned with your fellow workers.

Now go read a fucking book.

So then it would be pretty obvious that you should care what happens to the class of wage workers?

But what if i dont care about some Sort of Exploitation and class struggle and Interests?
I mostly like my life as it is

No the only people i care about are myself my family and friends

And they are probably all wage workers aswell, because rich people don't tend to mingle with scum like us.

Not true
Some of my friends own businesses are quite wealthy etc

Then you are a spineless idiot.

pics related

I dont personally feel like im being abused, cheated, extorted, controlled etc so even if you think i am it dosent matter that much to me
Where did i say i didnt care about Politics? i just said i only said i only care about them in the interest of myself my family and friends

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Keep being an happy slave, your masters love it.

Do you have any extra solid plans for your future? Or are you naive enough to belive your life will be fine forever while the world goes to shit?
And besides don't you think it would be nice to improve your life and everybody else's?Wouldn't you like to work 4h a day, and have guaranteed quiality social services?